Friday, June 20, 2008

Calling out Bobby Flay

Well, actually it's almost 'Showdown' time. The Times Herald's Great Pork Sandwich Showdown is right around the corner. This may sound like a bit of shameless self promotion but I have an ulterior motive in mind. We have 10 restaurants bringing their best to the Holy Saviour Club Wednesday, June 25. The competition will be fierce, and we're expecting a big turnout based on the number of people who have called asking for tickets. There have been plenty of ads in the paper and a brief running every so often, but here comes the ulterior motive for the blog part. I would love to take credit for this idea, but that goes to Joe Tarantino. We were talking about the contest over lunch Friday when he suggested that I try to get Bobby Flay to come to town for a throw down against the winner of the contest. What a great idea. The day after the contest I'm going to do my best to get in touch with his people to see if we can get him down here. I'm guessing Bobby Flay can't throw down on an Italian pork sandwich as well as any of the restaurants competing. What do you think?


Riggstad said...

Bobby Flay shouldn't waste his time... or ours.

Part of the "taste" of those pork sandwhiches comes from the tradition and heritage these recipes come from being handed down from generation after generation.

You want Bobbly Flay for publicity, go for it. But don't dare make it a contest. This is an arena he can't compete in

Anonymous said...

Bobby Flay is Irish - so, let's make it Italian vs Irish Pork Sandwich Competition. I'll bet he will use some kind of cabbage/potato combo to set off his style of sandwich. You know like Saint Patty's type of food - just not green. It would be interesting!

Bill Shaw said...

Great Idea!

One advantage we have is this...nobody, not even Sout' Philly makes better pork than the good people of Montgomery County, PA!

See you on Wednesday!


Tom & Bea, Phyl & Kim said...

Just returned from the great pork sandwich contest. Luckily we arrived early because there were people wall to wall but the sandwiches were great.

Jose Rivera said...

Riggstad is right, pork sandwich is not Flay's cup of tea.

His cuisine is the US southwest, a lot of rice, beans, quesadillas, tamales, taco's and the like. Oh, I just remembered that the majority of the East end of Norristown is Mexican according to your 2 cents column. Maybe you could host it down here and have Tex/Mex Throwdown!