Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pork sandwich battle royale

Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I've been coming out of the pork sandwich fog I've been in for the past week. I have a feeling it's going to get worse so I wanted to put a new post up to make sure everyone had a chance to get in on the action.
This is getting serious.
Here's where we are so far.
I put something in my column last week about the pork sandwiches at Sessano's being the best I've had since the MSS feast.
Bob Wright calls me one day and say he has a challenge for me.
I tell him to bring it on.
We set up a pork sandwich tasting contest. It wasn't hard to find judges, either.
So the day before the contest I called Bob and I said listen, in the interest of fair play I'm calling to tell you I told my guy to keep the pork separate from the rolls so the sandwiches don't get soggy as we're driving back to the Times Herald building. He doesn't make the call.
I'm not saying that's why Sessano's kicked Venezia's butt - six out of seven judges chose the Sessano pork sandwich - but it could have had something to do with it.
Off me being the nice guy I am I told Bob Venezia's could work their way back into the competition, but only after Sessano's takes on all comers.
The e-mails have been flying. A lot of people are partial to the pork sandwiches at Screwballs, and I've heard about a couple of places over in Conshy, but the largest number probably had to come from fans of the pork sandwich at the Bridgeport Rib House.
Bring it.
That's all I can say.
Bring it.
The fog is lifting.


Roll Man Rick said...

Any novice knows that the rules have to be the same for all contestants. A rematch is definitely in order. I would be screaming foul if I were the looser on this taste off. Any hot sandwich that is made, then wrapped up in foil, starts to melt down the roll almost immediately, rendering it a soggy mess upon delivery.

The fresh roll practically makes the sandwich. This is why I don't eat out on Wednesdays, this is the one day of the week when most bakers take off, leaving day old, or frozen rolls for Wednesday faire.

Maryann Russo Foley said...

After reading your commentary, I went to Sessano's and bought their hot pork sandwiches....a couple of that I wasn't the only one judging. They are good, but no, no, no. They are not the hot pork sandwiches that have people standing in line at the Italian Feasts and buying 12 at a time. The Venezia roast pork sandwiches are still the best, hands down. And, no offense to "roll man rick", but, when we are talking hot pork sandwiches, the "fresh or frozen" roll doesn't make the differnce, it's the PORK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really think everyone deserves to taste the food at Buds Bar in Audubon. Just take a look at the outstanding building... color will surely make you wonder what is going on inside. I know their food is good, the outside paint job makes you think differently.

poog said...

I kinda like it when the roll is a little soggy.I remember when we were kids,we lived on Moore St and we would go around to the feast at the MSS Hall on Marshall St and get the hot pork sandwiches.I also attended Washington Elementary school and I remember once ayear we would have authentic pork sandwiches and the orange drink went real good with it.If there should be a rematch I certainly hope I can be one of the judges!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that the news is "painting" the whole picture by listening to Joe. I wonder how many of the people who are working against him, are cashing their checks at Commerce and picking up their Rx's at CVS! R&J

Anonymous said...

We are still wondering why the pork sanwich at Blue Sky Cafe in east norriton wasn't on the list. It great even though it doesn't have the required brown sauce. Stan I understand it is your closet favorite even though the roots of the sanwich blend Italian and Island flavors.