Monday, July 6, 2015

Huskey's Brigade is getting ready to march

So, a 'friend' of mine called to tell me he wasn't happy that I continue to write about property tax reform. He then went on to tell me that another columnist really ticked him off because he wrote about how America is moving toward imperialistic rule. Hmmm, I wonder how he's going to like next week's rant about how freedom of speech is becoming a right that only the left is permitted to enjoy?

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Anonymous said...

Stan--Please don't EVER stop writing about property tax reform--ELIMINATION--until it is in effect. Many of us very much appreciate your efforts and remain committed to SB/HB 76 passing in it's current form ENOUGH IS ENOUGH WITH THE UNFAIR PROPERTY TAX!! IT HAS TO BE ELIMINATED AND THE EXPENSE SHARED AMONG EVERYONE