Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The silence out of Harrisburg is deafening

While the conversation across the state is getting louder and louder, we're hearing nothing out of Harrisburg. Of course, they are on their summer break. So, here's where you're going to keep hearing about House Bill 76, which will eliminate the property tax as a means of funding public education. I have been writing about this issue for the past month, and some of the comments are inspiring, and some are down right sad. Here's an example of some of the many:I'm so glad to see this issue being discussed in your column. As someone who is facing the tax sale in September of my home of 24 years, I've been following all publicity for this bill. It is impossible for people who have only Social Security for income to pay $8,000 + each year for property taxes. We drained our IRA's to meet the tax bill each year until we couldn't.

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jimtrees1234 said...

I think Mike Vereb is really just running around getting the seniors excited for nothing. He uses the property tax as a tool and a reason to get folks to vote for him. If he ever gets anything passed he won't have that tool. So, i don't he really wants to lose that tool.

If raising the sales is going affect so many of the poor, than just give them less. Give them 97 cents instead of a dollar. When they complain, just ask them why that free money isn't enough?