Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Digging deeper

I appreciate the post from anonymous reminding me of my duties as editor of a newspaper.
I am indeed digging deeper to find out if the alleged $11 million floating around in Norristown is rumor or fact. I've contacted a respected numbers man who has agreed to take a look at the audited budget for me. I believe another anonymous wrote that the money might be in the FOP budget, but that doesn't make much sense to me since the FOP was the recipient of the shaft when the borough was crying poor mouth and laid off seven officers, but you know what? We'll look there too.
We're also digging deeper into the county's firing, or not, of former, or not, public property director Andy Gulotta. It's one thing to let the guy go because you don't like the way he treats his employees and then hire him back at basically twice the salary, but it's quite another to let him go because he was allegedly doing work for people on county time, or having work done for him on county time.
Rumors are one thing folks and we can talk about them all day long here, but when it comes to getting the story into the paper it's a whole new ball game. We have to have everything nailed down before it gets into the paper.
But rest assured, we're bringing the hammer.

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Anonymous said...

Stan, The 19,000.00 code report is back. How about digging into why it has not been released. I hope they're not altering it. I believe it was federal money which paid for it.