Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Trappe Time

This is the moment of truth folks.
Trappe Council is poised to appoint a new member this evening.
Mark Carrig resigned so there is a seat available.
Obviously the appropriate thing to do would be to appoint the top vote getter in November's election, but I just don't think that's going to happen.
If you go back in time with me to just a couple of months ago I told you what I thought was going to happen.
Stewart Strauss is the president of Trappe Council. He will resign tonight and he will then be appointed to the seat vacated by Carrig.
I said it two months ago and I'm saying it again today.
I would like to think that it's not going to happen. I'd like to think that the remaining members of Trappe Council will do the right thing and put the top vote getter from the most recent election into the seat.
I'd like to think that, but....


Anonymous said...

I hope this council doesn't embarrass themselves by voting in Stu, who was soundly defeated in two elections by over 70% of the voters in Trappe! This is just wrong! It goes against what the democratic voting process is all about. Let's hope Stu comes to his senses and walks away.

Anonymous said...


Why would Council appoint Fred Schuetz when he would need to vacate the positions in 23 days to take his elected position? The Trappe Borough Solicitor last evening stated that it would be senseless to do so. Catherine Johnson was the appointee who has much experience in Trappe Borough politics and will do an excellent job.

Anonymous said...


Though not on council, Stu, with a little help from his friends, will surely find his way into some kind of position....or 2! He won't just walk away into the sunset.

Anonymous said...

To the individual who wrote comment about Strauss. I talked to Stu he is not going to disappear in the sunset. He will be attending council meeting and keeping a close eye on the newly elected Council "The Trusted Team" to make sure they take care of Trappe residents instead of the interests of the special interest groups that gave money to their campaign for Borough appointments and developments inside Trappe Borough. With all the money they received they have a lot of favors to hand out.Watch out Trappe and hold on to your pocketbooks Schuetz and Company will be in charge soon.Trappe has a surplus in treasury now, we will see how long it will last.

Frustrated said...

Stan, as a resident in Trappe, I find it comical that you are constantly being attacked for bringing the truth to light about the questionable practices from Strauss and company during this past election. The fact that I had to put up with Stu telling fabricated stories about his opponents and how if he is not elected taxes would go through the roof, a police force would be put in place and the world as we know it would end!!
Trappe's Trusted Team has been accused of being joined at the hip with Collegeville, Marino and "special interest groups". Sounds like sour grapes to me. I am surprised that YOU somehow have not been connected to Trappe's Team as well.

The thing that comes to my mind is the lack of any forward movement or thinking from the current council and how we have missed many an opportunity to grow as a community. Just look at our Main St. and shopping center- vacancies are occuring at an alarming pace!? I guess this is evident by the surplus in the Treasury of the do nothing, spend nothing, cover your eyes council!