Monday, April 6, 2009

White flag waved in ARC battle

While it certainly isn't a surrender by any stretch of the imagination, the developers of the American Revolution Center have agreed to put off building a convention center at the site for at least 15 years. Now, my first question would be that if you don't need it now, are you going to need it 15 years from now? And of course I'd have to follow that up with, if you agree to not build the convention center at all would that appease the ARC's opponents?
You tell me.


Trooper Mary said...

Stan, Great idea for the ARC to postpone construction for fifteen years. All opponents of the project will either be dead or in the old folks home. Dunbar will be retired with a beard if not sooner. Someone mentioned a Zogby poll showing broad support among Lower Providenc residents for the development....I was never called....nor my neighbors. Hiring Mr. Cole was a blessing, at least there is one intelligent person steering the ship in the right direction..I guess that's the only accomplishment Mr.Dininny and his cloned Zoning Board had to their credit in six years. If he had it on his re-election literature he better have a lot of wite-out. Thanks again fo a great article

joe the nerd said...

A 15 year self imposed moratorium on building by a developer is kind of like saying that WC Fields would have a one month self imposed moratorium on gin.

The entire reason Rick Brown switched his vote on the ARC was because the developers would not commit to a real moratorium in the form of a covenant. They won’t put it in writing, why trust them.

A white flag is not being waved but doublespeak is spouted. The ARC has conceded to an unbound timeline. If in the next 5 years these guys come back with their hotel plan, nothing will stop them legally.

It is a shame you use the term appeasement, the connotation makes the issue sound like those opposed to the ARC are doing it on emotional grounds. Emotional objections are the first ones thrown out. The project would not have stalled this long if those opposed to this were not looking at this critically and analyzing at what has been presented to the public. The conclusions derived by the opposition to the ARC from the information gleaned from the presentations still hold water.

If they construct the museum with the number of parking spaces they are planning, that still means they are forecasting snarled traffic on roads that can’t handle the volume. They haven’t changed the location from what essentially is an unfordable island as far as traffic flow is concerned.

Paste Eater said...

I like the idea. The museum without the conference center for 15 years works for me.

Peninsula Dweller said...

Yes Stan, it is white flag time. Dininny needs a break from the bad ARC publicity to run for election. From what I can tell ARC is proposing a 15 year moratorium on the commercial buildings they plan to build. It begs the question as to who and what will hold them to 15 years. They have been dishonest in the past, why trust them now? They are going to do whatever they want, whenever they want as long as they have a hold on the Board of Supervisors. The three amigos have never strayed far from their friends on the ARC. As far as the Zogby poll is concerned, what a joke, it is a push poll to get whatever results they want. I would like to see a list of their questions published somewhere, like the Times Herald. It was reported that 40% of the respondents never heard of the ARC project, if that is the case, these people must be living under a pot somewhere, how could 40% of the residents be so ignorant. I think not! Nothing has changed here in the Peninusla, just more of the same stuff. If only the museum is built, will that solve the traffic problem? Will they still have 750,000 visitors without the hotel and converence center? Still more questions than answers.

Anonymous said...

These are the same people that said " We will not take any public money to build any part of this (ARC) project.

Anonymous said...

Trooper Mary:
That was a great post and I'm in complete agreement with you. Assuming tht Mr.Dininny and Mr. Dougherty had the ARC and the Conference Center as an accomplishment on their campaign literature and remove it, they would would be handing out nothing but blank sheets of paper. Love it!Celtic Slayer
Lower Providence

Musket Man said...

to Celtic Slayer,

I don't know that Dininny and Dougherty have accomplished anything in all the years they have spent in office. What I do know is that they spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on legal fees fighting to put commercial development in the Pawlings Peninsula. No one that lives there wants to see all this traffic in their backyards, they won't even be able to get out of their driveways on Saturday mornings to run their errands.

Now these guys want to run for office again, who would vote for them, if you want commercial development in your back yard, stay home and do nothing on election day and then don't complain when something new and horrible comes to your back yard. I doubt that they will wait 15 years for the commercial end of this thing, they will need money to run the place if people can't get into the site to pay to see the old swords and muskets. Actually there are several sites that now have muskets and swords on display from George Washington's Army, so why come to see these?

Not a Neighbor said...

Today I received in my mail box a message from Craig Dininny calling me a friend and neighbor.

At first I thought it was a message from the township until I found the disclaimer on the bottom page stating it was paid for by WE the people for Dininny Dougherty.

He tried to explain everything that was happening at the ARC and apparently sent the flyer out before the news hit in the TIMES HERALD on April 7th,09.

He went on to explain the traffic woes in Upper Providence with the Oaks Shopping Center. All he has to do is take a ride down to the site and see how much additional parking the owner is installing.

Mr. Dininny then states that he will be in my neighborhood in the very near future to discuss these issues with me, I haven't seen him in six years so why stop by now... Oh that's right he's up for

Save your shoe leather sir,and please stop using your high school picture.

Anonymous said...

Please correct me if I'm mistaken but wasn't Mr. Dininny defeated in his bid for Committeeman in his own district and wasn't Mr. Dougherty defeated for Supervisor when he was the endorsed candidate during the last township election. Furthermore weren't they both sitting supervisors when they lost. Come on guys, take the hint and give it up. The people are tired of your games and don't want you again as elected officials. You can not, and will not win!
Peninsula Dweller
Audubon, Pa

Bill H said...

Well I don't know, I live in Audubon and think Dininny has done one heck of a job in many areas. Everyone in the 'peninsula' complained about the CVS project too and look how nice that turned out. That the federal judge backed up the township on ARC is proof that they are on the right side of things. The last thing I want in a crappy economy is to change current leadership for no-name know-nothings.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel about a Crappy Economy with new people taking over the helm, with their great ideas but no experience - as in Washington, Right? As for CVS, you must be kidding me. How many times have you viewed someone trying to get out in traffic and although looking both ways, again and again almost caused an accident? This was a very bad decision and anyone that looked at the traffic pattern, before it was OK'd, would have recognized that fact. It is too close to the intersection. More property should have been considered the Shopping Center across the way would have been ideal.

Harry the Hat said...

Bill H.

Please tell me as a taxpayer and voter in Lower Providence what areas has Mr. Dininny exceled in?

If you mean taking care of his developer buddies I would give him an A+.

I believe he was quoted as voting against CVS.

The ARC issue has a long way to go before he can take that bow.

About the no-names know-nothings,how did Sassu and Alteri get elected?

It should be an interesting May.

Anonymous said...

Bill H:
So nice of you to comment on what a good job Mr. Dininny is doing in the Audubon area. Unfortunately YOU just happen to be Mr. Dininny giving himself an undeserved pat on the back. Craig, you may be a living legend in your own mind, but the voters think otherwise. You will find that out when you meet them face to face.
Celtic Slayer
Lower Providence

The White Knight said...

To Bill H,

You gotta be kidding me about all the great things the double D's have done for us residents. Unless you were a friendly beneficiary of their "Make me a Millionaire" zoning changes, then you are like the rest of us.

As far as the two unknown candidates, I have known them both for many years and they have done more for this community than the double D's ever had. Aside from their bocce ball court and zoning favors, they have gotten little accomplished for the residents of our township. Don't forget that Mr. Borai is in the race and he knows all about Dininny and his bag of tricks. Go get um, Tom!

Fed up said...

To Bill H,

The Federal Judge didn't back up the township in the ARC case, if you read the Times Herald the other day, all she did was remand the Case back to Common Pleas Court for the next phase of hearings. The subject is a hot potato and no Jurist wants to sit through hours of boring testimony, or get yelled at by Mr. Mandracchia, it is easier to toss it to someone else.

Anonymous said...

Mandracchia has not learned the art of "listening" and then speak. I do believe the expense for ARC could be cut in half if this lesson had been included in his upbringing. Too late? I hope not.

Anonymous said...

There is just one question to any one that would seek the position of Supervisor. Are you willing to turn over your whole life during your term? If you are employeed by a company that has you working "on call" basis - this position would not be for you. Retired people have the time and if they were in a business in the Township it would give them a foot not a leg up. This township (LP) has been a great Township to live in, but the Zoning Board has had very big problems with their inability to say NO to the builders and property developers. The position now requires a person with a great legal background with plenty of spare time to give to our Township.

Dale said...

I am pleased that the ARC has offered the 15 year moratorium and even more pleased with the museum project as a whole. I have been a supporter of this project from the beginning for several reasons.
1. The general fund dollars for LP Township are in the negative ( approx 1.2 mil). The only tax we can successfully create reveune from is the amusement tax. The ARC has the potential for $500,000/year in revenue. With the deficit, we need that.
2. LP is dying for some culture.
A world-class museum is being built here and for that I am happy. Why is it we have asked the ARC people for so many restrictions and imposed the most restrictive ordinance in the township, but when developers want waivers on important issues that would preserve and protect land, historic buildings, & natural resources, we give it to them without a blink of an eye? It's wrong. There has never been another developer in LP that has been asked to do this much. Plus, no other developer would EVER offer up open space in this amount.
3. If the ARC doesn't get built on this site, we have the potential for 200+ houses, a bus depot, a prison or any other use permitted on this site. If 200+ houses go in, Methacton will have to build another elementary school to acommodate those kids per household that won't fit into Audubon Elem. Our school taxes will go up.
4. The ARC will create jobs. There is a larger population of lower income residents living near the proposed ARC site in LP that could benefit from the numerous jobs that the ARC will create. This will save these residents money and commuting time.

Frankly, all this chatter about the Supervisors race isn't important. Those who have given away our township to overdevelopment in the past are long gone and those who claim they will protect it...well, there's really nothing left to protect is there? Clammering for scraps is unattractive. I don't see anything "new" on the horizon there....just same old, same old. I will say that whoever gets elected to the 2 open Supervisor spots better have some experience in budgets, accounting, and finance. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

The traffic here is never going to get better. We simply have too many people living in too small an area and I have just simply resloved myself to the fact that living in LP means you have to live with traffic. It's not the quiet LP I enjoyed as a kid, but nevertheless, there are worse places to live.
I for one, am looking forward to volunteering at the museum one day and continuing to work with a wonderful group of dedicated people who believe in educating the public about the American Revolution and who I have found are open to listening to anything I had to say, good or bad.

Uncle Roy said...

Miss Dale, Your now stating that you will volunteer at the ARC. What ever happened to the E-Mail you sent to the Arc people asking to sell merchandise at their facility? And do us a favor, get off the kick about 200 plus homes that could be built on that ground. You of course would live under high tension wires above and a high pressure gas line below. Too late for you to run for office this year,next term why don't you think about it.. you seem to have all the answers...Monday morning quarter backing is great.

S. Dale said...

Oh, and one more thing Uncle Roy- it's Mrs., not Miss....not that you would have known that but as a mother of 2 who's been married 13 years, I'd like to be addressed properly. Thank you.

S. Dale said...

OOps- I see Mr. Huskey did not print my response to Uncle Roy's post...maybe because I offered up my own personal email for you to contact me. Let's me make sure you understand the truth from fiction. I NEVER asked anyone to sell my product line at the ARC. First of all, I don't think bereavement chests, baby and wedding keepsake boxes are the kind of thing the ARC would be looking to sell in their gift shop. What I DID do, was email the ARC asking if I could forward my resume to them to be considered for the buyer for the future gift shop. For those that do not know what a buyer does...they attend the New York gift show twice a year and purchase merchandise for the guft shop. It's a less than part-time gig and since I already attend these shows 2X a year, I thought it would be nice to offer my help in an effort to ensure quality items were being sold at the ARC. Mr. Brown will confirm the content of my emails if you ask him. I actually know alot about 18th century furnishings and reproductions and alot more about the gift business. I HAVE NEVER AND WILL NEVER TAKE MONEY FROM THE ARC FOR ANYTHING. If you would like to see the past or any future emails between myself and the ARC, you are more than welcome to give me a call and I'll forward them on to you. I'm sure Mr. Brown also has a copy he can show you. As a private citizen of LP, I can and will apply for any job that I want to...paid or unpaid. That is my right and yours too for that matter.
As for the 200+ houses, it is allowed under the current zoning and I've seen developers build houses in much less ideal locations.
I don't have all the answers and neither does anyone else. If I have to hear about "working for improved traffic situations" in one more political mailer, I think I'm going to be ill. If you all have such great solutions...why can't you show them to us on paper!!!??? No one should promise to improve traffic conditions...they're just simply not telling the truth. It's not fixable. If you believe it's going to improve in the next 20 years, you're not seeing things clearly or learning from the past.
I'd never be able to hold a Supervisor position in LP because of many personal commitments I have on my plate. Plus, I'm not well-liked enough by most the Republicans ( and a handful of Dems) in this town to get enough votes.

Anonymous said...

Your post was most interesting and I am most curious also where you managed to get your figures regarding the potential income of over $500,000.00 for Lower Providence Township. Please be specific and break this windfall down into various catagories for someone who doesn't wear "rose colored glaases"and doesn't think that the ARC is the best thing for us since the invention of sliced bread. Perhaps you have been watching too many Sesame Street Programs with your two children to understand the real world. We're waiting for your reply MRS. Dale
Pete Schrack
Trooper, Pa

A Volunteer said...

Ms. Dale,

There are opportunities apleanty for your generous offer to volunteer at Valley Forge National Park today. Don't wait another 15 to 20 years for the Lenfest museum to be built over there, cross the river today and help out, be a Friend of VFNHP. We can use your expertise in our group today.

Uncle Roy said...

Uncle Roy sends his apologizes to MRS. Stacie Dale for not stating Mrs. instead of Miss.

You did not deny my statement about the E-mail sent to the Arc organization. Went something like this:

As a resident of Lower Providence I am truly excited about the ARC project and am hopeful that it will come to fruition. I wanted to know if you had a buyer for the gift shop that will be included within the center. As a resident of this historic area, I would want to see the gift shop not only offer affordable items(t-shirts and smaller trinkets items) to visitors, but also offer 18th century reproduction furniture pieces, jewelry and decorative items that would provide good profit margins.

An interesting ad campaign. Come visit the ARC at Valley Forge Pennsylvania and bring your u-haul we sell furniture,lamps,rifles,and we can put you up in our 99 room hotel.

The answer from ARC: We agree with your comments re breadth of what we would want to offer.

Once again sorry about the Miss and Mrs.

Maybe the u-hauls can park with the buses.

S. Dale said...


I wasn't spoken to very nicely by some of the women from VFNP who sat behind me at a Supervisor's meeting. I don't think they would be too welcoming in having me work with them at the park, sad to say. If there were a way to help bring better revenue in the form of a gift shop or promoted event to the VFNP, I'd be all for it but I don't see anyone there wanting to bring the park into the 21st century with exhibits or services to visitors. If the park has volunteer opportunities, where on the website are they posted? How does one find out about these opportunities? Is there someone in charge of community outreach there? Who is the person in charge of media relations and event planning?
Don't get me wrong, I love going to the park to fly kites and have a nice walk with my family, but I've lived here for 38 years and never did I ever take a school field trip to VF Park and in the hundreds of times I've visited VFNP, did I get a sense of what the experience was like for General Washington's army. I don't think the story is being conveyed well there. I think there's a lack of money and employees to make VF Park a real place of learning. It's a shame that it doesn't tell the story of what happened there in a more interactive way that would engage visitors. It still looks like it did in 1976. Most of the visitors to VFNP are going there for recreation, not to learn about their part in the American Revolution. I simply think the ARC has a better chance of educating people and making it a place where people will want to come back and learn more. VF Park is just a small part of the whole story and if visitors come to the ARC, I'm sure they will visit VFNP as well.
I have no doubt that the VFNP Volunteers are doing a tremendous job with what they have and probably a lion's share of the work and I hope they continue to do so if it is their passion.

SDale said...

Uncle Roy-
I hope after re-reading the email excerpt that you posted, you realize that NOWHERE did I ask to sell anything at the ARC, did I ask for employment, did I ask for anything except to forward on my resume. This was a made-up fantasy of several people in the township who decided that I had some unterior motive. Some of these same people in my opinion, have lost the ability to see things for what they really are and have decided that I am not to be trusted. You may think it's inappropriate for me to ask about the situation at the museum but how else can one find out what is being planned and get involved if they want to? At the time of the initial email, I was unaware that there was any controversy over the museum. It still wouldn't have changed my inquiry. I like the ARC, I think it's good for the township and I think it's good for the country. Now, back to work.

Anonymous said...

I'm not in favor of the ARC project.

If the moratorium isn't in writing, it's meaningless. You would think an organization with an army of lawyers would understand that, but hey, this is just one guy's two cents.

As for Dinniny and Sassu, good riddance to bad rubbish. We can't vote them out soon enough. They just flat-out failed this township. And Altieri, the third of the LP Three Stooges, will be counting the days once we get Mr. Thomas and Ms. Eckman in there. See how she feels to be on the short end of 10,000 4-1 votes in a row!

Anonymous said...

To 4/15th Anonymous:
I certainly enjoyed your post today and couldn't agree with you any more stronger. Once Mr.Dininny and Mr. Sassu are gone, Mrs. Altieri will become a nonentity on the board, especially when ignorned by the other four supervisors. Not that she was of any great value previously except present to second Mr. Dininny's motions thus earning the title of "Marie the Second". My prediction is she will resign prior to the the end of the first quarter from sheer frustration.
The Professor
Audubon, Pa

Montco PA Dem said...

This is fascinating.

S.Dale, how did these people get hold of your private email and then post it here publicly? I have to say, you must be the most incredibly poised person -- I'd have been damn mad about that.

You seem completely unruffled. And that must make these angry people even madder.

I don't live in your township or anywhere near Valley Forge Park, but it seems pretty weird that people are fighting to keep this from being built. Now that there's no conference center attached, they are opposing a museum; I guess it's sort of like the neighbors who chased the Barnes art collection out of Lower Merion.

People always say they want more culture..."just don't put it near my house." One more reason to love the Burbs.

Anonymous said...

Montco PA Dem know it all.
Every blog he speaks the truth and knows it all.

Ed N. said...

The reason I am voting for Eckman and Thomas is that they will fight this ARC battle to the bitter end. This piece of property should remain an open field, period.

Earl said...

Montco Dem,

You just showed me how factually ignorant someone can be. They didn't say they weren't going to build the Hotel and Conference center, they are putting it on the back burner until they raise the money to build the musuem.

Apparently no one but the Democratic Governor will give Jerry Lenfest any seed money to get this thing off the ground. You are right about one thing, Stacie Dale has true grit, and is not afraid to stick to her guns no matter how wrong she is. Of course, that is just my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions. Please stay on your side of the river if you don't like how things are done in Lower Providence.

Anonymous said...

Ed- It can't remain an open field. Mr. Lenfest owns the property and if he doesn't build the museum, he'll sell it to a developer with the highest bid or develop something else on the property. It's going to be developed in one way or another. Unless the highest bidder is someone with intentions of leaving it as open space and I've never seen anyone like that around here.

Anonymous said...

Have you looked at the ARC Property? The wires overhead and the clay soil that never seems to dry, is one reason homes will not or should not be built on that property.
The bridge that is planned? Where in the world will it enter into VF National Park?
A trailer where people can see the plan should be placed on Pawlings Road (the trail entrance) so that we all can gather and discuss during daylight hours the pro and cons. A start with the first drawing/plan for the museum and parking facility, next the overlay (printing term only) so that we may understand the next step /plan and then the final plan that would demonstrate and show how the finished project would look and the time frame for all three phases.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Candidates are for Supervisor in Lower Providence? We are for change, but not knowing who will be the Candidates a few weeks is not a change, it is same thing, same thing.. just wing it.

Anonymous said...

Jay Keenan and Paul Heinegg are the 2 Democratic candidates I think. A neighbor told me that who is a committee person. This is just the primary coming up and there's alot more candidates on the Republican side fighting for the 2 spots. I agree with the earlier posting that I don't think any of these people have the answers to most of Lower Providence's problems. I would like to see a plan for improving traffic since that is the biggest problem here. Just saying you are for traffic improvements doesn't mean you have a plan that will fix it.

S. Dale said...

Dear Mr. Schrack-

I think Mr. Husky is unable to print my response to your question about the amusement tax because I did respond, so if you'd like to call me, I can mail you the figures for how I came up with the potential $500,000 figure. I didn't want you to think I wasn't answering your question. If you don't want to call me, you can call Joe Dunbar, township manager, and I'm sure he can help answer your question as well. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

The ARC is not the only issue facing whoever takes over the reins of Supervisor. Today I received a piece of literature from the double d's team. The one D does'nt know which end of the pen you write with.

Same old promises, I'm glad I registered as an independent. I can look forward to November.

joe the nerd said...

To Dale’s Points of 4/13

1. The general fund dollars for LP Township are in the negative ( approx 1.2 mil). The only tax we can successfully create reveune from is the amusement tax.
You need some creativity since you think the only way we can get ahead is by amusing ourselves to solvency. We have a solid business park infrastructure that is being enhanced by the work being done on the Betzwood Bridges. These are empty buildings in the Trooper complex that will be easier to rent once the economy turns.

We could have saved quite a bit of cash if the Convention Center of this project was not used as bargaining chip for the last couple of years. The open ended legal fees spent putting this project forward are resources that could have been used on this deficit.

2. LP is dying for some culture.
I live in a place called Audubon, it is named for a world class artist. His house contains a number of seriously good examples of his period’s art. You should check out Mill Grove sometime. I think you should be proud to call John James Audubon one of us.

Lower Providence as far as culture has a unique position in that we representatives of the national park system, the state park system, the county park system and the local park system. You can fish, bike, hike, climb or avail yourself of using the river to water ski if you like.

Cultures come in a lot of styles and flavors. You are selling our town short. I can live without this plot of land being developed into “world class”.

The culture you suggest comes at a price and at the expense of our heirlooms.

3. 200+ houses + prison + bus depot + school taxes
The zoning will not allow anywhere near that number of houses to go in there. Please refer to the density numbers in the ordinances as well as the amount of land needed to service those homes in the form of access roads. Also, the same problem for access of emergency vehicles would exist as if you put the museum in there. One road into a complex like that would be challenged on safety grounds.

Prison – please refer to St. Gabe’s and the county jail. We have our fill of penal facilities.

I can see Greyhound putting a bus terminal in there. It would only take 25 minutes to get on and off 422 from there.

School Taxes are going to go up anyway. We live in Methacton.

4. The ARC will create jobs. There is a larger population of lower income residents living near the proposed ARC site in LP that could benefit from the numerous jobs that the ARC will create. This will save these residents money and commuting time.
I am so glad you are thinking of all those low income people without jobs. (Doesn’t the guy who runs Vanguard lives over there?) Their quickest way to get to work will be walking since the roads will be clogged by traffic.

The chatter about the supervisors is important. There is always a horizon to meet. There are always challenges.

The traffic certainly won’t get better if we do things your way. Pawlings Road can’t handle what it has now, putting the ARC in just makes things worse.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster of April 16th about the trailer with the plans on Pawlings Road.

Actually, I could use everyones help myself. My husband and I are building an addition to our house.

Could everyone come over and give us their input? I am setting up 2 picnic tables on my front lawn with laminated plans on them and a few pads and pencils. I leave the final drawings and details up to the public.

A. Profit said...

To Anon of 4/16 2:52PM

You couldn't be more wrong about the 78 acre site owned by Gerry Lenfest being preserved as open space.

Mr. Lenfest has shown his commitment to land preservation in the recent past by preserving 568 acres in the ChesLen Preserve.

The 1,068-acre ChesLen Preserve, established in August 2007, comprises vast agricultural fields, densely wooded stream corridors, two miles of the Brandywine Creek’s west branch, and unmatched panoramic views of classic Chester County farming and fox-hunting countryside. From many points on the preserve, a visitor can gaze for miles in any direction and see virtually no signs of modern development.

ChesLen was the vision of philanthropist H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest, who offered to donate his 568-acre property to Natural Lands Trust. His larger vision for the preserve, though, included a neighboring 500-acre tract owned by Chester County. As an incentive to the county to transfer their property to NLT, he offered a generous endowment restricted to the management of the combined properties. The result – the largest private nature preserve in southeastern Pennsylvania, available for public use, at no cost to the public.

Gerry and his wife, Marguerite have a large endowment that must be given away no later than 30 years after the surviving spouse passes from this earth. He sold his company for 7.6 billion dollars (that's right, billions not millions) to Comcast Corp. so he does in fact have some discretionary money at his disposal.

This 78 acre site which he paid 4.1 million is historically significant and was the Commissary Grounds for General Washington's Army. This has been documented by many historians and is claimed by many to be sacred ground.

So you see Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous, this land can and will be preserved one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lenfest is a very generous man but he's also a smart business man. Considering all of the grief certain township residents and officials have given him over the museum and many acres of open space which he generously offered, I doubt he will preserve this piece of property. He can use the profit to fund the ARC if they have to move to Virginia. He's generous, but not that generous.

Anonymous said...

I heard Methacton was looking at the site for a possible bus depot for the school busses. I agree with the anon. post that this site will be developed into something. There aren't too many places in Lower Providence, if they are able to be developed, that haven't done so already or have plans to do so. I think this property is too valuable to too many people for alot of different reasons. Unfortunately, we don't own it and can't tell the owner what he can and can't do with it. He paid for it, it's his choice as to what to do with it as long as it fits within the ordinance guidelines. I doubt it would stay open space.

S. Dale said...

Dear Joe-
Why do I have to be the creative one? I spend all day being creative. What is your solution to capping the traffic and bringing in new revenue to the township? You can criticize my ideas but it'd be nice if you put forth and idea of your own so I can criticize back. Have ANY of the township Supervisor candidates shown you specifically how they are going to decrease the debt and fix the traffic congestion that plagues the township? If so, please share. I'm still waiting and have been for the last 20 years for someone to explain it in detail rather than a blurb on a mailer.
As for culture, I agree that it comes in many forms and I've been to Mill Grove plenty of times. In fact, I go there quite alot to draw upstairs in the mural room. I think it's s a shame that we don't have more places like Mill Grove. To me, the ARC is one of those places. To you, it isn't. That's where we differ.
When I speak of the lower income population, I am speaking of the residents who live at Colony Arms, Audubon Courts & Mill Grove Apts. who I'm sure would benefit from having the ARC close by as a place of employment rather than having to spend money on Septa to get to a job. This population could actually walk to work at the ARC if they wanted to.
Do I have all the answers? I think I stated before that I don't but I'd like to elect somebody that has some answers to the bigger problems. Is that too much to ask? Maybe these problems are just beyond us? I'm really starting to think that's the case. Maybe I'll be surprised as the election gets closer.

Anonymous said...

An old Pennsylvania Dutch Saying was brought to mind when reading your post - "Would you rather walk to work or carry your lunch" ??? No, I have no idea what it means, but of course this is one thing that maybe someone out there will clarify, just like transportation and development that every person in this area is satisfied with.

Anonymous said...

P/T Employment for the Apartment Dwellers and also students from Methacton, Phoenixville School District and Spring-Ford School District. Extra credit could be given by area HS and Universities to those that would volunteer their time and expert skills and knowledge on the Revolution and how & why it took place.

Anonymous said...

It's refreshing to see that Tom Borai still has the stamina to put on a decent campaign. I still can't believe that the Republican Committee took 2 unknowns over a seasoned vet.

What a slap in the face.

Anonymous said...

Poster 4/17 - I would love to help you with your addition to your home. Sometimes a little help from another person that has no interest in the neighborhood or politics can be of great help. Just kidding - but put the picnic tables out and maybe a few cups and a cooler - and we will come. We will start the summer season early.

Anonymous said...

I'm living in the twilight zone. I'm Republican and have been all my life. This weekend one of the Republican endorsed Supervisor candidates came to my door asking for support. He said he was not in favor of ARC. Since when are Republicans for interefering with private business owners and their property? I thought Republican meant you were for smaller government and government keeping out of your private business. If I were Jerry Lenfest, I'd be mad. On the other hand, you have a Democrat candidate who is in favor of expanding commerce and supporting the ARC or at least that's what I'm hearing. He'd better speak up soon. I thought Democrats were the tree-hugging save our land people around here. You'd never be able to tell from what I see. I'll have to cross party lines in the fall to keep a republican value. I am in the twilight zone. What happened to the republican party here? Have they been brain washed by president Obama.

Anonymous said...

Sunday is a great day when the weather is clear & seasonal and your children with their kids visit. We had a discussion on ARC and what we recall as a kid happening in this area. In 4th Grade, Mrs. Swank made the students read the history of Montgomery County and especially on Lower Prov. and Audubon. That is approx. 50 years ago - it would be interesting to have some of these students gather information they may have used to do reports and interviews they may have conducted and present this information to ARC. You know the hands-on part of the Center. You know the Port Kennedy area had a bridge that connected with the LP area and farmers reported much looting from the Gen. Men. The last farm/farmhouse fell to the hands of a builder on Audubon Road. The barn was something to behold - not a nail was used. Check it out in your County History Books. Not all was soldering during the Revolutionary War Era.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 Republican Candidates that are in full support of the ARC. Pull the lever for Dininny Dougherty.

Anonymous said...

Good to know. I will pull for Dininny and Dougherty. If you two don't make it through the primary, I will be voting for the Democrats if they really are for keeping their noses out of private business. Wishing you success.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is partly right. Our "Republican" committee endorsed two liberals over THREE seasoned candidates. The three they can't control. It is a slap in the face to all of them.

I also think it's interesting that the pack mentality here immediately gangs up on Ms Dale or anyone else who offers a differing view, or accuses them of being Craig. I am sure all of the candidates have better things to do this time of year than hang out here. And to the best of my recollection whenever Craig has posted here he used his own name.

Interesting that the folks who are putting the addition on their house oppose ARC. They got their zoning relief but they don't want anyone else to.

Last, Lenfest is a shrewd businessman, sure. But he can't take it with him and he isn't getting any younger.

Anonymous said...

Pull the lever for Dougherty,
you are Dougherty.Vote for yourself.
Private business sounds like you Mr. Dougherty.

Anonymous said...

=++++++++Campaign 2009+++++++++++

Well the campaign signs are up and running. What do you think about the yellow & black signs that are being placed on properties belonging to a former supervisor, developers,banks and yes even the Audubon Inn. Wonder what kind of paybacks are involved? I have always been a believer that signs do not push the vote for button. It will be interesting to look at the campaign finance reports.

Anonymous said...

There is no political sign ordinance in LP Township. As long as signs are placed on the township right of way and do not impede visibility to cars, it's Ok to put them there ( banks, wawa, etc.). Of course as a candidate, you like to see your signs on homeowner's lawns.

Anonymous said...

******** Election 2009 **********

Yeah....I noticed the signs too.

Funny though, I noticed alot of other signs on the same exact properties that you mention.

EVERY candidate is suspect I guess.

Ancient Chinese Proverb

"Be careful when you sling mud. You can get alot on yourself and your friends in the process."

Trooper Mary said...

The only problem about some political signs is TOO many at one location. It gives you the feeling of walking into the voting place.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that no attack pieces have come out in this election yet. At least none that I have seen.

It always amazes me that candidates actually think they are effective. It just puts a bad taste in the voters mouth.

It also amazes me that no one ever sues over them. Mostly, they are half truths or outright lies anyway. There were actually 2 defamation cases in the South where the defendants were ordered to pay big bucks.

Are candidates getting smarter and consulting lawyers or is everyone just scared to lose their house?

Mike Comroe said...

This may not be the proper forum for my remarks but I would like to post them anyway. Basically I would like to compliment the current Lower Providence BOS Chairman Mr. Piero Sassu on both the quality and fairness of the BOS meetings since he was elected Chairman this year. In addition Mr. Sassu also "cut to the chase" and added brevity to these meetings. The BOS meetings are now a pleasure to attend; and all I can now ask is why wasn't he elected Chairman three years ago eliminating all the previous nonsense!
Mike Comroe
Audubon, Pa

Anonymous said...

I guess with all the residents complaining about Mascaro's you don't want to upset the apple cart and print a truthful blog.

Mr. Quick said...

Mr. Comroe, If Mr. Sassu would have been chairman three years ago Mr. Dininny would not be running for re-election today.

I can't wait to get a piece of Mr. Dininnys literature to see how much he has done for the residents of Lower Providence.

On the other hand his literature could be truthful and tell the residents what he's done for the developers.

Check his lawn signs and see who's lawns they are on, not too many residents.

Collegeville Mole said...

Mr. Huskey; Great article in todays Times Herald by Carl Rotenberg on the Arc and the U.S. Department of the Interior.

It will be interesting to see how much cost the residents of L.P. will have to bear fighting this one.

When will the three amigos learn that the only ones making out on this deal are the hearse chasing lawyers.

Why can't the Supevisors take a step back, review all the facts and then get the hearse chasing lawyers involved.

It's an everlasting saga that will never go away. Mr. Lenfest has more money than he will ever use,and will drain the bank of L.P. with no concerns to the residents.

I guess we could always ask Mr. Obama for stimulas check.

God Bless America............

Anonymous said...

Mr. Huskey:
Would it be possible for the Times Herald to publish a follow up article on todays's story on the NPS's letter to Lower Providence Township regarding the ARC project and the issuance of a building permit. My concern is that if the current BOS majority does not act appropiately, we (LPT taxpayers) will be involved in another lawsuit. This time it will be a federal lawsiut against the Township. I have read this letter and I do not believe the U.S.D.I.(NPS)is playing games. How much more taxpayers money we will be spending on new litagation this time? Please help us out, Mr.Huskey.
Peninsula Dweller
Audubon, Pa

Anonymous said...

Can we assume that Mr. Dinniny and his "Three Amigo's" will involve our Township in a federal lawsuit if they issue a permit for any part of the ARC's construction? Frankly this scares the devil out of me that this man is running for Supervisor again. Five votes in my house way!
Celtic Slayer
Eagleville, Pa

Anonymous said...

Exactly who advised our Township Supervisors and the Zoning Board regarding the ARC Property in question? Has Mr. Cole been the only voice with the Township that seems to have his head on right? We have never had an Attorney well versed in developments as ARC here in LP. May I suggest the Township, after this election, hire an Attorney to do this and until such time the Township should not sign anything connected with ARC. Hiring a Lawyer who has a a background in this type of development (Federal) combined with experienced land use Professionals would be well worth the price we pay now, then later when we could regret it.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering where the NPS came up with their interpretation of these figures? Did they use my tax dollars again to have a study done to try and discredit a study that has already been performed by the ARC engineers? Looks like perhaps that is the case. I would like an investigation to be done in to the NPS on how much of my tax dollars they have spent so far trying to throw a monkey wrench into a private land development for which they are now completely uninvolved. Seriously, my tax dollars are not there for you to use in litigation or to get your own interpretation of surveys and tests that have already been performed by qualified engineers. I would like the Department of the Interior to launch a federal investigation into the misuse of federal money. I say, bring it NPS. I wouldn't draw a line in the sand with LP Township. It may come back to bite you with the next big project that comes on to this property. Show a little love and you might get some in return. LP Township, may the force be with you. I wouldn't bother responding to the NPS and their threatening comments. Very inappropriate for them to act in such an aggressive manner. If they have a problem that they want to be addressed, then they should talk with the ARC about it instead of trying to bully the township. Did they contact the ARC about this problem so that it could be addressed? If so, what did the ARC have to say?

Anonymous said...

That last rambling post sounds like some sour grapes on the part of an elected official. By chance is that official running for reelection? Maybe he should of thought about this ARC legal situation before voting for conditional approval. I also agree with the other poster regarding securing a qualified Township Solicitor instead of one of their "good ole boys" that just wants billable hours. Let's move on with qualified people.
Celtic Slayer
Eaagleville, Pa

Anonymous said...

Celtic Slayer-
Close, but not quite. I do agree with you that we could find a better solicitor for less money. Don't know how much less, but a little less. Frivolous lawsuits are definitely a problem but let's place blame where it belongs, on the NPCA and the residents who brought it to the township in the first place. Suing over a perfectly accurate ordinance IS a waste of taxpayer dollars. The township has to defend itself whether they want to or not. You and I both know that.

Anonymous said...

The National Parks Service is operating at $750 million deficit annually right now. I don't think a lawsuit against LP Township is something that they can afford and I dare say as a tax payer, I would also not agree that it is the best use of my tax money. I agree with the anon. post.
I just recently became interested in what all the fuss is about and checked out the Natl. Park Conservation Agency website. Looks from their map that they are trying to get people to purchase private lands in Gettysburg and about 10 other locations throughout the US to help preserve boundaries of National PArks. Commendable but I didn't see the Lower providence parcel listed there. I keep hearing that they would buy it but it doesn't appear they have money to do so for this property or any of the others llisted on their website. Hard to know what to believe here. Thank you to an earlier poster for telling me about Stan's Blog. Lively coversation here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Poster:
I beg to differ with you, but this lawsuit over an "accurate ordinance" is not a frivolous lawsuit, but a legitimate suit.. If you have any knowledge of the MPC(Municipal Planning Code) you would realize that the "Three Amigos" again changed the VC Ordiinance to suit the ARC developer and this constitutes Spot Zoning and is illegal per the MPC. Both the Township Solicitor and the ZHB Solicitor are well aware of this fact; but again billable hours are more important; and the Township and the taxpayers lose again.
Celtic Slayer
Eagleville, Pa

Fed Up With People Who Don't Know What They Are Talking About said...

No township can control who buys land within its boundaries. By law (federal and state) owners of private land have the right to do what they want with it. Townships can only manage/limit it by ordinance. And by law every parcel of land must have some sort of zoning. There is no such thing as an 'open space' zone. You can allow for open space within a zone but that's it.

The NPS deliberately elected not to intervene, probably because they knew that to spend tax dollars chasing a battle they cannot win is irresponsible.

Residents should educate themselves on the law at it applies to land development and realize townships do the best they can to manage and balance growth and development within the limits prescribed by law. LPT did so and got sued. If they didn't, the property owners would have sued the townshp for their relief and being in a position where the law backs them up, they would have gotten it anyway.

If you are so worried about tax dollars being spent irresponsibly, esp on legal fees, think about that. I think Dininny and his board acted legally and responsibly and for this and the other good they've done here, they will get all four votes in my house.

Conshohocken Mole said...

Mr. Huskey; See what you and Carl Rotenberg started.

Thank You---Thank You--Thank you--

Even though some of it is BS, you certainly know how to start a fire.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't this lawsuit already been shot down by the zoning hearing board and federal court? This reminds me of the village commercial lawsuit by friends of lower providence just a bit doesn't it? That didn't work out so great either.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone substantiate this statement (made by A Profit):

This 78 acre site which he paid 4.1 million is historically significant and was the Commissary Grounds for General Washington's Army. This has been documented by many historians and is claimed by many to be sacred ground.

Who specifically are the "many historians", and where can one find their work on the history of this site?

Trooper Mary said...

To the writer of the don't know what. You certainly hit the nail on the head when you stated Dinniny and HIS board took care of things.

The three amigos took care of everything and deserve your four votes. Don't forget their appointments to the Zoning board who also let things FLY.

Sounds like you wrote their campaign literature.

You probably voted for that Obama guy too.

Real Republican said...

If that land is so historically significant then why didn't the park buy it? Why didn't anyone else who wanted to preserve it, buy it? It's private property. D&D at least understand the true Republican attitude that owners of private land should have as much freedom as possible to do what they want with it. If you want to do something else with it, then YOU buy it.

And by the way there's only one guy in LP who ever tosses around allegations of 'spot zoning'and he's been wrong every time. Considering that he used to be on the planning commission, and is not an attorney, his incorrect interpretation of that concept is frightening. LP has never lost a case alleging spot zoning.

Betty M. said...

With all the Obamma dollars cut loose, why doesn't the federal government just take the 78 acres by eminent domain. This would solve many of the bloggers opinions about private landholders and their republican party. Governments take land every day, why not take this and leave it fallow. It all boils down to money, who has it, who had it, who doesn't have it anymore. And now we are making more of it until it is worthless. Go ahead and condemn the land and make this ARC's poor judgement part of history.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Please....Will someone out there please tell me what a REAL REPUBLICAN is?????

Someone wwho changed their party to vote for Obama and then changed back to run for office.


Anonymous said...

Wow, people sure are feaking out over something that 99% of the posters have no control over or say in. This is the same old people using the same inuendos against the same old people. Maybe if people are this unhappy, they should move somewhere else? That's what one of the posters here told me to do when I complained about something I didn't like. Really, this IS privately owned land and all the lawsuits in the world aren't going to change that. If you defeat the ARC development, you'll just have to anty up again for the next developer you don't like. Good luck with that money bags.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Betty- I don't know if you've heard or not, but the government doesn't have any extra money to buy private property just for the heck of it. I think they're to busy trying to save the banks from failing, get the economy rolling and get people employed again. Somehow a little plot of land in LP Township is probably not on the top of their priority list. It's not even a top priority for the NPCA who brought the lawsuit against the township. Dreaming is nice though isn't it?

Real Republican said...

To The Professor

I don't know why you insist that anyone who posts anything you don't agree with 'must' be Dininny. Do you honestly think that there are no other people on the planet who might disagree with you? C'mon. Give the rest of the posters on this site a little credit for having an interest in voicing their OWN opinions. I guess you're just so used to someone else's brain doing your thinking for you that you assume that's how everyone else operates.

I do remember how the Friends held CVS hostage until they extorted settlement money out of the developer. So much for putting the best interest of the community first. Since you seem to be in the know, what did they do with their windfall? They haven't been seen or heard from since and that was 4 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Betty M., if it is OK to take private property from ARC by eminent domain, why stop there? Since the entire Perkiomen Peninsula is supposedly "hallowed ground", shouldn't the homes off of Pawlings road (including those of some litigants) be seized as well?

Anonymous said...

Celtic Slayer-
When you say "let's move on with qualified people", who are you speaking of? Thomas/Eckman, Dinniny/Dougherty, Borai, or Keenan/Heinegg? Do any of these people know how to get the money rolling in to the township again? Which ones are the most qualified? How are you deciding? On past experience or plan for the future? Or is it just the ones that are agianst the ARC museum are somehow qualified to make township-wide decisions?
Does anyone else see that there are other things to worry about besides the ARC? Like the money we don't have and desperately need to keep the services we have. I'd like to see these candidates talk about issues that will affect all of the township, not just a small group of Audubon residents. That's what I'd consider "moving on". This topic is getting old and boring.

Anonymous said...

If it is getting old and boring then why did you have to comment?
You need to move on.

Anonymous said...

I'm retired and needed something to read. But I think I will take your advice and move on. When it stops raining I'll go back to golfing instead of reading and posting here.

Anonymous said...

If you are tired of reading about ARC and the County/Townships woes, why not try mowing your lawn in the rain. We have one neighbor who does just that and some evenings he uses the head lights on his tractor to make sure the lawn is just sooo. Maybe he is trying to get out of the house might be his reason because he just retired five months ago, give the mowing a try on your own lawn and then ask a neighbor if you could refresh his lawn - next thing you know, you will be tired enough to enjoy more comments on the local scene.

Gloria W. said...

A little birdie told me that the dynamic double "D"s were over at Shannondell pandering for votes. The promised that if elected they would move to close the Blvd. in January. What a bunch of baloney, they have had an unprecedented 5 years of total board domination to do just that and they chose not to do anything. If the oldtimers go for this bunch of bull, maybe, just maybe, they are putting something in the water over there.

According to Tom Borai, Dougherty and Dininny pass the resolution back in 2004 requiring Shannondell Blvd. be completed and cut through for public traffic by the time 1000 units are built. He even had a copy that he read to them at the last meeting. Amnesia may be taking hold of Dougherty and Dininny, or just maybe they have oldtimers disease. You be the judge. They are grasping for straws, or just maybe grasping for breath. What nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Shannondell residents don't mow lawns.

Anonymous said...

Shannondell Resident - Sorry you don't mow grass, an alternative to being bored with the "White Flag Waved in ARC Battle" Posts - I would suggest you take a walk with someone that is interested in the history of this country and discuss the situation of this state, county and township or assist in the garden's weed pulling committee that is free at Shannondell.

Scared to Death said...

I have to tell you that the old folks at Shannondell have nothing better to do than worry about entitlements. What a shame they built this mountenous Albatross in the first place, Neilson should be ashamed of himself not putting in the improvements when Dininny and Dougherty made the motion in 2004 to complete the blvd. How did it get to be seven stories high, we were told four stories many years ago, now look!

They should build a twenty foot wall around the place and cede it back to West Norriton, they would know what to do with the old folks. They should make them all take a driver's test every year, it scares me to death when I have to drive nearby Shannondell.

Anonymous said...

In 2004 Shannondellhad few residents. Now, 5 years later, they have many. D&D are merely listening to what the residents want. It makes no more sense to put a major road through a school yard than it does a retirement community. Is that what the other candidates are in favor of??

Even if they did vote that way in 2004, which I highly doubt as Mr. Borai's been wrong before, they should be applauded for listening to the residents. The Board is often accused of not listening to residents, but this instance would certainly seem to prove otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Scared to Death ... You are not alone when entering this intersection. The present private drive to Shannondell is like watching some person just learning to drive and once they get that car in motion look out. It was the rule at one time when three streets meet and one is from a private property that private property street did not have the right-of-way. The guessing game is alway on - Eagleville Road and our Township Road to the Township Office is another guessing game .. no signs that clarify this situation, but we locals know the answer. Make Shannondell a thru street, as need to turn into the complex, just go straight ahead on to Park. The only problem facing the Shannondell dwellers is that they will have to stop after going thru the gate and entering the thru street. What is their hurry? Being retired is great and you have all the time in the world to get from here to there, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

For all the know it all's on this blog, can someone tell me what Senior Community in Montgomery County does not come out on a major road.

All you need is a stop sign at the gate and allow the people still driving to honor it.

Just remind them that STOP does not mean Switch to other pedal.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is certain candidates may be receiving ARC money for their campaigns.

Please, say it is'nt so.

Anonymous said...

It ain't so. Corporations and Non-Profits are not allowed to donate money to political campaigns. Besides, I don't think D & D need the money. They have plenty already to run their campaign as was stated by their opponents in their mailer.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article. I agree with Mr. Paschall. This is privately owned land.

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce CEO Challenges
National Park Conservation Association (NPCA)
Questions motives At American Revolution Center site in Lower Providence, Montgomery County Pennsylvania

Calls for NPCA President Tom Kiernan to accept compromise and 'come to the table' unless the agency's intention is confiscation of property.

(The historic King Of Prussia Inn, Montgomery County Pennsylvania 13, May, 2009) The CEO of the Montgomery County (Pennsylvania) Chamber of Commerce, Albert Paschall, has sent a letter to Tom Kiernan, president of the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) questioning his motives in filing an appeal in Federal Court to a lawsuit that was dismissed by Federal Judge Anita Brody, as without merit, three weeks ago.

In his letter to Mr. Kiernan, Mr. Paschall questions the NPCA's motives in filing the suit: "There are those who hypothesize that NPCA is merely using this project as an instrument of fundraising. Others believe it has a more dangerous bent: as an attempt to use the courts to seize private property in a de facto way, rendering it useless. Make no mistake this agency is firmly committed to private property rights."

In a press release Mr. Paschall explained: "When examined from a dispassionate point of view Mr. Kiernan's actions directing the National Park Conservation Association's lawyers in Montgomery County are alarming. Anyone who owns land, near or adjacent to a National Park across the United States, should be extremely concerned about what is happening here. Mr. Kiernan is authorizing his lawyers, and his financial supporters, to attempt to seize private property, render it useless and have it surrendered to the National Park Service without reimbursement.

Mr. Paschall continued: "The actions of NPCA are akin to New London Connecticut a few years ago where a hard working nurse, and her neighbors, lost their homes in Kelo v. New London, through condemnation, so that the city could build a dock for boaters. Mr. Kiernan's position is difficult to understand. Prior to this matter his reputation for National Park conservation and environmental preservation was highly regarded in the private sector for his practical approach and conciliatory attitude. With the extraordinary compromise that ARC has recently made, he should try and preserve that reputation, come to the table and become a partner in the creation of a new national monument: The American Revolution Center at Valley Forge."

Recently management of the American Revolution Center has offered to withdraw a plan, and place a 15 year moratorium, on the development of a hotel on the site in Lower Providence Township, Montgomery County.

"Up until their recent appeal I had the highest regard for Mr. Kiernan and his agency, now his uncompromising attitude could destroy his credibility" Mr. Paschall continued, "if Montgomery County becomes at risk of losing this project I will use every means that I have available to hold the National Park Conservation Association responsible."

Mr. Paschall holds historic credentials. In 1997 he became the intellectual architect of the relocation and restoration of the historic King Of Prussia Inn. Mr. Paschall assembled a team that raised the private sector funds to have the historic 290-ton historic building relocated in 2000, then supervised its restoration and had it re-opened it in 2002. Today it is the headquarters of The Montgomery County Chamber Of Commerce and serves as the Berry Entrepreneurial Center, serving independent and start up business owners.

Mr. Paschall has received much recognition for his efforts in saving this 300 year old historic monument. Among those honors, he is a co-recipient of the 2004 National Legacy Award for Historic Preservation.

During the relocation and restoration of the historic King Of Prussia Inn, Mr. Paschall managed the strategies of 16 stakeholder agencies including: The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, The Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission, The Federal Highway Administration as well as public utilities, collective bargaining units and activist organizations. These actions included two lawsuits filed against the relocation of the historic Inn that were dismissed.

The historic King Of Prussia Inn's relocation and restoration has been recognized by the National Park Service (NPS) as a model of adaptive re-use of a building of antiquity in compliance with contemporary codification. The historic King Of Prussia Inn's educational value is recognized by NPS with a website, created and sponsored by The National Park Service, that can be viewed at

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone ganging up on Shannondell residents? One day you'll be old just like them and from your comments, probably just as cranky. I'll bet none of you will give up driving either. Getting old is hard and supposing you understand the trials of the elderly is laughable. Just wait until it's your turn....

Oldtimer said...

Yea, I heard it all before, Dininney and Dougherty were over here pandering for votes and telling us residents whatever we want to hear. Some of us don't want the road closed, if there is ever an emergency and the front road is closed there is no way to get fire and ambulance back here. We are like on a dead end street. The only ones who don't want it opened are the ones that shouldn't be driving anyway. I'm a 78 year old widower and still have most of my faculties with me and can drive just fine. My vote will go to the young woman and man that were in here a few weeks ago, they seemed very honest and have integrity, not like the other panderers. I like it just fine here and can't wait until they open the road so I don't have to drive around the whole township to go west on Ridge pike.

Trooper Mary said...

Corporations and nonprofits are not allowed to give money to campaign funds.

Please make a trip to the Election Board and view the campaign expense forms that were filed before the 8th of MAY.



Anonymous said...

Individuals may make donations, not corporations. Everyone knows that. If you donate to a campaign, your limit is $2500/year and you may not be a corporation.I believe it has something to do with the appearance of inpropriety. Once again, if you have information to share, why not do so? Call them on the carpet. I love all of these people who comment but never reveal their "sources". Which candidates are you speaking of and what corproations have donated to them? Do tell.

Anonymous said...

I also live at Shannondell and will vote for Dininny/Dougherty. They have the most experience. The other two didn't seem to have much experience at all. Nice enough people but just not very qualified in comparison.

Fed Up said...

Corps can't contribute but individuals who own them can. There is nothing illegal about that. And many of those same folks donated money to the LP Republican Committee, who in turn doled it out to their endorsed candidates. If that's dirty money then all the candidates are on the take. Just because one line zigs where the other zags doesn't mean one party can point fingers at the other. Check your facts as those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. You should pull THOSE financials. And speaking of 'ARC money', isn't it Eckman and Thomas that have a couple charities pumping out the mail they don't want to put their names on? LPCC or some such nonprofit? Hello, Kettle.

Anonymous said...


I wonder what is Mr. Paschall's stake in the ARC project. I am receiving postcards at my home from him as supporting the project as the president of Montgomery County Chamber. I have received repeated e-mails at work. Yet Mr. Paschall resides in Bridgeport not in Lower Providence.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mr. Paschall sees it as an opportunity to bring business to the region. He is president of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce and it is his job to encourage business in Montco. Perhaps he feels it is a good draw for other businesses to locate near a famous museum and National Prk, specificall with the redevelopment of the VF Convention Center.

Toooo Tall said...

Actually anon, I thought it was another political piece from Dougherty and Dininny until I read it a little more closely. It is a piece touting the ARC as the best thing since sliced bread, and since this is Dininny project, it just looked like it was promoting him. They have an Eagleville PO box on the return envelope. Oh well all this stuff will be over by next Tuesday night. I plan to vote for the Eckman/Thomas, they seem to have the honesty needed for this job. We all know that Dougherty and Dininny voted in December of 2004 to double the heights of buildings in Shannondell to 90 feet, just look at that monstrosity out by Egypt Rd, it has to be 8 or 9 stories high. It blocks the view of other Shannondell residents. If these guys are elected they will pass a law to make them skyscrapers next. Give me a break!!

whew. said...

Hey wait a minute..... Dininny quote in the Times Herald was he was glad there was no mud slinging in this campaign. Why, is this blog doing all of it. 5 more day's and it's all over. Thank GOD.

Anonymous said...

Shannondell Resident.....

Please explain Experience

Please explain Qualifications

How long have you resided at Shannpondell?

Do you always believe what you read?

How many times have you met these candidates/

Were you one of the freebees at the Chadwicks function?

Are you comparing apples and apples?

Life is but a dream.....

Fed Up said...

At least D&D have something worth reading. The links on their website are a virtual resume of all their accomplishments as reported by various papers. All C&E give you is empty buzzwords. "Smart traffic solutions"? What the heck does that mean? They can't tell you. At the door, they're like Obama without his TelePrompter.

Of course who needs to flesh out positions on issues when you really have only one platform and that's anti-ARC. They're against it, against private property rights, I guess they'd rather have houses or a bus depot there. Since Ms. Eckman lives on said 'hallowed ground' maybe she'll donate her home to the cause. She should put her money where her mouth is.

If they get elected God help them (and us). They are so naive and idealistic, and have their heads so far up their rear ends, they may as well be Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Eckman was actually qouted as saying she WOULD prefer houses to the American Revolution Center on that property at one of the township meetings. Maybe she didn't think before she spoke or maybe she doesn't realize the impact that housing would have on that property.

Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly, not one of the 5 sitting Supervisors opposed the ARC at this location when it first was proposed. IF it was such a horrible place to put the museum, why didn't any of them try and find a better location within LP Township so that it could stay in LP and we would get the benefits of having it here? This location does seem like the most logical place to have the museum in LP Township since the option of going back to VF Park is not on the table.

Trooper Mary said...

Now that the election is over can you please shut down this particular blog and let Noah take his ARC (ARK) to Virginia.

I guess the big money did not win out in this case.

Thanks Mr. Huskey for being open minded.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the ARC is going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Excellent letter in "Letter's to the Editor" section of the Times Herald today. The writer has expressed the feelings of all of us down here. Go Colleen and Don!

Peninnsula Dweller
Audubon, Pa

Anonymous said...

I find it laughable that "Penninsula Dweller" keeps referring to "us people down here" as though they should get some sort of special treatment and are not part of LP Township. Maybe they should check their map to see that they are LP residents and that they aren't to be treated any differently than any other homeowners. If they really thought their neighborhood would stay the same after every other neighborhood in the township has been encroached upon by commercial dev., then maybe they do live in some other fantasy land and have failed to see what everyone else has already been dealing with for over a decade now. I'm not sure what they think Don Thomas & Colleen Eckman can really do for them. Realistically, not much except make empty promises. Even if the ARC does decide to go elsewhere, that isn't a result of Eckman & Thomas. It would be the result of not wanting to fight lawsuits and a desire to get the museum built. People seem to be drinking the kool-aid heavily "down in the penninsula".

Anonymous said...

If the ARC throws in the towel there is no shortage of other communities they could go to where the residents are smart enough to want the infrastructure improvements and revenue it will bring in. If they leave I hope that Einstein Hospital or a casino buys the land instead. Then those idiots who ran off the ARC will really have something to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6/2/09:
Haven't you found a use for all your "SOUR GRAPES" yet?
I'm certain someone on Stan's Blogs would be glad to help you out. By the way, I DO know where I live and it's the place I have lived for the past 26 years.
Peninsula Dweller
Audubon, Pa

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, all 4 candidates are coming to the table empty handed so really it comes down to who you think has the best ideas and will work to get the township rolling again. I spoke with Paul Heinegg on election day and I liked what he had to say. I didn't see the other 3 but Eckman & Thomas's literature had the same old promises that I've seen from the Republican party for the last 20 years. What does being for smart traffic solutions really mean? That old song has been sung to death.

Anonymous said...

Well, I took the advice of an earlier poster and got the campaign finance statements for the Eckman/Thomas campaigns and the Dininny/Dougherty Campaigns. First let me say that after reviewing the statements, no one took any money from any corporations, only individuals. No one did anything illegal. There were no contributions from the ARC as someone had implied earlier.
WHAT I DID FIND INTERESTING was that Colleen Eckman who touted herself as having a grass roots campaign and criticized her opponents for taking money from individuals who were township vendors, also did the same exact thing. In fact, so did Don Thomas. Both candidates accepted donations from Onorato & Kerns, LP Township Solicitors. Again, let me say that they didn't do anything illegal and neither did Dininny & Dougherty. But I find it pretty underhanded that Thomas & Eckman would accuse D&D in such an outright manner and imply impropriety through a mailer that went to residents while they were also guilty of accepting donations from township vendors. It's highly hypocritical. Let's face it, township vendors fund the LP Republican party and have been for decades. Who gets the money from the LP Republican Party? The endorsed candidates, Thomas & Eckman. BTW, isn't Colleeen Eckman Treasurer of the LP Republican Party? She of all people should know who is donating to the party. As someone pointed out earlier, all the money comes from the same sources, but ARC wasn't one of them. BTW, you can go to voter services and see for yourself. It is public information.

Trooper Mary said...

To the last post.

You are so full of bull sh**. You posted your blog on Friday the 5th.

The only finacial statement on file as of the 5th was that of supervisor candidate Tom Borai.

Candidates had from the 8th of June until deadline on the 12th to file their final report.

I suggest you return to the same department you claim to have received the reports of E&T and D&D and see if they are the ending reports. While your at it see how much money that old guy someone mentioned above took from the sources you mentioned. As someone once said when I was a young lass. " you can't Sh** an old Shi***.

Anonymous said...

Please don't use foul language. That's low class. The reports I have are dated 3/10-5/4 for Thomas and 4/1-5/4 for Eckman. D&D reports are from 3/18-5/4. I can plainly see in black & white that Eckman & Thomas took donations from Onorato & Kearns. Please explain why that is any different than taking money from a Mascaro or Chambers & Assoc. employee? I am just stating that the mailer Eckman & Thomas sent out is hypocritical. Where is this grass roots campaign with hundreds of donors? I only see a few dozen and most are Republican committee people and sitting Supervisors. I will go and get the final reports to see who else has donated since mid-May, but again, all of these candidates have taken money from township vendors, not just D&D. I'm not interested in candidates who paint themselves with halos over their heads but are just as sneaky as the next guy and throw stones. It's legal to take the donation, just don't criticize your opponents for doing the same.

Anonymous said...

Tom Borai got the least amount of votes out of all 5 candidates. I think the voters have spoken on that for sure. Maybe he should have taken some money from the usual suspects. Apparently, that's how you get elected around here.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with Trooper Mary's last post aboout all the B.S. being thrown out from Anonymous regarding the past Primary. As stated before, all the "sour grapes" haven't been digested yet. Put it to bed little boys , the election is over and you have lost...again.
Peninsula Dweller
Audubon, Pa

Anonymous said...

How do you know that Arc money was not involved?? All the people you mentioned are contractors to the township. They offer their services to the township for a fixed cost. If they want to hide the funds they do it by having individuals from that firm to make the donation. It's one way to make a point to get re-appointed the next year. I don't know how you can accuse someone of using foul language, the word she used is what some are guilty of having a lot of. If the shoe fits--wear it.

Tom Borai said...

OK, So I got my lunch handed to me.
I could say money would have helped me to a better count, I could have worked a little harder. I could have knocked on more doors. I could have worked the Senior's at Shannondell harder. When we approved the plans for Shannondell there was a road proposed, I guess I would have had to promise them not to open the road in order to get their vote. I guess as I look back it's time for new blood to take over the head table. I offered the voter my time and energies and was turned down. I am not bitter, I will still believe in the Township I have lived in for the past 42 years, and make my self available to serve in any capacity. One thing I would ask, Please leave me out of these blogs, my family name means a lot to me. If you would like to refer to me, please use the term some of the above blogers and just refer to me as the OLD MAN. Thank you, and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Trooper Mary & Penninsula Dweller-

I don't think you answered my question. Why is taking money from Onorato & Kearns any different from taking money from a Mascaro employee or Chambers & Assoc. employee? All are township vendors. Why would E&T decide to openly criticize their opponents for doing the exact same thing they did? I just don't see where they are taking the high road. Seems to me they are taking the same old dirt path. There's no sour grapes here, just an obervation I've found should be pointed out going in to the Nov. election that Eckman & Thomas are just the same as Dininny & Dougherty.

As the township turns said...

Those mailers hit my mailbox on May 16, the Sat. before the election. They were obviously based on the reports filed that the previous poster mentioned (as of early May). And they were obviously full of cow manure. This is what doesn't sit well with me. People so desparate to get elected that they'd slander third parties with vicious lies. It makes me wonder what else they'll lie about.

I too wonder where all those 'hundreds of supporters' they referred to in their mailers are as I heard you could have put all the people who attended their fundraiser in the coat closet and had room left over.

But what's most disgusting is that people believed the bile they spewed. I guess I shouldn't be surprised - we also turned out big numbers for the other big liar, Obama.

At least D&D ran a clean campaign when I'm sure there were true things they could have written about their opponents. Classier, for sure.

The election may be over, but right about now I'm betting Mrs. Eckman and Mr. Thomas are probably going through their sofas looking for extra change for attorneys fees.

Anonymous said...

Why???? Would they be looking for atorney fees???? Everything they had in print was taken from D&D's finanicial statement turned into the county. If anyone should be sued it should be the people who put up the money.

Anonymous said...

6/8 - Clean Campaign?? The laundry in this situation is backed by printed material from which the statements were drawn. So, a Clean Campaign is exactly that, it depends on where the direct statements were drawn from to reach a conclusion. It's like a little nip or tuck situation.

Fed Up said...

Obviously you don't understand the nuances of campaign finance rules. And apparently neither did Eckman & Thomas. D&D did nothing illegal or wrong. And neither did those who supported them.

The lesson for E&T, if they get elected, is that they'd better make sure they understand the laws and rules they are sworn to uphold (their fidicuary duty) lest they find themselves generating litigation that could be avoided.

Anonymous said...

There isn't a Republican candidate in LP that hasn't taken money from a township vendor at some time( vendor employee or otherwise). As someone said before, all of LP Republican politics is funded by those who either work for the township or provide a service to the township. It doesn't get much dirtier than that. Let's hope the Democratic candidates will fund their campaign without taking contributions from anyone who already has "ins" with the township. That might be something the residents could get behind and support. Listening to all this squabbling among Republicans is so yesterday's news. Isn't there anyone who actually wants to do right by the township out there and who can't be compromised? I don't see anyone on the R side so far. Anytime someone metions Lower Providence politics anymore, I just think ,yuk. It'd be nice to have something to cheer about for once and some people with common sense or common decency to not get caught up in the middle of such stupid antics. Were these candidates raised on the movie The Godfather?

-Looking for better humanity but doubt it's living in LP.

Anonymous said...

AL Paschall wasn't the only person sending out "helpful" mail at the time of the election. Joyce Cluely aka " Lower Providence Concerned Citizens" sent her own cute mailer (watchful owl & all) about how the ARC should be in VF Park. Ok, one last time Joyce, it is not going in the park ever...which will probably leave us with a piece of prime housing real estate up for bids when we could have had a museum and 53 acres of open space. Joyce has been chatting it up all over LP about how Eckman & Thomas will fight the ARC and will never allow it to be built on that property but E&T's mailers say nothing of the kind. So which is it? You in or you out? I can't tell. Please tell us your stance once & for all. You both know the ARC isn't ever going back to VF PArk so stop saying you're for it being in the park...that's an impossiblity which you keep trying to sell to the people of LP. Man, people will believe anything. I concur, there IS alot of kool-aid drinking around here.

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I got this right-
People in Audubon who live near the ARC site don't like the ARC.
People who live in Audubon don't like Shannondell either.
People in Audubon would like their small town back and time warp back to the 1980's.
About 1/2 the Republican voters voted for Thomas/Eckman.
A little less than half voted for Dininny/Dougherty.
The Republican party in LP is pretty much split in half.
No one living in any other part of the township gives a crap about Audubon or the ARC or Shannondell.
People like saying bull s**t alot on this blog.
Think that about sums up this blog post Stan.

Father Jack said...

People; The election is over until November.

Let's put away all the slaps and jabs, relax and enjoy the sunshine.

It should come out one of these days,the Republicans could be causing all this rain..What do you think?

Did the voters pick the right two?

Who knows,why don't we sit back and see what transpires, it just may work out.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street. One of the contractors who's people donated money to two of the candidates are threatening a law suit for literature printed with untruthful facts.

This will be the second law suit filed by this contractor one against the township,one against the Republican party.

Wonder how this will sit with the Chairman of the Republican party and a sitting Republican Judge when this hits the courthouse?

All of the Judges are Republican's, how can they rule against their own party? They would have to think about their next term.

Who knows , What's that old saying about "Money talks and Bull s**t walks."

I have an idea, all Republican candidates throw in the towel,resign, and allow the two Democratic candidates too be seated.

That will make Mr. Hoffel,Mr. Matthews very happy, Mr. Kearn's will then take the pipe for not supporting his Republican candidates.

It's nice to be a Democrat in these troubled times.

November will not come soon enough.

P.S. Do your thing Mr. contractor, if your a Republican kill your own party.

Anonymous said...

I almost fell off my bar stool from laughing hysterically reading Anonymous' 6/9/2009 comment about the election percentages that Dininny and Dougherty supposedly lost by. To quote your post that they lost by slightly less than 50% percent of the votes cast is ludicrous! If the Times Herald election results were correct, and there is no reason to doubt their figures, both Dinniny and Dougherty lost in every voting district in Lower Providence Township with the exception of Shannondell and everyone knows about the snow job they pulled off there. Please publish your election figures,"Anonymous" so that we can adjust ours, or is it some more of your sour grapes again?
Betty McF.
Eagleville, Pa

Bob U. said...

I find many of the sour grapes posts very sad indeed. To think that they feel the democrats in LP are going to be in command come the fall is just laughable. Did you see how the democratic lawyer candidate did on the DJ ticket. His clock was cleaned by a Registered Republican novice who just happened to cross file and whip his butt. Where were all the democrats hiding this time. I hear that one of the two democratic candidates for supervisor had a criminal record and had to withdraw from the race and the D's had to get a write in candidate to fill out the ticket. Yes, they seem very organized and well poised to take on the R's in the fall, give me a break folks. It is time to wrap up this blog on the ARC, as it now is all about the losers of the spring primary. And yes I agree with one of the posters, D&D lost big, if it were a presidential election, the headlines would have read that they lost by a landslide, Take a look at Obama's figures this last election, I see that Eckman led with 27.79%, Thomas, 23.98%, Dougherty, 19.98%, Dininny, 18.93%, and the old man got 9.31%. Folks, it is what it is, live with it. Anyone can sue anybody about anything, that is what we do in this country, lawyers have to make a living too. So Stan it is time to fold this blog. Create a new one about some other place, perhaps Pottstown or Limerick, or even Upper Providence.

Roy R. said...

You're right stats poster, I checked, Obama got 65,445,394 or 53% and McCain got 57,446,223 or 46% of the vote. They were seperated by 7% and it was a landslide victory for Obama, and McCain conceded early that night.

No it looks like Eckman and Thomas garnered 51.77% of the votes, Dougherty and Dininny got 38.91% of the votes and the other guy got 9.31%. That means that Eckman and Thomas beat Dininny and Dougherty by 12.86% almost twice the drubbing Obama gave McCain.

Anonymous said...

To Anon of 6/9-

Think that does about sum it up. I know I don't care about Audubon and all it's "problems" which don't appear to be problems at all. What a bunch of whiners. Get over yourselves. It's just too bad for you that you live in the middle of the 422 cut-through. Don't like it? Move somewhere else because it isn't going to change any time ever. Do you penninsula dwellers have nothing to be happy about? You seem all-consumed by the construction of a war museum. That sounds ridiculous when I write it.

Anonymous said...

No offense to the LP Republicans but your party is pretty split in half. I think that's the point being made. I just can't figure out what happened that you all don't get along anymore. This can't all be over the ARC can it? I think something else is going on here. What's the old saying? "United we stand, divided we fall." I think I just heard a 'clunk' on the floor.

Another Peninsula Dweller said...

Hey clunker, get a life. How can you say that the Republicans in LP are split when one poster put up the stats. I bet the national GOP is contacting our local Republican Party headed by Doug Hager to see how it is done. What is the platform of Henning and Keenan, are they keeping it a secret from the public. Did they have a mailer? I guess it will be the same old stuff, close Shannondell Rd. to keep the old folks happy and improve traffic flow in the rest of the township. Yea right, and I guess they are for putting the ARC in the Peninsula, they love development as much as the losers did. I guess neither one of them live over here.

Anonymous said...

I have a fabulous life! I can say that because I know almost all of the committee people. There's several committee members who think they may have voted the wrong way at the endorsement meeting. Really, what is it that has everyone so divided? Young vs. Old? Doesn't seem that way. The ARC? I just don't get it. This will be interesting to watch over the next few months. BTW, it's Paul Heinegg, not Henning. Yes, there was a mailer to the Democrats since it was only the primary.
To concur with another poster, why do people who live in the Penninsula think they deserve special treatment? They are a bunch of whiners. Boohoo.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the boo hoo's
Get a LIFE.
Find something better to do with your time then complain about holding up ARC.
You are more than likely being paid to do a job.

Collegeville Mole said...

June 10th blogger.... It looks as though your prediction has come true. Word has it that the law suit has been filed against certain Republican parties in L.P. by the generous contractor.

Could it be true that the Solicitor has thrown these people under the bus. Could it be the solicitor is also the chairman of the Montgomery County Republican party?

Why would the major political hitters have breakfast at a Collegeville Diner after hearing about the suit?

I believe one of the bloggers hit the nail on the head when they suggested that " Money talks and Bull S**t walks".

It would be great to sit on that jury.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I'm not being paid in any way! These are just my opinions as a resident. Who would want to work for this town? Nothing but complaints. Not a thank you in the bunch. Sorry, not the life for me.
Hard to believe anyone would want to run for LP Supervisor.

Cville Mom said...

It’s all over now. Maybe the National Park Service wanted it in Philly all along, and maybe the ARC made a really good proposal to them for a property they do not use anymore? Good Luck to all of them. I think close to Independence Park is a good place for it.

Anonymous said...

While Dunbar and Dininny are crying in their collective beers, the citizens of LPT are rejoicing over Mr.Lenfest's deceision to swap poperties with the NPS and relocate the ARC museum in Philadelphia. Just goes to show that you can fight city hall and win.
Peninsula Dweller
Audubon, Pa

Anonymous said...

A great "Home" for ARC -Philadelphia! Philadelphia is where history was made and documented - now we will be able to see how most of our countries history was accomplished. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

The ones crying in their beer the most are the residents who wanted the ARC here. In this economy, it is idiotic to turn down jobs, money for infrastructure improvements, and tax revenue. We look like a laughingstock to other communities. You want open space so bad, move to Worcester. High taxes, no services, lots of open fields.

363 and happy said...

You better do your homework before you open you mouth.

Worcester has a low township tax base, their school taxes are high because of the value and total acreage.
WE do not have a 2 million dollar police department. They are covered by the State police.

We have our own fire department and are covered by local ambulance departments.
I believe you donate to your ambulance department also.

The trouble with you L.P. folks is your afraid to let a subject die, look how your nursing this ARC issue. It's gone,down the road, to a better place called Philadelphia.

Anonymous said...

343, correction...'you' have the State let's get this straight, ALL PA taxpayers are footing the bill for answering the fake alarms at your half million plus homes ? Not to mention, I know for a fact that LP's cops are up at the high school and elsewhere in your township many many times. So is West Norriton's and probably a half dozen other surrounding communities. They provide the security for the post prom, for heaven's sake. IF your taxes are high...what are you doing with all that money?

Certainly not reinvesting it in your township. You have no police force, no parks programs. Worcester kids sponge off all the surrounding townships' camp programs. Great deal for YOU, for the rest of us...not so much.

Anonymous said...

ARC in Philadelphia along with all the great American Historic Buildings is correct. The city has come a long way since the Rev. War, heck now the streets are paved.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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