Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Try, try, again

Man, take a couple days off and the barbs start flying (see entries in previous post). The talk around the water cooler is that Castor's not giving up on Matthews just yet. He still thinks he can talk Jim into forming an alliance with him, thus giving Republicans the majority they won at the polls. Hey, I'll take it. After losing five county row office seats to the Dems it would be nice to retain control of an office we actually won. And now that we're down to the end of 2007 will someone please tell me what the Dems in Congress did all year?


Anonymous said...

Ask your buddy Marino.Like father like son whether at County level or trying to control the Trusted Team in Trappe. They get what they want power and money at the tax payers expense.You hang around the best.I bet you are even friends with Mike Vereb.

Duke said...

Stan, Can you honestly tell me who did anything in congress last year?
Either party? All lip service.

Anonymous said...

Hold on a second here....the initial post in this thread is apparently from an ousted Trappe council member or one of his croonies who is busting your chops (albeit in an uninformed way i'm sure, cause that's how they do things.....those little spin doctors, them ) about supposedly being friends with Mike that's a bad thing. I was at a fund-raiser for Mike Vereb at the ousted council presidents' home prior to the Primary elections in May. Now these same members that i was standing shoulder to shoulder with are trying to distance themselves from any and every person politically that they've ever come in contact with because of the fact that whatever they've done wrong in governing the borough of Trappe had to be someone elses fault and they apparently don't want to be guilty by association. Those poor, poor victims......yeah, right !

Anonymous said...

To anonymous
I attended the same event at the ex Councilman house from Trappe. Get your facts straight. It was not a fund raiser and the event was not for Rep. Vereb. He was in attendance and was allowed to speak. The event was a meet and greet for Congressman Gerlach.Who is abandoning Vereb?Instead of being a predicter.Why don't you go out and help support good candidates instead of part time Republican candidate like Watson and Diprete.You should never be ashamed to say you are a Republican.We will see how soon they will change back their party afflication.

Anonymous said...

I attended Strauss' event also .It was not a fund raiser. I did not contribute .My invitation I received was to attend an event to meet Congressman Gerlach. I did not know Vereb was going to be there.I think the individual who wrote the comment was never there, I question his or her creditability.
For your info I was ask to hand campaign info for Gerlach and Vereb by Strauss and I did.Who is not supporting Vereb now?
I can not understand why your paper and blog is after Strauss' head. Stan what did he do to you? Do you know him or ever interviewed him? If not move on. He is not even an elected official now.

Cry Baby said...

If you are friends with Mr Verb, than you must be guilty by association. I met Mr Verb and he seems to very genuine and has the best interests of our community at heart. Everyone I have spoken with about him has said he was a great Policeman and very active within the community. It is ashame to here people talking down on him. It sounds like the same anonymous who is constantly on your case about who you know or might be friends with.

Whine, whine, whine, thats all we hear from the (loser/s) in Trappe! I guess the people in Trappe really needed a change in their government from the sound of things.

The republican Reb. said...

Stan, Now I know the Republican Party is running on the back burner. First Matthews turns his back on Castor and now I see the Saturdays edition will feature a story about the Sheriff may run for Ms. Williams seat. If he cannot take care of his own department, how would you expect him to take care of his constituents. He should have run for the D.A. position,if you read his resume he built that dept.

PO PO said...

Stan, If Sheriff Durante runs and gets elected for State Senate will the Democrat who challanged him get the seat? What is it with these people? They get elected then the light at the other end of the tunnel gets larger. If he decides to run for that position he should resign and the party who ran against him should fill the seat. Of course, we know that will never happen, right Stan?

Conshy Mole said...

Thanks for Ms. Gibbons article in Saturdays issue of the TH. Sheriff Durante stated that a number of people have contacted him, asking him to run for Ms. Williams seat. What makes him think that a Republican would fill that seat, after the beating they took in the past election. And, who are the people asking him to run, his deputies I hope. Do the county a favor Sheriff, Run,Run,Run.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that the Times Herald writers provide unbiased, professional news coverage (cough, cough). What happened to good, honest journalism?

Anonymous said...

Ed Cheri rocks and should be Sheriff. He knows that department inside and out and would have dedicated himself to keeping deputy turn-over low. It's a shame people didn't see through Durante's other ambitions before casting their vote.

Also, alot of Dems think Mike Vereb is doing a good job. Again, it's a shame that a certain portion of the Reps. don't see it that way....too busy bad mouthing each other, eating their own and spitting them out. This is better viewing than a soap opera.

Anonymous said...

Grow up! This sounds like the popular girls' clique in high school.

Angry Elephant said...


I am writing kind of off topic here. My comment is about your "Letter to the Editor" on page A4 in Monday's Herald.

You have never been more on the mark - the top brass in the Republican Party has to go. However, I also think that there are a large number of local Republican Committee-people that have to go as well. In fact, I blame the local committees more that the top brass for the recent courthouse fiasco.

I urge you and the rest of the people reading this to take a good hard look at their local committees. Most of them are filled with people who do not do any work for the Republican Party or their constituents. They are there simply because they like to be known as a local committee-person.

The committees are filled with retired Councilmen, Borough Managers and Supervisors or their widows, who can't and wont forget about 1982. They are filled with lawyers and engineers vying for the limelight, so that they can get municipal bids and contracts. They are filled with community rabble rousers who have made their reputations based on fighting to close the local landfill, local bar or fighting save the old decrepit building in the center of town that no-one wants.

These are the people that truly have to go.

If we are going to turn this thing around, we need workers. The Party needs people with fresh creative ideas, energy and talent. This is where the Democrats are kicking our a**es. They' re organized. The committee that throws a fundraiser once or twice a year isn't going to cut it anymore. We need to be the welcome wagons of our communities. We need to sign people up to vote when they move into our towns and then keep them informed. We need to send out quarterly newsletters, or better yet e-newsletters. Every Committee needs a good website. When we do have fundraisers, we have to keep them cheap and invite all the Republicans in town, not just the same old people. Our committee-people have to educate the masses and let them know that the primary is just as important as the general election. We need Committee-people that don't just tell you who to vote for, but that actually help educate you on the Memorandum Issues.

Let's have some real change!

If you are angry at our losses at the county level then get your tush involved. Go to your next local committee meeting and ask questions. Ask your local Committee-people what they are going to do about it locally. Ask them how many Republicans they actually signed up in the Borough/Townships last election cycle. If you don't like what you hear and see, then do us all a favor and run for office!

We need fresh blood!

Cry baby said...

To Elephant,

Thank you for your "well stated" comments. I agree that most folks want to be recognized by being in a position of power, but most fall short of really doing anything that they are expected to do. It is time for more folks to get plugged-in and informed as to what is going on around them.

It is important for our committe people to educate the masses, it's just that the "masses" have to want to be educated. Hopefully, a new approach with "New Blood" will get people involved and out from under the pot they are stuck under.

conshy Mole said...

Hey angry elephant, You keep using the WE word. You sound like a rejected person who somehow got beat in your try for an elected office. You must be from that great Township of L. P. since you mentioned all of the famous places,
local bar, landfill, etc. If my facts are correct ALL of your boards consist of nothing but Republicans. With that said, your committee people must be doing something right. Maybe it's you that should be getting off your tush. and use the word "I".

The duke said...

Hey Elephant; Since you are so versed on what's happening in local politics, you should know that it is not the committe people who appoint all these cronies to appointed boards. It's the Board of Supervisors or Councils that appoint the same old. How else can they control what's going on in their castle's if they do not have the right people in place. Forget about the
appointee knowing what's going on, as long as they do what they are told they like MacArthur will return. I believe that next week will be the appointments in most communities, should be interesting, especially the county. If you want new blood----Try the Red Cross.

Anonymous said...

Hey Duke: The buzz word is "cronyism" and for a perfect example of such, plan to attend next Monday's meeting of Lower Providence Township's BOS. I also understand that the Township Manager will be selling popcorn snd snacks at this meeting to bolster the Township's dwindling Municipal Fund.
The Professor

Angry Elephant said...

Without tipping my hand too much, I actually live in the Ambler area. However, your parallels are interesting. Looks like we Republicans are fighting the same battles throughout the County.

L.P flash said...

How SAD. That the chesty elephant has to pick on ex Supervisors wives in order to get a point across. A little background work may have told her that the three gentlemen belonging to these ladies
dedicated themselves to many, many years of accomplishments. They did not parade themselves in front of TV to get noticed. Remember, some people are as phoney as the chest they carry around, and I do not mean their Hope Chest. See you at the next committee meeting,with your hang on buddy.

the duchess said...

Hi Angry Elephant,

If you are who I think you are, you should know a lot about losing after your last run for Republican Committeewoman in Lower Providence. Wow, did Bill S. and Kathie E. bury you and Pero Sasu. I for one think the L.P. Committee folks are doing a great job getting Republicans elected, there hasn't been a single democrat elected to the board of supervisors since Lois Wood back in the mid 70's. All those old widows you refer to are still producing an overwhelming strong turnout of Republicans in their respective voting districts. I think it is time for your bi-annual blood transfusion so you can run again for Republican committeewoman in L.P. I don't buy the Ambler jive for one moment. See you on election day at the looser's circle.

Dolphins other Eye said...


The Republican Party is a mess.
You have Jim Mathews sleeping with Hoffel.

Castor, the top vote getter is making the coffee.

Ken Davis locked in the Woodshed since losing his consulting job with the county.

And a small group of malcontents in Lower Providence attacking somenone like Craig Dinninny for standing ture to our Republican values.

Thank God the Democrats are not organized

Dolphin's other EYE

The pilot said...

To the Dolphin's other eye. You may have to close the bad eye when we Democrats shut the door on your only true Republican in Lower Providence Township, and it sure is'nt the party you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the "Dolphins Other Eye" is clouding up also since his statement about a small group of malcontents are harassing Boss Dininny, "the only true Republican". If this is the case explain how he managed to lose his Republican Committee seat in the last committee race. Did that small group of malcontents vote numerous times to defeat him. I don't think so, most of our township citizens very strongly despise him and what he stands for in this Township. In the next election he won't even even make decent roadkill! Bye Craig.
The Professor

Anonymous said...

To the "professor'

If you're right, LP township is now Democratic. But you really can't tell the difference anyway with Democrats in disguise like Doug Hager and Chris Depalo.

Mr. Professor, you and others may dispise Mr. Dinninni but at least he's got the -----'s to stand for something he believes in. He has ideas. Republican ideas. Waht are yours? That my boy is principle and character and character is essential to leadership.

Mr. Professor, I believe that you may have gotten your degree in the mail. It't time to go back to school.

Dolphins other Eye