Friday, April 16, 2010

How about a spot of tea?

Tea Party members from all across the country demonstrated on April 15. While there have been alleged members of the group spouting hate at some of the rallies, for the most part they have been pulled off without a hitch. I write about the Tea Party movement in my April 19 column in The Times Herald. So, here's my question. As we argue about the fringe element of the group are we missing the message? Is that by design? I'm not happy with the direction this country is headed in, are you? OK, that was three questions; take your pick of which one you want to answer.


MaggieL said...

So far, most of the people "spewing hate" at Tea Party gatherings have turned out when investigated to be liberal infiltrators trying to smear the Tea Party folks.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your take on the "Tea Party". It seems that any person that disagrees with how Washington is being run are out of touch with reality according to the Obama Administration. How much do you believe is being paid by some news media to spread the Obama word? It seems there is a great need for another Channel other than Fox to show both sides of the coin when it comes to the "Tea Party" and other organizations that are in disagreement with how and how much is needed to right this country according to Mr. Obama's way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party Movement is all about Freedom from Government Control of all things and a more well informed citizen on exactly what Our Rights are under the Constitution - not the Obama Version.

The sybil said...

Maggie, give us a break! Do you think that Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and the rest of the people who hang out at Fox, or Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin are liberal infiltrators? They may not "spew hate", but they certainly work very hard at using words and phrases that keep stirring up discontent. They get lots and lots of attention which they love, and it sells books and TV commercial time, and people who slept through high school social studies classes believe everything they say without question.

The message is that we are having hard economic times, many people are out of work, even more people are having trouble paying their taxes and mortgages and medical bills, and "illegals" are doing our nasty and dangerous jobs. We don't feel like we can trust our car companies, our food companies, our financial advisers and bankers, or our clergy or youth group leaders. The bad guys seem to be taking over the towns and the Marshalls are accused of corruption. Who can be happy about that?

But most of us American people are decent, law-abiding, hard-working people who just want the chance to earn our living in peace and security. The main question is, and always has been, just exactly what each man and woman's definition of "freedom" means. It's a serious question and deserves serious thought, because true freedom isn't just being able to do what you want when you want where you want unless you are a hermit living in the wilderness.

We need to cooperate with each other, not stand on different sides of the ditch and call names. And if more people want things a certain way, try to go along and make the best of it and try to be kind about it until the right time comes to look at the problem again. The word "compromise" shouldn't be a slur.

Stan said...

Here is the full column.
Is the Tea Party movement being misrepresented by some media, ?

Anonymous said...

I saw the racist "tea party" people with their signs and guns. Just like the KKK. One had a sign that said he "got tar, need feathers & pitchfork". Just like Michael Richards letting people know what he really was when he let loose with "stick a fork, etc." in a racist rant. So, MaggieL needs to take her rose-colored glasses off and smell the real thing with Palin and the rest of those out in the far right field folks.

And, it's the same thing going on in Montco, with the "authorities" using their scare tactics.

If the tea party folks want to get rid of taxes, then they can get rid of my taxes that I pay for children going to school. I don't have any, so why should I pay, other than I feel it's the right thing to do to give them an education so they can become productive, unlike the abortion foes who want everyone to have kids, but don't want to pay for the unwanted or neglected ones, until they get in trouble, then it's build more jails. Real good logic like Palin's Road to Nowhere that she approved with the Bridge to Nowhere, only backing off when people objected. Still see her in her Republican party purchased clothes. When is she going to give back the $180k in clothes? She can afford it with her $100k speaking fees that even some tea party folks have an issue with paying.

Anonymous said...

Tea Party or a Beer Party, it really does not make any difference in the name, except for the reference of the Boston Tea Party that was because of Taxation.
The Tea Party started because of the irresponsible acts in Washington concerning what is written in the Constitution. This group is about too much Government Control and the need to go back to the founding principles. As one person said a well informed citizen is a great citizen and they will fight for the Freedom that is stated in the Constitution. I listen to many sides and now is the time to take a look at what is being done to our government, because of a WANT LIST vs NEED LIST. Don't just sit there and complain about all the taxation and free this or that to those that really should not be receiving any help. Pick up your sign and let your neighbors know you care - it is your right and if they disagree - let them make up their own sign saying so.

Anonymous said...

Stan looks like you need Dininny back!

Anonymous said...

Let Dininny do his work at home - it actually looks like he cares about his property. He is a good neighbor and when he decides on a cause he will not back away. Is he a part of the "Tea Party" ??? Now, if we could get a few more working for the cause because it is just - then we could all say "Let Freedom Ring"!!!

Anonymous said...

If you do not care for the Tea Party because they are expressing their dislike for how the government is being run...Maybe, we should use the town-square type of speaking our discontent? England has always used it, so why not here in America. Many towns across this great country could designate the first Saturday, or whatever, as the time is now -"Speak Your Piece - or forever hold your tongue and be Peaceful"...A good time is now before the Primary Election is held.

MaggieL said...

So, The the people who *you* say weren't spewing hate weren't infiltrators, do I have that right?

Because I thought that's what I was saying...

As for "work very hard at using words and phrases that keep stirring up discontent", well... your own slurs aren't really all that well-disguised, now are they?

I didn't actually sleep though social studies. I certainly remember being taught the Constitution and the other founding documents.

But I don't recall the part about people getting to have "their own definitions of what freedom means". Maybe I did catch a nap when that bit of relativist nonsense went by, or maybe they only taught it at your school. Or just maybe you picked it up elsewhere.

The purpose of having such founding documents is to define as clearly as possible what we mean by "freedom" we can all use the same meaning. Without compromising it.

MaggieL said...

"What's behind the anti-Tea Party hate narrative?"

Anonymous said...

more tea party nonsense wasting tax dollars in Arizona, The same folks allowing guns to be carried and passing a profiling so-called immigration law... courtesy of CNN...

The Arizona House voted Monday by a 31-22 margin to require all presidential candidates to prove they were born in the United States in order to meet the constitutional requirement. The measure still has to be considered by the Arizona state Senate before it can become law.

Anonymous said...

It is the law stating you must be BORN in the United States to be considered for the highest office in our land - The Presidency. It seems we have not deemed it necessary to check before endorsing candidates. We know the problems that we now face because of leaving procedures slip because of time required to check out the situation. Would you not agree that only born citizens may run for the Presidency?? The "Tea Party" is listing many reasons what is going wrong because we would like it OUR WAY. It makes common sense to have Watch Dog Groups bringing to light when we have moved in the wrong direction, but just common citizens grumble but do nothing about it. So, get involved with groups and protest - it is your constitutional right you know.

MaggieL said...

Gee, anonymous (whichever one you are), where I come from the "folks allowing guns to be carried" are referred to as the Founding Fathers. They wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Second Amendment and all that.

And I'm a little vague in the difference between an *actual* immigration law and a "so called immigration law".

We know the left-wing is pushing for all the illegals currently in the country to be given amnesty so they can vote Democratic, but somehow that just doesn't strike the rest of us a really good idea. If you won't respect our laws, why should you vote in our elections?

Anonymous said...

The only people spewing hate at the Tea Parties are those that don't want the movement to progress. I leave you to who the are.....Hint they voted the other folks in!

Anonymous said...

God forbid, wanting Mr. Dininny backagain! Why do you think he was voted out in the first place, the people couldn't stand to have him back for another six years. We need honest government not another Dininny.
Peninsula Dweller
Audubon, Pa

Anonymous said...

Maggie, It will take a President and Congress with very Broad Shoulders to say enough is enough and send all non citizens back to their homeland. Schools & Businesses must be held accountable for any person under their watch - if a person does not return home they (schools & businesses) will be held accountable and out of business - Proof of the return is on the business or school and this is then would be sent to the government's immigration office. Spend more money and have a country that has only citizens that believe in law and order.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why everyone is so upset about carrying firearms at AZ tea party gatherings. I grew up there and people there typically carry firearms almost everywhere. Honestly some restaurants have signs telling you where to check your weapons. It's really no big deal for them to do something at a tea party that they do every day anyway.

Anonymous said...

Carry a Gun, but knowing how to use and care for one is another thing. In the beginning of WWII, a retired Army Doctor lived on a farm next to our property. He extended an invitation to all the kids ages 14 on up to come to his home two days a week and he would instruct them on how to shoot and care for their guns. Well, I was close to the lower end of the age requirement, but this gentle man was really concerned about the war and the women left with no men to help them, just in case, he spent July and August to show and make sure we were really trained to us the weapons we had. I will always remember how to aim and fire. Any person that truly likes guns, do not use them to settle an argument those days are gone forever. The people within the Tea Party come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common - Freedom from Government Control and the need to follow the principles set down in the Constitution...Freedom of Speech is one.

Anonymous said...

MaggieL said Gee, anonymous (whichever one you are), where I come from the "folks allowing guns to be carried" are referred to as the Founding Fathers. They wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Second Amendment and all that.


The so-called founding fathers were against religious prosecution. They may have written the bill of rights, but they also discriminated against other people. The so-called father of the country George Washington had a slave that he elevated to a chef and gave him extraordinary freedom of movement, but fearing an escape, put the slave back on his farm doing hard labor. The slave escaped and although George tried to get him captured again, after his death, Martha refused to have him captured. These and other invaders of the already "discovered" country also brought their filthy diseases that killed thousands of the indigenous people. They also took land and other valuables. Well, the indigenous people are getting some of it back via suits and the casinos. The illegal immigrants as you called them had ancestors who were already here before once again, your founding fathers and the like took their land too. Look at California and Hawaii, as well as all the other states your ancestors invaded.

And, ask yourself why your tea party folks are carrying guns in public when they didn't do this before Obama got elected. Just like that woman carried her gun to a soccer or baseball game, then got killed by her gun carrying husband. The on-going nonsense about Obama's birth certificate is just your beating a dead horse. Just like Oxycontin Limbaugh, before he was caught, saying that all illegal drug users should be in jail, but not marching himself there after sending his housekeeper out to score his drugs, you and your tea party folks including the earmark queen Palin, are hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Just remember people:
Am armed society is a polite society and has proven to reduce crime by many percentage points. I much prefer to live in an armed society that in Chicago, Detroit, NYC, or Washington DC where total gun bans are in effect and only the criminals have guns...and use them.
2nd Amendment Man
Audubon, Pa

Anonymous said...

By Zachary A. Goldfarb
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, April 25, 2010

As the U.S. housing market began its epic fall nearly three years ago, top executives at Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs cheered the large financial gains the firm stood to make on certain bets it had placed, according to newly released documents.

The documents show that the firm's executives were celebrating earlier investments calculated to benefit if housing prices fell, a Senate investigative committee found. In an e-mail sent in the fall of 2007, for example, Goldman executive Donald Mullen predicted a windfall because credit-rating companies had downgraded mortgage-related investments, which caused losses for investors.

"Sounds like we will make some serious money," Mullen wrote.

BUT, the tea party people don't want government regulations. Just like Reagan's deregulation. Greenspan finally admitted that deregulation DID NOT WORK! Business will do whatever it wants for the bottom line whether or not it affects the economy without some type of regulations in place.

Anonymous said...

E. J. Dionne: Facts crash the tea parties
Beyond the hype, the movement is media- driven, far right, and somewhat racist.

By E. J. Dionne
The tea party is nothing new. It represents a relatively small minority of Americans on the right end of politics, and it will not determine the outcome of the 2010 elections.

In fact, both parties stand to lose if they accept the laughable notion that this media-created protest movement is the voice of true populism. Democrats will spend their time chasing votes they will never win. Republicans will turn their party into an angry and narrow redoubt with no hope of building a durable majority.

The news media's incessant focus on the tea party is creating a badly distorted picture of what most Americans think and is warping our policy debates. The New York Times and CBS News thus performed a public service last week by conducting a careful study of just who is in the tea party movement.

Their findings suggest that the tea party is essentially the reappearance of an old, antigovernment far right that has always been with us and accounts for about one-fifth of the country. The Times reported that tea party supporters "tend to be Republican, white, male, married, and older than 45." This is the populism of the privileged.

Tea party backers are far more likely than others to describe their views as "very conservative" and are decidedly more inclined than the rest of us to believe that too much is made of the problems facing black people.

This last finding points to a disconcerting fact that white Americans are reluctant to discuss: Part of the anger at President Obama is driven by the color of his skin.

Saying this invites immediate denunciations from defenders of those who take guns to rallies, threaten violence to "take our country back," and mouth old slogans about states' rights and the Confederacy. So let's be clear: Opposition to the president is driven by many factors that have nothing to do with race. But race is definitely part of what's going on.

Here is the poll question in its entirety: "In recent years, do you think too much has been made of the problems facing black people, too little has been made, or is it about right?"

Twenty-eight percent of all Americans - and just 19 percent of those who are not tea party loyalists - answered "too much." But among tea party supporters, the figure is 52 percent. Tea partyers are almost three times as likely as the rest of us to say that too much attention is being paid to the problems of blacks.

Among all Americans, 11 percent say that the Obama administration's policies favor blacks over whites; 25 percent of tea party sympathizers say this. Again, more is going on here than race, but race is in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Ariz. has the right idea about following the rules of law. If you are here and are without papers that are up-to-date...back you go, first stop is the lock-up and then take the plane (we already have them for this purpose -prisoners), train or bus (saw quite a few in Maryland) with a Federal Employee(s) attached. A good place to start would be with gatherings as the Tea Party to show your support. If our President thinks this type of arrest is unlawful, then let him prove it. I believe in our Constitution and a country that is free for every legal person residing within our borders to be all that he wants to be, by means of schooling and hard work.

MaggieL said...

What nonsense. People have been "carrying guns in public" in the US for hundreds of years.

`It's only the Obama administration's hostility to citizens armed for self-defense (something he lied about constantly during the campaign) that makes exercising this inherent right guaranteed by the Constitution into a political statement. The liberals yearn for us all to be utterly dependent on an inefficient and corrupt State not only for our safety against thugs and looters, but for health care and everything else.

Yes, some founding fathers kept slaves. And now the properly-amended Constitution forbids it.

Only the liberals are claiming opposition to the extreme left liberal agenda being slam-dunked by the (temporarily) left-wing Congress is now somehow "racist".

What *was* racist was electing a totally unqualified man to the Presidency *because* he is half-black. Anyone who claims Obama could have been elected POTUS with the same qualifications if he was a white man is kidding themselves.

This man has never run anything that had to pay for itself in his life. Is it any wonder he's blithely bankrupting the country for decades to come to pay off the unions and other government hand-out clients who put him in power?

They won't be enough to reelect him in 2012, though. And the liberal's Congressional candy store will be closing even sooner; they may be able to slam-dunk the new National Sales Tax that "no tax hikes on the middle class" Obama promised would never happen.

Little point in arguing with "Anonymous" who won't even use a fake name. *My* "ancestors" came to this country legally. I welcome immigrants from any country who respect our laws. I oppose amnesty for those who have already demonstrated they do not.

Anonymous said... staff and news service reports
updated 11:09 p.m. ET, Sun., April 25, 2010

LONDON - British physicist Stephen Hawking says aliens are out there, but it could be too dangerous for humans to interact with extraterrestrial life.

Hawking claims in a new documentary titled "Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking" that intelligent alien life forms almost certainly exist — but warns that communicating with them could be "too risky."

"We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet," Hawking said. "I imagine they might exist in massive ships ... having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can reach.”

The 68-year-old scientist said a visit by extraterrestrials to Earth might well be like Christopher Columbus arriving in the Americas, "which didn't turn out very well for the Native Americans."


MaggieL wants to act like she/he/it is better b/c she/he/it posts a name. Well, the s/w doesn't always work as I had registered b/4 & never got a confirmation. But MaggieL is just like the other tea party folk dismissing anything but the outlandish items they want to push. Your ancestors may have thought they came here legally, but I doubt the indigenous people would have welcomed them if they knew what they were all about... labeling them as savages and taking their land illegally. Read up on the mineral rights theft if you dare MaggieL and answer to that.

MaggieL said...

My ancestors *did* come here legally, and the records still exist. And I'm both "indigenous" and legal, having been born here to US citizens.

Looks like one of the "anonymous" may be afraid ICE will find them, and would rather hide behind that while questioning my courage.

Peddle your left-wing "moral equivalance" arguments elsewhere, maybe you can find a liberal who wants to pay you reparations. Fine with me as long as they use their own money.

I'd stay away from Arizona, though; sounds like they're fed up. I guess they know "what illegals are all about".

See you in November. Can you vote?

Anonymous said...

Once again the birther tea party wingnut MaggieL doesn't have a clue. My ancestors are of the Original People who were here in this land before Columbus got lost and "discovered" it. I have been registered to vote for years. So what's your point with your ignorant insults about my being illegal? I have my birth cert with the seal of the U.S. state of which I was born.

As far as your so-called advice of staying out of Arizona, I will be boycotting whatever I can that relates to that state. They were hurt economically when they didn't want to recognize Martin Luther King, Jr. and the people voted for the holiday. Hope they have a lot of $ to cover the $ they will lose in conventions, etc.

Now, don't get it twisted and assume that I am for illegal immigration, as I am not. But, that is one of your assumptions, that I am a Liberal and I am for any kind of immigration. Typical of a tea party supporter.

MaggieL said...

Um...if you're for "any kind of immigration", then you're for illegal immigration. But you just claimed claim you're not for illegal immigration, so I'm at a loss as to how to "not twist this".

If you are only for legal immigration, then we're in agreement, and you can stop name-calling.

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party is trying to show all of us that we have laws that are not being enforced and rules set forth in the Constitution are not being enforced. Immigration, is one of many and we all know it, but now it has come to a head. Either join them or give them credit where credit is due for insisting we pay attention to our country and how it is being run/taken care of.

Anonymous said...

But, that is one of your assumptions, that I am a Liberal and I am for any kind of immigration.

MaggieL can't comprehend obviously. I didn't say I am for any kind of immigration. I said you were assuming that. So again, don't get it twisted and I want to see your card that allowed you into my country.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party is trying to show all of us that we have laws that are not being enforced and rules set forth in the Constitution are not being enforced. Immigration, is one of many and we all know it, but now it has come to a head. Either join them or give them credit where credit is due for insisting we pay attention to our country and how it is being run/taken care of.

April 27, 2010 2:57 PM


Give credit? How about you tea party people yelling about Bush's oil war that cost 10 billion a month for no WMD's. If there were WMD's you would know by the receipts of all the weapons that were shipped to Iraq and Saddam when the U.S. was supporting him against Iran. Also, some of the imbalance in trade can be traced to Bush's brother who worked for China as a person who had Poppa Bush and Dubya's ears to influence the lack of pursuing the human rights issue because of the money they could make in the trade business.

MaggieL said...

"Anonymous" will have to pardon me for failing to properly parse an ambiguous, unpunctuated sentence. I applaud your opposition to illegal immigration, assuming by "illega;" you mean "contrary to the laws of the US and the several states"

Speaking of ambiguous, to which country does "Anonymous" refer to as "my country"? I have a birth certificate issued the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (perhaps you've heard of it) and a United States passport documenting US citizenship, which was accepted the last time I cleared Passport Control.

If "anonymous" is a citizen of some *other* polity claiming sovereignty over my home and property, I can only suggest they should take that issue up with the US State Department.

Anonymous said...

CNN POSTED: 11:36 pm EDT April 27, 2010
UPDATED: 10:30 am EDT April 28, 2010

PRIMROSE, Ga. -- People who live near the Faith Baptist Church in Primrose call the pastor's messages offensive.

The marquee in front of the Faith Baptist Church in Primrose reads, " Islam will take you to Hell."

That message greets residents and people who travel down Highway 41 through Primrose.

Billy Ball is the pastor of Faith Baptist Church and the author of the sign that many in his community find offensive.

Ball said he doesn't care about offending people.

"I think there are three categories of people in America right now that get a break, the homosexuals, radical homosexual movement, the Nation of Islam and the illegal Mexicans," said Ball.

Ball said he puts controversial messages like that on the church sign, because it is his belief and he wants the attention.

"We had, last week for several days, 'Every time Obama wins, America loses, pray for our perverted president,'" said Ball.

Ball's church and its messages are right across the street from a gas station that's owned by Mohammad Ashfakul Monir.

Monir is a Muslim and said he finds the sign offensive.

He's not the only one who wishes the pastor would change his message.

"Especially talking about other religions too, I don't feel he should be doing that and not putting it out on signs," said John Sosby.

Travis Johnson's church is down the street from Ball's.

Johnson said he dreads passing by the sign especially with his wife and kids.

"And they reading that every Sunday, especially about our country and our president, it's just -- you know -- I wish there was another route I can take," said Johnson.

Anonymous said...

MSNBC: Jeb Bush, agreed with Rubio’s assessment in an interview with POLITICO, saying that the Arizona law is not “the proper approach” to solving the problem of illegal immigration.

Republican Meg Whitman, the front-runner in California's gubernatorial primary, declined to say whether the law is "racist" — as some critics allege — but told The Associated Press that Arizona's law does not offer the most effective strategy. "I think there's just better ways to solve this problem," she said.

Anonymous said...

CBS: But many more cities are lining up in opposition. Dozens are threatening to cut all business ties with Arizona. Already at least eight conventions have pulled out of Phoenix in protest. The city could lose up to $45,000 on each.

"I work in the hotel business and I know for a fact there are several cancelations already in the pipe for several hotels in Arizona," said Jeff Franklin, a hotel worker.

Arizona has gone through this kind of economic pressure before. In 1987, when the state refused to observe the national Martin Luther King Holiday, there was a national boycott - the Super Bowl pulled out of Tempe. It all cost the state $300 million.

Anonymous said...

Fact Check: FAIR’s 2,555,000 Dimes For “Ethno-Separatist”
Jim Burroway
April 29th, 2010
Rachel Maddow interviewed Bill Wolff of the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the group that claims credit for writing Arizona’s anti-immigration law which critics charge is a open invitation to racial profiling. In particular, Maddow drills Wolff over FAIR’s extensive associations with White Supremacists.
Brutal. So who’s the more credible party: Maddow or Wolff?
Well, we don’t have the wherewithal to fact check everything in this interview, but I knew I could easily fact-check Wolff’s denial that FAIR donated any money or had any connections with an “ethno-separatist” during a 2004 Arizona ballot initiative. Protect Arizona Now (PAN), with “ethno-separatist” Virginia Abernathy chairing its national advisory board, was the prime force behind Arizona’s Prop 200 in 2004. At 19:33 in the interview, Wolff said:
First of all, we never gave that organization a dime. And secondly, even if we were going to give them the dime, we wouldn’t have given the dime with Virginia Abernathy associated with it.
Unfortunately for Wolff, donations for ballot initiatives are reportable to the Secretary of State and posted online. According to the Arizona Secretary of State’s Web Site:
• On April 1, 2004, FAIR gave Virginia Abernathy’s PAN $50,000, and the FAIR Congressional Task Force gave them another $50,000 more.
• On May 11, 2004, FAIR gave PAN $25,500, and the FAIR Congressional Task Force gave PAN another $25,000.
• On June 11, 2004, FAIR gave PAN $50,000, and the FAIR Congressional Task Force gave PAN another $55,000.
After Abernathy exploded publicly with her ethno-separatist views, FAIR did denounce Abernathy’s views. and on September 24, FAIR shifted its support to a new group that arose from those ashes, Yes on Proposition 200, with a $60,865 donation. But yes, despite Wolff’s claim, FAIR provided Abernathy’s PAN with $255,500 out of $370,000 of reportable donations altogether.
In case you’re counting, that’s 2,555,000 dimes.

Anonymous said...

Virginia Deane Abernethy (born in Cuba[1] in 1934) is an American professor (emerita) of psychiatry and anthropology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. She received a B.A. from Wellesley College, an M.B.A. from Vanderbilt University, and Ph.D. from Harvard University. She is an anthropology fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Abernethy describes herself as an "ethnic separatist". An outspoken opponent of immigration, Abernethy has called for a complete moratorium on immigration into the United States. She claims that immigrants devalue the work force, deplete scarce resources, adversely impact carrying capacity, and that Third World immigration has led to a rise in dangerous diseases within the United States.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break when it comes to non-citizens and crime. Arizona has it correct and they are not racist. If there is a better way let the state and Washington know it, but right now, get out of Dodge.

Anonymous said...

Get out of Dodge? Who is this person talking to? Maybe he or she is one of those nuts who fired a gun at me while I was in full dress uniform. Yep, I'm an Air Force vet who while serving his country stationed in the good ole U.S.A. was fired at while waiting for a Black taxi driver to pick me up at the station because the White taxi drivers wouldn't transport me to the base.

Anonymous said...

elamz 11:36 AM on 3/31/2010
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I come from a really big family in Pennsylvania. Some of them are now involved in the tea party. All of the family members in the tea party are super bigots--two are former KKK members. Is this just a coincidence? Uhhhhh...I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

what a moron...

In the wake of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said over the weekend that she hopes the country will be able to “trust the oil industry.”

Palin called the spill “very tragic” during a speech Saturday night in Independence, Mo., according to the Kansas City Star.

But as a major proponent of offshore drilling, the former Republican vice presidential nominee said that she’d still wants “our country to be able to trust the oil industry.”

Read more:

MaggieL said...


Given how many people identify as Tea Party supporters in Pennsylvania, I expect it's not a coincidence at all. It's 33% nationally. (How many Klan members do you know, anyway? Two?)

But it's not the backwards logic you're using. Imagine if we applied that logic to the crime stats to "prove" blacks have "criminal tendencies".

But that would be bigoted, wouldn't it, elamz?. Good thing you're not a bigot.

Are you?

Anonymous said...

MaggieL is the bigot and so is Stan since he doesn't want to put the post out there that shows actual pictures of the bigots in the tea party. Both spew garbage because they like the tea party jerks want to take the country back now that a Black man is in the White House. Where were they when the oil war was started and continued costing $10 billion a day? Where were their questions when Palin flip-flopped on her bridge to nowhere, and the earmark queen still had a 3.5 mile gravel road to nowhere built with taxpayers' money. Where are their questions when Palin became a quitter but still is wearing the RNC rags to the tune of $180,000.00 while she pushes nonsense like drilling after this tragedy in the gulf. The out in right field people like Maggie and Stan can't face facts of racism and bigotry. Which is why Stan picks and chooses what he wants to put on his blog. Biased, racist, bigoted as usual, with the sky is falling screeching because his party didn't win and put another war monger and his earmark queen in the White House. Chickens as usual.

MaggieL said...

So much for the "post-racial" Obama gang.

Name-calling isn't an argument, and
"playing the race card" is dead.

It's not a valid consideration for formulating policy for a government of all the people. For 40 years it's been the all-purpose liberal answer, and it doesn't WORK anymore, not that it ever did.

Illegal aliens aren't a race issue.

The Middle East isn't a race issue.

Education and literacy isn't a race issue.

And as long as you keep trying to frame the debate in those terms, you will *never* actually make progress in solving those problems...and there's a very real likelihood you will make them worse, just like pursuing a phony cure for cancer instead of treating the real disease.

Have we learned nothing from "The Great Society" and "The War on Poverty" ...not to mention "The War on Drugs"?

It's not 1962 anymore. It's 2010.

By now we should know that our problems don't have to do with not enough government, not enough taxes, not enough laws, not enough government control, too few feel-good tax-exempt "non-profits" hemorrhaging money and corruption at every pore.

It's just the opposite. It's time to "Move On".... :-)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5/4
Your thinking and your way of expressing yourself made me look once again to the meaning of Intolerant...
Meaning: Unable to endure
Unwilling to to endure
Unwilling to grant
OR freedom - Esp. in
Religious Matters or
Social Rights--- Bigoted
Sounds like you are describing yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's move like Michelle Obama is trying to do with the overweight kids eating burgers filled with hormones and other chemicals. Stop trying to take the White House back. You tea partiers didn't protest the $10 billion a month war that Bush put on the taxpayers' credit card while ignoring vets in those rat infested hospitals. He didn't want the coffins to be photographed either. Handed out rose-colored glasses to Maggie and Stan, along with Palin and those adulterers Henry Hyde and Newt who were carrying on affairs while pursuing Clinton. Yep, just like the tea party ones who spit on that guy with Parkinson and threw dollars at him. NIMBY and tea party BS are one and the same along with the racists in the pics that Stan won't comment on... Guess it looks alright in his eyes...

Anonymous said...

Check the stats Maggie. Palin was the earmark queen. Not now, she's the RNC queen who took $150k in clothes, then stopped until the hubbub went away, only to spend another $30k. Where were you when your donations were spent on that red dress of Bristol's who was doing the do while her mom wanted to invade other women's privacy to choose. Hypocrite is your middle name Maggie. BTW are you that former reporter for this rag of a paper?

Anonymous said...

I stopped ordering from a company in Arizona. Happy to know that others are boycotting, too. Just more rabid tea party people justifying profiling.

OAKLAND - Oakland's City Council has approved a boycott of Arizona in response to the state's new law targeting illegal immigration.
The City Council voted 7-0 Tuesday in favor of the boycott. It calls on city officials to review existing contracts with Arizona-based businesses and not enter into any new ones. It also says staff should not travel to the state on official city business.

The 25,000-member American Educational Research Assoc. has joined the growing list of organizations vowing to boycott Arizona in protest of its new immigration law.
"As education researchers, we need to be concerned about the effects this new law may have on fostering an environment of fear with consequences for students' learning, educational achievement, and attachment to and belief in the social institutions of society," said Kris Gutierrez, the group's president-elect and a researcher from the University of Colorado at Boulder. (Debra Viadero, Edweek)

Another New York public interest group has announced that - to protest its opposition to Arizona's controversial new immigration law - it will boycott an American Bar Association-backed conference next week in Phoenix .
Legal Information for Families Today, a nonprofit that operates programs in New York City's Family Courts, will not send three of its employees to the conference as originally planned, said Melissa Beck, the organization's chief executive officer. The group announced its boycott as the ABA said it would move forward with the conference set for May 13-15 despite the loss of its co-sponsor, the National Legal Aid & Defender Association, and boycotts by other organizations.

MaggieL said...

At least I *have* a name.

And no, I was never left-wing enough to work for the paper.

If all you want to do is slag Palin (speaking of "spewing hate"), we're quit a bit removed from the original topic. So far the real violence is happening at the left-wing riots, not the Tea Party demonstrations. Feliz Cinco de Mayo a todos.

Have a nice life.

MaggieL said...

I bet SEIU, ACORN, CAIR, and Communist Party USA are boycotting Arizona too. Good riddance.

Nobody can call the new AZ law "profiling" who has actually *read* it. The law doesn't permit a cop to stop someone for "looking Mexican" And legal aliens have been required to carry and present their green cards for decades.

Anonymous said...

Why Do Conservatives Make Excuses for White Terrorists?

In the column currently front-paged on Salon, Joan Walsh wonders if the sole victim of Joe Stack's suicide attack on Austin's Echelon Building, Vernon Hunter, would be receiving more attention nationwide if he were white. It's a good question and discussion. However, maybe we should be looking more deeply into why the right-wing in this country makes excuses for home-grown white terrorists, even while denouncing President Obama for not referring to Abdul al-Mutallab as a terrorist quickly enough to suit them.

Consider David Koresh. By way of full disclosure, I should mention that I once had a casual acquaintanceship with David Jewell, who took his daughter Kiri out of the Branch Davidian compound about a year before the standoff. Jewell's ex-wife died in the aftermath of the siege. None of that changes the fact that CPAC straw-poll winner and Tea Party movement patriarch Ron Paul saw Koresh as some sort of misunderstood martyr to freedom of religion. In a post attributed to Paul from The Free Market, written in 1994, the Congressman from Texas makes it clear where his sympathies lay. In the essay, "The Moral Promise of Freedom," Paul writes:

"Yet in its dealings with the Waco religious dissenters, the central government revealed that it has become intractably opposed to any individual or group that represents a challenge to its singular authority. To counter this challenge, the central government resorted to tactics that resulted in the death of 86 men, women, and children. As for the survivors, the government has put them on trial.

This sort of brutality is inevitable in a system of absolute and centralized power. A government that invades private business by demanding confiscatory taxes, imposes unbearable regulations, and rules over business culture through pervasive labor controls, builds an appetite for even more power. As the power builds, so does the extent of corruption at the top and the disinformation that covers up the truth about its tyranny."

Hmm. Sounds not unlike a certain suicidal pilot with a grudge against the IRS to me. Forget the fact that Koresh was not, as Paul asserts, just an ordinary Texan with a few more guns than average. The full catalog of weapons can be found here, but highlights include grenades, assault submachine guns (no hunt is complete without them), and AK-47 assault rifles. Let's also not mention the fact that Kiri Jewell and other brave young women who got out of the compound before the siege testified to Koresh's repeated sexual abuse. Paul can cite a double-standard vis-a-vis the late Menachem Schneerson all he wants; while it is true that Rabbi Schneerson's particular sect of Judaism saw him as the Messiah, as far as I know they did not stockpile military grade weapons or keep a harem of barely pubescent girls.

Anonymous said...

Who ever said our President and All His Men/Women could read and understand? Lawyers are great at what they do, but give them anything out of their comfort zone they collapse and that is the same for Financial and Civil Rights Professionals. Obama needs to have his children read him the Bed Time Story - "Ariz. Law on Non-citizens" and then show support for the law to rid these unlawful people and those that hire them to make a profit while the government looks the other way. Common Sense Mr. President!

Anonymous said...

Those in Ariz. that hire non-legals, should be locked up too. This whole case is just another Wall Street Case, but the principle players (primary source) are US Government, Non-legals & Business People that can see no wrong in their actions. The Three Monkeys!

Anonymous said...

A Spot of Tea is really what is needed because the present Administration seems to think if everything they propose is enacted our country will be the promised land "Milk and Honey". The Tea Party or any group that states their feelings and have the knowledge and ability to express them should proceed to get this government back on the right track.

Anonymous said...

To Peninsula Dweller how about the subject at hand, Tea Party. Are you bright enough to put more than two words together without one of them being"Dinninny"? Do you have an opinion about the topic? If not shut up. We are tired of your blabber.

Anonymous said...

Different treatment for different folk in Montco. Guess Castor isn't the star attorney that he thought he was. Just a legend in his own mind as well as Stan's. Just like the bigots in the tea party...

Castor revealed that Maria Carpio-Umar, chief executive officer of Correctional Medical Care, wrote a letter to the judge, implying Mastronardo could best be cared for by his team of personal physicians outside of the jail.

But during a bombshell courtroom moment, Lupinacci played for the judge, recorded conversations that indicated Carpio-Umar was friendly with the Mastronardo family. Mastronardo’s brother, John, who also is in jail charged with bookmaking and racketeering, called his wife on several occasions from the jail during which he indicated there were some discussions with Carpio-Umar concerning Joseph’s health and getting him into a hospital.

Testimony also revealed that Carpio-Umar and her husband, Emre, president of Correctional Medical Care, appeared on John’s inmate phone list as “friends.”

Lupinacci said Carpio-Umar never revealed in her letter to the judge that she was friendly with the Mastronardos.

“I would suggest that Mr. Mastronardo has many friends and Mr. Mastronardo has many resources,” Lupinacci said. “I think that was very important for the judge to see that there was bias there. I think that was clear.”

The judge indicated he too was “troubled” by the timing of and circumstances surrounding Carpio-Umar’s letter.

Anonymous said...

Speaking for the Attorneys - Their Friends and Relatives all have their own way of making a living. I for one could not stand our neighbor that always thought it funny to short change people and his relatives. So, as it says in the Bible - cut it off and I have - that was over 15 years ago. A few people that knowingly continue a friendship will do more harm than good to their family and the friend's family. Do them a favor - cease representing them and socializing with them.

Anonymous said...

The tea party sort of reminds me of the early '90's and Ross Perot took away a portion of the voting public from their respective parties because he had an idea that seemed more proactive than the other 2 candidates. All it did was distract from the 2 major parties and in the case of the tea party, it's splitting the Republican party. I would think tea party members would have learned from past experience that "you better go with the flow or get left in the dust." Just doesn't seem like a feasible political force to be reckoned with.

Anonymous said...

Many people think the Civil War was fought over slavery, and that was a central issue. But it was but one symptom of the bigger undercurrent of that war, which was states' rights. States want their right to maintain their sovereignty, live by their own state constitutions, and decide the issues that affect their population. The North trying to force southern states to give up slavery, at great cost to their economies, was felt by the Confederate states to be one more improper intrusion of federal power on state sovereignty.

Arizona is absolutely right to take action on an issue that severely impacts their economy, taxes their infrastructure and drains their resources - especially in light of the fact that if the federal government maintains this is their job, they simply aren't doing it. Had Arizona failed to act on immigration, it would likely soon find itself in the same dire budgetary condition that its sister state, California, has.

If things keep going the way they are, I would not be surprised if some states started to make noise about secession. We're going down a slippery slope by trying to tell states how to manage their own affairs.

Anonymous said...

Problems with the Courts in Phila. and cases that may lead to more use of the US Marshall's Services. We, have not followed the laws on non-citizens and now it is coming back to bite us in the ___. In Texas many restaurants are operated by Day People, coming across the border and returning home at days end. The people are non-citizens and responsible people. They do not have problems with authority figures asking for their papers - so why is it that we signal out Ariz. as a problem, just because there will be people asked for their papers? Ariz. is right and if any person has a problem with it should not be here in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Well, the difference between Texas and Ariz. is one state,Ariz., made it legal for law enforcement officers to ask for papers when they felt the person was illegal. Actually they are reinforcing the Federal Law that has not been enforced and now we have a BIG PROBLEM. The non-citizens and their children should go back to their homeland. Their should be a correction to the Federal Law that says any person born on US Soil, automatically becomes a citizen, no matter what the status of the parents, citizen or non-citizen. The non-citizen would never have been given permission to enter the USA without papers - so their children should not be given the honor of becoming an American Citizen. So, the "Tea Party" and many of its followers are correct in backing the "Non-Citizens Law of Ariz." Federal Authorities need to reinforce the Ariz. Police authority to stop,check, and when necessary arrest and send them back home.

Anonymous said...

Non-citizen: Obama's Aunt - here for 10 years. Now given the soft treatment. By the time she will be able to become a citizen she will be able to retire - exactly what type of job is she qualified for and where will her retirement benefits come from? Well, Kenya is a place like many countries that have unsettled governments, compared to our type of unsettled government. If our government had done its job, kept track of her, we would not be faced with the problems this woman and her extended family is faced with. We have too many non-citizens that can not believe we say Go Home,your visit is over, there really isn't any room in the this Country for illegals and our jails are filling up and you are causing a drain on all health benefits that are afforded to Citizens of the USA. This along with our War/Job/Health Care problems should be an every day discussion in the White House. A plan to change the Constitution to- only children born of Citizens may be entitled call USA HOME.

Anonymous said...

Before the present Administration casts a stone at Ariz. and their Illegal Law, they should visit the once desert area that now houses the most beautiful communities. They have BIG problems with housing of illegals in garages and also gun and illegal drugs. If you purchased a home like those in the area that flourished in the 1980s & 2000s, you would understand why the circumstances that now exist they passed this law. The Illegals are running areas and it is not safe for any family. The homes will be worthless if the law is not followed.

Janice Kearney said...

Way to go to whichever Anonymous on May 6 smacked Peninsula Dweller upside the head. He ought to be called Cave Dweller. If it's the same guy who's been harrassing me on my blog (LowerProvidenceOutLoud), and I think it is (soon to be confirmed by the cops) it's the same person who was recently appointed (again) to one of our township boards. He's been writing the most disgusting posts to me there (as if I'd ever publish them), and I can't wait to tell everybody all about it as soon as it's verified. He should be ashamed of himself as he's definitely old enough (but not mature enough) to know better, so we can't exactly expect him to string a complete, relevant sentence together.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Kearney, While your wasting the local police departments time with your nit picking, have them check out all the garbage you put out about your opponent in Tuesday's election. Better yet, I hope your opponent can find a reliable attorney and take you to court for slander. Thank you for your plug on your web site, I have just finished it. You do have a little ego problem. It's amazing that you seem to be the only one doing any thing for your community. Nice signs, all on commercial properties. Builders no less. You are on the zoning board,right. No conflict there?

The Voting Person said...

Stan, will you allow Ms. Kearney to post all the so called bad things someone wrote about her on her blog? Why wait until the police do an investigation? Why waste the police Department time with some thing someone may or may not have said. She could have posted the remarks herself. I received a postcard from this same party blasting another person and believe me it was not good reading. If your posting a blog,I believe a party should be able to answer it. Your comments may not be fact. How do we know the cave dweller is not stating fact. Just another person who was happy to vote on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I thought this blog was dead, but it seems it was reopened by Ms. Kearney. What a thin skinned woman she has turned out to be. She really can toss the garbage out but can't handle it when she's on the receiving end. A real quality person.

Janice Kearney said...

That's rich. Certain individuals have (mostly anonymously, and mostly here) slung dirt at myself amd my friends for some time, and now that they are getting a dose of their own medicine back, they can't deal - yet they say I have the 'thin skin'?

The funny thing is, they're the ones handing me the ammunition - I didn't go looking for it, and I'm not hiding anonymously. I guess their tactics are only OK when THEY are the ones carrying them out.

What I do have is zero tolerance for hypocrisy and juvenile nonsense.

To the person who has been sending me those vile messages: sometimes it's really not smart to smack the hornet's nest. Soon, you'll wish a mailer was all you had to worry about.

Now, can we let Stan get back to the subject at hand, which is the Tea Party? Dininny is out of the picture - do you all have to have someone to hate that badly?

Anonymous said...

PLEASE. Mr. Huskey gave Ms. Kearney an opportunity to post her address for her blog, please read it. She seems to be bent out of shape because the vote count at the polls only gave her a two vote victory over her opponent. She never mentions her buddy Bo who also ran for the same position coming into third. I've been told that Bo even printed her campaign literature, wonder if his company got paid for it? Be thankful that you got elected even though it was a dirty way to get it. Hey, reading your E-Mails I noticed most of them are written on company time, hope your bosses don't find out. That's a no no in corporate America.

Anonymous said...

Stan, Someone should ask Ms. Kearney why she threw her friend William (BO) Donovan under the bus this past election. Read her blog, she informs voters in her voting district "you do not have to have a Male and female as committee persons". You can have two females and eliminate the male. No need to tell you what happened....the two females came in first and second.
I believe William (Bo) Donovan received very low numbers. That's what you do to friends,trash them. Way to go Janice. I'm certainly glad I'm not your friend. Rather be your enemy.

Anonymous said...

I hope you were able to watch "Meet The Press" on Channel 10 this AM. They covered the "Tea Party" and Paul's answers to questions put to him - good or bad. They also questioned Mr. Sestak the winner for the Dem. Seat - he still has a big problem - and that is he does not answers questions asked. All of his answers were written responses by some person and now I wonder if he is all that he should/could be. The other area covered was BP Oil Tragedy and what our Government is not doing. I'm sure there will be a playback this week. Very interesting subjects for our next night out with the guys/girls.

MaggieL said...

If you don't like Sestak's answers about the alleged White House bribe offer, you should be even less satisfied with those not offered by Obama's head flack.

At least Sestak admits there was an offer. Gibbs says "We looked into whatever happened and there's no problem here. Go away."

"Chicago-style" means very thick crust, and not just on pizza. Maybe somebody didn't get the word that looking like Blago is bad news these days.

Anonymous said...

Let the Oil Disaster down in the Gulf take its course?? Well, even Spitzer, former Gov. of NY, is advising the US Government to get involved - it is over one month and it is getting worse. Don't tell us that BP will pay for the damages - sure when Hell Freezes Over. We have two people that are heading our Federal Departments that are supposed to protect our environment and home land security - what happened? The Decider is wrong! - Use your brains! The Gov. of Louisiana asked for a chain of berms reinforced with containment booms to protect their wet lands and coast line - that was two weeks ago!! Too Slow Obama, Too Late, Homeland Security and Environmentalist. There is no way this disaster can be paid for.

The sybil said...

As for the oil spill in our gulf, people are claiming the Administration is incompetent because they don't know how to stop it immediately. Isn't this expecting the government to be smarter than BP? Rand Paul says "sometimes accidents just happen". This is frightening to think about, Tea Party People, when unregulated corporations don't know how to handle the risks in their business, or won't because of cost.

Anonymous said...

Why would permits be issued if there were no plans, just in case? This type of drilling is very dangerous and our smart government officials that believe in transparency should have looked at all the permits they have issued over the last year. Too late, I'm sorry, we will take care of all the problems and out of pocket expenses - sounds good, but there will be many years before wildlife and sea life will return - if at all. The Decider is not making decisions fast enough or checking to see if all the dots are connected. Too much time is being spent on the Blame Game from the past actions. If any administration were sure of their actions, we would have had NO ACTION - now this Administration should have learned by taking a look at the past so it is not repeated again.

Anonymous said...

Yep, there is a spot in the tea. Your latest candidate thinks it's okay for a business to discriminate. Also that accidents happen and Obama is anti-business for demanding BP clean up its mess. Another fruitcake like Palin. The Bush and Reagan eras erased regulation and placed the good old boys' network back in business. MMS should be gutted and replaced. This pay for play was happening long before Obama got on board, and you of all people should be noting the racist trend in the signage that your tea party is displaying. Just like the idiots who changed the traffic display sign to say No Latinos and No Tacos, your support of these nuts just adds to the fire of bigotry. Police chiefs in a lot of cities are saying that they will be strapped by AZ's law and it will contribute to more crime as people will be afraid to report anything. Something like the nonsense happening in this county, unfortunately with the police not trying to build trust, just bad apples abusing the badge.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that if LAWS are made, they are made for a reason - right? If, LAWS are BROKEN by any PERSON OR CORPORATION there should be due process of the law. So, immigration and the BP disaster needs to be taken care of now. Immigration is long overdue and it is not racist - just common sense. Read the Laws that you complain about - then maybe you will agree with the take. Visit Arizona to see why there is such a big problem and since our government has taken way too long talking with the Mexican Government and South American Countries about what needs to be done, I really don't see any other way around the situation in Arizona and California. Don't call the kettle black unless you have had to carry the content in your kettle.

Anonymous said...

updated 57 minutes ago

NEWBERRY, S.C. - The shooting death of a black man whose body was dragged for several miles is being investigated as a possible hate crime after the arrest of a white man he worked with, South Carolina's state police chief said.
Gregory Collins, 19, is charged with murder and made his first court appearance Thursday. No bond was set and he did not yet have an attorney, Newberry County Magistrate Ron Halfacre said.
The FBI was in Newberry County in central South Carolina on Wednesday assisting in the investigation of the shooting death of Anthony Hill, 30, State Law Enforcement Division director Reggie Lloyd told The State newspaper.
"We don't yet have a definitive motive for all this," Lloyd said.
Hill's body was found around 4:30 a.m. Wednesday on U.S. Highway 176 and Newberry County sheriff's deputies followed a trail of blood to the home of Collins.
For several hours, Collins refused to come out and SLED agents fired tear gas into the home, prompting him to surrender, Lloyd said. Collins was not armed when he was arrested, but Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster said he had an empty pistol holster on his side.
Hill died from a single gunshot wound to the head, Newberry County Coroner Craig Newton said. Hill was dead before he was dragged, according to deputies.
Hill and Collins worked together at a chicken processing plant in Newberry County, Lloyd said. Neither man had a serious criminal record. There was some other evidence that linked the men that Lloyd did not want to discuss.
"We don't want to attribute something to Collins that isn't necessarily true," Lloyd said. "But out of precaution, given the circumstances, we are investigating the racial angle."
Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster said Collins and Hill spent most of Tuesday together and were at Collins' house late Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning when Hill was shot.
Foster said Collins then attached a nylon rope around Hill's body and began dragging it behind his truck, apparently until the rope snapped several miles later.

Anonymous said...

Answer this question... How long have the farmers and any business been using non-legals? What was the profit, per year using these people while their business was growing, compared to using citizens that were paid a minimum wage? Where were these people housed?? That should be no problem when the books are checked. Now, farmers that produce any product and hotels or any company that hires these people broke the law - they are either going to pay up and go to jail or they will go out of business. Food prices will go up - yes. Services, as we know it and pay for will not be there but at least we will know the people that are doing the work are not criminals (illegals). It all comes down to the fact that the USA is owed a lot of money for their lack of enforcement of immigration laws and we the citizens want the money in our Treasury Now..
It looks like a lot of people on the rolls will be working if companies/farmers etc. hire only citizens or a green card holder and pay minimum wages.
Tea anyone??

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party should make a positive showing in the Primary Elections this week. I hope the Primarys get great coverage, because I would like to see how many are ready to take their little red shoes and switch to another party after the elections are over. Remember how Matthews' wife switched to the Dem. to make sure the correct person got the votes (yah right!). Well, we now have a whole new ball game going on ... stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the picture in the
business section of a Philly Newspaper (front page) and tell me there's not an immigration problem.
Out of the 15 meat cutters I wonder how many of them have a green card? The employeer states he will be hiring 120 more bodies, hope they are from New Jersey, the one above the border. When will it end?

Anonymous said...

Disagree with how Washington is run?? You bet! Arizona is correct when taking into their own hands the protection of their state's borders and all citizens there in. The Federal Gov. says they are taking over "THEIR" job? Really?? If you lived in a state where border patrols can not keep up to the influx of so called visitors from another country and these visitors were carrying weapons and narcotics, plus breaking all laws, that would in any other state, have the FEDS THERE WITHIN AN HOUR - then our Government is out of touch and the State of Arizona is correct. Profiling isn't the case - it's the US Government not doing enough here and now to help stop these "Visitors" that have now made the USA their home and use our resources that is breaking the back of our State and Federal Government. Now! Use Arizona as a "Baby Step" and take back America from "visitors" that do not have permission to enter. The "Tea Party" has in many ways helped our Government see their faults.

Anonymous said...

Leaving Arizona and going back over the border - was shown on TV last evening. If you are here and have no legal papers that permit you to stay - this is the only move, other than maybe get caught by the immigration authorities and jailed and sent back over the border. A clean sweep in Arizona is a start and now Mexico will feel the way some of our states feel "overwhelmed" .

Anonymous said...

According to an article in the TH Sunday - If you are here and are a non-citizen without papers and you have worked for a number of years and started a family - the USA should not deport you and accept your off-springs as Citizens. I can not believe this is what the forefathers had in mind and certainly if you make one wrong another wrong will make it right!! Entering here - illegal. Remaining here and working without papers - illegal. Starting a family and having the government pay for this New Arrival - and declaring this New Arrival an American Citizen!!! What a wako government we have!!!

Anonymous said...

The various groups that call the Tea Party a hateful organization? - Well now all people suggesting that they, the Tea Party Members, are against the black community and also those that are here illegially have been given an open invitation to come and join the group and express their concerns as those that started the movement. Speak out, join in and a change can be made for the good of all American Citizens.

Anonymous said...

No they are not "spewing hate" - they are telling all of us how they see our government and the people in offfice. We do not have a perfect world, so get use to it. I have been reading, listening and attending various meetings of the various Parties - Dem. Rep. & Tea Party. Now, can you say the same before making any judgment call? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Almost a year later since this Blog started regarding the "Tea Party". They seem to be gaining ground and in today's Herald there is evidence as to why. Many people are now looking at the Democrats and Republicans in a different light. We are a well educated country, although many seem to think otherwise, and should look at how our country's constitution was written so that we would not be in the mess we are now in - The Government Will Run Every Phase Of Your Life so that we will not do without because of our lazy way of living.
Work never killed any person, but being a couch potato will.