Monday, January 10, 2011

Who is to blame for Arizona shooting?

That is the question isn't it?
We need someone to blame after all.
Surely it must be the mainstream media, which is apparently to blame for all our social ills.
Perhaps it's the Internet, which is beginning to take a little heat off of mainstream media with its 24-hour instantaneous, sometimes inaccurate reporting of events.
Or maybe, just maybe, Jared Loughner is to blame.


Anonymous said...

Are you seriously going to try to wash your party's hands like Pilate? Are you going to sit back and say that the thinly-veiled violence in the rhetoric of the likes of Palin, Angle and Bachmann are not in any way responsible for this and other incidents?

Does the "only a complete psychopath would take this as a call to violence" defense really work when a complete psychopath takes it as a call to violence?

Here's a tip: When someone shoots up a political event, and you have to scramble to take something off your website because it might be construed as having precipitated that attack, you've already gone beyond the pale.

Don't dig yourself deeper in by saying that people are "politicizing it" by pointing out that you're inciting violence.

Anonymous said...


REALLY?....and you expect us to believe you? Sister Sarah, small town PTA leader and half governor who walked for the expect us to believe YOU??? You who uses the nasty words about reloading and cross hair targets. You who spits out the ugly words at every turn. You are the type of person that would yell fire in a crowded theater and stand back and smile as people got trampled trying to get out. And, then you would say...not really, I did not mean it, they took it wrong. You who always will put the blame on everybody else. YOU sister Sarah are a mess and have ownership in this just like many other folks do. YOU sister Sarah need to step up and take the ownership, not shrug it off, saying you did not mean it.
January 10, 2011 12:04 pm at 12:04 pm |

Anonymous said...

On your Hunter's blog, but should be here.
It is time to point the fingers at the "don't retreat, reload" and palin's admitting that it was bullseyes, but she missed two, one being Ms. Gifford. There are responsibilities to your actions, and palin's tweets and talks have caught up with her. Don't assume that I am not in mourning. I cried about all the victims, especially that innocent 9 year old, just elected in her class, who was interested in politics. Ironic, isn't it, that palin tagged along with the tea party who, if they looked at history, the original ones disguised themselves as Natives to hide their true identity to protest tea taxes. Now the tea party has fringe elements that espouse racist and bigoted ideas, but the tea party only disowns them when exposed. There was a republican woman, 70 something who liked Ms Giffords and went to meet her only to be murdered.

Finally, Ms. Giffords sent an email to a republican of congratulations and asking to meet to stop the rhetoric and to find a common meeting ground. A very nice person who was out there meeting with everyone.

Who also mentioned sarah's map and that sarah would have to deal with the consequences. Well, sarah went crying to glenn. But I hope people aren't fooled this time by her.

My deepest sympathies to all who died and my hope and prayers to the recovery of those who are fighting to live.

January 10, 2011 6:48 PM

Anonymous said...

The Fox news people are responsible for creating an atmosphere in which this incident became a matter of "when" rather than "if".

Yes, a mentally ill person pulled the trigger. However, in a nation where the political rhetoric has been ratcheted up to levels not one single one of us would allow in our homes or places of business, his unstable rantings and inclinations were mere white noise rather than huge, glaring red flags.

Palin, Beck, Hannity, et al. (the blogging community bears a HUGE chunk of the blame for creating a divided, angry, aggressive atmosphere) drove the rhetoric.

Palin, a grown woman, one who insists we should all take her seriously, has wilfully chosen to use violent imagery and rhetoric throughout her public career. Now she claims she's really always been about peace and love and buying the world a Coke and singing in harmony with people of all persuasions, blahblahblah. Really, Sarah? Really? Because your tweets and FB postings and rally speeches and televised rhetoric tell a different story altogether.

Beck's rantings don't sound a whole heckuva lot different than the AZ gunman's, frankly.

At least Olbermann, a television personality I dislike very much, had the decency to own up and to call for an end to this kind of rhetorical garbage coming from all sides.

I haven't seen Palin or Beck or anyone else at Fox News do anything but whine and back pedal. Once again, it's poor Sarah, the perpetual victim and how unfaaaiir, wahwahwah, it all is.

This nation needs to show that ridiculous female the door "post haste", is what.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Sarah's video defense. Yes, it was the act of a deranged "criminal" Sarah! Unlike you who cannot see beyond your own self interest, others, irrespective of whether they are politicians or pundits or plain citizenry, see the need to tone down the vindictive and vitriol in our discourse over ideas. You are not directly responsible, but some of your rhetoric along with others sets a tone that can and has led to violence. The attempted murder of Congresswoman Giffords and the slaying of 6 innocent persons is the most extreme example of that violence. So, rather than condemn the hate language, you criticize those who raise the issue; that's about par for you! Thank you for your introspection and insight dear lady! (That's no compliment Sarah; read dripping sarcasm).

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "Vitriol" You must have forgotten Mr. Obama's asking hispanic voters last year to "punish our enemies" on election day. Then Mr.Obama recognized his error stating afterwards, he should have used the word "opponents". To all you finger pointers, you know where to put that finger!

Just a Mom said...

who is to blame for Arizona shooting?
Really, how about the person that pulled the trigger!

Anonymous said...

I do not believe the young man that did the shooting was a regular listener to Beck, Palin, Hanit or Rush. He was a regular user of anything that was unlawful and hated any person that did not listen to him and agree with his thinking. The law enforcement and the schools in Arizona knew him, but without his consent could place him in an institution or force him or his parents to make the move. Mental problems need to be addressed and any person that has difficulty understanding the rules for use of a gun prior to the purchase must be denied. All states need to have the same rules and the Federal Government needs to take the lead in enforcing all rules.

Salvatore said...

who is to blame you say - this is nearly impossible to target definitely but one can postulate that the decline of the virtues, morals and religious emphasis in the United States, a lack of trust in the Creator who has plans for us until we prematurely abort them and thereby ignore our Constitutional rights to be born, to cry for freedom, and to smile and so, his choice to kill another human was possibly influenced by our society's blatant example of indifference, irresponsibility and ignorance in killing God's and our little creation, a baby.

Anonymous said...

Who knows, but we do know that there was a liar who kept that innocent man in jail in Graterford. Where is she now? Did she get any blame and serve time.

Then there is the possibility once again that innocent people could have been executed.

N. Carolina crime lab withheld test results in more than 200 cases
By Taryn Fixel, CNN Special Investigations Unit
January 27, 2011 12:20 p.m. EST

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Another young person was shot down in our Country, in W.Virginia. He was in the US Marshalls Service. The young man was with other Marshalls trying to serve a warrant on a person that was wanted for possession with intent to distribute cocaine. When watching TV and we see all these Law Enforcement Officers trying to do their duty of protecting all of us, we do not really see the whole picture until one of our friends is killed. Any person that has a mental problem or drug problem should never own a gun. I know that most of the problem rests on how can we stop the sale of these guns. The sale is not the problem when the law is followed and enforced, it is those that believe they have the RIGHT to use these guns for any purpose they please.

Anonymous said...

I read the article about Deputy Marshal Hotsinpiller on the Web. What a shame for a young man, age 24, who was following his dream of making this world a better and safer place for all of us to live to be shot and killed by a no good or law abiding citizen that represents the scum of our earth. Our prayers go to his family and Thanks to all Marshals that serve our country with in the US Department of Justice.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was approx. 20 years ago when a Marshall was shot and that was at Ruby Ridge. Today on CNN a discussion on Florida's Crimes and how many more in the last couple years were the results of Police being killed when they were involved in Narcotic Arrests. It really is a shame so many lawless people are taking over our country and when one criminal is taken off the streets another is right there to replace him/her. Arizona really has their hands full with so many coming across the border.

Anonymous said...

Laws should be enforced in all states when it comes to purchasing. Physical/Mental conditions must be secured in all cases. Criminals/Non Citizens may never purchase or be given a permit to have one in their home or any relative's home. Sounds hard to do? You bet, but we need to start now. Federal Officials are unable to keep up with the people now helping others that will shoot and ask no question later.

Anonymous said...

Really...still blaming Sara Palin. Honestly, this is another characterstic of liberal today. If I shot someone everytime the crazy liberals made me furious, there wouldn't be many liberals left. There could be many reasons why this psychopath went off the deep end but a bullseye and some harsh words were not among them. The fact that a psychopath had a that's something to think about. But I assure you, the liberal agenda and those who push it make me angrier than even I thought I could get, but you don't see me getting a gun and shooting someone. So...besides the fact that, "sh__ happens," the reasons for the AZ tragedy cannot be attributed to ANYONE.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Arizona, did you hear our President's take on immigration and how he sees the fix?? We have enough problems with guns, we do not need to feel oh so sorry for illegals. The companies are hurting because of needed help in their fields - there is a solution, legal that is, go down to Mexico or South America and hire those needed and transport them to their fields and return them after harvesting is over. Leave the family at home, they will survive, we did when our men were away, serving time in the service. I do not go for that sorry trip anymore. Other countries enforce their laws on immigration, and we need to get less thin skinned. We need to spend the money to clean up our act regarding immigration. Arizona has been trying so hard to help our Government clean up their act and the Government has turned their back every time. This one act would make this President look like a Leader, not a newby without direction. He had one relative that was here illegal and tried hush it up, but that page in his history has not been destroyed.
Gun Control and Immigration (Illegal) go hand in hand.

Anonymous said...

I believe our Leaders are now aware of Arizona's problems. Did you read and see the pictures in the paper of how cars and trucks were packed with illegal weed in Mexico and sent through into Arizona? There use to be saying, "There Is Gold In Them There Hills" well it is not the glittering type, but sure surfaced with a value almost as great as gold. Don't we have great neighbors? We should always turn our heads when illegals are picked up and give them a few more years of freedom here in our country so they will be able to feed their families back home - really??? The lesson we are teaching them it is better to break a law than do what is legally required, that will take a little longer, but it will be worth it all in the end for family and country.

Anonymous said...

Arizona Shooting... It was horrible! I am so glad for their Rep. to be able to come back to the "House" and vote YES on the Debt Ceiling ... She really looks great - I wish her a speedy recovery, although we all know and she also that it will never be the same when it concerns her whole life. I believe we need to concentrate on Mental Illness on the Federal Level - not that I'm saying they also have problems - but how to spot any person that is not balanced.