Friday, August 29, 2008

Woman of the hour

I'm still thinking, give me a minute.
While you're waiting let me know what you think of McCain's choice of Sarah Palin, current governor of Alaska, for a running mate.


Anonymous said...

Choice - Excellent! At our Dinner Table on Sunday our Son,(a Dem.- I'm Rep.) said it would make a more interesting race if McCain would choose a Woman as his VP, because a strong professional woman is needed to balance the homefront, but not necessary foreign policy. We will see - right?

joe the nerd said...

As a blue-dog democrat (a yellow dog democrat that has been strangled by the liberals), this is the ultimate pander choice.

There's a whole stack of qualified Republican women sitting on the bench.

I figured he'd go for a woman, like the Senators from Texas or Maine, but this is loopy.

She sounds like a really nice lady, but she's woefully underqualified.

She has a degree in journalism from the U of Idaho, and was an Anchorage Anchorwoman.

We've already seen what the under-qualified can do over the last 8 years.

This choice disqualifies McCain from the Presidency based on his decision making process.

At least she appears smarter than Dan Quayle.

Anonymous said...

I can see Joe and anonymous' son reasoning - but I believe her family & her husband are hard working and Union People - which will give her a better understanding of the Middle Class. We, were up at Niagra Falls and along the pathway there were pipes with MADE IN CHINA stamped on them --- now I read in the paper today that the steelworkers at ArcelorMittal's Plant in Coatesville voted to strike (Local 1165). Does this concern me?? Yes, why would it not since all our steel is coming from China. Out-of-date equipment,Capital Investments and Retiree's Health Care is the reason for the strike - If a company has contracts to fill a job and a strike takes place - who in the world wins??? China - Right! This is one reason I feel Mrs. Palin is a great choice - she can see two sides of a question.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see he did not select one of Washington's cronies. I really do approve of most Senators and Congress persons, but we do not need one with baggage.

Anonymous said...

Any woman who goes out and shoots her family's Sunday night dinner is great with me. Being a Conservative and an NRA menber just gives her bonus points with rest of us outdoorsmen. Just wish I could vote twice for her!
Audubon Shooter

candlebrook said...

This is going to be fun, watching the GOP explain how Sarah Palin is qualified to be one heartbeat away from becoming Commander in Chief ....John McCain is demontrating to us his judgment and the kind of decisions he makes....and, do they really think that women who support Hillary Clinton will support a women who is the polar opposite of Hillary?....bring on the debates!

candlebrook said...

Stan....this is the ultimate test of the skills of the Bush/Rove/McCain machine, convincing America that a right-wing first term governor from Alaska is qualified to be Commander-in-Chief and that Hillary Clinton's supporters should vote for McCain/Palin, even though they they would destroy everything Hillary stands for....the cynicism would be comical if it wasn't so serious....the Fox News crowd has found a way to endorse it, forgetting just about every critism they've had about Obama's qualifications....can you?....look forward to your column on Monday!

FIREFLY said...

Let's see if I read this correctly:

The D's are saying she has no EXPERIENCE.

Yet, there candidate spent 142 days in congress.

Remember; Mr. Baker and the KOOL-ADE?

Or the Pied Piper.

Oh thee of silver tongue speak thee of saving the world.

We were ready for a woman to take the throne with Hillary, now it's
Sarah's song. The cracks in the ceiling WILL weld.

Obama and Biden in Beaver, Pa. suggesting that the Bush administration caused the steel industry to move to China..Then the news follow up suggest the unions are striking for an 11% increase in pay. Give me a break.

And, I'm tired of the news media stating that Obama is a black American, he is a person of mixed blood, black and white. Why can't they portray him as an AMERICAN.

It will be an interesting two months.

The sybil said...

I can see why you, Stan, have to stop a minute and think: McCain's nomination of Sarah Palin IS confusing. It appears to be a move to bring on board the women who are unhappy that Hillary did not win OR was not invited to be VP. But Sarah Palin does not agree with a number of "women's issues" that attracted women to Hillary Clinton. Sarah Palin is staunchly pro-Life. Her nomination was a move to appeal to Conservative women, but Sarah is a working mother. She still has four children at home, including a four month old special needs infant to care for. The pace in Washington is more hectic and demands on her time will be very different from Juneau.

And at the end of the day, her main job is to preside over the Senate, and cast a vote in case of a tie, not make policy.

Sarah has taken on the oil and gas companies and won additional tax money from them. She and her husband are presented as proud union members. She promises to put the people first. Does this sound like a traditional Republican, the party that for so many years has believed that Big Business is the business of America, that all boats will rise with the tide if we give them time, and that people must take care of each other, not depend on the government?

The next 66 days are going to be very interesting.

The Sybil

Anonymous said...

I really like her and can identify with her. She's a great choice. Smart, no-nonsense, no baggage. I think she's a wonderful addition to balance out McCain's weaker spots.

Anonymous said...

The choice is unfortunate. 8 years ago, I was a big fan of McCain but have found his shift to appease the religious right since that time disturbing.

Now, of all the qualified women (and men) to choose, he went with an arch-conservative. Though I was very much undecided -- I'm not thrilled with Obama -- clearly this choice was meant to send a signal to the fundamentalists. By extension, it sent a message to social moderates like me as well.

But hey, that 18 months at the helm of the Alaska National Guard really gives her great defense chops!

Anonymous said...

The sad part she has that upstate accent, sounds like my ex-wife. Too bad she under an ethics investigation, ie. "Troopergate". Where tere's smoke, mostly likely a fire is burning. She is a lightweight, not ready for "Primetime". Plus, she is a Pentacostal, what would my Catholic school teachings say about that. She is hiding all sorts of dirt, watch out this going to get good.

Anonymous said...

After seeing all the political garbage and games being played in this State and LPT, it is a pleasure to smell a breath of fresh air in the Republican Party. Go Sarah!
The Professor

Anonymous said...

Audubon Shooter-

Since when does being able to shoot a gun qualify a person for president? Oh yeah...back in the 1800's! Jump in to the 21st century where there are serious challenges that don't require shooting a tin can from 40 feet away. Palin is way too conservative to get much of the woman vote. She looks like an achorwoman from SNL. There were much more qualified candidates ( men & women) that McCain could have sure where he's coming from with this choice. I can't wait to see the VP debate.Biden will chew her up and spit her out lik a bad piece of meat.

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous' comment 8/30/08:
My friend, I suspect you are a very unhappy person whom neither the Democrats or Republicans want in their camp. This lady is a class act and religion should have no bias in her ability to serve. Appearance is that you are a bigot also.
The Professor

Anonymous said...

It is refreshing isn't it Professor. Breath deeply, because the next two months will be stiffing.

The Piper said...

To the Firefly: Mr. Obama states that he is of mixed blood, Mother White, Father Black. If you check Webster it states "A person having one white and one negro parent: loosley, anyone having white and negro blood" is a MULATTO.

Would this make any difference to Mr. Barkley,Ophra and all the other affluent blacks.

Now do we call him an African American or a Mulatto American?

I have to agree with you on the experience issue, maybe Biden should be the front runner.

What do you say?

Montco PA Dem said...

It is awe-inspiring to see the extent to which partisan Republicans will go to pretend their party is right.

(Well of course it's right -- far, far right. But in this context, I meant "correct.")

Sarah Palin is simply not qualified to run for Vice President. Especially when attached to an aging, cancer-prone President.

The only way I could understand somebody saying otherwise is if the incompetent George W. Bush has lowered the role of Chief Executive to the point where it's now open to any ex-beauty queen or PTA president, as long as they hold the line on fundamentalist-Christian-consertative dogma.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 8/31/08:
Obviously you have forgotten Katrina in NOLA three years ago when "de mayor" ordered all the guns confiscated and left the people defenseless against the looters and rioters. Haven't you ever heard of the Second Amendment that the SCOTUS just upheld giving the people the right to possess and bear arms to protect themselves. You must also agree that our major cities are much more dangerous NOW then in the 1800's. When was the last time you walked thru North Philadelphia or the city of Camden after dark? Did you feel safe, were there enough police officers around to protect you? I just think you fear firearms themselves and that fear is your perogative; but don't despair, we firearms owners will protect you if the need ever arises. BTW, how many DAYS has Obama served in the U.S. Senate...want an argument there?
The Professor

Anonymous said...

Age is no factor when it comes to guiding our country. Health, as long as it is not mental, is no factor. The ability to listen to all sides of any case is a must and not make snap judgments. An excellent Cabinet is a must. Name calling is the old source of child like expression when there is no other way to express ones dissatisfaction and has no other way than stamping their feet.

Anonymous said...

Right on Republicans! Stan's Column in todays Times Herald should help one-sided Dems. understand all that has happened the last 8 years and how the Incompetent Administration handled the prior 8 years, that caused much of our problems the administration is now handling -- like it or not.

Montco PA Dem said...

Anonymous 9:56 --
That is such a steaming pile of nonsense, I hardly know where to start. Suffice to say this:

8 Years of Clinton - Peace and Prosperity
8 Years of Bush/Cheney -- War, Incompetence, Economic Turmoil and Government by and for Big Oil.

The person I really feel sorry for is the one who is elected this year; they're going to have to clean up the vast mess that George Bush has made of our nation, and it won't be easy.

The sybil said...

Unlike the PA legislature, the Alaska legislature is limited by statute to meet 90 days a year, so it is unlikely Sarah Palin was as busy "making decisions" as most governors except whom to fire next. She has a record going back to her days as mayor of firing people who disagreed with her. She ran for mayor vowing to cut property taxes, but managed to fund a new hockey stadium in Wasilla by raising sales taxes.

Sarah was for the "bridge to nowhere" before she was against it. She ran one oil company out of town but she appreciates the energy reserves that Alaska holds--the difference is that she prefers a natural gas pipeline.

This is one smart, ambitious lady. If I was John McCain, I wouldn't go hunting with her.

The Sybil

Anonymous said...

As a mother, if my teenage daughter were pregnant and I had a newborn baby with special needs at home along with 2 other younger children, I don't think my priority would be running for VP of the United States. There's plenty of other qualified candidates out there that McCain could have chosen. Mrs. Palin should have said "no". I'm sorry but I can't respect her as a mother for neglecting what appears to be some serious family issues that need her full support. It seems self-centered to me. A family with those types of stresses isn't one that should be filling up their plate with more stress. Too much I think for any woman to successfully manage.

Anonymous said...

Audubon Shooter-

I fully support the right to bear arms but I do find most gun owners I know to be slightly paranoid about having to protect themselves. Bad things happen to good people every day. It doesn't mean good people need to carry a gun. The likliehood of me being able to "defend myself" against a determined criminal is pretty slim anyway. There's no way of always being prepared against a criminal. There's also not much chance I would be walking around Camden at night. Do you do that? If so, why? Those areas are full of crime because of economics and most people getting shot there are involved in criminal activity. There's always someone who inadvertently gets killed in the crossfire but maybe if those people weren't allowed to have guns, they could just beat each other to death instead? Again, I don't see where knowing how to shoot a gun is a qualification for a good president. I have to say also that I know alot of gun owners and not one of them has ever used their gun to defend themselves. Of course, they're all living in suburbia. I'd like to see the criminals try to do harm to each other without having to use a gun. Life would be much more interesting if they'd actually have to use their brain to outsmart those who are "plotting against them". I guess I can see Sarah Palin's need for shooting her own dinner since she lives in Alaska. I guess there's no grocery store where she lives.

Anonymous said...

Like mother like daughter. NYT reports that first son was born 8 months after mommy and daddy "eloped".

Now, I wouldn't particularly care if she weren't such a social conservative. How's that "abstinance only" sex ed working for you?

Trooper Mary said...

Whoa; This lady had five children and raised them all.

What difference does it make when the first one came.

I bet you sit back and count the day from the wedding until birth to see if the parties had pre marital sex.

Do you live in a glass house?

Your one sick peson to bring something like this up.

Maybe you should run for public office,the garbage would probably really fly.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9/2/08: Your comment makes me sick. What right do you have to pass judgement on this woman's personal life? Only a dysfunctional person would sit around thinking up personal attacks like that. Possibly, but I doubt it, you are a normal person but just an obnoxious one. Please go back to your porn sites!
The Professor

Anonymous said...

About Abortion and the Politicians - Our State Rep. back in the mid '90s was confronted on the issue of Abortion and he stated his personal belief and the rights of all women within the law, although he's Catholic,would back any situations concerning a Woman's Right when it came up in Harrisburg. He was a great Rep. -because it truly is a personal thing and we do not need our Government in on our families' decisions. Now "Rape" that is another issue - Maybe when "castration" becomes part of a sentence of the accused - we will have no need for laws covering personal family matters.

Anonymous said...

I find it ridiculous and insulting that men are allowed to legislate an issue that concerns women's health. I wouldn't dare, as a woman, begin to think I know what it's like to have E.D. so why do men think they know what it's like to have an unwanted pregnancy? If you haven't walked in those shoes, or really talked and listened with women in that situation, you certainly shouldn't have the right to create legislation about it. I agree with anon. from 9/5, leave family issues up to those it concerns, not those who want to pass judgement. I find it interesting that if Sarah Palin were a Dem., the right wing would be calling her a "bad mother who raised a tramp" because that is the high-horse Republicans ride on. I think Dems. are being way too nice. Someone who preaches abstinence only education but can't convince her own daughter to keep her pants on doesn't seem to be the high moral, family-values standard that Republicans speak constantly about. Hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

As a rare pro choice and gun-loving Republican woman I obviously disagree with her on some things and not on others...but I'd vote for her in a heartbeat over Obama/Biden ANY day. And by the way did anybody notice, McCain's mother is in her late 90's?? If the Viet Cong and cancer couldn't kill him I doubt he's going anywhere anytime soon. Even if he did die in office, I'd STILL rather have the 'inexperienced' Palin in office over unicorns & rainbows Obama. At least she's got common sense. And I don't give a rat's patoot about her sex life or that of her children. It's irrelevant...or so the Dems were saying when it was Clinton's personal and sexual issues in the spotlight. If one of Obama's kids were 17 & pregnant nobody would be demanding that he say 'no' and stay home. All the men have wives holding down the fort...she's got a husband doing the same thing.

Montco PA Dem said...

You know what, Anon@4:33? I don't give a rat's patoot about Palin's sex life or her kids, either. They do not have a thing to do with my opinion of her, and if she feels her family doesn't need her, I have no argument whatsoever.

What I do care about, though, is what she's already shown the American public in the few short days that she's been on the national stage. And that is her uncanny knack for side-stepping the truth when it gets in the way of her storyline.

Here are a few examples:

-- Remember that precious line in her acceptance speech about the Alaska state jet? The one she said she didn't need so "I put in on Ebay." Well, yeah, she did put it on Ebay...and then took it off. She ended up doing things the old fashioned way, hiring a broker to make the sale, which wound up losing money.

-- Remember how she proclaimed herself a Maverick (just like McCain) that stood up to oppose her own state's Senator and his federal money for the "bridge to nowhere"? What she didn't tell us was that she was whole-hog in favor of this bridge until last September, when it became clear that Congress wasn't going to fund it. Then she changed her tune and started blaming Sen. Ted Stevens for the failure.

-- Remember how she said she hated "earmarks," those little bits of million-dollar funding that get slipped into bigger bills in Congress and end up funding all sorts of unnecessary projects? It turns out that before she hated them as Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, she really, really loved them as Mayor Sarah Palin. She loved them so much she hired a lobbyist in Washington to work the hallways on Capitol Hill and get as much free money as he could shake loose. And guess how much money we taxpayers sent up to little 6,000-resident Wasilla, Alaska. How's $27 million sound?

And just one more thing, real quick -- you say you're pro-choice, and that's great. But I'm guessing it's just not that important to you, or to your daughters or to younger women coming along in the years ahead. Because if you elect John McCain and Sarah Palin, the ability to be pro-choice is going to disappear. Neither of them support your right to choose. And if elected, they will appoint new Supreme Court justices that will, without any doubt, continue to erode that right and eventually, reconsider and overturn the linchpin of women's choice, Roe vs. Wade. And after that, the ability to be pro-choice will be just a memory.

Anonymous said...

Last post-

Are you sure you know what party you belong to? Republicans being fine with pre-marital sex or being pro-choice? I've never heard of such a thing. It is interesting that you admit Palin is inexperienced also. I don't think the Republican party would be your biggest fan right now.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...I am a Republican. I love to go hunting. I am Pro Choice. Two issues that maybe you feel would make me change my Registration, just so the figures would add up for the Dems., is unthinkable. My family have mixed feelings on many issues and we will decide on the most qualified person in November - not their stance on the above.

Montco PA Dem said...

Well, Anon@3:56(&Sat.@4:33) --
I had a reply that I left following your first post on Saturday. Apparently, the mayor of Huskeyville felt there was something there that shouldn't see the light of day.

I'll try to reconstruct it as best I can, though the first try is almost always the best.

Like you, I don't give a rat's patoot about Sarah Palin's sex life or that of her children. Nor do I care about how she plans to balance running for office (and possibly serving) and the demands of caring for children; if she feels her family can get by without her, it's not my place to say differently.

What I do care about is whether she tells the truth, and so far in her short stay on the national stage, she's come up pretty short in that department.

For example:

-- Remember how she bragged that she took the governor's plane and "put it on Ebay"? Well, it turns out she actually sold it the old-fashioned way, by hiring a sales broker and selling it to a private buyer at a loss to the state treasury.

-- Remember how she bragged about opposing the "bridge to nowhere"? Actually, she was all for it until it became clear that Congress was cutting off funding for it, then she quickly turned the tables on her own state's US Senator and came out against it. And what's worse, she hasn't returned any of the money that we taxpayers sent up there for it.

-- How about those earmarks, the little bits of funding that find their way wedged into other bills and cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year? Remember how opposed to earmarks she said she was. Except that as mayor of the little town she ran, she actually hired a lobbyist whose job it was to get earmarks for Wasilla. He did a good job, too -- we taxpayers ended up sending about $27 million to that town of 6,000 people.

So you see, it's not her private life that holds my interest so much as it her public life and the way she shades the truth about it.

That's one big reason I don't want to see her so close to Oval Office.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stan, are you going to pray thegay away like your woman of teh second? Palin is another republican hypocrit. For the bridge to nowhere, then when funding is cut off, she's against it, but she kept the money. Payoffs to her the voters with tax money just was the way she got elected. An inexperienced governor bush wannabee who is in charge of national security in her state? NOT! Bush was just a figure head in
Texas playing video games all day. The power waas in teh hands of the Lt. Govenor

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9/8/08: You sound like the same sick democrat that has previously been posting on this blog. You really seem to have your panties in a constant twist. Please back off and practice your limited syntax on another site. Thank you,
The Professor

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin has most women truly thinking about their present Professional Jobs and the job as a Mother and that of the Father. Now how many women stay at home, keep their house/home running at 100% and are awaiting their spouse at the door, no matter how late it might be (most people do not just work an 8 hour shift)? Right, you can count on one hand. We know the answer, but refuse to believe that many women can do the job in State/Federal Offices better than men and also have competent people taking care of the house/children's needs. Sara Palin will be fine as a VP and Mother for all her children, and it will not take a "Village" to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

To Anon of 9/10-

She appears to be lacking in the mother department a bit. If not a village, I hope she has a good nanny because it doesn't seem like she has any time for her children as governor. I don't know too many governors that are able to take their kids to hockey practice or OBGYN appointments, although it is Alaska so maybe there's just not that much governing to do. Most college educated, stay-at-home mothers I know with 5 kids aren't even able to keep up with their kid's after school schedules, let alone run a state. It would be interesting to follow her around for a week and see how much time she really does spend being a mother vs. working as governor. All in all, I think being a mother is more important than any other job one could be offered. Including vice president. Sarah Palin obviously doesn't share my same opinion.

Anonymous said...

You are right about time is difficult, but it can be done. Shared responsibility is the key, at least for me it was and now I'm retired - sooo maybe mothering has changed. My grandkids are well taken care of and all eight do not seem to be lacking in love and attention. They attend worship services every Sunday,extra time spent on sports, music and the arts are taken care of without a big problem. Now, all eight have been in Day Care since they were six weeks old, but I contribute their eagerness to volunteer and help others - plus being the chatty type - all came from being cared for by so many excellent people, plus their Mother and Father. This of course is my opinion.

One who also reads. said...

Montco Pa Dem???????????????

Since you do so much posting from other sources..How come you missed this one?

Sarah Palin's National Security Clearance..

Before you dismiss the fact that Sarah Palin is Commander of the Alaska National Guard consider this. Alaska is the first line of defense in our missile interceptor defense system. The 49th Missle Defense Battalion of the Alaska National Guard is the unit that protects the entire nation from Ballistic missile attacks. It's on permanent actice duty, unlike other guard units.

As governor of Alaska,Palin is briefed on highly classified military issues, homeland security, and counter-terrorism. Her exposure to classified material may rival even Biden's and certainly by far excedes Obama's.

She's also commander in chief of the Alaska State Defense Force(ASDF), a federally recognizes militia incorporated into Homeland Security's counter-terrorism plans. Palin is privy to military and intelligence secrets that are vital to the entire country's defense. Given Alaska's proximity to Russia, she may have security clearances we don't even know about.

Accourding to the Washington Post, she first met with McCain in February, but nobodyever found out. This is a women used to keeping secrets.

She can be entrusted with our national security, because she already is.

Top of the day to you.

Anonymous said...

I Read the NY POST's reason for endorsing McCain/Palin Ticket... It is interesting. He, McCain, truly does have the true grasp of danger and the opportunities now facing our country- no room for a novice. He does have a great record - Record on Service?- no contest. He also is well versed on and has made known his stance on taxes, trade & energy. Now, before the Nov. Election, make sure we have all new members in the House & Senate in place (elected) with more knowledge than those that are now serving with only a thought of themself. The one problem "Pro Life" vs "Pro Choice" which should not be touched, unless you wish to address the problem of abortion -- Cause vs Effect. It is strictly a family matter unless there is rape so the "Cause vs Effect" stands and abortion is one answer, but it is none of the Governments' Business unless they wish to take care of the males in the equation.

Anonymous said...

I saw some of Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson this morning. When asked about her foreign policy experience she replied that "Russia is our next-door neighbor". I guess I don't really care about Russia. They're certainly nowhere near the threat to the US that Iran,Afghanistan and Pakistan are. Where is her experience in that part of the world? You know, the part where we are fighting 2 ongoing wars where our soldiers are being killed and maimed every day it continues?!!? I don't want to hear anymore about Alaska and what an important military presence we have there. Did anyone give hoot about Alaska before Palin became the VP mate for McCain? When are these candidates going to get focused on the important issues? I may have to move to Canada soon...our country is on it's way to hell in a hand basket and I can't imagine anyone being able to fix it. I don't care about pit bulls with lipstick, "change", "change is coming", lipstick on pigs, who hunts what, what late night show you were on, if you can dance, how many houses you own, or if you like hot chilli peppers. November can't get here soon enough. I think at least Biden can speak accurately about the situation in the Middle East...he's been there many times and knows the players and the nuances in the region very well. At least I feel there would be one aspect of the dozen or so issues that would be addressed. The rest of the issues (Housing, unemployment, global warming, alternative fuel, gas prices, education, health care for all, etc.) are really not being addressed with more than ideas. Who has an iron-clad solution? Anyone? Anyone?

Montco PA Dem said...

To "One Who Also Reads" --

First and foremost, I congratulate you on your literacy. It's the first step toward becoming a Democrat!

Now, we've got to work on what you're reading.

For example, I found your comment interesting, but it was hard to track down since you didn't give any source for your information, other than a vague reference to "The Washington Post." See, whenever I refer to something written elsewhere, I always make sure you can track it down and read it for yourself. This way, nobody can accuse you of making things up or twisting the facts.

Anyway, I went out to my favorite search engine and started Googling. It turns out that most of your "story" is complete nonsense.

For example, the stuff about Palin being in charge of the 49th Missile Defense Battalion. If you click here you bring up a story from the Los Angeles Times detailing Sarah Palin's role with the National Guard. It states the following:

As governor, Palin oversees military units whose duties include serving overseas, search-and-rescue missions across the state's vast landscape and manning key elements of the U.S. missile defense system at Ft. Greely.

But foreign deployments of Guard units and the operation of national defense assets like the Ft. Greely missile interceptors are not the responsibility of state governors. Those functions come under the regular U.S. military chain of command.

In other words, she has no command authority, no responsiblity and gets no special intelligence briefings.

As for the impressive-sounding "Alaska State Defense Force," I couldn't find a whole lot of information about what exactly this organization does. So I went to their own webpage (you can, too, by clicking here) to find out more.

Apparently, this is a group that helps out in emergencies. Their homepage has a picture of the badge they wear, which says in big letters: "Constable" which is sort of like an honorary policeman.

On the page with their press releases (click here) there are stories about them running the PA system at Alaska's Special Olympics, and about five members from Juneau taking part in a Search and Rescue exercise.

Not quite the stuff of legend, is it?

Anyway, thanks for helping knock down yet another in the long list of false stories that are being circulated to try and prop up the inexperience and shortcomings of Gov. Palin.

One who also reads. said...

Montco Pa. I guess my time reading is not as broad as yours,so I'll just use my gut feelings when the 4th of November comes around.

You must spend an enormous amount of time in front of that screen doing research.

I'm not mocking you, just giving you credit for keeping things in perspective.

You should be working as a field person for the Obama-Biden ticket.

They could use an honest person on board.

Top of the day to you.

Montco PA Dem said...

O.W.A.R. --

The key is to read fast, write faster. Leaves plenty of time for the other stuff.

Meanwhile, watch that gut feeling. Mine always tells me to go for the large Blizzard, and that's always a mistake.

MPD:The Montco PA Dem Blog is now open for your reading pleasure. Click here to visit.

Anonymous said...

Stan - I really love reading Mondays' and Sundays' Times Herald - Both Political Parties have their time in print. A friend said it's like Hashbrowns the balance of the week ...old stuff with a little more frying to make it eatable. Well, that's one way of expressing yourself. He is part of one of these weekly groups that get together for breakfast and DO read the Herald on a daily basis and of course that is how he/they came up with the above expression. McCain/Obama Campaigns and of course their choice for VP will keep the conversation going until Lunch with this group.