Monday, November 3, 2008

Time for the 2-minute offense

Is it just me or are you seeing a little change in the polling numbers, too?
McCain is making that last quarter drive that could just put him into the end zone first.
I'm not certain why it's happening, but a few thoughts would include that people are trying to figure out just how the Wizard of Obama can promise every American everything and then give them a tax cut to boot.
Some things just don't add up and a trillion dollars in new spending combined with a tax cut is one of them.
Here's the playbook that we need to be following.
Instead of giving health care to everyone we need to open up health care to competition by allowing people to buy across state lines. That's John McCain's playbook by the way, not mine.
Instead of rolling back the Bush tax cuts and then pretending to give tax cuts to everyone, how about we leave the tax cuts in place and cut government spending?
It's time for the 2-minute offense.
The game's on the line.
I'll be here throughout Election Day. Drop me a line and we'll chat about the numbers as they come in.


Anonymous said...


We are on the same page.

The facts:

A. We are in a war.

B. We are in a recession.

Obama should be ahead by 20 points at least!!

People are actually thinking and trying to find a reason not to vote for him.

Let's continue to hold out some hope!!

The sybil said...

Your blog has had a lot of responses from people struggling, and from some people who are doing okay but not lighting cigars with twenty dollar bills. What I would like to know is, how much money do you really need to be comfortable, and how much to be rich? How many houses can you live in at one time, and how does keeping them "available" help our economy? How many cars and planes do you need to get around to the places where you have "business interests" or want to vacation from the stress of "earning" all that money? Why do you need to pay tens of thousands of dollars for suits and dresses just so no one should (gasp!) see you in the same thing twice, when the rest of us wear the same clothes for years at a time? How much food can you eat at one meal? What is the point of having jewelry and those fancy watches with their works showing that are so expensive you have to leave them in a safe or you can't wear them without a bodyguard? Why do you need to pay a lot of accountants and lawyers to help you keep track of all that money and to find loopholes so that you don't have to pay taxes, and find places offshore to hide the rest of your money so that you can----well, what do you do with it?

The super-rich panic at the thought that the rest of us want to pay the mortgage on our one house and keep our car in repair and eat healthy meals with our family rather than junk food on the go,and go to a doctor we trust when we are sick, while we watch a big percentage of our money go to the government because we can't afford loopholes and tax shelters!

The bottom line is that most of us would like to keep more of our money that now goes for taxes. If our taxes are cut we would have more money to spend. Then our needy brothers and sisters wouldn't need as much help from the government because they would get to keep more of their money too. Spreading the wealth around is not socialism, it's just paying your fair share.

The Sybil

Anonymous said...

Stan, I returned from voting around 9:40AM - 250 I was told was the approx number out of 1149 registered in our precinct that had already voted. No line, in and out.
I am very dissatisfied with our Rep. in Washington. He may know a lot about the Navy, but, during the last year (term is 2 years) he has spent most of his time on the election circut. I am a Republican and have been known to cross lines, but for my Rep. to spend almost one year campaigning for candidates and using this type of exposure (Photo Ops.)to further his career is not using good judgment. Time Management should be built into all Reps. everyday schedule... this is lacking.
Craig Williams is grounded and I feel will make sure that legal areas are covered for all of us, especially the veterans and middle class/blue collar workers. Union Members (representing their National Union's Candidate) work the Polls and have been using their membership as a reason for voting for all candidates on the Dem. Tickets without so much as checking all the qualifications..buying your vote... now that is a shame, soon we will have all mfg. jobs going south or overseas ..then how long will you receive your paycheck and benefits. Not all candidates are qualified! Please check the qualifications first before you vote.

Anonymous said...

What frost my the people who come out in droves for the general election and sit on their hands in the primaries.

Your paper had an article in last week about the Methacton School District looking at a 28 Million dollar package for new fields,new bus parking, lights, etc,etc,etc.

Where do these idiots sitting on the School Board think this money is coming from?

I know-- I sell my house and move into a retirement community to beat the taxes...then the retirement community jacks my monthly rent because they get hit also.

People wake up----You have to get out and vote in the primaries, when your LOCAL issues are at stake.

Study the candidates for their honesty and integrity, not for how money goes into their campaigns.

You see what happened in this election, a man who had the gift of gab with no knowledge to back it up.

Anonymous said...

Another Need To Know
Stan, Just a question on $$ spent during the National Conventions and the big state/city functions...where were all the banners and American Flags purchased and manufactured? I make sure I purchase locally mfg.,because they gave me a foot up while I was in school and needed a job. It seems to me it would be UnAmerican to purchase from a Mfg. Co. that sends the jobs over to China, etc. American made should be the cry here in the USA. Now, $$ spent and what companies benefited or will benefit from these purchases?? The list could not be too long as most budgets have a breakdown. This was part of the discussion, while volunteering, at our Poll this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

it's time for the fat cats and big oil to pay their fair share. It's time for companies who have destroyed American jobs by shipping them overseas to pay a price for doing so. It's time to reinvest in America so that we are a self-sufficient nation, not one that relies on foreign anything. it won't be easy or fast, but I think Obama will move us in that direction instead of the status quo.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, just why do you suppose American companies decide to move their businesses and operation overseas? Because the USA charges corporations the second-highest taxes in the world, second only to Japan. Now that we're a global economy, to be competitive, a business has to cut costs whereever it can. You can't change your tax rate in the US, but you can change where you hire labor etc. Corps would prefer to do business here - it's a pain in the patoot to do business 12 time zones away.

Like Philly has taxed companiesand jobs out to the suburbs with their 4% wage tax (and the only way they get them to stay in the city at all is if they cut or suspend city taxes), we've taxed our businesses right across the globe to India, China, etc. McCain was right. Cutting corporate taxes helps keep jobs here. Again, Economics 101. It's frightening how people vote, and what they believe, without any idea how the world economy works. I guess it's just easier to blame George Bush for everything than it is to educate yourself.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs down on 11/08/08 is hateful. The investigation against S. Palin was politically motivated. She was cleared of all charges a few days before the election. It's very easy to suspect who wrote this comment. She is a great asset to the party now and in the future. Why have the dems spewed such hatefulness the past 8 years. They are sore losers.

Anonymous said...

I love it. Allegations that one has close ties with terrorist sympathizers and hatemongers? Barely newsworthy. Swept under the carpet. The VP candidate's clothing bill? Front page news. And by the way nobody mentioned Obama's $1500 suits, did they? Only women get this kind of petty attention. Unbiased coverage my butt.

Anonymous said...

We need to keep factory jobs here in PA/NJ/Del. --- Can anyone find out where the Banners/American Flags were mfg. and the Company that received the contracts?? How about the up-coming events in Washington?? If you are Union/Nonunion you should be concerned, as this is big business requiring skilled/no skills in the production. If we are in a recession and not one finger turned a page to try to keep jobs here in OUR COUNTRY we deserve what we get. There is no need to wave AMERICAN FLAGS that say MADE IN CHINA....MADE IN THE USA sounds great and public recognition for the mfg. company would be a big plus for Obama and his wish list to help the struggling people here and in Ill. We may owe China Billions, but the Buck should stop here when it comes to the American Flag.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4/3 - 4:33PM - Keep the mfg. jobs here? You bet! Now, where are the American Flags being made? How do we find out where and why the contract was given to a certain mfg. company. January's functions in DC will be well attended and we must have American Made Flags in prominence with the label MADE & MFG. IN THE USA.