Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Storify on Joe Paterno

Incorrect reports of Joe Paterno's death Saturday night were followed up Sunday morning when the Paterno family announced that he had passed away.

Joe Paterno will be remembered as one of greatest coaches of all time...with as asterisk.
    Watching espn sports center, everyone is saying JoePa died of a broken heart, for what happened at Penn State, he just gave up the will to live !!, so sad, not only one of the greatest coaches ever, but also a great man for what he did for penn state U, and for all the kids who go there, not to mention all the money he gave to the school. He will be missed !!!
  1. RIP JoePa. Greatest football coach ever.
  2. #joepa what a legacy you leave behind. As an alum, I am grateful for the influence u had on #pennstate and in return my life! #RIP
  3. RIP JoePa. You will be missed.
  4. While the overwhelming majority of comments are respectful of the man, there are those who seem to not be able to forgive him for not doing more when it was reported that one of his former coaches, Jerry Sandusky, had molested young boys.
  5. People are saying its too soon for JoePa jokes. I guess I should wait a decade to say anything, just like JoePa did
  6. I hope when JoePa is standing at the pearly gates, God tells him he did just the bare minimum required to save him, and it turned out to not be enough, sorry.
  7. And still others are coming to the former coach's defense.
  8. @SternNationChic That's not nice. He may have made a bad choice, but he made millions of excellent ones! #JoePa #madeadifference
    Decide how you want to remember JoePa, but 1 thing he does not deserve is a Twitter play by play of his death.


Anonymous said...

Oh well, another one bites the dust.

Anonymous said...

posted before. who cares! I don't! He let boys be abused, just like the pope and others of the catholic cult.

Anonymous said...

Yes, "We Are Penn State" and Paterno was a great part of it. The system that brought shame on the University was of course not as strict as today. Maybe the statement that boys will be boys made many turn their heads back then. But, today is today and justice is being done. Those that came forth and told their stories are brave men. I never thought actions that took place in the locker room or wherever ever happened - now, I'm talking 40 years ago. Life style has changed and looks like not for the better. We can not blame Joe Paterno. He did what he believed was the best route. Those that enforce the rules/laws on campus should have done more at that time and the student and his parents should have believed him and taken steps. I have a grandson that is quiet and I know if we did not question on some occasions why he did not want to participate in an event, there is no way he would open up. So, parents help the institution your children are attending - there probably is more or similar happenings.

Micluther said...

Life style has changed and looks like not for the better. We can not blame Joe Paterno. He did what he believed was the best route.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he did what he believed in, keep your mouth shut, go with the flow, just like those sick priests. Penn State is not just about jocks and sports, it's about teaching, and this guy looked the other way. He invested with Sandusky, and it seems like he was real buddies with the sicko for a long time even with the allegations. I would have been staying as far away from Sandusky, having nothing to do with him, but not Joe Pa and the rest of those who turned a blind eye to the abuse.