Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Phillies and fanatics

Please notice that fanatics is not spelled with a 'ph.' That's because the fanatics I'm going to talk about today are of the political bent. But before I go down that road let's make a quick prediction for the World Series. I've got the Phillies in five. They'll split the games in New York and finish them off Monday night. What's your prediction?
Now on to the fanatics. This political season has gotten nasty, as usual, but there are some people who just go too far. The personal attacks are absolutely the worst. I guess if you don't have something intelligent to say you simply attack your opponent. How about this, a candidate that sends out a personal attack is automatically taken off the ballot?


Còmhradh said...

How about this, a candidate that sends out a personal attack is automatically taken off the ballot?

Using that measure, we'd have had no candidates on the ballot for President in 1800.

This is politics. Always has been, always will be. You play the hand you're dealt.

Kevin Dyson said...

A candidate that only runs on what he/she can provide to the constituents, on his/her experience and runs on ideas instead of rhetoric?

Who would think it possible?

Anonymous said...

WHat races are you speaking of that have been weighed down by personal attacks? I actually thought this year was better than most. I think anyone who runs for political office is well aware that they will get dragged through the mud before it's all over. It's probably why most people choose not to run. I know that's the case for me anyway. Just not worth airing all the dirty laundry...and we ALL have dirty laundry. Anyone who claims they don't is just lying.

AlexC said...

Please define personal attack.

Louie said...


If your talking about the personal attacks on Eckman and Thomas that have been posted on mailboxes, then I say you're right. Problem is nobody is taking responsibility for the mailer. It could only be coming from the Marcaro clan or the democrats. They quote both in the mailer.

Actually someone should go to jail over this piece of crap that they won't put their name on. Shame, Shame, Shame, I say. It is absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

How does everything come back to the bad politics in LP? The end is near in the land of conflicts and conflicts of interest. Clean up time!

Anonymous said...

Who wrote this crap in the TH? As far as I am concerned Risa thinks she's the queen of the fiefdom, but she's just another politician trying to keep all the $ without cutting back like everyone else has to. What a crock!

From The Times Herald

We the people should be outraged that our elected county commissioners are attempting to govern the private lives of some of our fellow citizens.

How is it that Montgomery County Commissioners Chairman Jim Matthews and Commissioner Joe Hoeffel believe they have the authority to regulate what people can do when they’re not at work?

We the people should be outraged that they passed an ordinance that basically states employees of the county cannot work on political campaigns, at any time of the day or night.

Thankfully, Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman and Montgomery County Sheriff John Durante had the good sense to see through this farce and challenge the ordinance.

Anonymous said...

Get out the Lawn Chairs, because it is going to be a very LONG DAY this Tuesday. Be careful what you say and to whom - don't trash any person or their mate - it is only a position in the state/county/township and why risk your reputation on such matters - truly it is not worth it. Come out and vote for the person(s) you feel are best qualified and express your feelings on government.

Anonymous said...

" So, according to this editorial, it is okay to hire anybody who works for some candidate to work for the county? For years, castor and the republicans ran the Court Hose like a gop fiefdom. Until exposed by the Dems back in the 70s the "woggle bug" came around every payday and all had to contribute to the MontCo gop. Local repub officials coulds always find jobs there and/or were put up for row offices that guaranteed election. Now, Dems win half the offices and the repubs claim "foul." I worked for the state revenue dept. I ran for local tax collector and, according to law, had to take a forced leave of absence to run. That's how it was 30 years ago and now Montco is doing the same. It is supposed to show no impartiality or conflict. Castor wouldn't know about that, as he admitted in a trial that he campaigned often while DA. "


I agree with this post!

Anonymous said...

Stan does a decent job of keeping some of the bad attacks off his blog and I am sure when he doesn't the thin-skinned let him know. Feel the power Stan. At least we get to exercise our right to say whatever we need to here once in a while.

It will only be a long day for those no longer in the race. They will be sitting on their perches with their groupies at the neighborhood watering hole and waiting to see who replaces them. And all the while schemeing to get some of their people spots in Janurary. As Comhradh said "This is politics". Voters get out there and vote on Tuesday. Look at the postive if you can. Look at their personal backgrounds and choose people with good honest values who you think will work hard for you and your family.

LP is one plcae that will really welcome change if it turns things around. They need people with strong business credentials to oversee day to day.The new blood will have to come in and give it a good scrub. I think the floors will squeak in January.

Bill Stewart should be commended for his mailer to LP voters. He knows what is going on and always has. He is not an anonymous naysayer he stated facts to help the residents. He even signed his name.

See you at the polls. LP voted in May for change and Novemeber should just seal the deal.

I got my lawn chair in my car.

Conshohocken Mole said...

There's a rumor that a little birdie flew out of Conshohocken and Philadelphia dropping a few big ones on certain political camps. So much money thats it's the talk of the town. The truth to be known Demo money in East Norriton, Arc money in Lower Providence. How sad --But true.

Anonymous said...

why is it that every time we pass the Courthouse or Montgomery Place the same workers?? are outside with a butt in their mouths. Are the Supervisors of these people aware of the breaks???? Maybe they are the Supervisors. People all over this country are being layed off---what makes the county special?

Crystal Ball said...

To blogger of 10/30, you are correct about one thing, Bill Stewart is a stand up guy and tells it like it is. I admire anyone who spends their own hard earned dollars to put out a mailer letting voters know the truth about their candidates. Bill never made a dollar off the backs of the taxpayers in LP like some of the other committeemen or their law firms, they know who they are. And then there are the wannabees who also make $$$ off the township. Word is this is all coming to an end when Eckman and Thomas get elected. No more favorite sons, or developers who get all the waivers they want. Things are about to change for the best and the residents are to be the big winners here in LP.

joe the nerd said...

with off year elections it is turn out the decides.

unfortunatley, in the soap opera of lp politics, i was disturbed by the mailer sent out by the democrats running for supervisor.

did anyone let these guys know that the trash issue is already tainted by the losers in the gop primary who tried to litigate the election throught the courts?

it is disturbing to see them step up for mascaro. they may as well have put a trash truck with an elephant on the mailer to say vote for us - we'll be more of the same.

i think the dems get washed out. i really wanted to see one of them make it.

Collegeville Mole said...

Just received Two flyers from the candidates for Supervisor on the democratic side. They state "Honesty< Integrity, Accountability". On the reverse side they accuse the Republican candidates of being investigated by the District Attorney's office and accepting $10,000 from the L.P. Republican Committee. Accusing the Republican Candidates of the same thing they are alleging. The second piece is the Trash issue in L.P. The bids have been advertised in the Times Herald, why can't we wait until they are opened before onw shoots their mouth off. L.P. can't have two Supervisors of this caliber.

Anonymous said...

In Lower Prov. the campaign has come down to TRASH & TRASHING. The last two pieces of literature received has made me and our family doubt our Party's capability of governing LP. Just trashing another party does not make for good relations with people that are not of like mind. I only want to hear how & why they are going to change the way of doing business.

Trooper Mary said...

Hey Mole, You must be on someone's got to know list..The birdie from Conshohocken droppped a big $10,000 donation after the election on the Dininny-Dougherty campaign. With one Supervisor as Chairman of the committee and Dininny-Dougherty voting for the Paulings road project what was the money for? Is the money being used to fund the Democrats campaign? My little birdie told me they are broke,and have not filed their financial reports as yet. $10,000 to run a campaign in Lower Providence---I do declare.

The sybil said...

You would think candidates in a township the size of L.P. would have other important long term issues besides a trash collection contract in February 2010 to spend campaign money on. Or suits and counter suits over campaign finger-pointing. Whoever we elect for supervisor is going to be in that seat for six years and what else do we know about them? Both sides are claiming honesty and integrity and the best interests of the residents. That's the automatic signal for you to hide your wallet ASAP.

joe the nerd said...

stan, the problem with your personal attack solution about being taken off the ballot is that many attacks are made too late in the game to legitimately do something. that funny due process thing.

how about this, if after the fact you find something to throw the flag about, the person doing the offending, if they won, gives the position to the second place finisher.

this way some cooler heads prevail.

I just don't understand why, if somebody steps down from an office the next highest vote getter from the previous election is installed as the replacement.

the party in power should not have the ability to place one of their hacks in charge. would winkin' wasillalite sarah have thought twice if stepping down meant a democrat would be taking over?

Anonymous said...

A Nutter happening in Philadelphia - Transit Strike! Rent a bike and don't forget to use your hand signals -- hand I said!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous here is A Nutter change while driving in Phila. If you are riding/driving I mean a one wheel, two wheel, skate board or a four wheeler - don't use a hand held device to tex or call another person. It is a city thing that could cost $75.00 per.