Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Combustible Conshohocken

The flames have been fanned, so to speak.
We need a lot of answers to what we're now calling simply, the Conshohocken fire.
Why were steel posts being removed from the building?
I'm also hearing there were not any firewalls in the attics. How could that be? I live in a 20-year-old townhouse and I have firewalls in my attic. There was a lot of federal money allocated for the project. Hopefully, if there weren't any firewalls in the attics, that's okay with the feds.
As we say in the business, this story has legs. What are you hearing?


joe the nerd said...

what I don't get is how this fire gets linked to making improvements to the bridge systems.

If the borough was relying on services that can't get there, why was the project approved?

The Hound said...

Mr. Huskey Sir: How can anyone claim to know what caused the fire to start? The building were totaly consumed, with maybe only the ambers left. The T.V. Channels reported the night after the fire that it was caused by a welder's torch. How did they know when no one was allowed on site?

There is a lot to be concerned about...Like the fire walls continued thru the roof.

I am not aware of any builder putting sprinkles under the roof line.

Why did the builder not consider concrete floors and metal studs,instead of wood 2x4?

Did anyone check to see if the welders had green cards? Were they qualified?

There are a lot of questions to be asked starting with the State inspectors,County inspectors and Borough inspectors. This is one problem that a free lunch will not take care of.

I think the Lawyers filing a class action suit should wait until the actual facts are discovered, if they are.

Bill Shaw said...

I'm hearing that a variance was granted to bypass the fire code requirement for a firewall in the attic space.

Someone has lots of "splainin" to do.

Anonymous said...

I thought the fire wall situation was settled in Upper Merion back in the '60s when there was a motel fire. Maybe the update on building codes never got on the books.

pbagosy said...

the hound said... "Did anyone check to see if the welders had green cards?"

You people really have one-track minds, don't you?

Heck with the green cards, did anyone check to see if they were secret Muslims bent on destroying our infrastructure, one apartment building at a time? Perhaps they were Communists! Might have been Irish, for all we know! Were they violating the Alien and Sedition act? The fear-plagued masses demand answers!


Anonymous said...

Weekend chatter... They (the majority of those chit-chatting) believe the Townships here in Montgomery County (no matter what class) should review building codes on all buildings over two story high. Fire Officials should make this a priority and all senior/special people classrooms and dwellings have fire drills twice a month. If elevators are unable to be used??? Then what??? Timing is of utmost importance. Do it now while the scene in Conshohocken is fresh in our minds.

Anonymous said...

They should also make it an ordinance that there should be no pets allowed in buildings over two stories high.

Anonymous said...

This situation in Conshohocken should also make owners or any person thinking of purchasing a townhouse (row home) or condo think twice before signing those papers. Check the construction, builders reputation (short-cuts?) or the previous owners to see exactly what was the original and the addons. Do your homework and save yourself a lot of money because it was your choice when you purchased any of the above (that holds true with a home).

Anonymous said...

Ok Commissioners in Montgomery County... How satisfied are you with the "Black Rock Home?" Elevators in case the electric is out for more than a few minutes - the ability to vacate each floor quickly, considering the guests that are unable to walk without help... Your fire/disaster drills are held how many times a year/month? New tenants are coming in all the time which seems to me it should take top priority. The "Fire" and "Rescue" Companies - how often do they drill at the home. Maybe a public announcement in the Times Herald would ease many minds...This is not something to put on a to-do list - it is a NOW PROJECT COMMISSIONERS!

Conshy Mole said...

Thank you Ms. Gibbons for suppling us with the update of the second class action suit. It seems that all of the Ambulance chasers are out of the gate to make a fast buck. What percent of the award is the Ambulance chaser awarded? If these blood suckers want to make a name for them self, why not
pro bo-no pub-li-co? It's called a freebe.

Montco PA Dem said...

My, my...looks like somebody's been reading my posts about Shannondell.

From Aug. 5 (which was before the Conshy fire, by the way): "24 hr. security, sprinklers and 'elevators galore' won't be much help when you have to shut down the elevators and have all residents evacuate by stairs during a fire. I hope it never happens, but if it does I guarantee there will be plenty of elderly residents who simply can't make it out. Do they ever do mandatory, no-elevator-service fire drills? If not, don't you think they should?

I know I wouldn't want my elderly parents living on one of the upper floors of those towers."

Of course, now they've gone and turned the spotlight onto the county home in Upper Providence. (Because, after all, why look closely at a firetrap in a GOP-run town when you can do something that turns the heat up on Joe Hoeffel and Jim Matthews, right?)

But I agree -- any multi-story building that houses elderly or handicapped persons should have frequent disaster drills. Not twice a month -- that's overkill -- but certainly twice a year at minimum.

Mary, Trooper said...

To the Montco Pa (Lower Providence) dem,

Hang in there with your two Dem Commissioners Hoeffel and Matthews they will take care of all of your building problems in Montgomery County.

Can't imagine why you continually mention Shannondell in your blogs?

Someone from that organization give you a hard time?

Someone told me that the floors are concrete and the studs are metal and the fire walls continue through the roofs.

I believe someone in your other blog mention sprinklers throughout the complex.

I would agree with you about having fire drills in any high rise structure.

Keep up the imput,it's the only way some people respond.

Montco PA Dem said...

Mary Trooper - The Shannondell firetrap came up in a previous thread that was talking about plans for the American Revolution Center, when I wondered where all the objections were when they planned this dangerous high-rise. Seems like Shannondell has a much higher profile, bigger impact and places more strain on the township than the ARC ever could, yet it went up with barely a whimper. Just sayin'...

And just for the record, in that thread I also mentioned up front that I'm not a resident of LP. Sounds like an interesting place to live, though.

Anonymous said...

Mary in Trooper... The point is are the buildings safe by standards set back in the early days of 2000 and volunteer fire companies & rescue units are they up to snuff or are they struggling? Our County/Townships need to be on their toes and try to be one step ahead of an accident.

Anonymous said...

"Combustible Conshohocken"... How long will it take to rebuild? Don't hold your breath - it is in the "Courts" and the embers and peoples' memories will long be fading away. Welder's need to be made aware of how one miss can cause them their jobs and also their company another of course another Conshohocken Burning accident.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Times Herald for keeping on top of the Conshohocken Fire.. In todays paper 9/10 Carl's column on the reconstruction in Conshy. and exactly what will be done on all new construction and also sprinklers added to those that are not now in existence. Apartment Dwellers should now feel more confortable when signing a lease.

There is just one issue that needs to be addressed - Welders and how they are trained and held accountable, because many repair jobs, where there is a need for welding, fires are started. Maybe, it takes one doing the job and another worker to watch where the sparks are going/extinguished?