Thursday, March 23, 2017

Name change seems appropriate

Changing the name of the blog just seemed like the right thing to do after I left Digital First Media and The Times Herald. This space will remain pretty much the same, though. I'll give you my thoughts on why things are the way they are, and I'll also make sure to continue to ask some of the tough questions. The name change is today's topic though. For those of you who don't know, my departure from the world of journalism came about after a few years of dabbling in the consulting world and eventually landing a pretty sweet gig with Elmwood Park Zoo. I've known the director for years and we've always talked about me coming to the zoo and the timing was right for it to finally happen. So, back to the new name of the blog, which includes the name of my consulting company, CuttingBoard. We put it all on the cuttingboard is a slogan we've used for the business, and I thought it might just work here since the concept is pretty much the same. Put as much as you want, on any topic, on the cuttingboard and slice it and dice it until you come up with at least some answers and hopefully some solutions. If you have a particular topic you want to throw out, please do. Until next time...

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