Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Trappe is set

None of us really know the future, or do we?
It appears as if everything I wrote about is coming to fruition.
Not because I'm some kind of psychic, but because when someone lays out a plan and executes it properly the future isn't such a mystery.
The good people of Trappe have had a resignation on council, and just last night council started looking for a replacement.
How many days, or hours, do you think it will be before the president of council resigns so he can be reappointed to the seat?
Remember folks, this is your town, not the town of the few people you chose to run it for a short period of time.
If you don't want this to happen, make sure it doesn't.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Methacton Madness

What in the world went on Tuesday after the Methacton School Board meeting?
I've seen the video tape. A visibly upset Jim Van Horn, that's school board president Van Horn, is seen coming full steam at the camera, which I'm told was operated by perennial pain in the side of Van Horn, Jim Mollick.
Van Horn can clearly be heard saying that video taping after a meeting is over is a no-no. The next thing you see is the camera going haywire so we're not real sure what happened next.
Van Horn has simply said he was not charged with assault by state police and he won't comment further.
I had a couple of voice mails waiting for me Wednesday morning when I got in. One person was absolutely appalled at what she called an 'unprovoked attack'
Lower Providence Supervisor Craig Dininny said Van Horn should resign.
From what I saw on the video tape, whether an assault occurred or not, Van Horn should be able to have a little more self control. He's a public figure, and has been one for some years. I agree with Dininny to a certain extent. Van Horn should step down, at least from the president's seat. I don't know if he needs to resign, but the president's gavel should be passed along to someone else.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trying to decipher Norristown code report

The consultant's report on the Norristown code enforcement department is finally out.
I was under the impression is was going to be out a while ago, but, as they say, better late than never. Or is that really the case here?
The report tells us the department is in disarray. We knew that didn't we? The report tells us the department is understaffed. We knew that, too, didn't we? And the report also says the department needs a true leader.
Ah, now we're getting somewhere. Just what happened to the leader of the department?
Where is Charlie Sweeney?
Last I heard he was waiting for another hearing on whether he's going to get his job back.
Where was that little tidbit in the report?
We know something happened to cause Charlie to be fired, but what was it?
I can certainly understand the idea behind the report was to determine all of the departments faults and attempt to move forward in a positive fashion to create a department that will run smoothly and efficiently in the future.
But what about the past?
I'm still under the impression that Charlie was fired for doing something he was told to do.
I'm also under the impression that Charlie was told to do something for a Montgomery County mover and shaker and when the favor didn't go as planned the hammer came down on Charlie.
Now I don't know how productive all of this is in moving the department forward, but I do know that exposing past practices will go a long way in assuring the people of Norristown that those practices no longer exist.
We all remember the FBI raid, don't we?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I want to be elected

OK, not really, I just couldn't think of a catchier headline for today's entry.
We're off and running toward the finish line, though, and I wanted to let everyone know I'll be here all night dropping you a line from time to time as I find a race that catches my eye.
I'll start the ball rolling with telling you that I was duly impressed when I went to vote at First Baptist on Burnside Avenue in West Norriton and nearly 150 people had already passed through. That's a big turnout for our little precinct. I hope it's a sign of a great turnout.
What's going on where you are?