Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend update after the weekend

Sorry about that folks. I know I said I was going to start doing a weekend update on Fridays, but I just got way behind the 8-ball and couldn't get out.
Anyway, this is (and I know I've said this before but I'm serious this time) the last time I'll address the alleged charge to Trappe Borough for putting borough contact information in the Collegeville/Trappe Heritage special section. I didn't a little investigative reporter. I was a cop reporter in a former life, you know. The money that shows up on the Trappe books is for an ad they took out in the section; not for the listing.
There are bigger fish to fry.
For now though, I want to get back to Norristown and find out where in the world that code enforcement report is. It's like trying to find Carmen Sandiego for Pete's sake. Or for you older folks, Waldo.
Anyway, There was a report, but they didn't like it, or couldn't understand it so they sent it back and now there isn't a report.
What I'm hearing is they didn't like what was in the report. Apparently some higher ups were getting raked over the coals. That's why it was sent back, not that they couldn't understand it. Now they want a 20-page report instead of the 70-page original. How do you do that? A consultants work isn't up for editing. It is what it is.

Monday, October 15, 2007

No, No, No

No, we didn't charge Collegeville and Trappe to put their listings into our recent Collegeville/Trappe Heritage piece.

No, I don't know Mark Marino. I think I shook his hand for the first time last Monday and said hello to him, but in my book, that doesn't mean I know him.

No, I don't allow every post to go through.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Now I feel trapped

The role of your local newspaper is to be a watchdog. That's what we do. For some reason the discussion on whether a Trappe councilman still lives in the borough has turned to what business is it of the newspaper or of mine.
This is what we do folks. We also try to clear up misconception.
First, I do not know Mark Marino. I think I met him for the first time the other day, but I certainly don't know him. I do know Mike Marino.
Second, I live in West Norriton, if it really matters at all. I'm not an elected official.
Third, and while I know we haven't done such a great job of it lately, we do cover Trappe. In fact, there was a terrific Collegeville/Trappe Heritage tab in last Saturday's (Oct. 6) paper.
And finally, this isn't so much clearing up a misconception as it is an attempt to put this issue to bed, so to speak. We've done our job. Now it is up to the residents of Trappe.
This is the role of your local newspaper.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Trapped again

Well, I sent a reporter out to the meeting. Check out tomorrow's (Sat. Oct 6, 2007) Times Herald.
While no one on council admitted to living in another municipality apparently a gentleman did get up and ask that if there were to be a vacancy on council he had just the man to fill the seat.
Come on, now, this isn't rocket science. Does the councilman, Mark Carrig, live in Trappe or not?
If you'll just sign on to the blog and say you live in Trappe we'll let the issue drop. That is, if that's not your townshouse sitting vacant like everyone seems to think it is.