Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Teaching lessons

Teachers play a significant role in the formation of our children. Their jobs are tough, I know, I was a substitute for a while when I was at the University of North Texas. They work long hours, but they get a lot of time off in the summer. Most teachers are dedicated professionals, and I say most only because in any profession there are people who simply don't belong. Teachers are taxpayers, too, so they feel it every time the school district raises property taxes.
I wanted to put all of that on the table so someone doesn't read into this post that I don't like teachers. This post is really for teachers. This is a brief explanation of why you're feeling unappreciated. Every time you go to the well for pay increases all of our property taxes go up, and yes, I know that includes yours as well. Here's the real reason you're not feeling the love right now; you're asking for too much. No one wants to hear that you want to pay less for your health care. No one wants to hear that you want 4, 5 and 6 percent raises. Just be reasonable. That's all.


Anonymous said...

Making do - is why a young person just entering the Teaching Profession. One young person told me he can appreciate the outrage of parents because of the taxes that are constantly increasing. What he has done is taken on two Tutoring Positions for students that need that extra help that although a tutor is part of the school system, it is not personal enough for the student to understand where he needs more help. The School Districts only have so many teachers and some are assigned also to, say Tennis, and if there is a need by various students it will have to be scheduled into the Tennis obligation. Sound familiar? So, teachers need to teach ONE subject and be available for students for that subject. Tennis could be taken care of by a volunteer that would have more time and just maybe be more qualified.

Anonymous said...

"Raise" is probably the worst possible framing of what teachers are asking for.

Teachers (say, in North Penn) have been asking for 4-6% *pay increases* over the span of 3-5 *years*.

When you consider that works out to around 1% a year, and cost of living has been going up 3-4%, everyone should actually be thanking teachers for literally taking a pay cut.

A "raise" would be something more than cost of living. Show me one school district's union that has been asking for that. Good luck finding one.

Anonymous said...

Let's go after the bigots and racists like Ralston and Sweeten who wasted $ on "manhunts" against innocent Black men. If they had to pay large fines and forfeit their pensions/property, maybe they would stop crying wolf and there would be more money for teachers. Stop blaming teachers for the problems. We can't afford to not have someone for the children. Otherwise, just keep building jails and pay forever locking up kids that didn't have a chance to become productive citizens.

Anonymous said...

In order to (attempt to) head off the expected "teachers have it great!" idiocy that this post is sure to generate, here's a comparison in actual dollars:

The average Pennsylvanian with a bachelor's degree and 14 years of experience works about 40 hours a week for 48 weeks out of the year and makes $65,000/year - at 1,920 hours per year, that's $33.85/hour.

The average Pennsylvania teacher has a master's degree and 14 years of experience, works about 65 hours a week for 40 weeks out of the year and makes $55,000/year - at 2,600 hours per year, that's $21.15/hour.

Same hours, over a third less.

So, Stan, if asking for what equates to a 2% pay cut is "too much," then what amount, exactly, is "just right?" I'm sure all the teachers out there would like to know just how much they should be begging to be gouged for.

Stan said...


Please cite your sources. There's nothing worse than someone throwing numbers out without backing them up.
Also, health care cost has gone up for nearly everyone, so using your 'logic' almost everyone is getting gouged. Which by the way is your word, not mine.

Riggstad said...

I am against unions in general but I see two unions which actually create value.

Teachers, and professional sports.

PROFESSIONAL SPORTS?!!?!?? you ask?. Yes. Why? Professional sports exist because WE pay exorbitant amounts of money as spectators to watch participate and enjoy. Networks pay huge contracts to gain the rights to televise those events in hopes of attracting large advertising dollars. Clubs make huge money at the gates, licenses and vending sales, as well as those contracts. None of that exists without the players and as ridiculous as it seems to pay someone 100 million dollars over 6 years because they can hit 40 home runs and 100 RBI's in a season, the money is still there. Would you rather it go to the clubs or the players? We pay for it, so someone should get it. The point is, it's there. THE MONEY IS THERE.

The professional sports player doesn't get into the profession because of the money. They get into it because they are blessed with talent and have worked their LIVES building on that talent and doing everything they can to excel and compete at the highest levels. Be as cynical as you want but the point remains, they worked their butts off to get there.

Teaches have as well. There is no denying that. But they also got into the professions NOT to make money. ASk any teacher why they got into teaching and not one has answered money. The districts don't have any. That's the point. I am on the side of the teachers unions because it is their leaders that cause this issue. I've been told on many occasions that it isn't so much that the money is scarce as it is that it is mismanaged. Now that may be another discussion all together but the fact remains that until it is addressed and resolved, the teachers will always be last to the proverbial "teet".
I'm not one to charge the line and wave a flag for teachers to make all the money they can get. But in this instance, equity is torn apart by their brethren. Those who escalated through the ranks and now have their hands on the piggy bank as if to say, I can finally get mine!. I don't understand an adminstrator making 130k a year versus the teacher who makes only 70? At least they were the numbers I was given.

To comhradh:

The average worker with a bachelors degree and 14 years experience and whatever other numbers you threw out there....

Those average workers are contributing to revenue and profit. What they do drive a bottom line and make money for whatever companies or organizations they are working for. That might seem cruel and off tangent to what you were trying to point out, but again, what they do adds money. It's there to be had.

They create revenue, or aid in creating that revenue for their own positions. Is it fair that the kid in sales who quit college makes $230k a year selling software as opposed to the guy in accounting who has a masters degree, CPA certification, and only makes $150k? Um, yeah. Because the kid created the revenue for the company to be able to pay him that. The CPA has to compete with someone who can do the same job as he does, and possibly for less. In fact, if it wasn't for the kid, the CPA might not have a job.

I thought teachers took those jobs and pursued those careers in order to fulfill their own personal desires in wanting to help the children. Personal job satisfaction must be weighed when discussing salaries. You choose your profession based on what you want to do, what you can do, and how much money you want to earn. I doubt anyone ever considered money when deciding they wanted to be a teacher. I get that it's not what we are talking about. But if you are going to compare statistics like that, you better be sure to understand what and why positions offer in terms of salaries and how they are calculated.

Anonymous said...

Here's my sources:



As for the health care, I didn't even figure that in to cost of living adjustments. Do you think it's fair to ask teachers to take a pay cut and then have to pay more for health care? Do you really believe that they're asking "too much" when they ask for help to offset those costs?

Anonymous said...


So, what you're saying is that teachers contribute nothing society, and since they do what they do simply for the love of it, they basically don't even deserve a paycheck?

Upsydaizie said...

I understand teachers wanting raises. Doesn't everybody? But at this time, there are many who don't even have a job.

A Job? With Benefits? I'll take it!

At least they have a job----with benefits to boot!

Until you have been jobless for 2 years, don't go telling everyone that they have to pay more in their taxes when they are still struggling to put food on the table. (Oh, and not all of those unemployed are eligible for unemployment benefits- such as those self employed in the housing industry, like carpenters, electricians, plumbers, builders etc. Which by the way began crumbling back in 05-06 and progressively became worse.
So yeah- we've been feeling it for a while now.)

I realize that even though I no longer have a child in school- and I saved the state how much in taxes over 12 years by sending my kid to a non- public school- and still paid my taxes - that I still need to support our school systems.
I also realize that teachers & schools are a very important part of our children growing up. Think about how much time a kid spends in school over the course of his youth- and how that time molds and shapes him into a human being.
The role the school plays overall is priceless really.
(Notice I said school and not each individual teacher.)

I also agree that teachers are teachers because they want to help our kids and are not in it to get rich- which is the way it should be. Schools should be schools for the same reason.
In my opinion, since we live in such a greedy society, and desperately need our children to be guided properly while they are in school,(and at home- but that's another subject) teachers' salaries should be low enough to weed out anyone who would be "in it for money", but high enough to allow them to live fairly comfortably. Fairly comfortably meaning be able to pay regular bills bills and afford the occasional night out and be able to afford to take a vacion week or two.

Oh, how so many of us would love to be fairly comfortable right now!

Since it is so important that we have teachers in schools who truly care about our kids, keeping it a little lower can help to assure us that only the best are in place.

Salaries do need to be raised, but not at this time. Although, now would be a good time to assess all state & county employee salaries and do some rearranging. Some positions may actually be alotted too high of a salary, while others may be too low. Maybe there, we will find the tax money to afford a small raise for teachers. But small is all.

The sybil said...

So far we haven't heard from any teachers, as Stan requested, so we are left to guess and defend a job that none of us perform--although most of us have somebody in the family actually in the trenches

Teachers seem to be one of the few workers whom we actually know are paid by our tax money, and salaries and benefits DO make up at least two-thirds of the school tax budget. The differences in individual school districts are a huge factor in what causes such a variance in teacher pay--and in what appears on the surface to be teacher performance.

It would be interesting to hear what the rank and file think of their union leaders. Although solidarity is expected, it seems likely that a lot of teachers would rather be in their classrooms with their kids and yes, having a job when lots of parents do not have a steady job today.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you work on real problems?

Mecklenburg County, Virginia (CNN) -- On his southern Virginia farm on a recent warm Saturday, John Boyd Jr. needs a dose of rain before he can plant soybeans.

More than 200 miles away in Washington, Boyd has a bigger problem on his hands. President Obama has promised to help black farmers who have not received the $1.25 billion settlement owed to them after years of being denied government farm loans and support from federal programs because of the color of their skin.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you teach that 2nd place runner-up "beauty contestant" that she needs to put "brain in gear before putting mouth in motion". Even her fellow Repubs disagree with her about the newest teaparty person who thinks it's okay to discriminate. But, of course, since you "own" this blog, you won't post this as it exposes your heroine...

Cornyn Disagrees With Palin That Asking A Candidate About His Positions Is A ‘Gotcha’ Tactic

Today on Fox News Sunday, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin joined other conservatives in saying that Kentucky GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul should never have gone on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show because it was a “gotcha” question to ask him about his views on civil rights (which were already the hot topic of the day, before the interview). Palin criticized Maddow, saying she “perhaps had an agenda” and that he should be allowed to freely engage in “a hypothetical discussion” about the Civil Rights Act:

WALLACE: Do you see some similarities to what politicians and the press did to you in the fall of 2008?

PALIN: Yeah, absolutely. So you know, one thing that we can learn in this lesson that I have learned and Rand Paul is learning now is don’t assume that you can engage in a hypothetical discussion about constitutional impacts with a reporter or a media personality who has an agenda, who may be prejudiced before they even get into the interview in regards to what your answer may be — and then the opportunity that they seize to get you.

You know, they’re looking for that gotcha moment. And that’s what it evidently appears to be that they did with Rand Paul, but I’m thankful that he was able to clarify his answer about his support for the Civil Rights Act.

Maddow, despite Palin’s rhetoric, provided Paul a fair forum, giving him approximately 15 minutes to explain his views. Last week, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) also said that Maddow did a “gotcha” interview, claiming, “If I’m walking down the street minding my own business and somebody sticks a microphone under my nose about a law that was passed 40 years ago, without more detail — I think it probably caught him a little bit by surprise.” Of course, Maddow didn’t “stick” a microphone under Paul’s nose; he freely appeared on her show and the issue of the Civil Rights Act was brought up earlier, during an interview Louisville Courier-Journal in Kentucky. At that time, Paul had a very clear opinion on the issue.

Today on NBC’s Meet the Press, however, Cornyn admitted that asking Paul about his positions is fair game:

GREGORY: Don’t you think this is fair game? Questions about his views about the limit and scope of government?

CORNYN: Well, I do think that’s a fair topic, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing extensively from him and all the other candidates over the next six months.

Anonymous said...

And more from going rogue Palin... Remember the one who wanted the girl's basketball team to go rogue and disobey their parents, school officials, etc... just like her lil daughter went rogue on her about abstinence... we have this nonsense brewing in good ole South Carolina...

And another one of Palin's endorsements may be biting the dust.

c/o CNN

Today, in what was pitched as a protest against nefarious political maneuverings, former Mark Sanford press secretary Will Folks posted the following on his Web site, Fitsnews.com:

I have become the primary target of a group that will apparently stop at nothing to destroy the one S.C. gubernatorial candidate who, in my opinion, would most consistently advance the ideals I believe in. For those of you unfamiliar with the editorial bent of this website, the candidate I am referring to is S.C. Rep. Nikki Haley.

This network of operatives has made it abundantly clear that in the process of “taking down” Rep. Haley, they will also stop at nothing to humiliate me, destroy my family and take a sizable chunk out of the credibility this website has managed to amass for itself. Such is the blood sport of S.C. politics, I suppose – particularly in the wake of the scandal that consumed my former boss, Gov. Mark Sanford.

Specifically, within the last forty-eight hours several pieces of information which purportedly document a prior physical relationship between myself and Rep. Haley have begun to be leaked slowly, piece by piece, to members of the mainstream media. I am told that at least one story based upon this information will be published this week. Watching all of this unfold, I have become convinced that the gradual release of this information is deliberately designed to advance this story in the press while simultaneously forcing either evasive answers or denials on my part or on Nikki’s part.

I refuse to play that game. I refuse to have someone hold the political equivalent of a switch-blade in front of my face and just sit there and watch as they cut me to pieces.

The truth in this case is what it is. Several years ago, prior to my marriage, I had an inappropriate physical relationship with Nikki.

That’s it.

I will not be discussing the details of that relationship, nor will I be granting any additional interviews about it to members of the media beyond what I have already been compelled to confirm.

It is what it is, and aside from the Haley family – Michael, Nikki, Rena and Nalin – I feel no need to apologize or explain myself to anyone. People are human. We make mistakes. And as I have learned from experience, the key to life isn’t the mistakes we make, it’s how we choose to handle them.

I do owe my wife, Katrina, an apology for failing to disclose certain things that took place prior to our marriage. I know that’s not the technical definition of infidelity, but it is a form of unfaithfulness that has broken the trust between us – a trust which must now be rebuilt. I also owe her an apology for the storm that my family has been facing for the past few weeks, and the storm we will no doubt continue to face in the weeks to come.


Anonymous said...

Teachers are in it for the kids.... but we also need to be able to pay our bills. Yes we do get off in the summer but ask how many teachers really don't work in the summer because they need the extra money.

Anonymous said...

Texas is white-washing history in the books that the Republican majority is approving. They probably wouldn't like the Chicago cop's torture of Black men causing them to confess to murder, etc., to be in any history books either.

Hope that cop loses his pension and goes to jail. Unlike the other Philly cop who tried to blame two Black men when he shot himself. Gets his pension and doesn't do any jail time.


Judge forces cop to testify in Burge trial
Ex-detective will be key prosecution witness
May 7, 2010

A former Chicago Police detective who allegedly witnessed former Cmdr. Jon Burge play "Russian roulette" with a suspect and put a typewriter cover over the man's head is expected to be a key prosecution witness in Burge's upcoming trial, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.
Michael McDermott, considered part of Burge's inner circle and accused of torturing criminal suspects himself, was forced by a judge to break a generations-long blue wall of silence and testify about what he knew while working under Burge. "If he's been given immunity and he tells the truth, he could be a very significant witness for the prosecution," said attorney Flint Taylor, who for years represented Burge's alleged victims.
Among the alleged torture cases involving Burge where McDermott was present, Taylor said, was that of Shadeed Mu'min, who is also on the government's witness list.
Mu'min, convicted of a 1985 robbery, has claimed he passed out twice while Burge held a plastic typewriter cover over his head. He also said Burge played "Russian roulette" with him, spinning a gun, putting it to Mu'min's head and pulling the trigger several times.
Deady refused to characterize McDermott's testimony and noted that McDermott is also on the defense witness list.
McDermott initially refused to testify before the grand jury, asserting his Fifth Amendment right. But he was compelled to do so by Chief U.S. District Judge James Holderman, Deady said. McDermott faced jail time if he refused.
"He was immunized before the grand jury and I expect him again to be immunized at trial," Deady said. "He testified before the grand jury on more than one occasion and he is going to testify at trial." Four black officers who worked with Burge have given sworn statements about their memories of Area 2 at the time. They are also on the witness list for federal prosecutors in Burge's upcoming trial. One of them is Sam Lacey, a lawyer, who worked in Area 2 for about seven years until 1988. He said Burge had an "A team" whose detectives mostly worked on the midnight shift and that "something was not going right on the midnights."
His former partner, Doris Byrd, a retired sergeant, said she could hear screaming from interview rooms when the "A team" was working.


Anonymous said...

How many Teachers work at their chosen profession? There probably is an answer if we would take a survey? Some of our Teachers Tutor during the year - take off in the summer to be with their kids. It is a win - win situation.

Anonymous said...

Teachers are responsible for bringing our children through the system. That's not to say that parents aren't equally as responsible, but the fact is that kids spend more active time with teachers than they do parents.

That being said, teachers play a very important role in preparing our children for life. Each child will grow into adulthood to conribute something to their community- weather negative or positive. The type of people we raise as a whole, effects everyone's quality of life in their communities.
So our childrens' schooling, which is a huge part of their upbringing, is extremely important- right?
Teachers are paid by taxes-so why are we not voting teachers into schools?
Why can't I, as a tax payer- go online or to a local office, and view the resume & check out the credentials of each teacher who wants a job in the schools that I pay taxes into?
I realize that we don't vote for every state worker- only the important ones- the ones that have a direct effect on the outcome of our communities. Wouldn't you say that teachers are in that category?

Anonymous said...

Palin admitted writing answers on her hand. Not the best example of a person telling children to disobey school officials.

Anonymous said...

More teaching lessons from Palin.

Another one of Palin's picks bites the dust. LOL... courtesy of CNN:

(CNN) - A Republican congressional candidate in Idaho who was recruited by national Republicans and endorsed by Sarah Palin was defeated Tuesday in a primary election.

Idaho state Representative Raul Labrador topped Vaughn Ward in the battle for the GOP nomination for Idaho's 1st Congressional District.

Ward, an Iraq war veteran who served as a campaign state coordinator for Sen. John McCain's 2008 bid for the White House, was picked as a candidate for the National Republican Congressional Committee's "Young Gun's" program. He greatly outraised Labrador in the race for campaign cash, and Palin, the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee who was born in Idaho, joined Ward at a rally last week.

But Ward apparently damaged his bid in recent weeks, allegedly plagiarizing from a speech President Barack Obama made at the 2004 Democratic convention. He also mistakenly alluded that Puerto Rico was a country during a recent debate.

Anonymous said...

Why can't I, as a tax payer- go online or to a local office, and view the resume & check out the credentials of each teacher who wants a job in the schools that I pay taxes into?

Because, as opposed to everyone else that you vote for, teachers are required to submit to state and federal background checks and acquire a teaching certificate from the state to certify that they are qualified to be a teacher.

Because the school year starts in Late August/early September and terms last until January, therefore you'd have new teachers "taking office" in the middle of the school year.

Because the result would be highly politicized campaigns for who gets to be the next Chemistry teacher at Norristown Area High School, where the candidate with most money will get the job and retain it as long as they can continue to outspend challengers, regardless of their actual performance.

Because as soon as this system would be instituted and someone you didn't vote for became your kid's fifth-grade teacher, you'd be screaming that political ideology has no place in the classroom and demanding a recount.

Because when was the last time you saw an elected official fired for what the public perceived as gross incompetence? Being voted out of office doesn't count - I'm talking removed from office. If you think unions and tenure are bad, imagine someone with political cover and the support of their state party. Good luck getting even a sexual predator removed from "office." "These are just vicious allegations from my opponent, and I have a 1 million dollar war chest that will exonerate me!"

And, most importantly:

Because, unless you have been in the education sector long enough to be in a position to make that kind of determination, you are wholly unqualified to be making an assessment like that. The very fact that you've entertained such a ridiculous notion very clearly illustrates that.

Upsydaizie said...

@comhradh who ananswered :Why can't I, as a tax payer- go online or to a local office, and view the resume & check out the credentials of each teacher who wants a job in the schools that I pay taxes into?

Comhradh said:
Because, as opposed to everyone else that you vote for, teachers are required to submit to state and federal background checks....

That's because they are working directly with our children.- Safety first there.
Because the school year starts in Late August/early September and terms last until January, therefore you'd have new teachers "taking office" in the middle of the school year.

Who said they would be voted on by EVERYONE on election day? It would seem to me that just those parents with kids in school should care- as far as when goes- who said it had to be connected to political campaign voting?
Because the result would be highly politicized campaigns.....

NO campaigning would be needed. That's what a resume would be for. A tax payer should know the credentials of the teachers who are influencing their children on a daily basis. Campaigning should be against the rules if this were something in place.
Because as soon as this system would be instituted and someone you didn't vote for became your kid's fifth-grade teacher, you'd be screaming that political ideology has no place in the classroom and demanding a recount....

Really- how many people demand a recount now of the idiots who get elected into political office? Besides- parents should have a say in who gets the job of teaching their children. Maybe not in a voting capacity..but they should be able to look at a teachers credentials and go to someone affiliated with hiring and say,"Hey,here's my two cents".
NO TEACHER/POLITCAL CAMPAINING ALLOWED- just a posting of the resume, somewhere public where people would be able to comment. Possibly something like hey if ya wanna know- go read it.
Not something to be made a big promotion of.
And, most importantly:
Because, unless you have been in the education sector long enough to be in a position to make that kind of determination, you are wholly unqualified to be making an assessment like that. The very fact that you've entertained such a ridiculous notion very clearly illustrates that......

Most responsible parents don't need a degree to know who is and is not good to be around their children.
I agree that the political aspect of anonymous' suggestion would need to be taken into consideration, but being able to have a say in and see who is up for the job and getting to know them on some level would be a good idea. It could even bring parents and teachers closer in working together. Again, who said it should be done in a political format? there are other ways of doing things- we are Americans, not AmeriCAN'Ts

Something has to be done on both the schools part and the parents part- as a team to begin producing better people in this country. It has to start in youth- that would naturally involve the schools.

Anonymous said...

Why should teachers have to post their resume in public? That could invite identity theft and as far as I'm concerned, their job background is for HR to review for ability to do the job.

Stan is stirring up a bunch of nonsense with his attacks on teachers. He should look in the mirror at his paper's reporting and its slant towards the right-wing agenda.

Anonymous said...

Then maybe HR should be scrutinized for placing teachers; who directly influence the way our children grow up as much as home life or parenting does. Teachers should be honored to teach our children and recognize the trust bestowed upon them in the community. People should know what kind of teachers will influence their children throughout the first years of their life into young adulthood. Identity theft point taken, but there is a way.

Anonymous said...


No campaigning? Getting people to vote, let alone on a day other than election day? No politicization? Good luck with that.

As for your last point, seriously? You honestly believe that a 2-page resume is all anyone needs to make a determination about who is good to be around their children?

It's this kind of thinking that leads people to believe that television is a good surrogate parent.

If you think you're getting much more than a quick list of education, work experience and achievements out of a resume, you probably don't know what a resume looks like. Most of the action happens in the cover letter... which, unfortunately, is where the CAMPAIGNING happens.

Politicians campaign to sell themselves. Job seekers write cover letters to sell themselves. There's very little difference between the two.

Anonymous said...

Maybe voting for teachers is not the best idea- but parents and tax payers definitely need a voice in who has such high influence on their children.

Anonymous said...

I have been a registered nurse for 23 years, I work night shift, weekends, holidays, snow days and throughout the summer. If I make a mistake, the consequences could be devastating. In looking at the salaries teachers make who have been in the profession the same amount of time i have been a nurse they make the same if not more. I love what I do. I don't work in a union hospital because I would never strike since I consider myself a professional. With people losing their jobs in the community, you sit there whining about not wanting to pay more into healthcare and not enough pay increase, please take a long look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself how hard do you really work? Out of my kids 16 different teachers they had this year about 5 actually taught. While I had to pay extra money for tutoring. Also, the way the teachers behaved this year was so unprofessional, what a poor example you have set for today's youth.

Anonymous said...

Facing the Facts of Life! Teachers have Degrees and Certification that entitles them to Teach (a Profession of Choice). What has not been taught to these people is the Facts...There are only so many Tax Dollars to go around. Example: I as a manager was given the choice of how much, by what standards was it based and then if I were included and there were not enough dollars it was "either you get the raise or give your raise to the needy"... Exactly how have the Teachers and the School Board arrived at their decision - we all would like to know.

Anonymous said...

See you at the "Open House" and take a look at the surroundings these teachers have to put up with every day. Stop laughing! There isn't one school in the Methacton School District that isn't a pleasure to teach in. Now, the children are well dressed and fed well. So the atmosphere for learning is there. I believe there is no place here Montgomery County that has it this great. This is a small School District and there are very few wealthy people, comfortable maybe, but not wealthy that have their children in the Public School System, so where do the Teachers come off with the need to have a raise and everything handed to them - it is their Profession of Choice.

Anonymous said...

Football, Wrestling & maybe Basketball & Soccer should have another look at as a sport that can and does cause injuries that will be with you the rest of your life. Anything that has to do with a blow to the head should now be considered as a maybe sport. Soccer looks like a sport that does not need very much equipment - but take another look. Football, we know is out there even with the helmet and very well trained coaches with a medical staff at hand at all times. Basketball, has a plus and minus for injuries - that floor is not so soft is it? So, Teaching is now coming under very strict supervision or if it is not - it should be.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking at "Sports" in an entirely different light, since so many players are helped/carried off the field in Football. What are the requirements for the Uniforms and Medical Exams, that I believe should have changed in the last five-six years. Soccer for Girls needs a long hard look at - not that boys are on who cares list - it is important to know how their bodies, after some thumping, will respond. Right now I'm just looking at the responsibility of the Parents, High School - not college.

Anonymous said...

Growing up the big thing was "contact" sports. Now, swimming and golf were my preference, but that did not go over in most High Schools until 1970s. Now that I look at the goofy kids that could not figure out what came after 1 or chew gum without choking, I believe I was correct in picking my sports and still enjoy them. So, no teacher should say I'll see you out on the field if you have problems with your course study, which is why they were hired in the first place.

Anonymous said...

A full page ad in the TH by Methacton Teachers over in Worcester was a great read. We now know they see the Tax Payers point of view. I really can not afford any more in taxes. Our neighbor that is retired and her husband passed had a very hard time this summer because of the heat and here electric bill. She told me it came to food or air conditioning. What will happen now if our taxes go up? LP/Worcester needs to look at how we schedule our classes at the HS and also trim some if not all after school activities for students and tax payers.

Anonymous said...

What is important to the Methacton Tax Payers is that we would like to know each day, what part of the contract is being discussed and the very next day, the TH with Carl's help will explain the why and why not they did not reach a compromise. The whole contract will come together if every person in LP & Worcester are on the same page. Enough with I want or Where is the money coming from. As a teacher they all should be up-to-date on laws governing School's finances.

Anonymous said...

If a Teacher is unhappy - that teacher should apply for a position in another School District. The ability to teach is to understand where the student is coming from on the learning scale. A Teacher must have it all together every day in order to do their job. So, unhappy teachers should leave. We can not afford teachers with an attitude.

Anonymous said...

Unhappy working for Perk. Valley School District!! A "Strike" on 2/28/11 will solve all the problems? Don't think so. Our "Gut" feeling is that even if they resolve most of the complaints, our Students will not benefit from this type of storm. As in most professions the solution is to move on. There are jobs out there in the "Private" sector, don't pay the same, but maybe that is where you can find your fit. A Charter School I have found to be our solution for the school age children.

Anonymous said...

A private school is where some of our Teachers should be teaching. If you qualify for a raise, then your pay will reflect your ability.

Anonymous said...

Some teachers would rather some other person secure an increase in their salary and benefits. Speak up Teachers and tell your Boards why you are in need of a raise and more coverage at the expense of your neighbors/community. How much is too much? Let's look at the taxes being paid and where the money is coming from. Most complaints are from families that have never or do not have children in the School District. So, if only the families that have children (no matter what age)that will or are attending your school or are in need of teaching Adults in the evening should be paying taxes. That would be a starting point. We all have to look at the whole picture of running a School District and that there are many areas that should take top priority. Well, maybe your School District could splain this to you. I for one check the budget each year and the total population in our area. Sure enough your Board has its hands full. We all complain when the school is over crowded and also when they have too much room. Perpetual Maintenance does not always cover our out-dated schools and every person should know that. So, where do our Boards get the funds to cover what our Teachers/Administrators are requesting of On Strike WE Will Go!

Anonymous said...

School Districts that face a "Strike" in the near future should make the working conditions are up to par. Salaries, as out in Wisc., should never be included in bargaining, that is one alone subject that faces each person that works for the school district. An evaluation is done on a yearly basis so the Teachers know exactly where they stand. You know the type that is given to you at your workplace. Now, here is where the money hits the road, if you don't like the outcome, you do have a choice...use it...resign and go some place more suited to your teaching style.

Anonymous said...

If the Tax Payers are responsible for the salary of an employee, then no this position should never strike and it should be up to the Tax Payers that are funding the position to decide how often and how much the position receives. When working for a non-profit I never received a raise on a yearly basis. Sometimes the salaries were considered every three to four years. Benefits were few and that of course included Medical and Paid Vacations. We were on our own when it came to retirement. I always bought bonds each month, so I ended up OK. So, now that is what our Teachers need to think about - No Free Pass.

Anonymous said...

Just a few words to the Now Generation. All frills should be done away with. Good Teachers are being paid to teach or in some cases help the slow learners by contacting their parents so they know there is a problem. I have not had any children in our school district for over 50 years - so Now Generation less is best. Pay attention while in school and ask questions if you do not understand.

Anonymous said...

Our children now think it is a joke when taking standardized tests. Multiple choice? Do away with it and make testing much shorter so the student can explain where he is coming from with his answers.

Anonymous said...

The funds are not there, so any person interested in the nice xtra sports, drama other than the three "R's" should volunteer to fill in. We did just that 40 years ago. Don't laugh, you and your neighbors are capable of doing just that. Try it, you just may like the experience