Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Try, try, again

Man, take a couple days off and the barbs start flying (see entries in previous post). The talk around the water cooler is that Castor's not giving up on Matthews just yet. He still thinks he can talk Jim into forming an alliance with him, thus giving Republicans the majority they won at the polls. Hey, I'll take it. After losing five county row office seats to the Dems it would be nice to retain control of an office we actually won. And now that we're down to the end of 2007 will someone please tell me what the Dems in Congress did all year?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Doing my job, the sequel

About a month or so ago I blogged (or was it in my column?) about the possibility of Republican Montgomery County Commissioner Jim Matthews teaming up with Democratic commissioner-elect Joe Hoeffel, leaving Republican commissioner-elect Bruce Castor the odd man out. Well, it sounds like it is going to come to fruition. Not quite the way I predicted, which would have had Hoeffel being elected chairman and Matthews vice chairman, but if the reverse is true does it really matter?
You know what really matters?
That this is just another sign the Montgomery County Republican Party has more splinters than a termite could handle in a month.
I don't know folks, perhaps it's time for someone to step up and take the reins away from the Asher/Davis duo.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Just doing my job

We would all like to think we make a difference when we go out of our way to do something for someone else. It's good for the soul.
My job is to try to make a difference every day.
Sometimes I think I do, and sometimes I'm not so sure.
When I started blogging about Trappe I did so because I thought what I had heard was going on was just plain wrong.
I don't know if Mark Carrig resigned because we started putting pressure on him to do so or if he was just waiting to sell his house in Trappe.
I don't know if Stewart Strauss wasn't appointed to the seat left vacant by Carrig because I uncovered what was going to happen before he was able to pull off his coup d'etat, or he just decided he didn't want to play the political game any more.
I might never know.
I am certain of one thing, though. I was just doing my job bringing these things to light, but I would like to think I made a difference.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Trappe Time

This is the moment of truth folks.
Trappe Council is poised to appoint a new member this evening.
Mark Carrig resigned so there is a seat available.
Obviously the appropriate thing to do would be to appoint the top vote getter in November's election, but I just don't think that's going to happen.
If you go back in time with me to just a couple of months ago I told you what I thought was going to happen.
Stewart Strauss is the president of Trappe Council. He will resign tonight and he will then be appointed to the seat vacated by Carrig.
I said it two months ago and I'm saying it again today.
I would like to think that it's not going to happen. I'd like to think that the remaining members of Trappe Council will do the right thing and put the top vote getter from the most recent election into the seat.
I'd like to think that, but....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Trappe is set

None of us really know the future, or do we?
It appears as if everything I wrote about is coming to fruition.
Not because I'm some kind of psychic, but because when someone lays out a plan and executes it properly the future isn't such a mystery.
The good people of Trappe have had a resignation on council, and just last night council started looking for a replacement.
How many days, or hours, do you think it will be before the president of council resigns so he can be reappointed to the seat?
Remember folks, this is your town, not the town of the few people you chose to run it for a short period of time.
If you don't want this to happen, make sure it doesn't.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Methacton Madness

What in the world went on Tuesday after the Methacton School Board meeting?
I've seen the video tape. A visibly upset Jim Van Horn, that's school board president Van Horn, is seen coming full steam at the camera, which I'm told was operated by perennial pain in the side of Van Horn, Jim Mollick.
Van Horn can clearly be heard saying that video taping after a meeting is over is a no-no. The next thing you see is the camera going haywire so we're not real sure what happened next.
Van Horn has simply said he was not charged with assault by state police and he won't comment further.
I had a couple of voice mails waiting for me Wednesday morning when I got in. One person was absolutely appalled at what she called an 'unprovoked attack'
Lower Providence Supervisor Craig Dininny said Van Horn should resign.
From what I saw on the video tape, whether an assault occurred or not, Van Horn should be able to have a little more self control. He's a public figure, and has been one for some years. I agree with Dininny to a certain extent. Van Horn should step down, at least from the president's seat. I don't know if he needs to resign, but the president's gavel should be passed along to someone else.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trying to decipher Norristown code report

The consultant's report on the Norristown code enforcement department is finally out.
I was under the impression is was going to be out a while ago, but, as they say, better late than never. Or is that really the case here?
The report tells us the department is in disarray. We knew that didn't we? The report tells us the department is understaffed. We knew that, too, didn't we? And the report also says the department needs a true leader.
Ah, now we're getting somewhere. Just what happened to the leader of the department?
Where is Charlie Sweeney?
Last I heard he was waiting for another hearing on whether he's going to get his job back.
Where was that little tidbit in the report?
We know something happened to cause Charlie to be fired, but what was it?
I can certainly understand the idea behind the report was to determine all of the departments faults and attempt to move forward in a positive fashion to create a department that will run smoothly and efficiently in the future.
But what about the past?
I'm still under the impression that Charlie was fired for doing something he was told to do.
I'm also under the impression that Charlie was told to do something for a Montgomery County mover and shaker and when the favor didn't go as planned the hammer came down on Charlie.
Now I don't know how productive all of this is in moving the department forward, but I do know that exposing past practices will go a long way in assuring the people of Norristown that those practices no longer exist.
We all remember the FBI raid, don't we?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I want to be elected

OK, not really, I just couldn't think of a catchier headline for today's entry.
We're off and running toward the finish line, though, and I wanted to let everyone know I'll be here all night dropping you a line from time to time as I find a race that catches my eye.
I'll start the ball rolling with telling you that I was duly impressed when I went to vote at First Baptist on Burnside Avenue in West Norriton and nearly 150 people had already passed through. That's a big turnout for our little precinct. I hope it's a sign of a great turnout.
What's going on where you are?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend update after the weekend

Sorry about that folks. I know I said I was going to start doing a weekend update on Fridays, but I just got way behind the 8-ball and couldn't get out.
Anyway, this is (and I know I've said this before but I'm serious this time) the last time I'll address the alleged charge to Trappe Borough for putting borough contact information in the Collegeville/Trappe Heritage special section. I didn't a little investigative reporter. I was a cop reporter in a former life, you know. The money that shows up on the Trappe books is for an ad they took out in the section; not for the listing.
There are bigger fish to fry.
For now though, I want to get back to Norristown and find out where in the world that code enforcement report is. It's like trying to find Carmen Sandiego for Pete's sake. Or for you older folks, Waldo.
Anyway, There was a report, but they didn't like it, or couldn't understand it so they sent it back and now there isn't a report.
What I'm hearing is they didn't like what was in the report. Apparently some higher ups were getting raked over the coals. That's why it was sent back, not that they couldn't understand it. Now they want a 20-page report instead of the 70-page original. How do you do that? A consultants work isn't up for editing. It is what it is.

Monday, October 15, 2007

No, No, No

No, we didn't charge Collegeville and Trappe to put their listings into our recent Collegeville/Trappe Heritage piece.

No, I don't know Mark Marino. I think I shook his hand for the first time last Monday and said hello to him, but in my book, that doesn't mean I know him.

No, I don't allow every post to go through.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Now I feel trapped

The role of your local newspaper is to be a watchdog. That's what we do. For some reason the discussion on whether a Trappe councilman still lives in the borough has turned to what business is it of the newspaper or of mine.
This is what we do folks. We also try to clear up misconception.
First, I do not know Mark Marino. I think I met him for the first time the other day, but I certainly don't know him. I do know Mike Marino.
Second, I live in West Norriton, if it really matters at all. I'm not an elected official.
Third, and while I know we haven't done such a great job of it lately, we do cover Trappe. In fact, there was a terrific Collegeville/Trappe Heritage tab in last Saturday's (Oct. 6) paper.
And finally, this isn't so much clearing up a misconception as it is an attempt to put this issue to bed, so to speak. We've done our job. Now it is up to the residents of Trappe.
This is the role of your local newspaper.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Trapped again

Well, I sent a reporter out to the meeting. Check out tomorrow's (Sat. Oct 6, 2007) Times Herald.
While no one on council admitted to living in another municipality apparently a gentleman did get up and ask that if there were to be a vacancy on council he had just the man to fill the seat.
Come on, now, this isn't rocket science. Does the councilman, Mark Carrig, live in Trappe or not?
If you'll just sign on to the blog and say you live in Trappe we'll let the issue drop. That is, if that's not your townshouse sitting vacant like everyone seems to think it is.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Weekend Update

Wow, did I touch a nerve in Trappe, or what?
Some of you came to the blog for the first time so I want to clear up a couple of things.
First, I don't respond to every post. I post things up to get the conversation going. I can't
respond directly to posts even though I would like to talk to a couple of people from Trappe
who are really upset about the whole ordeal, so call me or drop me an e-mail at
Second, yes, I am the editor of The Times Herald.
And, third, I'm willing to discuss any post at any time with anyone. My number is on the Web site
under contacts.
By the way, we're publishing a really nice piece Saturday on the Collegeville/Trappe area. Pick up The Times Herald and check us out. For those of you who are unfamiliar with us I think you'll like what you see.

I hear there's going to be some drilling out in East Norriton next week. Apparently, Wood's is going to be closed for the day so some testing can be done.

We're still working on that code enforcement report. Don't worry, we don't give up.

That's about it for now. Have a great weekend. I hear it's supposed to be really nice out.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Who am I?

I didn't think I would have to do this but after a recent post about Trappe Borough someone wrote in to ask who I was and why was I hiding my identity behind a blog.
For those of you who don't know, I am Stan Huskey, and yes, Stan is my real name. Actually, it's Stanley, but only my mother calls me Stanley.
What I thought was really hilarious was the person calling me out signing his or her name as anonymous.
I just thought that since the blog was on the Times Herald Web site and I'm the editor of The Times Herald it was obvious who I am. You know who I am now, so, who are you?
Never mind, I really want to clear up the impression that I, or the public might be concerned about Trappe Borough councilmember Mark Carrig's marital status. I don't care, and if the quote is accurate from the last blog, he's right, it isn't any one's business.
However, it is our business if Carrig doesn't live in Trappe. That's the only point I was trying to make, well that and what sounds to me like good old backroom politics about to take place in the Trappe.
Some else suggested a debate. There's no reason for a debate. It is what it is. If Carrig doesn't live in Trappe he should resign from council. Period.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trapped in Trappe?

Or should I say shafted in Trappe. Listen to this. What I'm hearing is Trappe council member Mark Carrig doesn't live in Trappe anymore. He's still on council, but that doesn't seem to bother too many people, because, like I said, he's still on council.
Now comes the shaft. Here's why he's still on council and here's how it's going to go down. At least this is my take on it. Remember, you heard it here first.
Council President Stewart Strauss lost the primary. He's out come January. He doesn't want to be out so he's going to resign. Then Carrig is going to resign, and then Strauss is going to get himself appointed to Carrig's vacant seat, giving himself two more years on council.
So, if you live in Trappe, do you feel a little trapped right now by the people running the show?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekend Update

I received a voice mail earlier this week from a woman who said that Norristown State Hospital was closing, and that Building 51, where they house criminals with some sort of social disorder, was going to be privatized.
What I've found out so far is that about half of that is true, or at least could be. The state is looking for a private company to take over Building 51, but the part about the rest of the hospital closing down doesn't seem to be true. I spoke with a local state Senator who said he was assured by the head of the Department of Welfare, which oversees all state hospitals, that simply was not going to happen. Apparently privitization has been happening at other locations around the state.

We're still pushing for the code enforcement department report. We've been told it is still in draft form and that we will get a copy when it is complete. Once again, that simply doesn't make sense.

And completely from left field, or at least the end zone. What was Donovan McNabb thinking when he said black quarterbacks in the NFL are held to a higher standard? Dude, you flubbed a pass that my mother could have completed. No, not the one to end the drive at the end of the game, the one right before it where the guy was unbelievably wide open and the ball was thrown about 10 feet away from him. Your timing was about as good with that pass as was your statement. I know it was made well before the game, but why did you have to make it at all? You blew it, McNabb, just say so and move on to the next game.

You want a racial issue to sink your teeth into Donovan, do a little reading on the Jena 6.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekend Update

I'm going to start giving everyone a little update for the week on Friday's. I know, Saturday Night Live already has the Weekend Update, maybe you can help me out with a new name for the piece.
Anyway, here goes.
I'm glad the ARC ordinance was approved in Lower Providence. I understand there are some concerns with the wording of the overlay district, but hopefully the people behind ARC will stand by their plans to build what they have proposed to build and not take advantage of the newly passed legislation.
I told you Wood's in East Norriton was going to be sold. There's a pending agreement of sale for the property. The whole traffic argument is pretty bogus, though. I can't imagine any more traffic at a hospital than what I see going in and out of Wood's on a regular basis. I have talked to a couple of East Norriton officials and have impressed upon them the importance of making Germantown Pike two lanes in each direction.
Nothing controversial, but there it is.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Show me the money

Sorry, but I can't. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Norristown does not have an extra $11 million floating around. I got a copy of the audited 2005 budget to a trusted friend, who just so happens to be one of the sharpest financial minds around, and he told me there wasn't anything fishy going on.

Just so you know, the audited 2006 budget is not ready yet.

And, talk of the money actually being found in some FOP account is also bogus.

Now come on, folks, give me something I can really sink my teeth into.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Norristown code enforcement, and a new hospital rumor

Just to let inquiring minds know, the report due back on the code enforcement department in Norristown, the one that cost, I believe, about $19,000, is not back yet. Actually, we believe it came back but the administration wasn't happy with it so they sent it back to the consultants.

Here's a new one for you. We're still trying to track it down but rumor has it a deal was struck with Wood's Golf Center in East Norriton to put a new hospital on the grounds. Apparently the gas pipe that runs somewhere under the golf course isn't enough to scare away Einstein. What I hear is they can build around it and leave it as open space. My only suggestion for East Norriton is for them, as part of the approval process, to get the hospital to pay to make Germantown Pike four lanes all the way through the township.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Get it in gear

So, I just got home from a mini vacation and I'm getting a bite to eat watching the Phillies play and catching up on some reading in The Times Herald and I can't believe what I'm reading.

Norristown wants to give a consultant a year to tell us what needs to be done at Poley Park?

First, I said a month ago Norristown doesn't need a consultant to tell them they need to clean the place up, stripe it, landscape it and start charging people to park there.

Now they want to give someone a year to tell them the same thing?

Look, do what the family wants. Leave a bench, or two, at the entrance of the parking lot on a patch of green space, just like what's there now. Respect the family's wishes.

I've been trying to figure out what's going on with Norristown council since the 'new' government was put into place. I think maybe I have it now. They want to act like they're running a major metropolis. They're not. They're running a small town with folks who simply want them to run the small town like a small town. Residents of Norristown want a nice clean, safe place to live and work.

All I could think about when I'm reading the story is that I hope they don't do the same thing with the proposed movie studio. I hope they don't tell the people who want to bring a movie studio to Norristown that they'll have to study it a year before they can do anything.

Get it in gear, council, please. Move the municipal train forward before anyone who wants to do anything in Norristown decides it's just not worth the effort.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Digging deeper

I appreciate the post from anonymous reminding me of my duties as editor of a newspaper.
I am indeed digging deeper to find out if the alleged $11 million floating around in Norristown is rumor or fact. I've contacted a respected numbers man who has agreed to take a look at the audited budget for me. I believe another anonymous wrote that the money might be in the FOP budget, but that doesn't make much sense to me since the FOP was the recipient of the shaft when the borough was crying poor mouth and laid off seven officers, but you know what? We'll look there too.
We're also digging deeper into the county's firing, or not, of former, or not, public property director Andy Gulotta. It's one thing to let the guy go because you don't like the way he treats his employees and then hire him back at basically twice the salary, but it's quite another to let him go because he was allegedly doing work for people on county time, or having work done for him on county time.
Rumors are one thing folks and we can talk about them all day long here, but when it comes to getting the story into the paper it's a whole new ball game. We have to have everything nailed down before it gets into the paper.
But rest assured, we're bringing the hammer.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Quick update

Sorry, I've been a little behind the eight ball and haven't had much of a chance to post lately. I just want to give you an update on the alleged $11 mill found in Norristown since someone reminded me of it in a previous post.
I have an audited copy of the budget. I've also asked a very knowledgeable person to look it over and tell me what he thinks. As soon as I know, you'll know. Unless of course you know something I don't know.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Something new

Here's something everyone can chime in on.
There will be a story in Friday's (Aug.3) paper talking about the agreement between the county and the former property director Andy Gulotta.
Seems Andy is going to be making about $3,500 a week in his new position as consultant.
Now I know Andy and I don't begrudge him anything. More power to him for negotiating such a sweet deal. But what in the world were our county commissioners thinking when they agreed to that sum.
You do the math. It works out to about double what we (I mean all of us hard working taxpayers) were paying him when he was on the county's payroll.
I've borrowed a favorite phrase from our sports editor, Dave Kurtz before and it seems appropriate here: "C'mon."
I've borrowed from our illustrious courthouse reporter, Peg Gibbons: "Give me a break."
But now it's time to cement my own phrase into the local lexicon, given the circumstances of the atrocity.
Are you kidding me?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Balancing Bud's Bar

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa.
Sorry folks. As so many of you have pointed out we didn't get in the Bud's Bar story over the weekend.
In the interest of being fair and balanced though we wanted some reaction from at least one township supervisor as to the comments coming forth from Bud's owner.
Stay tuned. It's on its way.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The story behind Bud's Bar's paint job

We're going to put the real story out, in print, about the paint job.
The owner of Bud's Bar is going on the record with his reason for giving everyone in Lower Providence something to talk about these past couple of weeks.
Make sure you pick up a copy of The Times Herald this weekend (We should have the interview completed by then) to hear the real story. Speculation has been flying, but that's just what it has been speculation.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Found money in Norristown

OK folks, we're trying to track down the alleged $10 million that was found in an account somewhere that no one, not even the feds who took nearly every piece of paper out of borough hall in the raid, was able to find.
So far, we're not coming up with a single dollar, much less 10 million of them. I'm not sure how this rumor got started but if anyone has anything that will help us track it down respond as soon as possible.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bud's Bar's gone psychedelic

Have you seen Bud's Bar in Lower Providence lately?
I know the owner and he doesn't really seem like the kind of guy who would sit outside with a basket of magic mushrooms, so I'm wondering what caused the change in color schemes.
I'm not really sure how to describe it to people since I haven't been by there myself, but mostly because every e-mail and telephone call I've received about the paint job has included a different description.
So I'll try to get a consensus here on the blog. How would you describe it?
I'll have to give you my description next week because I normally don't get over that way until I'm heading over to Tornambe's for a haircut.
Help me out with something else to please. Below is a link to a poll check it out. I'm trying to see if it will work off my blog. We haven't had Web Talk up since our new site was launched so I'm trying a new service for polls.
And yes, I know, we have to get the 'search' option up and running, too. We're working on it.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lost without Wood's

Let's get this conversation started faster than a ProV1 off the head of a Nike Sumo driver.

Wood's Golf Center, excuse me, Woody's, has been a destination point for our family for years.
We heard the rumors about Einstein looking at it as a possible site for a new home for Montgomery Hospital, but I was hoping it was all just that, rumors. Turns out the rumors were true.

The Wood family has a right to do with their property whatever they wish. Let's get that on the record right now. without Woody's?

I find it hard to believe Einstein would want to build a hospital a couple of miles down the road from Mercy Suburban, but I don't know the hospital business. That's the first bogey.
I do know a little bit about traffic, though, and I don't believe that stretch of Germantown Pike can handle a hospital without some major reconstruction. That's a double bogey for sure.

Let's hear from East Norriton residents and supervisors. Is this what you want?
Maybe the township could step up and buy Woody's. West Norriton owns Jeffersonville, East Norriton should have its own slice of paradise, right?

OK, all of this is coming from an admitted golf addict, but seriously, there has to be some other place to put a new hospital besides a nice place to take a walk, even if it is sometimes spoiled (my apologies to Mr. Clemens).

Monday, June 4, 2007

New kid in town

I had lunch last week with Norristown's new municipal administrator. (And there wasn't a pork sandwich to be found. We were at a real Norristown treasure, though, August Moon.) I hope I didn't offend him with the 'kid' reference, but comparatively speaking.... Actually, everyone seems like a 'kid' to me anymore; am I really getting that old? If I am why haven't I had a mid-life crisis? I sure would like to be driving a Porsche. Anyway, as old folks are want to do, I digress.
David Forrest seems like a genuinely nice guy. He has his hands full and I sure hope he can handle it. Norristown needs a straight shooter sitting in that seat and they haven't had one in a while. There's a lot of good happening in Norristown right now and the best thing he could do would be to keep up the momentum. I know I certainly would like to see a shovel go in the ground at Main and Cherry street for that new parking garage with the retail space on the ground level. We're what, about two years behind on that project? In case you haven't noticed there are some fancy new sidewalks along DeKalb Street and the project is continuing along Main Street. Now what we really need are some fancy new street lights to shine down on those fancy new sidewalks so people can feel safe when they're out for a stroll. While he's at it he can see about getting the street lights over on Marshall back in working order.
I brought up my displeasure with council's insistence on moving forward with new plans for parking at the lot adjacent to Poley Park. The plans are already there. David said something about the study being paid for with grant money and I said something about not caring because we still pay for grant money with our tax dollars and in the end it's a parking lot for Pete's sake. Pave it, stripe it, and start charging people a dollar a day to park there and move on.
Anyway, we had a lively discussion about several things Norristown. Perhaps the most lively being about code enforcement. I'll just leave it at that for now.
Here's what I think. I think we need to give this guy a chance to get his feet wet and then give him a helping hand where ever we can.
Crazy, I know, but it just might work.
What do you think?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pork sandwich battle royale

Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I've been coming out of the pork sandwich fog I've been in for the past week. I have a feeling it's going to get worse so I wanted to put a new post up to make sure everyone had a chance to get in on the action.
This is getting serious.
Here's where we are so far.
I put something in my column last week about the pork sandwiches at Sessano's being the best I've had since the MSS feast.
Bob Wright calls me one day and say he has a challenge for me.
I tell him to bring it on.
We set up a pork sandwich tasting contest. It wasn't hard to find judges, either.
So the day before the contest I called Bob and I said listen, in the interest of fair play I'm calling to tell you I told my guy to keep the pork separate from the rolls so the sandwiches don't get soggy as we're driving back to the Times Herald building. He doesn't make the call.
I'm not saying that's why Sessano's kicked Venezia's butt - six out of seven judges chose the Sessano pork sandwich - but it could have had something to do with it.
Off me being the nice guy I am I told Bob Venezia's could work their way back into the competition, but only after Sessano's takes on all comers.
The e-mails have been flying. A lot of people are partial to the pork sandwiches at Screwballs, and I've heard about a couple of places over in Conshy, but the largest number probably had to come from fans of the pork sandwich at the Bridgeport Rib House.
Bring it.
That's all I can say.
Bring it.
The fog is lifting.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The wicked Act 1 witch is dead

I'd dance a jig right now but it wouldn't be a pretty sight.
All the e-mails have been terrific, but really, it wasn't me. You deserve all the credit for Act 1 going the way of the eight-track tape.
After a few days of basking in the glow we're going to have to start thinking seriously about a real plan for property tax reform.
I've suggested a sales tax on food but I've been bashed for bringing up a 'regressive' tax. I don't think it's regressive. I think it's fair.
But hey, I don't think I have all the answers.
How would you bring about real property tax reform?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The curtain is falling on Act 1

OK, so everyone was too busy watching the results come in to talk to me tonight.
Well, that's just fine because what I've been hoping for the past few weeks/months appears to be coming to fruition. Act 1 is on its way out the door. Norristown voted it down with 75 percent of the vote. Methacton voted it down with 70 percent of the vote. Perk Valley shot it down with a whopping 90 percent, with Upper Merion trying to catch them with 85 percent. Spring-Ford came in with a healthy 70 percent of voters saying no thanks to the tax scam, and Colonial school sporting a very healthy 76 percent voting against Act 1.

Granted this is with only about 50 percent of the precincts reporting but I'm very optimistic at this point.

So, what do you think about that?

Just say Act 1

The day of reckoning is here.
If you haven't already done so please go to the polls and vote 'No' on Act 1. It's on everyone's ballot.
I won't go into what's right and what's wrong about the alleged property tax reform debacle that is being referred to as Act 1. It's all been said.

So, what's going on out there?
I was the only person at my poll this morning when I went to vote.
Did you see a lot of people where you vote? I mean, other than the usually suspects trying to hand out literature?
Any problems?
I'll be here most of the night so let's get the conversation going.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Political hanky panky in Lower Providence?

Say it ain't so.
I don't know who's behind it yet, but it appears as if the Republican Party has sent out a mailer claiming the candidates for school board are supported by the Democratic Party. Update: the mailer actually says they're 'democratic supported,' not supported by the Democratic Party. The Republican Party didn't send out the mailer.
I've been complaining about the lack of creativity, or activity, on the part of the Republicans but this is going a little too far.
I received a call from Larry Greenley, the Area 4 Democratic leader, who said the Democratic Party had absolutely nothing to do with the mailer. I also posted a comment from Stacie Dale on the last blog topic about the same subject.
Republicans really need to get their act together.
On the county level the Primary is a wash. Every candidate will move through to the general election in November, but on the local level there will be a lot of candidates left holding the bag after tomorrow. If the majority turn out to be Republican they have no one to blame but them selves.

By the way, I'll be online most of tomorrow night as the numbers start rolling in, which is usually after 9 p.m.
Drop me a line if you know of anything going on that shouldn't be going on.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Reading the Republican Party the riot act

Not posting does not equate to not reading. I get it now.
I didn't realize that until reading the responses sent in during the past couple of days. Thanks for reading my column in Monday's edition of The Times Herald and then taking a few minutes to come online to let me know you're still out there.
I hope I didn't sound too desperate for responses.
The majority of you agree with me about the Montgomery County Republican Party being fragmented.
And how about those numbers in today's Times Herald?
Not only are the Dems signing up more registered voters, but now they're also raising more money.
I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure this one out folks. The two are pretty much the barometer for winning elections.
'Greybeard' thinks county Republicans are fragmented because they don't present "clear, cogent arguments for people to vote for them."
'Jim' believes Republicans didn't show up to the candidates forum at the Carver Center because the Democratic base in Norristown is simply too large for them to waste their time.
I couldn't disagree more, Jim. I think there are plenty of Republicans in Norristown and I think it would have been wise for both Bruce Castor and Jim Matthews to come to the forum.
'Anonymous' thinks the Dems have been very noisy of late and that's why they're getting all of the attention. "Cacophonous is a good word."
Guess what 'Anonymous'? I happen to subscribe to the squeeky wheel theory.
Anyway, those are just a few tidbits from recent posts.
I happen to believe that things just don't look good for the county Republican Party right now and it's a shame.
I will agree with a portion of the post left by 'Anonymous', and by the way, just leave a fake name if you don't want to leave your real name. 'Greybeard' is at least creative. Anonymous said Republicans must have honesty and integrity. I couldn't agree more with that sentiment.
So let me hear from the honest Republicans in Montgomery County. Be proud that you're an honest Republican. Because if you don't start making some noise pretty soon the only people left to listen to you will be your family and friends.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Looking for a real Republican

I know we're all busy. I'm busy, you're busy, every time you ask someone to do something they're busy, but seriously folks, I'm really starting to question the temerity of our county Republicans.

A candidates forum was held Saturday at the George Washington Carver Community Center in Norristown. Guess who showed? That's right, both of the Democratic candidates for county commissioner and neither of the two Republican Candidates.

As the moderator I had to choke back a resounding 'puhlease' as I read the opening statement that said Bruce Castor and Jim Matthews had scheduling conflicts. Isn't that political speak for I don't have time to be bothered with it?

I'm serious when I tell you I have a real concern going into the November elections.

Will this be the first time in a century Democrats will have control of county government?

It will be if the Republican candidates don't start showing up.

The forum could have been a lot of fun with a little Republican fervor. Instead, I was relegated to talking head status, occasionally having to cut off one of the candidates who went on past their allotted time or one of the audience members who was under the mistaken belief that it was audience participation time.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Talk about timing, it's time for real Republicans to stand up.

There was a comment from a reader on the earlier version of my blog from former state representative Jacquie Crahalla and I'm posting here so I can get the new blog off to a running start.
Stan, this weekends' papers had me quite angry. The reporting by Peggy Gibbons - would she have used the word "chronies" with the word "Democrat"? Doubt it, let's just bash all and any Republicans. Nice of you to give candidate Damsker the opportunity to say there is an underground government, in a large comments box as well as the article. Try the Rendell administration for that. Then the dumb commentary by Cassie Hepler who needs to get out of her ivory tower: "Talk about proud to be an American. How can anyone willingly support a country that condones mass genocide?" Say what!!!! The US condones mass genocide, since when!"

Jacquie Crahalla's comment couldn't have been timed better. I have been thinking about the sad state of the Republican Party for quite some time now, and Jacquie chose today to write about how one of my writers was taking pot shots at Republicans that she wouldn't take at the Dems. As for that, Jacquie I couldn't disagree more. Margaret Gibbons is an equal opportunity basher. It just so happens the Republican Party deserves it right now. What the heck is going on with the county leadership?
It's time to clean house folks. Republicans unite, before it's too late.
Ken Davis has to go. Period. I'm sure Bob Kerns is waiting in the wings somewhere. Let's give him a chance.
You know what they say, if there's an appearance of conflict of interest, there's a conflict of interest.
I know the county lobbying contract was taken from Davis, but you do realize Davis still holds the contract for Montgomery County Community College, right? And you do know who appoints the board of the college, right? If not I'll tell you, the county commissioners appoint the board.
And what in the world really happened at the county Republican convention? How did Jim Matthews walk away with the endorsement along with Bruce Castor? Matthews didn't really have anyone to run with since there wasn't a snowballs chance in pergatory that Ellis would get re-elected. Castor hand picked a running mate that had great name recognition and actually had a chance of fending off the formidable duo of Ruth Damsker and Joe Hoeffel.
So what happens? Matthews is paired with Castor? Talk about mixing oil with water.
This is just the tip of the iceberg folks. Stay tuned.