Friday, December 5, 2008

New heights in Lower Providence

Maybe this was in the paper and I missed it, but being a resident of West Norriton, which has the same zip code as Providence and East Norriton, I became one the new residents of Eagleville a few months back when the U.S. Post Office decided that's where we live now. To be honest, it really didn't bother me all that much. But, there's always a but, isn't there? Anyway, I went to Kmart the other day to buy a gift for a youngster in Norristown's preschool program and guess what I spied as I pulled into the parking lot. The Eagleville post office was closed down. I don't mean just for the day, the letters have been pulled off the front of the building.
So, stew on that one for a while and let me know what you think.
And if that's not enough to get your juices flowing what do you think about the latest with the ARC?
I thought that might work.
The National Parks Conservation Association has filed a federal suit to get the zoning overturned.
I'm beginning to think we might have another revolution before this thing gets built, no matter where it winds up getting built.


Anonymous said...

Crazy isn't it? I have complained for almost 2 years to our State Senator and our Congressman. It seems that it makes no difference what town they place their "Sort Center" the 19403 Zip remains. Would it not be reasonable to place the town/Township we live in for a change instead of Norristown/Eagleville. Our address should specify the "location" of our home. Look at the address for Methacton - are we a part of the Norristown School District - it would seem so. Well back to ARC - the Revolution really did take place and this surrounding area was a part of this War. The Zip for Audubon is 19407 by the way.

Anonymous said...

yes Lower providence should have its own zip code. But can we please forget about the ARC? Lets concentrate on a real discussion, why does Stan always bring up something wrong with Lower Providence Township? What about the hospital in East Norriton or the proposed hotel on Main Street in West Norriton. Those ar real issues.

Rick Bown said...

Hi Stan,

Welcome to Lower Providence. You were too far north in the shopping center, the new Eagleville Post Office is just to the left (get it) of K-Mart. They did have signs on the old post office door telling everyone that they moved 100 yards south. Actually it is back where it use to be many years ago and the rear of the storefront has been the distribution site for over 20 years, so I assume that it is a cost saving measure.

My complaint is that I live less than 1/2 a mile from that Post Office but my designated Post Office is in Collegeville, I don't live in Collegeville, never have, never will. Yes, I have to cross the Perkiomen Bridge and venture into all that traffic and congestion to pick up certified mail or any other thing that can't be delivered to my home. (baby chicks and Honeybees mostly)

Several years ago Lower Providence Township petitioned the United States Postal Department to have one zip code and one Post Office for Lower Providence, we were turned down after jumping through a zillion hoops because it wouldn't work for them and would be too costly. What could be too costly for the Federal Government, they throw hundreds of billions around to bail out private industry, why not the Post Office, one of their core businesses that still makes a profit.

I think we have EIGHT different zip codes, Arcola (19420) may be extinct, Eagleville (19408), Collegeville (19426), Valley Forge (19481), Phoenixville (19460), Audubon (19407), Fairview Village (19409), and Norristown (19403. Now that makes so much sense and is just so simple to understand.

Now on the other hand we have a dedicated and wonderful mail carrier who goes out of his way for all the customers on his route. A better mailman couldn't be found. Nothing is too much trouble for him, I hear this from many of the older folks on his route.

Anonymous said...

Federal and Commonwealth Court lawsuits have now been filed against both the American Revolutionary Center(ARC) and Lower Providence Township. I am concerned what will happen to our local taxes since the Township will be obligated to defend their legal postion considering these challenges may run five or six years with the various court challanges. Come on Mr. Dininny, as BOS Chairman, please state what this is going to cost us taxpayers as far as future tax increases. Will this be your legacy to our citizens? Can we really afford an ARC museum in our township.
Peninsula Dweller

The Duke said...

Sir: I believe they moved the post office next to the dollar store. My only concern in the ARC fiasco is the cost the taxpayers will eventually bear. Your paper has done enormous reporting on this subject,thank you. You reported, that there will be a Federal case, and a Commonwealth case. I imagine that the Townships attorney, Zoning attorney will be billing the Township in regards to these two suits. Will the ARC be refunding the Township for these challenges? You know sir, if Noah would have spelled his ARK--ARC, he could have put three of a species on board, it would have justified the three zoning members and three Superviors in the not pin stripe variety. I believe the other name for that species is donkey. Welcome to Eagleville.

Anonymous said...

Stan knows where his bread is buttered, that why he keeps bringing up Lower Providence. If it was not for the people living in all 8 of our zip codes, they wouldn't be selling many newspapers. Of course I dumped my subscription a long time ago. I won't subsidize the salary of someone who regularly bashes this fine community.

The Archangel said...

To the 6:36 Anonymous writer.

I'm with you 100%, lets forget about the ARC and maybe,just maybe they will go away.

Merry Christmas....Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Eagleville for over 20 years and at one time my address was RD#1. My zip code officially is 19408-1835 but all my mail is 19403-1835. I had 3 certified letters sent from PenDot and my mail person would not knock on my door because she saw a "beware of dog" sign. When I called the Eagleville Post Office, they told me I would have to go to the sorting center in the East Norrition Industrial Park to pick up my mail if I wanted it. They made no attempt to deliver it, but they are required to as least attempt a delivery, but why complain, they do what they want at the post office. I didn't even know that they were moving across the parking lot until I went to the dollar store. Wish they would make up their mind. I guess the economy is not doing to bad in the post office. As for the ARC, Lower Providence is not raising out taxes "this" year, but we will probably be paying the piper soon for all the money that is being spent on the lawyers for Lower Providence. The L.P. Supervisors do not believe in the "will of the people", just ask the residents on Eagleville Road how well the township has helped them when they needed it. We will get the ARC whether the residents want it or not as long as 3 of the supervisors think it's a great idea. At some point they will want to run for re-election, we will see how that works for them

Stan said...


I do know which side my bread is buttered on, but what does that have to do with anything. Where and when did I 'bash' Lower Providence?

Over the Hill said...

Stan, Please allow the rest of us Anonymous writers to do the bashing. If the Township was not screwed up with all the political hacks there would be no bashing. The people who are condemning you are the hacks who can not take criticism,therefore strike out at the paper. So they discontinued the paper,your giving them an outlet for their complaints thru your blog. Don't let it bother you,your a better person for that.

Wondering said...

What is really annoying is that the post office just arbitrarily changed our address from "Norristown" to Eagleville without telling us, no notice whatsoever! We just suddenly started getting magazines and junk mail addressed to Eagleville! Is this official so that we are supposed to notify other people, who will of course think that we have moved?

Anonymous said...

Your Address and Zip... We traveled up the Ridge and in the town of Limerick there is a Post Office reading Limerick 19468 The Royersford Zip is used because that is the sort center,distribution point for that town. The name of the community, plus the zip which is used by the postal system to designate where the letter is to be processed is used by this small community. Why then do we have a problem with our great Norristown Area - we do not all live or want to live in Norristown/Eagleville - use the Zip, but do not change the destination/town/township.

Anonymous said...

So anyone who dares stick up for the way their community is being run 'must be' an elected official? Since when? I've lived here a long time and it annoys me to no end when people move here from elsewhere and take issue with the management here. If you don't like it, why did you come here? Hate to pull up the rock you live under but believe it or not most people seem to be happy with the the way things are done here. I don't know why anyone would want to run for anthing anyway considering that no matter what you do, some people will never be happy. And instead of running for office they come here and complain. I bet that's real effective.

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous 12/12/08:
The First Amendment guarantees everyone's right to free speech and I am not criticzing your right to do so. However I am questioning your comments regarding LPT community government. Sir, unless you just fell of a turnip truck or moved here last week, you must realize the our local government is broken and running amuck regarding the actions taken by our Supervisor majority. They are constantly bending backwards to change or modify township ordinances to suit big developers, appoint poorly qualified individuals to township posts without proper experience or education, generally make poor decisions with a 3-2 vote, and have completely lost contact with the voting citizens. If you can't see this, there is a majority of us who do and WILL make changes next year. Sir, if you are that happy with the current political situation, please be aware that the "Dollar Store" is having a sale on rose colored glasses this week.
The Professor

Trooper Mary said...

Mr. Huskey, Today's paper has the Vice Chairman of West Norriton Township resigning his post. Within the past three months the Chairman and Vice Chairman has resigned. Do you think it could carry over to the adjoining Township and have the same thing happen? Chairman and Vice Chairman, what a blessing that would be! Methacton school districts reputation is the reason my family moved into Lower Providence Township. Why not get involved with your local government,are they not the ones who set all the rules and regulations that involve your way of life? If someones remarks annoy you,do your civic duty and run for something, anything. I believe the Township could use your talents, you better be a friend or a Republican.

Mary Ann said...

Dear Professor,

You have the right to your opinion as well and it's just that. What you think are poor decisions I feel are sound ones. You feel appointees are poorly qualified, I think they are fine. Just because they don't have YOUR quals doesn't mean they are not qualified. From what I see, I'd rather live here than Upper Prov or Limerick, who REALLY bend over for developers. By the time they're done there won't be an inch of open space left up there. I think any time you can work together with someone who wants to bring jobs and tax dollars here, that's a good thing, as it keeps your taxes down. Esp if you're on a fixed income, or laid off, as so many are these days, that's something to be desired, is it not? Of course, maybe you are independently wealthy and don't care, but the rest of us do. While I'm out buying my rose glasses I'll pick up some sour grapes for you. You're not on Gilligan's Island anymore, Professor. And I'm pretty sure they'd have voted you off anyway.

Anonymous said...

That was an excellent article by Carl in today's Times Herard regarding excessive attorney's fees for defending Lower Providence Township in the ARC lawsuits both in federal and state courts. As a resident and taxpayer I am concerned what is going to happen when the township becomes more than $100,00.00 over budget by the end of the year. Also according to your article, it could cost the township close to $500,000.00 yearly in legal fees according to Mr. Oronato, the Township Solicitor. Now assume that with various appeals etc. that both court challages run for four to five years or possibly longer, just where will all this additional money be found. Will the BOS raise our taxes to cover these expenses. will the General Fund be tapped until it is depleted or will the township be forced into severe layoffs to fund these legal fees. Come on Mr. Dininny, as BOS Chairman, enlighten us as to what will happen from 2009 on. Surely you will have something to say when you run for reelection. Why not face the issue now! We will be waiting.
Pete Schrack
Trooper, Pa

Trooper Mary said...

Dear, Dear, Mary Ann:

The Supervisors (THREE) have bent over so much for developers that the chiropractors are having a field day.

Upper Providence is'nt doing too bad with their tax base,new shopping centers, drug companies etc.

Stick to your position of not knowing nothing about nothing.

Please, where is all the open space in Lower Providence?
Thanks, and Happy Holiday's.

Dumped on in LP said...

My dear, dear, Mary Ann,

I guess you live in some secluded area of Lower Providence where you and your neighbors haven't been dumped on by the infamous TRIO. Let us in on where you live and I will see what the township supervisors can put in your neighborhood to fix you way of thinking. Oh where, oh where, do you live? Please let us in on your little secret.

Sounds like Trooper Mary has already had a taste of their rezoning trick or treats!

Anonymous said...

Trooper Mary

All of the open space in LP is in your head. LP has Evansburg State Park, Valley Forge National Park, ARA, and numerous other parks. Get out and enjoy the open space to unclutter your mind of worthless comments or better yet I have your answer to more open space-- please move to Upper Providence and live with your shopping centers. Apparently you have enough time to go shopping there rather than get your facts straight about LP

Trooper Mary said...

Now wait a minute sweetheart....
I thought the ARC group said Valley Forge State Park was not in Lower Providence... Was I reading the paper wrong?? I prefer to shop at my favorite ACME store in Trooper,thank you. Now that you have told me about the open space owned by the State,County and Feds, how much open space has been donated to the township by developers? Now, about getting facts straight,lets play a little ping pong...the balls in your court.

Anonymous said...

Trooper Mary

First of all, thank you for shopping at Acme. I am glad you are keeping your food shopping business in LPT.

A portion of Valley Forge National(not state) Park is located also in LPT - Pawlings Farm. Yes it used to be a state park but the park was taken over by the Feds prior to 1980. Literally hundreds of acres of open space has been preserved by developers. The Providence Oaks, Valley Hi, Providence Meadows, Providence Lea,and other smaller developments with their own HOA have been maintaining these huge open spaces. Providence Oaks and Valley Hi have used the open space concept in their subdivision design. LPT has actually incentives built into their ordinances to preserve open space, unlike many other neighboring municipalities. Please contact the Mont. County Planning Commission for verification

Anonymous said...

The postal service website, ,identifies ZIP code 19403 as:

"Actual City name in 19403

Acceptable City names in 19403

This excludes at least one 19403 community, i.e. West Norriton.

The use of the 4 digit ZIP code extension narrows the address location down to a neighborhood or even one building, if it is is the location of a lot of addresses, e.g. a large apartment complex. The city name then would not matter for a postal delivery.

ZIP codes do matter when it comes to insurance rates.

Often, my neighbor's mail is mistakenly delivered to me. I quickly go through my mail at the curb to check and promptly deliver it correctly.

For the most part, I rarely mail any item. Nearly all my bills and transactions are conducted online or automated electronically on a monthly basis, without use of the post office. The postal system is the best in the world, but it is becoming less significant in my life. I do not mind junk mail because it pays to keep the system alive. And sometimes there is a piece of junk mail worth my interest.

Anonymous said...

The Eagleville Post Office was in full view where it was, but they are now trying to hide it. This is exactly what they did in Audubon. In Audubon they not only placed it where you need to Google to find it but also made it almost impossible for any human to work within the allocated area. Sad! The cost of stamps going up? I'm still a letter writer, but maybe instead of weekly correspondence it will be a Monthly update. You know not everyone loves "E" mail.

Anonymous said...

I find a rather amusing situation this morning pertaining to attendance of last Thursday's Lower Providence Township's BOS meeting. After listening to Supervisor Dininny's rambling discourse, along with his requsite crocodile tears. Mr. Dininny was anguishing over the fact that NPCA was not paying their share of the court costs or fees for their legal challenge of ARC.After reading this morning's edition of the Times Herald expaining that these fees are being challenged because of the different charges billed to Lower Providence Township and the NPCA. This challenge makes to make perfect sense to me, since both parties should be obligated to pay the same charges. Mr. Dininny, as ex-BOS Chairman, you should have been aware of this situation and had those facts before you when you spoke. You seemingly embarrased yourself again by your outburst and obvious lack of factual information...I'm quite sure your fellow Supervisors were. Que sera, sera!
Mike Comroe
Audubon, Pa.

Eagleville Gracie said...

Mr. Comroe, Thank you for the update. Those of us who are not able to get to the meetings have to rely on the Times Herald and scribes like yourself to keep us old folks abreast of Township happenings.

After reading the Times Herald this morning (2-23) and (2-24) it seems to me that Mr. Dinniny has a problem reading anything put before him.

Reading Skills Grades
Account Receivable & Payable E-
Trash Contracts E-
Acting Performance E-

Maybe the Chairman can dress Mr. Dinniny up a little, coat and tie would be fine. But then, he would use the excuse,"I just came off the tracks". I believe he stated that he worked for Septa.

Hey, the Township Cable in living color brings out the best in everyone. Thank you Mr. Manager for getting us this service.

Uncle Inky said...

Mr. Comroe,

I liked your posts more, when you were posting your picture along with your profile.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Inky:
Couldn't you tell the difference? I have been using Mr. Dininny's picture along, he is so much more attractive than I am and a much better dresser also. LOL
Mike Comroe
Audubon, Pa

A Senior who cares said...

Mr. Huskey, I was fortunate to attend the retirement of three of Lower Providence finest police officers on the 19th of February. Three other officers were promoted at the same meeting. One officer promoted had his two sons in the audience in uniform of thier respective police departments,how proud this family must be. My only concern to this outstanding eveing was the man doing the presentations. This man took so much away from these outstanding officers by telling the public about his outstaning deeds during his life time. No one cared if he was older or younger than those receiving the presentations. No one cared if he rode a motorcycle more than one of the officers, even if he was seriously injured in a funeral escort. NO one cares what FOP meetings he attends. If only his service to another local police department came to light his ego would be depleted. The public wants to know about winners sir,not losers. Suck in your ego,maybe then you will be a winner.

Trooper Mary said...

Great letter to the Editor in today's Times Herald (3-11-09).
Appartently Mrs. Altieri was answering a previous letter written by a past member of the Village Ad-Hoc Committee.

Now that Mrs. Altieri has vented her fustration about one of her appointed Ad Hoc Committe members, when will the ordinance be changed to her liking? Will the drive-thru be added to the ordinance? Who will this benifit? Why did the Board of Supervisors approve drive-thrus for Commerce and CVS and then change the ordinance? By doing this, Bud's bar could not have a drive-thru on his property. Reverting back again would pacify Bud's bar. Who are these people representing, the proprietors or the residents at large?

Anonymous said...

After reading Supervisor Altieri's letter published in today's Times Herald makes one wonder if she has any idea what-so-ever on how the contents of her letter will come back and bite her in the rear. There was nothing factual or truthful in it's content, just nasty accusations to various ad hoc committee members and an honest Supervisor. It should prove to be very interesting when and if Mrs. Altieri comments publicly on "drive thru's at an open BOS meeting. There will be those who lie and wait...
Pete Schrack
Trooper, Pa

Pinetown Schrack said...

I have to agree with Mrs. Altieri's assessment of Mr. Comroe. He is a blow hard and a certified member of the lunatic fringe. As he will tell you anytime you see him, "The sky is falling, The sky is falling!"

Please Mike, go home, take a nap and put your aluminum foil hat on, so the aliens can't read your mind.

Collegeville Mole said...

To the Pinetown Schrack:

Thank you for your very candid opinion of Mr. Comroe. It would seem that your assessment of him comes out of fear, fear that by covering for your partners of see no evil, say no evil, or hear no evil will bring your down fall in the up-coming election. The tracks have been layed,the train is still in the round house and your seat has been taken.. Save the aluminum for your crying cup.

Anonymous said...

I see that since the primaries are coming up since the political name calling and finger pointing has now started. I am very glad to see that our incumbent candidate would never stoop that low to indulge in name calling or political games.

Anonymous said...

Why is everybody picking on me?
Uncle Craig
Audubon, Pa

Lantern Lane Voters said...

Hey Unk. If the shoe fits-----------wear it! You lost our votes....

Anonymous said...

Hey Unc Craig:
We'll be glad to play in your sandbox. You've always been an outstanding guy for us, and we're where we are today because of you.
Celtic Warrior & Cousin Bo

Anonymous said...

Hey Unc Craig:
How come you've been so quiet lately? We really miss hearing your spinning of all those wonderful political tales that only you could invent. Speak up Man, we all want to hear what you have to say!
Apple Valley Denny
Audubon, Pa