Monday, December 28, 2009

Montco, PA, home of pay to play?

Sunday's editorial in The Times Herald requires more than one reading. First read through and you think to yourself, oh well, that's politics, but when you read it for the second time you have to think to yourself, wait a minute, isn't this the very definition of pay to play?
Here's the Reader's Digest version. CBIZ is the county's health benefits consultant; the county asked CBIZ to go find it the best deal on insurance, which amounts to a $35 million expenditure each year, and CBIZ contributed a good bit of money to (Montgomery County Commissioners Chairman) Matthews’ campaign, and the topper; we cannot find any evidence that requests for proposals were sent out to any insurance companies to determine if CBIZ was indeed giving the business to the lowest responsible bidder.
All of this could quickly be cleared up if Matthews would simply provide the information requested by The Times Herald.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The real scoop on Lower Providence

OK, it appears to me that residents in Lower Providence wanted twice a week trash pick up and the lowest responsible bidder was J.P. Mascaro and Sons. Seems like the right decision was made last night by the board. My question is - as probably was the case with the American Revolution Center - are there really just a few disgruntled LP residents who squeak the loudest, or does the majority truly believe the supervisors are selling the township down the river? Just to let you know, anyone who posted to another thread on this subject it was not approved, please post your response here. I want to keep the comments going under the appropriate posts. Thanks.