Monday, April 30, 2007

Looking for a real Republican

I know we're all busy. I'm busy, you're busy, every time you ask someone to do something they're busy, but seriously folks, I'm really starting to question the temerity of our county Republicans.

A candidates forum was held Saturday at the George Washington Carver Community Center in Norristown. Guess who showed? That's right, both of the Democratic candidates for county commissioner and neither of the two Republican Candidates.

As the moderator I had to choke back a resounding 'puhlease' as I read the opening statement that said Bruce Castor and Jim Matthews had scheduling conflicts. Isn't that political speak for I don't have time to be bothered with it?

I'm serious when I tell you I have a real concern going into the November elections.

Will this be the first time in a century Democrats will have control of county government?

It will be if the Republican candidates don't start showing up.

The forum could have been a lot of fun with a little Republican fervor. Instead, I was relegated to talking head status, occasionally having to cut off one of the candidates who went on past their allotted time or one of the audience members who was under the mistaken belief that it was audience participation time.


Greybeard said...

Herewith, a likely reason why Democrats are crowing about their gains in voter registrations. As a long-time conservative I have plenty about which to complain in what I have seen from President Bush and his administration...but plenty more from the "new" Congress, Governor Rendell, and any Democrat vying for county post (especially Joe Hoeffel). In plain and simple terms, no Republican in Washington is as conservative as I, but the vast majority of them are far closer to my outlook than ANY Democrat in Washington, Pennsylvania or Montgomery County. If, however, Republicans don't start to "get it" and begin presenting clear, cogent arguments for people to vote for them, 2008 will see the loss of the White House, more seats in Congress and probably more Governorships...a grim prospect indeed.

Jim said...

Stan - I agree that the republican candidates should have attended the forum. However, the predominent democratic population of Norristown may have convinced them it wasn't worth their time. But on another note, I think Castor should have stayed with his original running mate. I may just have to vote for Joe Hoeffel rather than Jim Matthews. I don't see that Matthews was necessarily good for the county in the past, and had no idea why he thought he could run for a state wide position. I guess he was hoping everyone would think he was his brother Chris.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Stan. I read that you're lonely in blog-land, so I've come to keep you company.

You're looking for a real Republican? There are lots of us around. You're right though--we have been too quiet about some things, and the D's have been very noisy. Cacophonous is a good word. We can get our message out without the ugly screeching, but we must be honest. We must have integrity. We must stand our ground and not be mowed down or pushed aside by these flapping jaws, just because we don't want to catch their flak.

Yeah, the county situation is unfortunate, but you've got lots of municipalities in the county where "real Republicans" are making real progress and positive impacts. Why don't you spend more ink and reporter time on some of them, and give Republicans something to rally around?

Anonymous said...

Hi Stan - I must admit I hadn't clicked through to your new blogger site until I read your sad little message in the morning paper :-( I thought I'd just pipe in now.
Regarding these 'scheduling conflicts' - I'd like to know what was so darned important on a Saturday that took priority over a public meeting (a BIGGER public meeting? Family wedding / funeral? or dentist appointment). Public officials can't make every command performance, of course - but they need to demonstrate their priorities.

Anonymous said...


I read your editorial in the paper today. We are still here and still reading.

I just logged on to put my 2 cents in on Margaret Gibbons Column,"Democrats Gain Edge in Voter Registration." As a republican, I agree with you. Our party has to wake up fast and it has to start with our Committee-people. I moved to Lower Providence a few years ago and was never approached by a Committee-person to ask about my registration. In all the time that I lived in the Township, I only received one newsletter about party news (right around election time).

Wake up guys!

A committeeman/committeewoman doesn't just meet once a month and show up at the polls. If that's what you think that's all your position entails, please resign and let someone else take the drivers seat. If you don't have the time, ask some republicans for help in your district.

rabblerouser said...


Trying to figure out how to comment on specific stories.

Responding to the call to get more state money for Norrsitown School District to somehow spare the local taxpayer. Where do you think the state gets their money. They don't print it.

They also get the money to fund the out of control School spending from us, the Local taxpayer. We are over taxed as it is.

You need to CONTROL SPENDING. You support that position by being against the "TAX SHIFTING", of ACT 1.

I work in Norristown and my real estate taxes are higher then on my home and are stiffling growth and development in Norristown.

It's time for some cost cutting but not on special education. Try Teacher and administrator salaries and benefits. They make up almost 80% of the budget.