Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Montgomery County's empire is burning

The column was getting so much attention on The Times Herald's website that I thought I would post it here, http://bit.ly/fANG18, as well. Enjoy, and let me know what you think. Some are trying to figure out the characters, although, I do think I made it fairly obvious.


Anonymous said...

The Fiddlers Three - Hoeffel III, Matthews and Castor should not be on the ballot of either party. Endorsement does not really make them the best administrators, only the party will help supply the funds and manpower.

Anonymous said...

Stan, do really want to throw fuel on the burning? Ok here you go. Remember those interest swaps a few years ago that got Bethlehem School District in the hole to the tune of 200 million. Guess who else is now in the hole? Montgomery County. Better check it out. Maybe LPT not getting open space funds is because Montgomery County has been doing some balancing act to do to cover up the losses the last few years

Mountain Jim said...

Your front page in yesterdays TIMES HERALD tells the story on who's on first, what's on second.
Miller states he knows all about the open space turn down, but hear no evil, see no evil, say no evil no nothing. Castor should follow the other two losers and drop out of the race. Maybe the committee
persons will vote Ms.Harper and Ms.
Jones as their choices, then Castor (as stated by him) will drop out of the race. But, Mr. Kerns will be there telling the puppets how to vote. An open primary would be great..There's always write ins. Time will tell!

Had Enough said...

If the Committee Persons were doing their job correctly, they would be knocking on doors asking the voters in their districts what they would want, and, expect from a candidate running for office. No, they rely on someone like Mr. Kerns who is a great hand shaker to make the decision for them. I agree with the previous blogger in that the public should have the RIGHT to an open primary, not one thats set up by a bunch of political hacks. There may not be too many people in Montgomery County that understands how to write in a canidate. Then comes the money men who think nothing of slipping a friend tons of money (don't say where it came from), that way No reporting is neccessary. We will be getting the same garbage and will have to live with for four more years.

Anonymous said...

Where are the "Tea Party" people when you need them the most. Hopeffully someone will step up and take charge and throw this band of three out the door. I don't understand why the words politician and corruption have to go hand in hand in Montco.

God Bless the Republican Committee said...

Dear Mr. Huskey; Thank you,thank you for the video of Mr. Castor speech and crying at the endorsement meeting last night. How can anyone say he got the endorsement free and clear. It's a crying shame that 433 puppets did not take Mr. Bob Guzzardi advice and can Castor. If I were Ms. Harper I would tell those 433 idiots to go to where it's warm and run anyway. She will probably have my write in anyway. If not those 433 idiots have made up my mind in November when my "R" becomes a "D". This is one time Mr. Kerns has bit off more than he can chew. Thanks again for your coverage of this historical event. The downfall of Montgomery County.

DickLadson said...

I am not sufficiently literate to identify the players in your story of Rome, but as a naive citizen I can spot a blatant mis-use of power, that being Mathews' firing of Mr. Ellis and filling the vacancy himself. Mathews then justifies his action with the following excuses:

1. Mr. Ellis spoke mis-truths about the poor state of the county's fiscal health

2. Mathews will donate his new found income to charity

Mathews is sickeningly self-righteous in defending the honor of the county in the name of "truth". Free speech be damned, "truth" is defined as "agreement with me"

Watching the meeting of the county commissioners is like watching sausage being made. I don't know whether I should vomit over the state of our government, or cry because the Times Herald stands aside while free speech is trampled.

I think I will do both.