Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Montco GOP's future

Where do we go from here? And when do we go from here? Look, I'm not in the backroom, as I've told you before, but it's no secret the Montgomery County Republican Party is splintering faster than an old Christmas tree in a shredder. What I want to know, and what everyone I've talked to wants to know, is, will Ken Davis try to retain control of the GOP? I say no. What do you say? I say Bob Kerns should finally get his shot at running the party. What do you say?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Covenant of the ARC

I'm sure you're all aware that an appeal has been filed to stop the American Revolution Center from being built at Valley Forge National Historical Park. The piece of land they want to build on, while it is within the boundaries of the park, is not actually owned by the park. So, in reality, anything could be built there, zoning permitted.

And of course zoning is at issue in the appeal. But the appeal is not the covenant I want to talk about.

Just what is the covenant that provides for an American Revolution Center?

Tom Daley apparently has a collection of artifacts from the Revolution. Sounds like a covenant to me, but does that give him the right to the ARC?

Now the Schuylkill Alliance Chamber of Commerce wants to build the ARC.

Sounds like they have a plan that would bypass all of the zoning issues currently facing the ARC. Al Paschall, the head of the chamber is working on a deal that would put the ARC at the vistor's center. Sounds like a perfect place for the ARC to me, but without the covenant can he get it done?

The holder of the covenant of the ARC might just hold the upper hand here, but the greater good would be served if the ARC was brought back to the park, where it all began.