Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The writing on the wall

There is a very real possibility this could be a landslide, at least electorally speaking.
This is awfully reminiscent of two years ago when dems were swept into office on the congressional level with Nancy Pelosi leading the charge, telling us how she was going to fix everything within her first 100 hours.
Obama has told us how he's going to fix everything, and I mean everything, if he's elected.
Well, he won't take office until January, but after that, let's make sure we're holding his feet to the proverbial fire.


Anonymous said...

You are embarrassing. Did you hold Bush to the fire for 8 years of ineptness? You voted for him twice and he was a disaster. You have no clue!

Anonymous said...

Stan, Montgomery County turns BLUE.

Do you think that the cause may be the person sitting at the chair of County Commissioners.

He sold his party and his soul to the Democrats when he pushed Mr. Castor aside for his idol Mr. Hoeffel.

People do not forget when they get the shaft, wait until Matthews seat comes up again.

Not a snowball in hell.

Anonymous said...

I plan to send Barack Obama my mortgage and car payment books so he can spread the wealth around to us Republicans too. If he's promising money to everyone, I assume he means all of us. I took a big salary hit this year when I changed jobs, so yes, I plan to hold him accountable. It ought to be fun, considering he's set himself up to fail on a massive scale in so many areas. It'll be nice to be able to be the ones throwing the rocks for a change. I give him about a week in office before he figures out he's in WAAY over his head.

Anonymous said...

Not a Clue?? Our TH has many people that have their take on everything that happened or was not happening in the USA and elsewhere. Stan and Lisa, plus quite of few readers enjoyed the exchange over the last year or so as to the exact course to take on happenings. Stan and the staff do have a "clue", otherwise you would not know exactly what is going on in the world and therefore be able to decide for yourself in which direction you would prefer our Nation to take or not to take. Congressmen/women & Senators as Stan has said make things happen --Now, who is your Rep.? Is he doing exactly what you think is correct? Some people do not yell "Wolf" until it is over - you apparently fall into this catagory- sorry about that. Now, let's see how your voting record compares to any Republican...Did you say they were not perfect? You bet - now I know you have "One" Clue - hope you will be able to add a few more in the next 2-4 years.

Anonymous said...

Go see president-select shrub and hold his feet to the fire for the mess he's gotten the country in. Go see michele bachmann and ask her about her jack-booted thug talk about un-American views. Go to Elizabeth Dole and ask her about her religious bigotry. Go to palin and ask her about her "he's not one of us so he must be a terrorist" bigotry... Shall I go on?

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Anonymous said...

Our Republican Party here in Montg. County only has itself to blame for the cross-overs that gave the Dems. their win. Matthews split this Party apart by declaring himself #1, after not receiving the majority vote and with a little help his wife joined in by switching Parties prior to the Primary Election. A Party Divided Can Not Endure With This Type Of Leadership. If our Commissioners were indeed responsible people there would be no need for this verbal back-stabbing - grown people listen and discuss their point of view on all subjects before a final decision is made. Right now we here in PA must place any item from the "Wish List" on the back burner and concentrate on perpetual maintenance for the next four years until we see exactly how high our Fed. Gov. taxation on we middle class (making $200,000. or less) will receive. An increase in Fed. Taxes is in the making - that is a no-brainer and here in PA our State will also find it impossible to survive without some type of increase/new tax for this coming year.