Monday, October 22, 2012

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are interviewing for the same job; who do you hire?

Have you ever been in a position to hire someone?

Over the years I’ve hired a lot of people, some I look back on with a smile, and some I look back on with a cringe, and a what the heck was I thinking.

We’ve recently had a few positions to fill, mostly due to promotions, so it’s a good thing.

A lot of you know John Berry, he was my online editor with the massive beard that seemed to be taking over his entire upper body. He was promoted to editor of a couple of papers in Connecticut. Ashley Campbell, recently named community engagement editor, was promoted to take John’s place.

So the newsroom shuffle resulted in an open entry level position.

Always a great opportunity. Every chance to hire someone should be taken seriously and entered into with eyes wide open.

There’s always that hire that turns out to be nothing like the person you interviewed.

Think about it. Someone trying to get their foot in the door of a company is going to put on their Sunday best and come prepared to dazzle.

When you’re the one doing the hiring, though, it’s your job to make sure you see through the spit and polish.

I’ve told people for years, if I have two candidates for the same position and one went to Harvard and the other went to Kutztown and the one from Harvard was completely arrogant and the one from Kutztown was down to earth and seemed like someone everyone in the newsroom would get along with, everything else being equal, I’d hire the kid from Kutztown.

Well, what would you do if one of the candidates already worked for you and was going up against someone from the outside?

Seems to me that kind of puts the person doing the hiring in the catbird seat now doesn’t it?

And that’s where we are today as we head into the final weeks before the presidential election.

One candidate has the job and wants to be rehired, and the other is coming in fresh, trying his best to make a good first impression.

While both candidates did indeed go to Harvard, I still have to hold true to my thought process on determining who would be the best candidate for the job.

We’ve had more than four years, counting the campaign leading to the last election, of President Obama telling us what we need, and the best way for us to get what we need.

I don’t know about you, but I just don’t think we’ve gotten anywhere near where he said he was going to get us, and I don’t think giving him four more years will get us any closer. I know he has that one month of unemployment dipping below eight percent to hang his hat on, but I don’t think anyone believes for a minute that the dip was a bellwether of great things to come.

And on top of it all, Obama seems to carry a little bit of arrogance with him as he tells us how and why and when we should be doing things to get ourselves back on the road to prosperity.

But at this point, I’m not even sure his own party is buying it.

While he does seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time hobnobbing with celebrities, he has at least attempted to accomplish some of his assigned duties, one of which is putting a budget up before Congress.

The problem is ... he couldn’t get anyone to vote for it. And I mean anyone. Not a single member of his own party would even give his proposal a vote of confidence, much less a vote on the floor, of either arm of our legislative body.

How is it possible that not one member of Congress saw fit to vote for his spending plan?

Perhaps it’s because he spends like a drunken sailor on leave? No offense to any drunken sailor anywhere by the way, because even drunken sailors only spend the money they have on them at the time. Obama is spending all the money he has on him, and all the money we have on us, too, and not just now, but all the money we might have on us in the future.

And I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard much remorse in his voice during the past couple of debates about the fix he’s gotten us into. All I hear is about how much more we need to keep spending, and all of this coming on the heels of yet another company Obama gave millions to only to have them file for bankruptcy a short time after. First there was Solyndra, the solar panel company that received $535 million in loan guarantees, and then A123, a battery manufacturer that received $249.1 million. Since when did we authorize the federal government to go into the venture capital business?

So, we’re bringing the two candidates back in for their final interviews. Pay close attention. Both went to Harvard, but everything else here just doesn’t seem equal.

Which one do you hire?


Ernie of Cherry St. said...

Stanley, I really respect you and know your politics. However, I have watched numerous hours of election coverage over the past few months and I don't see how folks cannot see Mr. Romney's game. He does reverse moves more often that a state champion wrestler. His last (3rd) debate performance was truly disrespectful to all Americans. To use the 'change' move and abandon his past views and behaviors, is in no way indicative of the behavior a presidential candidate should display. If we accept those antics, what should we expect his White House behaviors would be...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Romney does make some very fast moves and changes direction when our country has a problem or there is a problem some where else in the world causing a move. This is what a true leader is willing to do and accept the way our world is and any thing that needs to be done - discuss with other Countries and the UN - do what has to be done. We also need to stay out of personal affairs of our friends that makes any bar room fight or a local complaint a federal offense. Stop smoking in our White House and stop the governments financing of this industry and the farmers that grow the crops. Cancer is not a fun illness. Change is good for the right reason.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to have a man/woman be our Commander-in-Chief that has earned his/her place in life and can support his/her way of life without Government's help. Too many helping hands covering our personal life has caused our citizens to believe that is a given and it is one less thing they need to add to their weekly budget. Our states share the blame for leaving the Feds. use of our tax money to help them take over our lives, thinking they are doing all of us a favor. Not true, we citizens need to cover the cost of our Life Style we have chosen and the government should take care of keeping our country safe, not individuals that live a life of no cares and rely on handouts. So, Mr. Romney and his family would be my choice because he and his family going back many years have earned their way of life and I find that type of personal/family background is what we need NOW!

Anonymous said...

I agree 10/29 we all need to stay withing our budget. Our school districts now show the type of families living in their school district. Do they care about the burden the taxes have placed on the lower end of the salary scale? Are you kidding, most of those on the School Board have children that are out of the schools within the District and are now trying to improve on the system that was OK when their children attended the school. Why? Because the neighboring school districts have more haves than have nots. We are in need of a President that believes each state should take care of its citizens in all ways and taxation should reflect that decision. Stop stirring the pot when it only needs better parent/teacher communication. Go Romney!

Ernie of Cherry St. said...

Reform how school taxes are levied, if you want to have fairness.

Anonymous said...

Ernie, do you mean Act 1776? Also, think of what will happen if all the Military Budgets are cut, you will see layoffs that will take you back to pre WWII and the 1950s. Go Romney! Increase spending on the military to bring our Navy up to date and enact Act 1776 for our Schools sake and we locals that are footing the bill.

Anonymous said...

The President made a showing in NJ. Big WOOPS! - That is part of his job, although it was wedged between his campaign stops - it did look good on TV. Our new President may not be exactly like this President - he may not have a Gas A__ and the Presidential Air Craft may be able to have a tune-up and the crew a rest. Hopefully this will be the case as we were discussing at dinner where we are of equal when it comes to Dems./Repubs. We prefer he stay in Washington and act like our President, not as a person that is trying for a position that he is not quite qualified for. More thought should be in what is good for our country and not what makes him look good. This has been my problem with this administration. So, his actions and his wife's actions which make them appear as a true Southerner, but with high hopes of becoming a "Blue" Blood, but the inability of crossing the line. A garden - great back during WWII, Laundry hanging in the White House - no, not too cool and also the good night family style, which seems to be a little edgy. It is all in appearance and that really does count. No wonder we are in 7th place when it comes to World Powers. Vote for whom?

Anonymous said...

I'd hire the american!

Anonymous said...

We all were born "created equal" and so why are we now back to men telling women what they can or can not do with their bodies and of course not considering who caused the unwanted births in this country and letting "men" go scott free. You said born or "created equal" ???
the American is the correct vote.

Anonymous said...

Voted during Lunch and guess what? I was the only person there to vote. This PM should be very busy if all working people are planning on voting. Maybe as in our family they used the absentee ballot. I sure hope so or we will have a big surprise tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Well my man did not get the job. I believe he could have turned things around. A business man is what we need but a second term for a person that has tried to scramble everything good about our good old USA came out on top. My budget has our family short $50.00 - $100.00 short every week or month, depending on when a certain tax is due or health premium. Retirement is not for any person in our age bracket, but as long as we keep working, some younger person can stay at home and just hope his education was not a waste and this administration will forgive his loan or loan payments. Sorry! The Economy is not going to get better any time soon! Start planning on a larger garden and take on any job that is open around your neighborhood. Older people need help and usually pay more than the minimum and also tip!!!