Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Night in Montco

So, I was number 418 when I voted earlier this afternoon. That's pretty high. I remember being about number 80 when I voted in the primary around the same time of day. What number were you? Where did you vote? Anything fishy going on out there?


Anonymous said...

over 800 at 3-3 in Lower Providence

Stan said...

Check out http://bit.ly/bZan9r I'm chatting live over there.

Anonymous said...

still delusional...

O'Donnell - who lost her third bid for Senate in five years - said she didn't know what she would do next. But in her concession speech, she said she was not going away.

"We worked hard. We had an incredible victory. Be encouraged. We have won. The Delaware political system will never be the same ... the Republican Party will never be the same," she said. Although she didn't blame the GOP establishment for her loss, she said the campaign would have done better if it had more support early on. She also dismissed criticism that she cost the party the seat by winning the primary.

"The people voted for me," she said. "People want their Republican leaders to represent the principles of the party."

Anonymous said...

I worked the polls in East Norriton ( 2/3 at the Teamsters Hall). By the time I left (around 7 PM) more than 700 people had voted.....this was an impressive number for an off year election.

The folks who voted fell into several distinct groups....."angry voters", "straight party ticket voters", brand -new first time voters".......and in my humble opinion, the greatest voters of all....the "seasoned citizens" who came in busses, cabs, and minivans to exercise their rights to make their voices heard. G-d bless 'em!

Our polling place was void of conflict, committee people did their jobs, and, while half the people seeking office didn't win......the "process" did.....and as such we all came away as winners.

Don Benn.....East Norriton

The sybil said...

Christine O'Donnell is definitely not going away because she loves the attention. She can't even handle her own finances, so she should practice waving her witchy-wand at home before she tries to take on the U.S. economy. Between O'Donnell and Alvin Greene of South Carolina, who got 300,000 votes even though he did not campaign, you have to wonder what people are thinking when they vote!

Anonymous said...

What happened in Nevada should tell you where people have their heads. Reid should hav enever won that race. Period.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened in Nevada should tell you where people have their heads. Reid should hav enever won that race. Period.

November 3, 2010 3:07 PM

So we should have voted for a person who said Hispanic children in the school that she "gave a speech" at, looked more Asian to her? Yeah, right!

Anonymous said...

montco ssdd same racist people voting against positive actions because a Black man had the nerve to run and get elected to the "white house". Your repugs and the teabaggers wanted to take it back from a Black Man because they can't stand it. Bet you won't post this because it is true. Can you and the teabaggers stand to look in the mirror? yes,b/c you don't think your s stinks.

Anonymous said...

We now will be able to actually see if our President was listening. We need to stop spending and helping people who do not need help - just a little push and plain talk to get them on the right path and that is not welfare. Many countries need help and I will give until it hurts. But our Ambassadors or Volunteers that accompany the products/money should not just check the shipping for a photo OP, but stay and make sure the deliver/services are complete. Haiti is one example.

Anonymous said...

latest newcomer to the old teabagger contingent lies as usual about the President's trip to Asian countries. must be in league with sharron angle:
courtesy of cnn:
Those numbers, according to Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann, are: $200 million a day, $2 billion total, 34 diverted Navy ships, a 2,000-person presidential entourage, and 870 hotel rooms in India.

"And these are five-star hotel rooms at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel," Bachmann told CNN's "AC 360" Wednesday night.

Pressed by Cooper to back up her numbers, Bachmann said, "These are the numbers that are coming out in the press."

The press she was referring to is the Press Trust of India, one of the largest news organizations in that country. Its source for Tuesday's article on the cost of Obama's trip was based on a single anonymous source: "a top official of the Maharashtra government privy to the arrangements for the high-profile visit."

The Press Trust article was picked up by The Drudge Report and other sites online and quickly made its way into conservative talk radio, sparking outrage by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and others.

The White House and Pentagon have fielded questions about the Indian report and have dismissed the claims in the article.

"I will take the liberty this time of dismissing as absolutely absurd this notion that somehow we're deploying 10 percent of the Navy, some 34 ships and an aircraft carrier in support of the president's trip to Asia," Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell told reporters this week. "That's just comical. Nothing close to that is -- is -- being done."

While the exact cost of Obama's 10-day trip to Asia is not known to the public, an examination of similar presidential excursions in the past support the likelihood that the $200 million-a-day figure is exaggerated.

For example, an 11-day trip by then-President Bill Clinton to Africa in 1998 involved about 1,300 people cost $5.2 million a day, according to the federal Government Accountability Office, which adjusted for inflation.

Anonymous said...

Fox News says it isn't happening.

The network told Mediaite it has "no plans to hire her."

O'Donnell made Fox News her national media home during her campaign (as much as she did national media), following the advice of Palin, who advised her to "speak through Fox News." O'Donnell also reportedly boasted to Republicans that she had "Sean Hannity in [her] back pocket."

Tom Blair said...

I voted at the Upper Frederick Township building on 73 about 4:30 PM. There was a poll worker wearing an Allison Schwartz button - she was just outside the building with a man and they were directing us inside. She flashed the button then covered it up.

I voted straight R but don't think it will matter much. America is on a long downward slide. Not having children.

Anonymous said...

Before you close this Blog down Stan I would like to express my sympathy to Sestak and his employees for their loss. Memories are great but take a look at what and why you are now grieving.