Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seeing the light in Methacton

How is it possible that a school district still doesn't have lights for its high school football stadium? The Methacton School District has been debating the issue for years, and some how or another, or should I say someone or another, always gets their way and the lights never come on. The district must get a variance to have lights above 12 feet off the ground, and they've gone to Worcester supervisors to get one. Really, 12 feet off the ground? What can you light from 12 feet off the ground?
I know I have a lot of Lower Providence and Worcester followers, so jump in here folks. Should there be lights, or shouldn't there be lights?


Johnny Briggs said...

No lights. It's a waste of money and would kill a tradition of Saturday football.

I'm still upset that Wrigley put in lights in the 80's.

Anonymous said...

Stan, Questions for the School Directors.

Have you done your homework on how many professional football stadiums are covered with artificial grass? You may be surprised to find out only 7 of 23.

Most injuries are occuring on the artificial turf. Who going to take care of the students who ruin their future because of a dumb mistake?

I understand that 17 teachers were let go because of the economy. How many can be brought back with the three million plus you want to spend on astro turf?

Last but not least, how many seniors playing football for Methacton received schlorships to college?

The fun of playing fotball is to play hard in the MUD, ask anyone!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but Methacton is a small school and they have a reputation of having great teachers. Football and all other field games are not at the top of the list for learning, although some colleges are always looking for that great hero and their ability in the classroom is overlooked. No to this new stadium with all the bells and whistles.

Anonymous said...

Can you name that one hero that received a scholarship in the last ten years?

Since our great school directors have eliminated activity buses for after school functions what are their plans for the new state law that controls how many kids can ride in a car.

These parents who want everything will be bitching and moaning when they have to drive their kids to practice etc, when there are no buses..

Who said lights and astro turf makes better athletes?

Methacton has had many outstanding competitors. Especially in the one on one competition.

And they did not need Lights and Astro turf.

Education, Education. Education.

Anonymous said...

Tonight the 18th of October the Methacton School Directors will hold their meeeting on the Light and Turf issue at Woodlyn School.

It will be useless to attend, the three minute time table will not be enough time to get any common sense into dull heads.

The previous writer suggested 17 teachers were let go because of a money crunch, but forgot to mention the food preparers and help.

They will probably suggest, replace the grass and we can eliminate a mower and rider.

3.5 Mil, the taxpayers should revolt and replace four incumbents on Nov. 8th. The President is stating we need to fill jobs, the Directors are saying let em go.

?? Will the insurance on the Athletes go up with the turf change? What did the coaches play on in their younger days? Or did they ever compete?

Anonymous said...

It was quite an interesting evening at Woodlyn School in reference to the 3.5 Million turf fields the coaches and Assistant Principals want.

Here's an IDEA! Get rid of all the Assistant Principals. Business Director and use that money to bring EDUCATION to our kids.

How many of the FORMER graduates went to college on what they learned on the gridiron?

How many other games were cancelled this year because of inclement weather? As far as Coach Lepre statement" The team practices indoors in rain events" so do the EAGLES they play on a grass field. Mr. Mcall takes the
prize for stating the district would not have to raise taxes. I understand they want to name the field after a local business man, is he going to donate the $3.5 Million?

It was interesting to see Mr. Frey offer his services to challenge Worcester to change the lighting ordinance pro-bono. Mr. Roth and Ms. Petrauskas saw the light when he stated "POLITICAL Maneuvering", maybe, MR. Frey is looking to be the solicitor of Methacton.

It was also interesting to hear Mr. Charles Mandracchia state he was in favor of the expenditure. I believe he's a Skippack attorney working for an ajoining Township, maybe he can kick in a Million.

Three fields at a Million a field, with your name plate at the entrance, great deal at a great price.

Your correct Mr. Roth, Beware of someone bearing gifts, you know how that phrase rings.

I'm happy that the vote will be taken on the 25th of October, the election for NEW School Directors will take place on November 8th.

My only wish would be for the Times Herald to print the Yea's and Nay's on the vote. It would make my family's job much easier.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why such a pricey endeavor has been presented at this time.
First, our School District needs to priortize the needs of the District.
Second, can the taxes cover such a venture.
Third, has the Athletic Department considered a practice field from one of the farmers or construction companies being donated. This would give breathing time for the fields.
Fourth, the school itself built for education not sports, is in need of repairs and that is why we have this school in the first place.
FIRST THINGS FIRST! We seem to be getting everything backward.

Anonymous said...

Today's TIMES HERALD tells a story about the delay in voting on the astro turf fields at Methacton.
One can imagine why the vote was postponed until a later date........Elections 11 days away.
250 Parents-teachers-students were there to show their support of the Turf. Mr. Quinn who is not a resident of the tax base is head over heels for it. The students should be home doing their studies. How many teachers in attendance live in the tax base?
The Times Heral printed an article by Carl Rotenberg on April 20,2011 with headlines "Methacton seeking state's permission to furlough 15 teachers". I guess Sports come before..Math Specialists in elementary schools, The planetarium program (gone),driver education instructor (gone),etc,etc. We have to ask ourselves, what is more important fields or EDUCATION? This School Board is no beter than the one run by Mr. Van (I'll come down and handle things) Horne with his Skyview fiasco. Waste not, want not!

Anonymous said...

If Methacton had grass fields in anywhere near respectable condition, this would not be such an issue. MSD has grown in population, but the field space has not kept up. As a result of trying to cram too many teams onto too few fields, the playing surfaces are unsafe for the student athletes. Since MSD did not expend the money to acquire needed land over the last 20 years, they are now landlocked and turf fields are the only reasonable solution. Injury comparisons you speak of are comparisons between turf and well kept (level) grass fields. Ours are rutty, uneven, unkempt, unsafe. They are constantly the brunt of jokes and criticism from opposing coaches who no longer want to play here. It is embarassing. For our tax money, we should be entitled to fields comparable (not better, just comparable) to neighboring districts. Our athletes deserve this, and whether they plan on going forward to play in college has nothing to do with it.

Mark said...

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