Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cross filing needs to be crossed off the ballot

With just a day to go before the primary I thought keeping focus on what has become the forgotten election cycle would be in everyone’s best interest. But instead of harping on how low the turnout is going to be, how about we bring into view some of the things we actually need to fix on the political scene if we ever expect greater participation. Just for the record, though, and in case you missed last week’s rant, I’m predicting 21 percent turnout county wide and a paltry 13 percent for Norristown. So let’s focus on those who are going to do their civic duty and go to the polls. One of the most ridiculous, atrocious, 'oxymoronic' scenarios you can ever imagine plays out in the race for Court of Common Pleas. Judges, you know, those folks who are supposed to be the most impartial people on the planet, cross file. Cross file. Chew on that for a minute. I say we abolish cross filing once and for all. What do you say?

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