Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Get it in gear

So, I just got home from a mini vacation and I'm getting a bite to eat watching the Phillies play and catching up on some reading in The Times Herald and I can't believe what I'm reading.

Norristown wants to give a consultant a year to tell us what needs to be done at Poley Park?

First, I said a month ago Norristown doesn't need a consultant to tell them they need to clean the place up, stripe it, landscape it and start charging people to park there.

Now they want to give someone a year to tell them the same thing?

Look, do what the family wants. Leave a bench, or two, at the entrance of the parking lot on a patch of green space, just like what's there now. Respect the family's wishes.

I've been trying to figure out what's going on with Norristown council since the 'new' government was put into place. I think maybe I have it now. They want to act like they're running a major metropolis. They're not. They're running a small town with folks who simply want them to run the small town like a small town. Residents of Norristown want a nice clean, safe place to live and work.

All I could think about when I'm reading the story is that I hope they don't do the same thing with the proposed movie studio. I hope they don't tell the people who want to bring a movie studio to Norristown that they'll have to study it a year before they can do anything.

Get it in gear, council, please. Move the municipal train forward before anyone who wants to do anything in Norristown decides it's just not worth the effort.


West Roberts Street resident said...

Norristown [b]should[/b] study the proposed movie studio. Maybe not for a year, but council should do more than drool all over itself at the prospect.

Issues that need to be resolved first include business hours, outdoor security lighting, noise, traffic, buffering (right now all that stands between that property and my backyard is a holey cyclone fence and a tree), landscaping, and the effects of construction (noise, dirt, etc).

What provisions are being made to find new homes -- within Norristown, of course -- for the existing businesses that are sure to be displaced?

There is no erring on the side of caution here. This project may -- or may not -- turn a quiet residential neighborhood into an uninhabitable mess. The powers that be in Norristown need to protect their residents first, while still accommodating development.

Anonymous said...

Right on Stan with Poley Park...why does everything take sooooooo long?!?!

I think the movie studio will be great for that vacant locale but I do hope they will "clean it up" and give the residents something to cheer about. I hope council will allow those residents who live nearby to ask for a few things from the studio who wants to move in. I can't imagine they ( the studio) would make it worse than what's there now.

Anonymous said...

The Poley family goes way, way back so if one of the family members was kind enough to place a bench and maintain the area for quite a few years...why not have our street personnel bend a little and keep it clean and green. The merchants on West Marshall I'm sure would volunteer some supplies if the town is too strapped for funds.

matches911 said...

Recently when traveling through Norristown I saw that ugly site known as a parking garage. When asked why does Norristown need one, there are no businesses in town. I was told to support the new businesses coming. I find that humorous since you are putting the cart before the horse. What plans are being made to support that hugh expense?

Anonymous said...

Stan...Have you heard the song "Big Yellow Taxi" by Joni Mitchell? Well, Norristown has been tearing down Theaters, Banks,department stores and Arcades and doing exactly what the lyrics refer to. Now is the time to bring back all of the above (except more banks - enough already) them and people will come to our County Seat.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a Poley. My husband's great great great grandfather was a pharmacist in Norristown. Sounds like Poley park is a dump. I hope they clean it up. Sometime we'll have to visit out there. We're in Wyoming.