Monday, May 14, 2007

Political hanky panky in Lower Providence?

Say it ain't so.
I don't know who's behind it yet, but it appears as if the Republican Party has sent out a mailer claiming the candidates for school board are supported by the Democratic Party. Update: the mailer actually says they're 'democratic supported,' not supported by the Democratic Party. The Republican Party didn't send out the mailer.
I've been complaining about the lack of creativity, or activity, on the part of the Republicans but this is going a little too far.
I received a call from Larry Greenley, the Area 4 Democratic leader, who said the Democratic Party had absolutely nothing to do with the mailer. I also posted a comment from Stacie Dale on the last blog topic about the same subject.
Republicans really need to get their act together.
On the county level the Primary is a wash. Every candidate will move through to the general election in November, but on the local level there will be a lot of candidates left holding the bag after tomorrow. If the majority turn out to be Republican they have no one to blame but them selves.

By the way, I'll be online most of tomorrow night as the numbers start rolling in, which is usually after 9 p.m.
Drop me a line if you know of anything going on that shouldn't be going on.


celticwarrior said...

Well, you and Stacie (and I never thought I'd agree with Stacie Dale on anything) are right. The Republican Party, if they are behind the mailer, has reached a new low. But it goes to my point made previously that at least in our neck of the woods, the Republican Party has done so much damage to themselves, partly from airing dirty laundry in forums such as township meetings, that they may have felt the need to resort to these tactics to do damage control. Sad, isn't it? But these folks think they are 'Real Republicans". One of them even told me so about a year ago, that they are and I am not. I respectfully beg to differ. And if being a ‘Real Republican” in their eyes constitutes destroying the Party that represents your own values, then I’m glad they don’t consider me one. The vast majority of our current Republican Committee, for various reasons, some particular to the individual, but also to the group as a whole, too - need to be voted out as their terms expire and replaced with individuals who can repair and rebuild it and keep their focus on the big picture – the Party – and not get sidetracked by creating dissent relative to divisive community-related issues. It’s fine to disagree with our elected Republican leaders, but to do so in such a public way as to harm the Party should not be acceptable to our Republican voters. Our Republican committeepeople are elected to promote the party, register voters, and help select and endorse candidates, not lobby for specific issues. Otherwise, we will all have to get used to rule by tax & spend Democrats in our various LP offices.

Stacie Dale said...

After working a full day at the polls yesterday, I was told first thing in the morning by my Republican committee counterpart, Nancy McFarland, that the Republican Party had nothing to do with the "creative postcard" that went out to the voters ( I trust Nancy's word 100%). I was pretty certain it was something that a particular group of Home and School Moms put together ( they call themselves the Committee to Save Our Schools). Unfortunatley this same group of Moms had a person at every poll yesterday with a printed palm card that had their 5 favored candidates on both sides!! As they approached voters, they were telling them that "on this side are the Republican endorsed candidates and on the other side are the Democratic endorsed". Just flat out lying to the voters. I spent time at 2 different polls yesterday and witnessed this at both polls. The problem...we Democrats didn't think of it first and probably wouldn't because we respect voters and would never say our candidates were Republican endorsed. There is a big difference between "supported" and "endorsed". Maybe someone should clue in these school board candidates on what they really are; endorsed Republicans. Alot of voters were given misinformation yesterday and it's a shame that this committee to save our schools have to resort to these types of antics to get their candidates elected. I hope our Democrats will always take the high road. Integrity is more important to us (LPDems). I just can't see us ever trying to purposely mislead a voter in to thinking something that wasn't true. I'm sure it has happened somewhere down the line in the history of LPDems, but the group that I work with would never intentionally do that...maybe that's why we have a harder time winning. Do you think we should start misleading voters to win???...let me know your thoughts on that. It was exhausting trying to stop the misinformation and get the right information to the voters. I know our Republican committee counterparts were not happy with this either. Here's hoping they will put a stop to it.

stacie dale said...

Celtic Warrior,

Thanks for agreeing on something. Just out of curiosity, what have I said that you don't necessarily agree with? Most of my comments that I put out on this blog are just me trying to get to the bottm of what I consider to be a problematic situation or a question I can't ever seem to get a straight answer to. I know alot of times I may sound uninformed or maybe embarrass myself in public with a stupid question at a township meeting, but frankly, it seems to be the only way I can get an answer to my questions or learn the issues first hand. Even then, it's pretty difficult to get a straight answer. I get more honest answers from the anonymous folks on this blog than anywhere else. If I have to ask a stupid question or make a fool of myself to get to the bottom of what I want to know, it's fine with least I get some response t my it gives people something funny to talk about behind my back.

Gadfly said...

If anybody is still looking for the source of those post cards to Democrats in LP, they might want to check on a new PAC that sprang up just before the election, called "Committee to Save Our Schools" (how original!) Their leadership had a lot invested in the outcome of the election so they may have spent their money on more than some copies of a so-called "sample ballot".

The Truth Detector said...

Celtic Warrior is on target about the Democratic, no scratch that, the Republican Party in Lower Providence. Really, what's the difference.

First there is Chris DePalo who was a registered Democrat and or Ward leader in Phila, now a Republican Committeeman and Supervisor. He seems more concerned about what the committee and school board can do for his children then about what impact the out of control spending in Methacton will have on the taxpayers and Republicans he's supposed to represent.

Then you have Doug Hager, Chairmen of the LP Republican Committee, who endorsed 2 former Democrats (Petrauskus and Simeone) for School Board in this primary.

Hager was one of the first to sign and then circulate the REPUBLICAN petition of Joyce Petrauskus, a long time registered Democrat. Petrauskus changed her party registration to Republican several weeks before filing her petetion to run as a REPUBLICAN.

SOS or the committee to Save our Schools (President -Mrs. Satler and Treasurer - current School Board President James VanHorn) was the political front for the 5 Republican endorsed School Board candidates and was responsible for at least one negative mailing.

Where do you think a post-card, giving the impression that the Democratic party supported all 5 of the endorsed Republicans for School Board came from? The Democratic party seems enraged by it and the Republican party denies involvement. It reminds me of that song by Sting, "Sending out an SOS."

Yes, things are bad in our Republican Party. The problem is that our party leadership including Chairmen Bustard and Hager are endorsing, recruiting and acting like DEMOCRATS. They should both RESIGN!!!

I agree with Celtic Warrior - It's time to clean house

The Truth Detector

Mary Wust said...


I was one of the Moms working at the polls that day. Yes, I was handing out a paper with the same names on the Democratic and the Republican side. However I presented it as "as a parent and taxpayer these are the candidates I would love to see on the board".

I did not push Democrat or Republican. That isn't what I was there for. Since the board is non-partisan I wouldn't give a hoot if an alien being got on the board as long as they were willing to work for all parties involved - the students, the non-attending families and the taxpayers. As a parent I want nothing short of an excellent education, and as a taxpayer I want it to be in a fiscally responsible way. I want my property values to increase and know that can only be done with an excelent school district reputation.

I respect your knowledge and involvement in all things township related - and told you such that day. Just as you are passionate about who serves on the Board of Supervisors I am passionate about who serves on the school board.

The other Moms are like me. Our hearts are in the absolute right place. We attend board meetings every month, we participate, we observe the people involved and where they stand on issues. We volunteer to the point of our spouses thinking we've left them. We are passionate that the right people are making the decisions. And, I dare say that not one of us was thinking along party lines in the months up to and including election day.

I know in my case I am horribly naive when it comes to politics. I visited 3 polls that day - 2 to work at and 1 to vote - and the level of involvement by both parties was impressive to say the least. I was amazed. I know that I have to learn more about the inner workings of these parties - even if just to keep my mind active.

What upsets me though is that it is so divided. I want the best candidates...and don't care what party they are with. Naive, I know. But true, just the same. Six of the candidates up for school board in November are the ones I would have chosen to be in the running. Not because they are Rep. or Dem...just because they have shown that they are aware of the realities of being on the school board.

Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...


It is nice to see that you want to be "fiscally responsible." But in order to join our committee (CTSOTD), these are some of the questions you need to consider and share with us in order to "put your money where your mouth is" so to speak.

How much do you pay in property taxes/year?

How much does it cost to educate 1 student at Methacton/year?

How much are you costing the Methacton School District and the "non-attending families" per year?

What is the difference between how much you pay in property taxes and what you are actually costing the District?

How do you propose to fund that difference(where do you intend to get the money)? How do your chosen candidates propose to do it?

Should members of "non-attending" families have to make up that difference? If so, Why? What do your candidates think?

Should members of "non-attending families" be allowed to be on your School Board? If not, why not?

Did you send out political emails using the home and school email list? Is that the purpose of the list?

Who funded the handouts that you reference in your posting?

Did you ever stop to think that maybe the outrageous property taxes we are paying might effect the housing market and our ability to sell our homes? (Increased property taxes=Decreased property values)

These questions were posted by the fictitious Committee to Save our Tax Dollar

Mary Wust said...


Your questions are interesting. I would obviously prefer to know whom I am conversing with, but I think I know already, which makes it even more interesting since these questions have already been answered to you. Time and time again. Yet, without knowing your name it is nearly impossible to judge whether my questions back to you would be answered truthfully. Such as, did you attend Public School? How about your siblings? Again, without knowing who you are for sure it would be very easy for you to say no.

Since my taxes were already published in a Times Herald editorial you should already know that. $3,800.00 +. How much does it cost to educate a child? $14,000.00 +/-. Do my taxes pay for one year for my child? No. And, yes, I have 3 children in the district. Who is going t make up the difference? Partly by me in the 700+hours I volunteer every year within the district. Unfortunately – the taxpayers have to make up the substantial rest. Is it a fair system? NO. I’ve said that time and again. But, it is the law in Pennsylvania. Period. Going after individual taxpayers for utilizing the system, or going after school boards is ridiculous. Especially one that has been fiscally responsible, as Methacton has been. The process needs to be changed in Harrisburg. Take the fight where it can be changed.

The only words I can come up with for those not in the public school system is I’m sorry – but attacking me isn’t going to lower your taxes. I’m afraid that the only solutions right now are to either move, or send your kids to the school. Because it’s the law in Pennsylvania to use property taxes. Compounding that is the fact that in Lower Providence and Worcester we do not have a huge commercial base to set off taxes. But, I knew that when I moved in. I knew what my taxes were going to be long before I signed the Agreement of Sale. I didn’t come up with this system. Do I want senior citizens to pay for education? Of course not. I have found, though, that the senior citizens who sent their children through the public school system do not complain. Just as I won’t be able to complain when all of my children have graduated. I encourage all taxpayers to be involved in the budget process. Communication and educating oneself about the true story is key. There is a great presentation on the Methacton website about where the money goes. Trust me – it isn’t squandered away.

The Pennsylvania system for funding public schools is not the best. But, it is what we have. I can’t change that. To send my child to a private school and not take advantage of the excellence in education that they have received in Methacton would be ridiculous. As a matter of fact, when my oldest was 5, about to enter kindergarten I called a local private school. I explained his level of intelligence, and about his abilities which seemed above and beyond. I was told “you’d be better off sending him to Methacton – we couldn’t possibly offer him what they can to keep him from being bored”. All 3 of my children are in the top percentile. They have excelled in Methacton, and I fully expect them to pay back to the community. The two older ones already do with community service projects longer than my arms.

So, is there a system out there that works? What do other states do? I don’t have the answer.

Do I send out political e-mails via the H&S system? Well, I did. Generally, I send them out reminding people to vote. But, I did send one that was considered political. I was called on it. I apologized. But, please note that the H&S system you refer to was conceived by, set up by and paid for wholly by me. The district had no input whatsoever. So, - no, I was not, and have never spoken as a district representative. And, my sign up page for that H&S list states that clearly.

The funding for the handouts? I have no idea. I’m assuming the Save our Schools committee. Maybe an individual. I honestly don’t know.

Lastly - the housing market is being afffected by the outrageous and dangerous mortgages that were pushed through and allowed to transpire 2-3 years ago. Folks that couldn't afford these mortgages were given them anyway, and now they are in foreclosure causing a huge glut in the market. Also the prices of 2-3 years ago pushed the first-time homebuyer out of the market. If they can't buy a small house, then the small house owner can't go bigger and so on and so on.

What is your suggestion for lowering taxes? Should I only send one of my children for 1/3 of a year? What do you suggest gets cut to lower taxes? Music, Athletics, salaries, pension benefits (oh, that’s right, they are dictated by the state), special education (oh, that’s right, that is dictated by the federal government).

Just what is your answer? And, if it’s a great answer – why don’t you take it to Harrisburg? Maybe you can be the changing factor!

Anonymous said...


How would you suggest that the process be changed in Harrisburg?

You say the system is not fair. Why do you say that?

What are the candidates that you would love to see on the school board positions on this issue? I watched the candidate forum on TV and didn't see much.

What is their philosophy on property tax reform. Someone heard Joyce Petrauskus saying that she wanted a quality education while keeping taxes low.(the best of both worlds)How do you do that?

Should "non-attending" family members be allowed to sit on your school board?

Why did you use the home and school email list for political purposes? I thought the home and school was not in the business of politics. I thought it was devoted to service and volunteering.

The candidates that you supported in your email campaign were all of the "endorsed" Republicans so your comment that you weren't thinking along party lines is not quite accurate is it.

The answer to the property tax situation is to do away with it all together. No one should have their home held hostage by a School District. We need to get the people who utilize the service to have more of a role in paying for it. When that happens, they will insist that the school boards act responsibly with "their" money.

As it is, it is easy to spend other people's money and to keep asking for more and more using the children for political cover.

On a lighter note, your children's academic exellence is not because of the Methacton educational experience, it is because of your concern and guidance as a parent. The parent is the most important piece of the educational puzzle.

Food for thought


Mary Wust said...


How would I suggest that the process be changed? I have absolutely no idea where to begin. I’d have to do tons of research into what other states do to fund education. Do you have any ideas? Have you approached your Reps and Senators?

As to it not being does seem that there should be some tax relief for senior citizens who are living on a fixed income. Where and how to get it...again, I don’t know. But I know my 5 siblings and I went through 12 years of Catholic school, and my parents paid property taxes. Just as I know I’ll pay property taxes for someone else’s child(ren). And, I know that I pay taxes for maintenance of roads I’ll never drive on, and taxes towards a Fire company God willing I’ll never use, and taxes for state and county hospitals that I don’t use, for welfare stamps, and countless other services I’ll never use. My husband pays health insurance and has never (again, God willing) been in the hospital. That’s part of what we as a society do.

Where the candidates stand on tax reform doesn’t matter to me. That is not part of their job description as a board member. That is for our State Reps and Senators.

Joyce Petrauskas should have said that she would like to KEEP a quality education while keeping taxes low.

Out of 21 school districts in Montgomery County
Methacton’s Enrollment is the 8th largest
Total Spending Per Pupil is 13th
Administrative Spending is 20th
Debt Service is 8th
Millage Increase for the past 3 years is the 2nd lowest
Transportation Spending is 7th
Our teachers are paid in the middle of the county, which is where our financial demographics sit.
PSSA scores for 2006 show Methacton to be 2nd in Math and 4th in Reading.

Methacton has done it, and has maintained it.

Should non-attending family members be allowed to sit on the school board? Absolutely. Right now 5 of the 9 do not have children in the school district.

The candidates I supported were not chosen because of party. As you said - they were all endorsed by Republicans. I’m a Democrat. I don’t care who they were endorsed by. I learned about the candidates through seeing their behavior at school board meetings, listening to people who have dealt with them in their professional lives, by asking questions and through different meet the candidate forums, including the one at Arcola. So, yes, I think I was quite accurate and truthful in saying I wasn’t thinking along party lines.

My only contact with politics came as I was discussing the candidates with a Democrat. This person said that they looked forward to having a board mainly of their party. I was appalled. I didn’t, and don’t think the board should be looked at as primarily one party or another. Party affiliation should not be a factor.

As to the district acting responsibly with money – I think the numbers above say they do. I think we have enough self-appointed watchdogs ensuring that they do. As to using the children for political cover – well...that you think that way is truly frightening to me. Do you think I would let my children be used for any purpose? Do you so distrust the people who serve on the board? And if so...why? Where have they failed the children? Where have they failed the taxpayer? Because you don’t think the funding system is a good one doesn’t mean that money is being squandered. I am angrier over having my tax dollars used to defend the district to the tune of $10,000.00 in a frivolous lawsuit. That was wasteful.

As a realtor the first question asked of me is What school district is it in? Second is what are the taxes. I cannot “steer” people to one district or another. They have to tell me where they want to live. There are a number of districts in the area where people adamantly do not want to buy. And there are a number that people request. Methacton is one of the latter.

As to my children – Yes, you are right about my parental involvement being key. But, I also know that they would not have been offered the same amount of challenging programs in other schools. I praise each and every teacher my children have had. My two older children are very different in personality and work ethic. Yet, they have shared a few teachers from year to year...and the teachers adapted to each of them and brought out the best in them.

Enough of questioning me. How about you answer some:

Do you think my being attacked in an editorial because I have 3 children in the district is fair? Do you think I should not take advantage of the excellent education available to my children? Do you think attacking the school board about how Pennsylvania requires it’s schools funding is fair?

What did the candidates you supported offer to you that you thought was of value?

Finally, you say “the answer to the property tax situation is to do away with it entirely”. So, what is your solution?


Anonymous said...


So I understand, you don't feel that being a non-attending family member disqualifies someone to serve on your Board?

Where did you get the statistics about Methacton and its rankings? Why do you appear to have them at your fingertips? Can you compare Methacton to other Distict's like PW, Upper Merion and North Penn?

Do you feel that if parents can afford to that they should pay for all of their child's education? I know people with homes at the shore and who make 6 figures who pay only a fraction of their own child's public education.

Your candidates positions on tax reform is relavent. If they are pro-reform they probably understand the need to address the spending side of the equation because that's where the problem is. You will always be able to get the money because if you don't pay your taxes, you lose your house.

I have freinds who own realestate companies who tell me that property taxes, in this area, are supressing the market. I think you are thinking about the Jersey shore when it comes to the risky mortgages.

How much did Methacton's spending go up this year? What is the size of the budget this year?

How do maintain a "Quality education while keeping taxes low"? Do you advocate cutting taxes?

As far as our teachers being in the middle of the pack, you know from your extensive reseach and experience that the teacher's union is co-ordinated and ladders their negotiations so that there will always be someone on a 4 year contract with higher salaries and beni's and so the average is raised every re-negotiation.
What is the current rate of inflation? What are your teachers getting in salary and benefit increases every year? Does that happen in corporate America?

In answer to your questions, I'm not aware of you being "attacked because you have three children" in an editorial. To me you seem to be defensive.

In question no.2 at least you admit you are taking advantage of an education that is being provided for you by the "non-attending" families. That realization is the first step in change.

In question no. 3 I am unaware of the "attacks" that you refer to. It seems that those who disagree with you are labled as attackers. You need to have more of an open mind.

My candidates offered me a change and a voice. I wouldn't vote for a candidate who changed their party registration right before they filed their petition. I wouldn't vote for candidates that supported personal attacks on other candidates or deceptive postcards or tactics at the polls.

What track record did your non-incumbant candidates have other then you not hearing anything bad or immoral about them. Do you vote based on symbolism and not substance?

There were alot of people who were offended by the actions of certain militant members of the home and school and your endorsed 5 who chose to be less then honest with the electorate and who employed questionable tactics in an act of desperation.

Stacie is right on the mark because I heard the same rhetoric and untruths when I was voting. I think it will backfire in the longrun.


Mary Wust said...

OK – First things first. This will be the last I will write on this because I think I have stated what I believe very well. Going over and over it again is not productive. You haven’t answered any of the questions I’ve posed to you so this is not a discussion, but an interview. If you’d like to discuss it with me you can find me at any Board Meeting. Just approach me. But, I would have to insist on a two way discussion, not anonymous questions. And more importantly - I need to get things done – like sew my daughters dress by next Friday night.

To clarify – I voted for my candidates because of their personal demeanor, their success in their chosen fields and because I think they can bring those qualities to the board. If being an active member in your community, and being successful is an indication of symbolism...whatever. To me, that was substance. As to those that I absolutely wouldn’t vote for – they all very well know the reasons why.

I will continue to send my children to Methacton because I can, and until something changes in Harrisburg property taxes will continue to pay for it. As for those with 6 figure incomes and a place at the shore....I only wish it were me. And yes, they can also send their children to Methacton. Because that’s the way it is. The School District is not responsible for the law.

I voted for three of the current Board Members without children in the district. If you believe that I ever even discussed anything other you must have me confused with someone else. But again, that was already asked and answered.

The numbers are available to anyone. They are on the district website. I personally got them from the school board meeting. The numbers themselves come from the Montgomery County IU Annual Financial Report on all county schools and based on the Annual Financial Report that the district submits to the state. As to PW, Upper Merion and North Penn – those exact numbers could be found by calling the IU, I would imagine.

Risky mortgages were nationwide. Foreclosures in Montgomery County alone number in the hundreds. That information is from the Montgomery County Prothonotary office. If your friends who own real estate businesses tell you that risky mortgages were only at the shore, perhaps they are only familiar with that area. But, the national news is fraught with facts about what the sub-prime market companies failures are doing to the economy. Nationwide. It’s easily researchable. As to our taxes suppressing the market – Speaking from my experience with my clients - I have never heard one word from any of my clients about too high taxes in Methacton.

The education field is not the corporate world. It never has been. When attempting to hire the best candidates you need to compare apples to apples, etc. What are our neighboring districts offering that we aren’t? And vice versa. Education is the same everywhere in the country. None of it is like the corporate world. And, please, don’t ask me why.

Being defensive about my taxes being in an editorial? Yup. Thought the whole thing was creepy - being researched and all. The only thing I had done to that point was speak at school board meetings. Then I find I'm being researched. I still think it was creepy.

Those that disagree are not attackers. Those that disagree have a different perspective. I love a good discussion. I may even change my mind on certain things. But, those that disagree using falsities are attacking. Those that disagree with unwarranted lawsuits are attacking. Those that blame the system of funding education with property taxes on the district are attacking. Because it’s not the district that is responsible for it. They didn’t make the law.

If you won’t vote for someone because they changed their party – don’t. I would. And there we differ. It’s your vote, and isn’t that a beautiful thing?

If you felt someone was making a personal attack on your candidate, then don’t vote for them. It’s funny – I did see a personal attack in writing against Dr. Miller that was blatantly untrue. And you know what – I didn’t vote for the candidates that were responsible for the words. Again – that’s the beauty of our vote.

Militant Moms? Wow. 2 Moms correcting written untruths. That I heard about. But militant? Not this Mom. And, not any that I heard about. I spent most of my day talking to the ladies and gentlemen working at the poll for their candidates. About everything from raising our kids to gardening, vacationing and bird watching. No militancy there.

Bottom line for me is that the system is what it is. To change it you need to be addressing Senators and Representatives. Once you get that basic premise – all the rest just falls aside. Fighting the district over something they don’t control and can’t change doesn’t make sense. Keeping an eye on how they spend – that makes sense. But, Methacton’s numbers say to me that money is not being squandered. And, my children’s grades and love of learning tells me that the teachers are doing what they are paid for.

And on that note – I shall retire.

I hope you introduce yourself at a Board Meeting.


Stacie Dale said...

Hi Mary,
Just checked out the blog after being absent for a week or so. Wow,quite a conversation going there with "Anonymous". Let me first say that I know you were not telling voters that your candidates were both Republican and Democratic endorsed. I never heard you say that. However, I did hear Joyce say that a few times as well as the spouse of another one of the Republican endorsed candidates. After all the work that I did to support the Democratic candidates, it was truly upsetting to have it taken away by that one word "endorsed". I have given up on the democratic system and frankly don't want to ever have to run after voters again to try and explain to them that what they were being told was not the truth. It is my job as a committee person to provide accurate information to the voters and when someone goes out of their way to disrupt that, it just discourages me and the voters. I know you haven't been around the political end of things and your a lovely person with the best of intentions. I just don't think that I can ever vote for these 5 candidates based on the fact that I have to question their integrity. If you try to mislead a voter, what are you going to do on the school board to get your own way? I don't want people with that type of questionable demeanor to make decisions about my child's schooling. I am probably very idealitic but in my gut, it just doesn't sit well with me. Joyce seemed like a very pleasnt person as well but again, I want candidates with a backbone who can run on their own merits without having to compromise their integrity to get elected. These candidates may very well be proficient at their chosen professions but so are alot of other people I know. It doesn't mean that thy will make the best school board candidate. John Williams has been very active in the Methacton Scool district in the creation of the diversity task force and attends lots of school board meetings. Carl Santoro taught in the district for over 35 years and has a needed perspective as an educator on the board...especially when it comes time to negotiate teacher contracts. I am proud that they never used the fact that they were "Republian supported" as a way to mislead voters into thinking they were Republican endorsed. Regardless, the damage has been done and we'll all just have to live with the aftermath of it.

Anonymous said...


"If you try to mislead a voter, what are you going to do on the school board to get your own way?

"I don't want people with that type of questionable demeanor to make decisions about my child's schooling."

I can't say it any better. I call that a lack of integrity and character.

Misleading information, deception and acts of desperation appear to now be the hallmarks of the Methacton School Board, the "endorsed" Republican candidates and/or the SOS led by Saddler's wife and School Board President VanHorn, the political front for it all.

The District has been trying to use 9-12 enrollment growth to justify their 5-6 building while the K-5 and 6-8 enrollments are dropping. That little bit of deception may end up costing the taxpayer over 100,000,000 dollars.

The State VOIDED the District's applications and both building projects. They were not put on hold and then reinstated as is falsely posted on the District's website.

2 of the "endorsed" Republican candidates for school board changed their party registration right before they filed their Republican petition. As far as I know they told NO ONE before the endorsement process. It looks like it worked and they got away with it. I can't vote for someone who doesn't know who they are. Who will they be next year?

The committee to SOS (save our schools) was responsible for at least 1 negative, untrue and misleading mailer and most likely the post-card that you reference.

I am a Republican and echo your thoughts on my party's behavior. It's embarrassing.

The Truth Detector