Friday, June 20, 2008

Calling out Bobby Flay

Well, actually it's almost 'Showdown' time. The Times Herald's Great Pork Sandwich Showdown is right around the corner. This may sound like a bit of shameless self promotion but I have an ulterior motive in mind. We have 10 restaurants bringing their best to the Holy Saviour Club Wednesday, June 25. The competition will be fierce, and we're expecting a big turnout based on the number of people who have called asking for tickets. There have been plenty of ads in the paper and a brief running every so often, but here comes the ulterior motive for the blog part. I would love to take credit for this idea, but that goes to Joe Tarantino. We were talking about the contest over lunch Friday when he suggested that I try to get Bobby Flay to come to town for a throw down against the winner of the contest. What a great idea. The day after the contest I'm going to do my best to get in touch with his people to see if we can get him down here. I'm guessing Bobby Flay can't throw down on an Italian pork sandwich as well as any of the restaurants competing. What do you think?

Friday, June 6, 2008

And then there were two

We could wait until the dust settles and Barack Obama officially says no thanks to Hillary Clinton, but let's go ahead and get this party started. Do any of you really think Obama has a chance against John McCain? If so, please, without being nasty, self righteous or condescending, tell me why. I guess there are really two questions here. Do you think Obama will choose Clinton as a running mate, and do you think Obama, who is much more popular, should be president instead of the seasoned veteran, McCain? Did you notice I didn't bring race into the issue? Good, because I don't want you to either. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream is alive and well. Let's judge these two men on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. This is now a race to determine who will run our country for the next four years. Let's start peeling away the layers and looking at what each candidate stands for, not what each candidate looks like.