Monday, December 21, 2015

What are your top stories of 2015?

We all have different versions of different events, but some stories just stand out as the most talked about of the year. Even some you wish people would stop talking about, Kaitlyn Jenner! In my latest rant, which really wasn't much of a rant (I promise to rant more in 2016), I talk about some of the local top stories of the year. But, now it is your turn. Let me know which stories stood out for you.

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Daniel De Kok said...

The alarming local growth of the NIMBY attitude, as evidenced by protests over development plans for the Westover Country Club, a women's shelter next to a local Catholic Church, a group home in West Norriton, the WAWA in Conshohocken, and the fiasco that continues to be the Norristown Area High School stadium. I'm sure there are more examples.