Monday, November 1, 2010

Election predictions

With just one day left I thought I would go out on a limb and tell you which races I think are going to be close, and which races I think won't be so close. Of course, then you have to give me your predictions.

Matt Bradford is going to have a hard time fending off Jay Moyer in the 70th. Moyer really wants his old seat back and Bradford isn't playing so nice.

Rick Taylor is playing the same way so he's going to face a really tough challenge in Todd Stephens in the 151st.

The Patrick Murphy/Mike Fitzpatrick race for the 8th should be close as well.

Not so close; Tim Briggs should coast to victory in the 149th over Pete Kohut as will Kate Harper over Mary Lou Readinger in the 61st. Mike Vereb should win handily in the 150th over Andrea Baptiste.

As for lanslides; I don't see John Rafferty being even remotely challenged by newcomer Matt Stehman in the 44th district senate race.

Those are just a few, folks, but it's enough to get the conversation started.

Post your predictions below.


Anonymous said...


Those aren't predictions. The runaways being the runaways, how about telling us who you think will win Bradford/Moyer and Stephens/Taylor? Those are the only tough races in the county.

Make a call, Stan. Who wins?

Anonymous said...

Murphy-Fitzpatrick Racr

Murphy is using his military time (not Washington time) as a slap at Fitzpatrick. It's a damn shame that his ads are a slap against our kids in uniform. What was Murphys duties in Iraq????

Vereb..... Ok

Rafferty...If only his constituents
knew how wothless this guy is.

One other matter....If a committee person test my intelligence by handing me a piece of literature after all the garbage we had to endure on the boob tube and phone calls I may lose my cool.

If we do not know what to do, we should not be there. Amen!

Stan said...

I have to give the edge to Bradford, but just barely, and I think Stephens pulls off the upset.

Ross said...

Here's a prediction. The Tea Party scores a win for America, Gordon writes an angry rant about it next Sunday, insulting everyone he can think of, and he still keeps his job.
Why is that Stan? Because some liberal contests give him awards 2-3 times a year?
By the way, my money is on Moyer. Bradford is a buffoon. At least we can vote him out of office.

Jim said...

Ross, you are out of control, dude. It's call freedom of the press. Gordon writes on the opinion page. It's his opinion. I rarely agree but I defend his right to write. I think Stan feels the same. The awards have nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

it would help if you listed your reasons behind your rocket-scientist predictions

Stan said...

There isn't any science behind my predictions. It's called gut instinct.

Anonymous said...

Mike Vereb will win big also.

Anonymous said...

any predictions from your gut on Miller?

Alaska Senate GOP candidate Joe Miller's security detail, Drop Zone Security Services, made headlines this week for detaining a journalist at a Miller campaign event. Now, several Alaska blogs reveal that the security company Miller hired is tied to an extremist militia group and didn't have a current business license.

William F. Fulton, the owner of Drop Zone, is a local commander and "supply sergeant" of the Alaska Citizens Militia, Palingates blog reported Wednesday. The blog identifies the militia's leader as Norm Olson, the man identified last year by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a "radical among radicals" who had founded the extreme Michigan Militia before setting up shop in Alaska. The center reports that Olson drew widespread attention for stating that Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols had attended a Michigan Militia meeting not long before the bombing.

Anonymous said...

Apparently it is the Montco voters who are buffoons for keeping Matt Bradford. Moyer was the right guy to represent Montco not Bradford. Bradford only got elected because of the Obama hope and changey sweep where idiot voters just pulled the Democrat handle. He should have been voted out and now Montco will suffer for their stupidity. More tax and spend liberal Democrat CRAP. Thankfully he has been NEUTERED by the Republican majority in the PA legislature.

You had to be there said...

Election Predictions: Bruce Castor OUT. Harper and Brown your new County Commissioners. They seem to be the only speakers for Commissioner at the area 6 meeting that I would vote for. Robert Durante for Sheriff would be my choice for Sheriff. It's besides me that a Police Chief making $90,000 or better would want a job paying $60,000. Could it be the Supervisors in Whitmarsh are all Dems? It was said at the meeting from a few committee persons that Mr. Castor and D.A.Furman was pushing like hell for this candidate, WHY? I'm happy that Mr. Durante intends to stay in the race to give the voters of Montgomery County a choice, lord knows we need it. Castor and Furman will have their own jobs to worry about,stay out of anothers back yard. Good luck to Harper,Jones, and Durante. Super Bowl candidates.

Anonymous said...

Matthews OUT of the running. Next Castor should follow suit. Harper and Jones will show Montgomery County how to run the show. It's time for the female gender to take over the reins. The Executive Committee would not know their own names if not on their name tags. When the 100 plus committee persons meet on the 9th of Feb. maybe,just maybe, they will vote for the candidates who will serve the people and not their personal agendas. It's time for a change, if not, the Dems will clean our clock. Hoffel is no dummy.

Been there done that! said...

Stan, No need to have an endorsement meeting next week for republican candidates, the big boy's have spoken. Your paper suggest that Castor & Brown are the candidates of choice. Now that Mr. Joe has dropped out of the race the committee persons better look at what thier executive committee are suggesting to head the party. Castor is not respected as the wheels think. As a life long (R) I believe that this may be the year for a (D) majority.

Ditto to that. said...

Been There''''' There are over 600 committee persons in Montgomery County, let's hope they have a mind of their own and vote their own mind, not one of some idiot. The party needs a change from Castor, Kearns, and yes some executive committee members.

Ditto again. said...

Stan, Sorry, after reading your paper I see there are over 800 committeepersons. 200 more to use their heads.

Help is needed said...

You had to be there(Jan.25th) predicted Harper-Jones as the endorsed candidates for the Commissioners job. Castor has his head so far up his lower posterior he can't seem to realize that his EGO will dechair him on the 9th at the endorsement meeting. For him to state that he will drop out of the race if Harper get's the nod,please committee persons do the public a favor Please endorse Ms. Harper.