Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Teaching lessons

Teachers play a significant role in the formation of our children. Their jobs are tough, I know, I was a substitute for a while when I was at the University of North Texas. They work long hours, but they get a lot of time off in the summer. Most teachers are dedicated professionals, and I say most only because in any profession there are people who simply don't belong. Teachers are taxpayers, too, so they feel it every time the school district raises property taxes.
I wanted to put all of that on the table so someone doesn't read into this post that I don't like teachers. This post is really for teachers. This is a brief explanation of why you're feeling unappreciated. Every time you go to the well for pay increases all of our property taxes go up, and yes, I know that includes yours as well. Here's the real reason you're not feeling the love right now; you're asking for too much. No one wants to hear that you want to pay less for your health care. No one wants to hear that you want 4, 5 and 6 percent raises. Just be reasonable. That's all.