Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ARC around the clock

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Gold Finger said...

Stan, Today's mail brought a mailer from the County Commissioners that stated"Discover Montgomery County.

Please tell me why it's so important for the commmissioners to state who's chairman and vice chairman? They are all elected to the same position and that's commissioner.

They stated they planned on doing more before their term is up 3-1/2 years from now. Can't come soon enough..

Ego, Ego, Ego. It will never end in the almighty tower.

Anonymous said...

Gold Finger - I see your point and I also see another problem with the almight EGO, and that is to share their spending by using a colored brochure type of their plans on updating Montgomery County with our money. Great paper, great pictures and coloring all costs the extra $ vs black/white. It is election time for some of their special friends so they need to make a great showing. Now, did our famous Chairman's wife change her registration?? Anyone have an up-to-date street list?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is the place to share my thoughts about our dear Commissioners - but, I do believe Mr. Castor is correct - we should adopt/reestablish the "Code of Ethics" that was adopted in 1998. Now, Hoffel should remember why Mele & Buckman were for it. Think back Mr. Hoffel and also Mr. Matthews who was calling the shots in 2000 when it was repealed? Yes, it was Marino and exactly why would you now not like to revisit this code?? During the last election we had many complaints regarding full time employees passing out literature for their favorite candidate and working jobs that were in the election boards area and being paid for that also on election day. Now Mr. Matthews & Mr. Hoffel do you understand why we need an "Ethics Code"?? It is because you two have lost your way - get back to reality!
Excellent article in todays Times Herald covering the above. Thank You.