Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Trappe is set

None of us really know the future, or do we?
It appears as if everything I wrote about is coming to fruition.
Not because I'm some kind of psychic, but because when someone lays out a plan and executes it properly the future isn't such a mystery.
The good people of Trappe have had a resignation on council, and just last night council started looking for a replacement.
How many days, or hours, do you think it will be before the president of council resigns so he can be reappointed to the seat?
Remember folks, this is your town, not the town of the few people you chose to run it for a short period of time.
If you don't want this to happen, make sure it doesn't.


Anonymous said...


When you have the sitting president of council (lame duck) presiding over the appointment of a new council member it is proper.

However, when you have the sitting president of council presiding over the selection of a new council member and he is a candidate, that's a problem.

How can a sitting council member be a candidate for a second seat on council?

I forgot, this is Trappe and we are Trapped in Trappe just like Stan said.

Anonymous said...

But as i've said in a previous post Stan, how many times must the citizens of Trappe speak and let it be known that we no longer want Stuart Strauss representing us, just to have him and his narcissitic ways think that he knows better than us,the citizens , what is good for us. I'm at a loss. What can we do ?? It seems that no matter how many times we convey to the current council we're sick of the way things are being handled, that they find a loop-hole, put a spin on the issue at hand, and continue on as a hero in their own head.
I've personally had it with Stu Strauss and his croonies, as has the rest of the citizens of Trappe Borough.

Anonymous said...

You are the man. How did you do it? Smoke & mirrors? You were exactly correct about the crappy way the citizen's of Trappe will be forced to tolerate two more years of the self-serving antics of stu strauss

Anonymous said...

I've read many stories about bad local government officials in the Times Herald over the years, but this is seriously the worst I have ever seen or heard. When does this end and who will step up to stop all of this?

People do not realize how much of an impact our local officials have in our daily lives! We all know what is happening in Washington, DC and Iraq, but are apathetic to the quality of life in our own hometowns.

Thankfully, Stu Strauss is one of the few deficient officials. But fortunately the majority of local officials work very hard for us without getting their egos involved.

Anonymous said...


I agree, I've read many an article (not just in your paper, in case someone wants to slam you again) about unethical or immoral behavior from government officials, but what is going on in Trappe?? This doesn't sound legal, moral or doesn't make sense. How can this board of council people vote someone into office who was voted out by their towns folk?

If this was my town and I was a board supervisor who voted for this, I know I would'nt want to show my face around town.

Stan, this sounds illegal? How about some investigative reporting to help these folks out?

Anonymous said...

A real blog site has an instant reply button for those who want to write what is on their minds, like this one.

I visited Craig Marks blogsite and it does not let you respond to his new blogs or his old ones. You must email him and he selects whether he wants to print your remarks or not. Is it me or is that the epitomy of bias? He is so critical of you for this very thing, being biased.

He picks apart the backgrounds of the people that do respond to his email address, he selects the emails that he can condescend on and those taxpayers that he can make idiots out of by highlighting their spelling errors. To me, he should look up the meaning of a real blog, he seems to think he knows what that is. He doesn't really say anything on his site, much of nothing, really. He just wants to come up against the newspaper and the truth about the backroom politics that are happening, probably as we speak and when he was in office. Stan, you hit the nail on the head.

I would love to see the kind of response he would receive if he wasn't screening his adversaries.

Anonymous said...

Stan...Round and Round Trappe Boro Council will go...Most Townships will appoint an ousted member to a committee that will make sure their will be done...Right? Give me a break we all know how the system works...LP is an example. County is no slacker either. Check it out in back issues and elections. I agree with some, but not all choices.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous
Stan does not post all comments.Ask him. Unless you are on his buddies list like Marino,Kane,Bender, or Stagliano.
If you want one sided journalism
call Stan Husky.

Anonymous said...

Hello... to the poster that said a real blog has an instant post. FYI, anything written on this site must be approved by the moderator as well. Hope you let this get posted Stan!

Anonymous said...

To the previous poster who just, ONCE AGAIN, slammed Stan (as you did in your BS blog!) my guess is that Stan at some point in time chose not to post a comment you sent. Stan IS the editor of the Times Herald & this blogsite, and a darned good one at that!

Get over it, Bunky! Stick to your "blog" which no one reads anyway. We are all weary of your attacks at Stan anymore.

Have a holiday filled with peace, love & joy!

Anonymous said...

Well said! I couldn't agree with you more!

Hopefully tomorrow night will go as 80% of us, the Trappe voters, have wanted! See you all there at 7:00 PM, Trappe Boro Hall!

Oh, and eat your words, "Hello", Stan DID post your comment!