Thursday, September 27, 2007

Who am I?

I didn't think I would have to do this but after a recent post about Trappe Borough someone wrote in to ask who I was and why was I hiding my identity behind a blog.
For those of you who don't know, I am Stan Huskey, and yes, Stan is my real name. Actually, it's Stanley, but only my mother calls me Stanley.
What I thought was really hilarious was the person calling me out signing his or her name as anonymous.
I just thought that since the blog was on the Times Herald Web site and I'm the editor of The Times Herald it was obvious who I am. You know who I am now, so, who are you?
Never mind, I really want to clear up the impression that I, or the public might be concerned about Trappe Borough councilmember Mark Carrig's marital status. I don't care, and if the quote is accurate from the last blog, he's right, it isn't any one's business.
However, it is our business if Carrig doesn't live in Trappe. That's the only point I was trying to make, well that and what sounds to me like good old backroom politics about to take place in the Trappe.
Some else suggested a debate. There's no reason for a debate. It is what it is. If Carrig doesn't live in Trappe he should resign from council. Period.


Anonymous said...

I do believe Carrig’s legal residence remains in Trappe. According to the Montgomery Courthouse records he owns a property in Trappe and it is where he is registered to vote. But of course if you Stan or anyone else has evidence to the contrary you should bring it forward. Otherwise I would tread very carefully as I hear Carrig has a VERY good personal attorney and is no one to mess with. Just ask the folks down at CTJPW. Finally I ask what someone’s marital status has to do with residency? Why don’t you leave the guy alone and start acting like a professional journalist and report the things you know are facts instead of spreading rumors?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with what you said Stan. However, do you know any politicians that aren't corrupt. Work for the County for while and that's all you see. There are truly no statesmen left. It's all about what is in it for them.

PS: Is Gulotta still collecting his absurd paycheck from the County??

Stan said...

For the last time. I do not care about Carrig's marital status. I have simply put it out there that if he doesn't live in Trappe anymore he should resign from council. I would think that every resident of Trappe would feel the same way. And please, anonymous, don't threaten me with legal action on Carrig's behalf. I asked a legitmate question and I pointed out a legitimate scenario. How about a legitimate response?

Anonymous said...

Way to go,Mr. Huskey. Apparently that person does not read the Times Herald. Why is Mr. Gulotta still on the payroll? I guess removing two of the present commissioners will resolve the problem. Time will tell.

Fred said...


How is it your "business" if you don't live in Trappe?


Anonymous said...

It is certainly Stan's business whether he lives in Trappe or not. He is there to report the news. Every reporter who reports on Iraq does not live there. Stan and the Time Herald should be exposing the curruption of our local politicians. Invesigative report is what is needed to catch these people.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting my response. But it seems like you do not like to respond to them though.
Is that how newspapers and editors
handle their jobs. I should know the answer to that question yes.

Matt said...

As a reader who does not care about Trappe at all ( I live in West Norriton) it seems like theres a lot of biased people on here attacking Stan. As an outsider it seems like those people must be somehow associated with whatever shady politics taking place in Trappe.

Anonymous said...

Stan...Many years ago we had a Committeeman that listed his voting address in our Township at his parents home. He did spend quite a few days per week there, but he did have his own apartment in Norristown. So, here we go again in another area of Montgomery County...the law or bylaws of Townships,Towns/Boros need the be clarified. To list your name as a resident of a certain Town,Township or Boro in order to vote there you must spend a certain amount of your time/days at that location. If perhaps Trappe uses property as the above reference for qualification to run for an office they should come forward and put an end to the guess work of everyone in the Boro and interested outsiders (TV Reporters/Newspaper Reporters)covering the Boro and their activities and governing body. An informed public is the answer to better government.

Anonymous said...

One's residence is where one is registered to vote, pay their federal taxes, generally return each night and leave each day for work and most important, if married and not separated, where the wife and children reside.

So, for the determination of legal residency, an official's personal life is important. It is also a hallmark of their integrity.

If there is any doubt, the council should hold a hearing to determine if the person can truly represent the interest of the town.

Anonymous said...

Stan. Code enforcement sees what they want, when they want. It's who you are,who you know, and what you can do for them. It all comes down from the top. If the code officer wants to keep his job, he or she will do what they are directed to do. It's the little guy that always feels the pain.