Sunday, September 21, 2008

Money for nothing

Or should I say nothing for your money. Times are tough folks, you don't need me to tell you that. So why is it that local governments feel it is OK to spend your money on things you might not want. I'll just give you a couple of quick examples and you can chime in with your own. Let's see how many municipalities we can include here in the wasteful spending department. We'll move on to state and federal government later.

Lower Providence; they're having more meetings on the proposed American Revolution Center than the Senate holds to confirm a Supreme Court justice. How much money has been spent by the township on attorney fees? And, how much more do the residents want to spend on attorney fees?

Norristown; they've hired a pr firm to come up with "Where you belong" to the tune of $60,000. I don't know about you, but I don 't really need anyone telling me where I belong, especially for that kind of money.

Let me hear from Lower Providence and Norristown residents on the above two, and anyone else who thinks their township is wasting money. I'll be at my desk here in the wasteful spending department.


Anonymous said...

I strongly feel that the current Three Stooges on the Lower Providence BOS have definitely violated the public trust and probably created a legal issue regarding the use of public funds spent on TWO attornies involved in the ARC challenge. Their collective invoices have far exceeded the legal amount budgeted for attorney fees for 2008. Which township resident will be the first to file a legal court challange or an Ethics Commission complaint for this violation? Don't these idiots realize there is not Township "money pit" in which to continue funding these two attornies when it is a far gone conclusion to the outcome of the ARC hearing. After all the last three members of the ZHB were all Township losers appointed by the aforementioned three stooges. Any doubt what the vote will be folks? Film at eleven folks!
The Professor

pbagosy said...

So, Stan, you're anti-commercial development, just because a few malcontents are opposed to a project, and and anti-spending, even if that (comparatively small) amount of spending is designed to improve the town and attract a higher income population and more business?

Careful, someone might mistake you for a tree-hugging anti-capitalist.


Lisa Wilkerson said...

Stan, I couldn't agree more. I personally am sick to death of elected officals just spending my hard earned money and way they choose and usually that choice is wrong. Norristown could have held a contest for that and spent $55,000 dollars less. Keep up the good work!
Lisa Wilkerson

Wildebeast1 said...

For certain, the proposed slogan inspires many locals to place our elected officals where they belong, in the 130 year old facility at Stanbridge and Stergiere.

After being ripped off by Wall Street sharpies, sold down the river by local council, abandoned by the congress, lied to by our president and drowned by Mother Nature, all we need is the feeling that people who are supposed to represent our interest paid a load of money for a put-down slogan.

Montco PA Dem said...

Stan, congrats for once again having your finger on the pulse of your readership.

Your last two entries here -- both on Sarah Palin -- picked up 39 and 47 comments each. The two before that -- both on local issues (the Conshie fire and LP's ARC) -- gathered all of 16 and 3 comments.

Going all the way back to Aug. 1, the comment before those last four did get 115 comments, and it, too, was about the ARC. So I guess if you want to keep hitting the nerves in LP you could juice up some local interest.

But really, with the US economic system in a possible death spiral, with the most important Presidential election in a generation coming up in less than two months, with huge Congressional elections taking place all over your circulation area -- do we really need to spend time asking about whether townships are spending too much money on snowblowers?

Yes, I know it's your blog and you can write whatever grabs your imagination. But in all seriousness, if this is what's grabbing your imagination this week, you really need to widen your scope, son. This week, Wall Street really is going to impact Main Street, and Main Street runs right down the middle of the TH circulation area, literally and metaphorically.

joe the nerd said...

The amount of money being spent in LP for the ARC is obscene.

The lawyers for ARC and the township who wrote the spot zoning ordinance are making out like bandits. They were paid to write a flawed ordinance, now they are paid to defend it. Yeah, these guys are real fiscal conservatives.

I hope you can get the figures the township is on the hook for when the ARC tried to use to courts to intimidate the neighbors to the tune of $25 million.

If the ARC wants to this project so bad they should be footing the bill for this. The LP board of Supervisors approved the defense of the ARC, with no end point. In other words it has a bottomless budget. Dininny, Sasu, and Altieri have ignored the obvious problems with this project, thinking this is going to be an LP tourist trap and have given this developer whatever they wanted.
These are not conservative legislators, but out of control officeholders who see a way to use the government to aid in land speculation. (Isn’t Fanny and Freddie enough?)

What I have witnessed at these mind numbing hearings is akin to running the clock in basketball. The ARC attorneys have done everything possible to prevent people involved from speaking. Using pretzel logic they fight against having professionals in the planning field speak as witnesses on land development, then ask 70-something widows things that only an engineer can answer.

In another example, the attorneys for the ARC attempted to stop a landscape architect as a neighborhood witness from testifying about hydrology, the science of how water moves, and then they ask the questions themselves. It is plainly insane.

The dates of the hearings are not advertised on the web site for people to witness this. Neither is it being broadcast. This is a place where the citizens need to see the behaviors of what our township is.

I have heard outbursts from the solicitor of the planning commission chastising the lawyers for the neighbors, but rarely are the ARC lawyers reined in with any effectiveness.

I witnessed days of wrangling over whether a Federal Employee, who’s purview includes the park, could testify as to whether this project is good for the park. This Federal Employee, is a Harvard Graduate with DECADES of relevant experience. Eventually, she was allowed to testify that project would be detrimental to the Valley Forge National Park. A five minute presentation of who she is and her background should have been sufficient to allow her to speak. As I said, it was DAYS of lawyerchatter that ran the taxpayer bill up and frustrated everyone. That was just one witness.

The reporter from the Times Herald, when he is there, many times leaves early, with only a part of the story.

The delaying tactics from the ARC lawyers are what is driving the price of this hearing thru the roof. If you want further proof, please read the HUNDREDS of pages of transcript being generated. The ARC lawyers have an open honey pot of cash and are defending this like they are being paid by the word.

The neighbors have proved the ordinance is spot zoning in your own paper, and therefore, illegal. Any attempts to cut the neighbors down are assisting the ARC and the LP Supervisors in disrespecting the law. Why have laws if they are not going to be followed.

These neighbors have valid points that are being steamrolled by special interest groups.

Keep in mind that this project has only 3 lanes of traffic that can get to the site, Pawlings Road from the west (with a low railroad bridge), Pawling Road from the east (with funnel points at Audubon Road and over 422), and a private bridge that passes in front of a sewer plant. With all the forecasted cars and people going to this site, this creates a hardship not just for these neighbors, but many residents in LP, Upper Providence and Phoenixville.

The strategy from the ARC is to grind peoples’ nerves into the ground and hope to win a war of attrition and get a new boat for themselves in the deal.

Stan said...

Why am I not surprised that a Dem could care less that local government is spending thousands upon thousands of your hard earned dollars?

Anonymous said...

Hate the players, not the game. It's the two litigious-minded participants that have forced LP Township to hold a fair hearing. They can't control how many witnesses or how much evidence each side wants to dump on the record. If they cut anybody short from presenting their case, or defense, they'd be accused of interfering with someone's due process, thereby incurring MORE litigation against the Township. Nobody wins here. Do you really believe these folks WANT to spend all their spare time holding lengthy hearings? There's better stuff on TV than the ARC hearings.

Anonymous said...

I would be honored to buy "Joe the Nerd" a drink of his choice...any time at any place. He most certainly has a feel for this LPT siuation, and I respect his logic and rhetoric.
The Professor

Montco PA Dem said...

Stan, you've got robber barons in Washington about to steal $750 BILLION of your tax dollars. It's not that I "could care less," it's that there are much bigger fish to fry, and it all starts right here.

If you focus on trees while the forest is burning down, you really don't save much, do you?

Anonymous said...


Whatta dey crazy, paying for two lawyers when one is more than enough for the residents to bare.

outraged in trooper said...

The way I see it the taxpayers of Lower Providence are really paying through the nose. The are paying Mandracchia and his partner to represent the ZHB (Janice Kearney, Bo Donovan and company), and on the other side they are paying Onorato to represent, Dininny, Altieri, and Sassu. That my friend is triple billing, not double billing as printed in your paper. I guess that leads to the question of when DiPaolo and Brown get an attorney to represent their interests and the interests of the township people.

When people are losing their homes to foreclosure, these fat cats are filling mayonnaise jars with your greenbacks. Wake up people before you are next. Supervisor races are up next spring, it is time to clean house on Park lane Drive before they cleanout yours.

Anonymous said...

Exactly where should we start to stop spending here and in Washington?
Start at the Local Level - We do not need to keep up with the Jones Family. Live within our budget (a budget usually is just a guide and there is no need to spend every $). County Level - The Commissioners need to follow the old rule of making the County a #1 County by Perpetual Care of what we have and if there is any $ left over save it toward the Big Items needed. You know the grass isn't always greener in the neighbors lawn. Federal Level - Elect Congressmen/Senators that have the knowledge/education about Banking & Banking Investment Institutions or construction with contract law backgrounds, plus the courage to admit when they are not qualified to serve on a committee if asked. We have too many Reps./Senators that are qualified in one area or another and are able to fast talk their way into achieving what they want and we pay for it in the end.
A person like Mr.Willumstad,after not achieving his goal and leaving AIG did the correct thing he did not collect his severance ($22 Million). Maybe we now should look again at term limits?? State/Federal employees seem to get in over their heads after two terms. Place it on the Ballot.

The sybil said...

Our esteemed "Dem" correspondent from Montco Pa can fulminate against the robber barons on Wall Street in a hundred or a thousand blogs. The current meltdown is news we really can't use, most of us can't do much about the situation until it is all sorted out in Washington. However, Stan's blog is one of the few places that the rest of us can comment on, or learn about, local politicians and their puppets so that we can make informed decisions in local elections. Or not, depending on whom the politicians in power decide to offer for our consideration.

Back to ARC, we're not all against commercial development, but give us a break! Did you notice that one of the witnesses went on about the trees and the grass and the flowers and what you could see from this corner of the property and that corner of the property. Did he stand where you can see across to Upper Merion and its towers of commercial development? Some of which just happen to be hotels where "scholars" can stay, plus a cozy little convention center?

The Sybil

Wildebeast1 said...

Is there no one in leadership in LP who can make sure all the facts are presented, all the issues laid out and the interested citizens have their say without lawyers mucking it up?

There is a lot to be learned about the reasons for the American Revolution that would be useful now and for generations to come, that could be part of the planned museum.

It isn't only LP that will pay the price for the project, nor will it be only LP who will benefit from it.

Maybe a prayer session, like I understand Washington would hold before any battle encounter would be useful before every public meeting on the subject. At least it might serve to help clear the heads and reasoning abilities of the attendees.

Janice Kearney said...

To 'outraged in Trooper' - I've been hearing about comments on this blog for some time, and in this matter felt compelled to respond.

You might want to do your homework before pointing fingers at the Township. Believing everything Rick Brown tells you or claims in the paper will only make you appear ignorant and half-informed. What you say is true. LP and every other township in the state IS being double billed for legal fees. And it's perfectly legal. It's governed by the Municipalities Planning Code and the Second Class Township Code, which requires Townships to have separate representation for each Board and for said township to pay for both. If you have an issue with the law, you need to take it up with your state legislators, not your Township. Lower Providence is only complying with the governing authorities.

If you have any more questions about legal billings for the ZHB in Lower Providence (I cannot and will not comment on ARC), I would be more than happy to answer them, because the Times Herald is not interested in printing the entire truth, as that doesn't sell newspapers. I'm in the book, or come see me Thursday the 25th before or after our regularly scheduled meeting.

outraged in trooper said...

To janice kearney, are you telling me that all the other municipalities have two attorneys representing their ZHB's at the same time? I think not, you are playing with apples and oranges here. How can you defend hiring two lawyers to represent your board? How can you defend double billing the taxpayers? It is indefensible. Why does Mr. Mandracchia need an assistant when you state how capable he is. What is the other lawyer there for anyway? Make you case, I am waiting for an answer. I hope some day soon you put your name on the ballot and let the residents decide your fate.

happy to be an "r" said...

Well I see that Ms. Kearney covered the double billing, but somehow failed to address the real issue of triple billing here. I agree that occasionally the township may send their solicitor to a ZHB meeting, but it is not a frequent occurrence. I have attended several ZHB meetings about some of my neighbors expanding their use of their property and the township didn't have their attorney present either time. It is easy to read between the lines and as Outraged in Trooper stated "this issue is indefensable". I agree with that person that you should be voted in, not appointed, tax and spend liberal democrats like yourself don't get elected in LP.

The Professor said...

For once, I actually agree with Mrs. Kearney.

1,2 Boo Hoo Hoo.

Anonymous said...

To those concerned: The comment made by The Professor today is a phony and not a post by the real Profeesor. Why would I disagree with Ms. Kearney's inane comments in my many Blogs and then suddenly agree with her statement? This phony post is simply ludicrous and made my an impostor. Evidently this appears to be another smoke screen by Boss Dininney and his handlers.
The Real Profeesor

joe the nerd said...

Hey "happy to be an "r" "

I agree with that person that you should be voted in, not appointed, tax and spend liberal democrats like yourself don't get elected in LP.

Ms. Kearney is an R, she is not a D. I believe the last D elected in LP was John Rafferty (yes, the Republican State Senator John Rafferty.)

The R's in LP are the ones responsible for the the taxing and spending here.

There seems to be a strict no D's allowed policy here.

Not a Nerd, A happy "D" said...

To Ms. Kearney... You have commented on ARC before the Township BOS and recorded in the Township minutes. So please knock off the half truths.

You also state you have been told about Stan's blogs...How many have you posted under an assumed name?

Another blogger suggested you run on the ballot in 2009. You and Mr. Bo your partner on the ZHB have already made that statement.

How do you expect to win a seat on the BOS when you can't win as a committe women two times running.

We will add you to the voting three on the BOS to the hate Mr. Brown committee.

Something you should realize Ms.Kearney, Mr. Brown has forgotten more than you will ever comprehend about L.P.

And I say that as a happy "D" in L.P.

Mary, Trooper said...

Janice, I have been away for a couple of months, what truths have they not printed.

Sometimes the truth really hurts when it hits home.

No one has ever questiond Carl's articles before, why now?

Would you fluff your hair and take a sip of your Red Bull while I ask a question?

When will you as Chairperson ever ask a question?

It's a shame that the taxpayers of Lower Providence has a few more years of your so-called SERVICE to the community.

Thanks for the mess said...

Looks like there's money for nothing over at the courthouse too. How the heck are voters supposed to trust Kelbin Carolina in Harrisburg, when we can even trust him to fill out his timesheet at the courthouse?

What a disappointment!!

Anonymous said...

Time Sheets that are legal?? I believe most people are honest, but those that are feeling their importance do "fudge" their time spent on the job. The fact that time sheets need to be turned into the Norristown Office on a given day sometimes works against those in management and they "fudge" their sheets (it could be possible). The County is to blame in part because there seems to be no means of transmission of the actual sheets available on the spot and hand delivery is necessary...what a waste of time/manpower = money.

Anonymous said...

Well it is full speed ahead for ARC. If perhaps there is another stumbling block it could then go to Virginia. I do believe that Yellow Springs Road location would be ideal and it is within the Park's area in Chester County. The Trails are already there and most people are familiar with the area. There are also Hotel Accommodations with a Convention Area that could be used for very large sessions with bus transportation already in toe. The use of gray matter is needed.

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily in Norristown, but the Montgomery County DA's office staff needs to tighten their belt in this time of financial crisis. Ferman should do what all the other companies have done from a BUSINESS standpoint and have the 40 staffers pitch in and help with the needs of the department. She has a lot of nerve asking for replacements when others are going without, and citing that big old boogieman "safety" word. Just like Castor crying about an illegal alien in the midst of his office. He can put his trashcan outside his office and lock the door if he is so scared. The company that I work for has cut back and co-workers are helping with the extra work that has to be done. With less money, you don't hire a temp to cover the phones when someone is out; you have the phone forwarded to a person in the office. So, Risa should stop being like her predecessor and step up to the plate and do some work. If she stopped giving speeches all the time, which your paper seems to cover almost once a week with her picture in it, she would have time to work. And, we don't need to see her picture in the paper anyway. Just a waste of trees with the shameless promoting of a mouthpiece Republican. Can't she prioritize? Apparently not! 100908 3:26 p.m. 0014

Anonymous said...

Tighten our Belts! We do not need the bridge over Swede Street - most of our people working or engaged in County Business are able to use steps and navigate the traffic on Swede if needed. But most business can be transacted by way of Conference Calls, saving time on the road for our Commissioners/Department Heads and of course they would be audible so anyone that is interested in all sides could be heard and on tape. Now, that would be refreshing would it not? The cost...Time away from office, car, insurance,gas, etc. quite a savings and just think of it all three (3) Commissioners hearing the same thing and their response would be made public if need be. Cost Savings and Accountability - Yes!

Anonymous said...

risa (Montco DA) is not only bucking the trend of cutting back like the little people when there isn't a lot of money, and in fact as reported by your paper, will be tapping into monies that should be held for a "rainy day". In fact, if that Black detective wins his case against her and I hope he does, she'll need more than those funds to pay back pay and other fines. She must think she's related to Princess Diana like they say "princess paylin" is related. Only the little people pay taxes and it all should go to her and paylin's kids for their travel expenses, etc., for a one hour trip from the state capitol to the house. My commute is a hour each way, so I should be reimbursed like these porky pigs. 101008 1:18 p.m. 0015

Anonymous said...

Montco wants a sales tax? They are out of their minds to even contemplate one in this time of economic crisis, just like risa. The monies that she wants to tap was as I believe I read correctly from confiscated items, i.e., things forfeited due to criminal activities. Well those activities were against the citizens, and should be used for the citizens and not for her ego trip of bucking the request of Montco's Republican chair to cooperate during this downturn, or rather, tanking of the economy. And the "bridge" to connect the buildings should be cancelled, too! Money should be used to help the legal citizens keep homes and jobs by allowing more redevelopment and stopping the nonsense to prevent CHOP from moving here. If businesses move in, it generates more money/taxes for the county/borough. Once again, "It's the economy, stupid!”’ and the ongoing clown/ego trip acts need to stop! People will remember this in the next election, so they need to get to work and stop wasting tax dollars! 101108 3:20 a.m. 0016

Anonymous said...

An Attorney for each Board is correct. If a problem comes up during/after a Board Meeting I would like to see the Attorney that has Contract Law and an Expert in State/County/Township Laws representing me. Think about it -would you let a Medical Doctor operate on you if you needed a heart transplant?? Same diff. One Attorney is not qualified to cover every aspect of the Township's Business. Zoning is not an easy Board to be in charge of if your not familiar with Historical value of properties within the Township. Most Zoning was done to protect the value of the home/business owners when developments were started - planning stage. Where some of our Township Supervisors went wrong is when they put the cart before the horse and the cover-up did follow. OOPS! I'm sorry does not cut it.

Anonymous said...

The District Attorney's Office should be able to fill any position that is vacated for any reason. With the amount of crime going on right in the shadows of the Court House - the Commissioners need to do everything possible to help with Ms. Ferman's attempt to stay ahead of the Criminals and give them a speedy trial and off the streets.

Anonymous said...

Our DA & her office is really doing a great job and the funds needed to help in her campaign to stop violence should get every cent needed. She (Ms. Ferman) speaks well to young adults regarding "responsibility" - because not too many students receive or listen to their parents on this subject. So, give the funds to help secure any help needed to keep this department in tip-top shape, we all benefit.

still outraged in Trooper said...

To Anonymous of October 11
who said:
"If a problem comes up during/after a Board Meeting I would like to see the Attorney that has Contract Law and an Expert in State/County/Township Laws representing me. Think about it -would you let a Medical Doctor operate on you if you needed a heart transplant?? Same diff."

NO my friend it is not the same, do you take your medical Doc to the heart transplant operation? No you leave him home, and that is how Mandracchia should have handled it, or should I say Madame Chairwoman Kearney. The expert law partner should have stayed home and if needed could have consulted Mr. Mandracchia in his law office where he belongs. Of if Mr. Mandracchia can't handle the job send the expert to the hearings and he stay home. You don't need two lawyers at the head table billing the taxpayers for just sitting there and doing nothing. Lower Providence should not pay for two lawyers at once, it is unheard of in a ZHB case. It isn't Donovan's or Kearney's money, so they really don't care how they spend your money.

Wake up Lower Providence residents before it is tooo late.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10/11 and 10/14 --- You both are correct. Mr. Mandracchia is not qualified regarding legal issues concerning ARC - he needs to stay home. Any lawyer that deals with contracts on the local,township, county & state level should be hired for the Zoing Board to be on hand to consult with the members on the spot. This attorney would be worth his weight in gold (our tax dollars).

Anonymous said...

Are there only 2 people on the Zoning Hearing Board in Lower Providence?

The Professor said...

No, there are definitely 5. I believe that is what is allowed in the MPC.

Anonymous said...


I am tired of your paper beating up on the ARC project. For the most part, the citizens of Lower Providence are totally behind the ARC. There are only 5 residents, out of 23,000, that are opposed to this project. The only positive piece that I have been able to find in your paper was from 7/2007.

"Local residents have had passionate reactions to the proposal to build an American Revolution Center (ARC) museum on Pawlings Road.
More than two dozen ARC planners and officials presented the ambitious museum plan to the board of supervisors and more than 250 residents on July 19.
The multi-level museum, with a 130,000-square-foot 3 1/2-story conference center and 99-room hotel, would occupy about 10 acres of the 125-acre site.
Mike Comroe, a member of the Lower Providence village commercial committee, is a big booster of the museum proposal.
"I'm 100 percent in favor of it," Comroe said. "The property is going to be developed and I would rather have the museum put in rather than 250 homes that will adversely impact the schools, the police and EMS services."
Comroe believes the museum "will be good for Lower Providence and the county in general. It will be low impact.""

Stan, you can do better than this. How about some even handed/fair reporting?

Anonymous said...

Reporting on LP is always truthful - after all you can not report on what some people think if they do not put it into words or written form so that we-the-people know who you are or why you think a certain way. I read three newspapers every day (turn off the TV?), plus some of these Blogs - so write a letter to the Editor and do not complain if not everyone agrees with you that's how it is in America and LP too. We do not want any more Government rulings here than we now have - you certainly must agree on that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Reporting on LP is always truthful - after all you can not report on what some people think if they do not put it into words or written form so that we-the-people know who you are or why you think a certain way. I read three newspapers every day (turn off the TV?), plus some of these Blogs - so write a letter to the Editor and do not complain if not everyone agrees with you that's how it is in America and LP too. We do not want any more Government rulings here than we now have - you certainly must agree on that.

October 17, 2008 8:45 AM

WHAT??? Could you possibly re-read your post and rewrite it? Why does someone have to write to the editor? Why does someone have to put their name in the paper? You didn't put your name in your post, so what's your point? I complained to an agency and they came back with a letter against me for something that was in the process of being taken care of. I was doing the right thing and the people I complained about are still doing the wrong things.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Anonymous - your take on ARC coverage. I have found the coverage is fair and accurate. No matter who is for or against this project, it will never suit everyone. Letters to the Editor (Agency)would get more people interested in sharing their take. I have no idea where you got your numbers of those that are for or against the project. A Blog, such as this is for an opinion only. Reporters covering all the meetings on ARC make sure their reporting is accurate and well written so all readers can enjoy the activities of the meetings.

peninsula dweller said...

To anonymous of October 15, 2008 7:34 AM (AKA Janice Kearney) there you go again, with the 23,000 other people you represent. You have stated publicly that you favor this project and that you represent the silent majority. Ho Hum, how do you know who you represent 23,000 people when you ran for committee in your district and were soundly defeated both times??

You say there are only 5 people against this project, how ignorant is that statement when hoards showed up in opposition at the township hearings.

Anonymous said...

Nov. 3, 2008 - A Conditional Use Public Hearing & Public Meeting should be attended by any person interested in the Overlay of the Living History and the Phase 1 of the American Revolution Center Trailhead Building and Phase 2 the Museum and Education Center -- this is for Approval Only. This conditional use is for areas considered Flood Plain and the operation of grading lands & construction of pedestrian vehicular roads and bridges or culverts within this Plain. The Public Notice can be found in todays TH - Public Notice D5 for more information and when/where you can view the Application. Away we go with the ARC Project!

Anonymous said...

A message to the Oct 15th scrib..

Who cares what Mike Comroe say's as a Village Commercial Member. I believe Mr. Comroe made the statement when the ARC was first proposed. He introduced himself at a public meeting as a former Planning Commission Member. After much testimony and different facts came to light he had a change of heart. Only someone with knowledge of Mr. Comroe being on the Village Commercial Committee would falsify
a statement not made by him. I believe that the Peninsula Dweller has their finger on the culprit know as AKA "Janice Kearney".

Anonymous said...

Mike Comroe should be ashamed to be on any board in the Township. His opinions are like the tide. One moment I am this way.....another few hours I am that way. Whats popular today? O.K., I'll go that way.

Wake up people. 2009 is right around the corner. We need good legislators in Lower Providence to keep people like Mike Comroe out.

Name withheld for fear of getting a banana cream pie thrown at my face.

Trooper Mary said...

Hey Banana Cream; Maybe you can suggest some candidates for the position of Legislators in the up-coming election in the spring.

I know of two unworthy candidates who have already made known their thirst of sitting in the high seats of L.P. government.

God forbid if the Chairman elects to sit another six years in the middle chair. He will never fit in it.

If you want good legislators and you are sincere about it, look for some new blood, that has the interest of it's citizens at heart, not the builders and their buddies.

I guess Mr. Comroe is a thorn in your side,although I do not know the man, if he speaks his mind that could be very disturbing to you.

By the way, are you currently serving on any Township Boards at the present time? If so, I'll send you a Cherry Pie instead.

Anonymous said...

I have been extremly quiet the past several months regarding the ARC developement and the controversy around the ZHB hearings and decision surrounding the that outcome. Since I have been viciously attacked in a blog without a sane reason, I must certainly reply to my attacker regarding my ARC support and current position. Yes, It is true I supported the museum plan when it was first proposed and did state my position at a township Planning Commission hearing. Since then when all the facts have surfaced regarding it's commercialism, size, the covenant problem, and traffic flow and negative impact to the area; yes I have changed my mind. But at no time have I publicaly stated this position and I challenge my attacker to prove otherwise. I suspect this attack came from Boss Craig or one of this very few friends in the township. BTW, Boss Craig, I do decide to run for a township position, you should be worried, very worried! I have the funding, support, and intelligence to win handidly. What do have left to offer the township except to sell us out again to one of your "developer buddy's". Also I am not known to "waffle", are you?
Mike Comroe
Past Chairman
Lower Providence Planning Commission

Craig Dininny said...

Mike Comroe,
You are a blowhard and you are "The Professor" just admit what we all know! So now you are running for supervisor, good luck but I'm sure YOU WILL waffle AGAIN on running because hard work is not your style. You want to sit and complain about not getting reappointed to the planning commision. You throw out inuendo statements about others that have no factual basis.

Lower Providence Township is in better financial shape than EVER before with a very healthy general fund and A+ bond rating. We have MORE POLICE OFFICERS and safer streets than ever before. More quality Park and Rec programs than ever before. More roads paved and timely plowing and maintenance from a public works dept that is better equiped than EVER before.

As far as development, the year before I was elected (2003)over 450 residential units were approved by the township. The thousands (nearly 3500) in the years before that, Toll Bros, David Cutler, Judd Builders and Shannondell, YOU "CHAIRMAN MIKE COMROE" AND YOUR 20 YEARS ON THE PLANNING COMMISION approved ALL of these DEVELOPERS! Thank goodness for the current board (or at least it's majority) there has been a decline every year to the point of less than three dozen in each of the last two years!

One last item to mention.... ZERO PROPERTY TAX INCREASES from Lower Providence Township! Methacton School District has raised taxes and the County is talking about it but NOT LOWER PROVIDENCE TOWNSHIP!!!!

Let's recap here: safer streets, more recreation, better infrastructure, more jobs and NO TAX INCREASES....This is my record and it can be proven anytime anyone would like to visit the Lower Providence Township Building and I suggest you do! What is your record Mr. Comroe?

I have not attacked you on this blog but you seem to like to attack Me and these other Bloggers. It must be personal but I'm not really sure why.

Craig Dininny
L.P. Board of Supervisors

Frustrated said...

Mr. Comroe,

My family has been WAITING for the Village Commercial Committee to come up with something! You and your committee have been meeting, sporadically and unanounced, for almost 2 years with nothing written?? With nothing for the residents of Lower Providence??

This is not a game to me. Your personal dislikes for the people in power are not my problem. In this uncertain economy, my property is the most important thing that my family has.

This trancends your personal agenda!!!

If you cannot get anywhere in almost 2 years, please tell us why. Why Mr. Comroe?!!!!!

Janice Kearney said...

Amen Craig. There’s a lot more you could have listed, too. For example, remember all those empty, dilapidated old business buildings sitting along Ridge Pike? The old Gulf station, McDonald’s, KFC that had all been vacant & falling apart for YEARS?? Thanks to your Ridge Pike Business Overlay District, there are now viable entities sitting on those lots, paying corporate taxes (ratables) which help keep taxes low for our residents. The main drag along the Ridge doesn’t look like a ghost town anymore. I for one applaud your progressive, forward “big picture” thinking. I think some people have forgotten that this is what good government looks like. Doing the most you can with the least dollars, and balancing the needs of the community.

Honestly, I don't know why I'm getting blamed for numerous posts when I posted a grand total of ONE time (now two). Blogging is so not my style. I much prefer face-to-face contact, and whoever has an issue with me or something I've done knows where and how to find me. I'd be happy to buy you a beer and hear you out, and explain where I'm coming from. There are two sides to every story and solid reasons why I do – or do not – do things.

Even if we end up agreeing to disagree, I really want to know your thoughts, and I'm not going to cry if you criticize me. Clearly, some posters here are not really interested in both sides of an issue, or solving problems, otherwise they'd approach me in a venue that is amenable to discussion, not just griping. Interestingly, no one ever does. I think I've demonstrated I have no qualms about taking anyone on in person in a public setting, or signing my own name to a letter to the editor. I prefer to debate opponents armed with some intellect, rationality and desire to work toward solutions.....and that seems to be sadly lacking here in the majority of these juvenile posts, so I don't waste my time here. Again, I invite anyone with a grievance about the reasoning behind anything I say or do to contact me directly. You really need to find another villain for poster's opinions that you don't agree with.

By the way, if I were going to reference 'the residents' in a blog post, I'd have mentioned it as 26,000 residents, not 23,000 per the latest census updates...keep up! You missed a BOS meeting!

Janice Kearney
Chairman, LPT Zoning Hearing Bd

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dinniney:
It appears that Mr. Comroe must be getting into your head the way you have attacked him He is a good man and our family will support him if he publically decides to run for a township position.
A Peninsula Resident

Anonymous said...

Craig:Craig: Dear Craig.

BLOWHARD: The definition found in Webster's Dictionary under the title Dininny.

You haven't stopped blowing your horn since getting elected with no challengers. If you decide to run again in 2009 you may have some competition that can shed some light on all of your accomplishments, and how they came about.

You keep blowing your horn about how previous boards allowed building to come into the Township.

How many ordinances did you and your majority of three change to allow a builer to capitalize on their properties?

How many of these builders contributed to your campaign?

Listening to your blog L.P was in dire straights before Dininny the savior through his hat into the ring.

I believe you mentioned at one of your meetings that L.P. was built out with no more big developments in the near future, thaank you majority of three for saving us taxpayers.

Mr. Dininny, as a life long resident of L.P. my L.P. property tax has not been raised in the past twenty years, so please drop that from your list of accomplishments.

Your starting to sound like someone running for President.

With your Ego problem you forgot to sign Chairman of the Board.

In closing, the dilapidated buildings the Zoing Chairman referred to were long gone before you entered the arena.

Naturally, she going to blow smoke your way, you appointed her to all the positions she has held, never elected to any.

Banana Cream said...

By the way, if you are going to use different names on the blog, misspelling "Dininney" over and over again kind of takes away from the cloak and dagger mystique.

Cherry Pie said...

Banana Cream, There seems to be many on this blog that have a spelling and grammar problem.

Tom Borai, AUDUBON said...

An open blog To the Chairman of the Board of Lower Providence Township Supervisors.

You charged "Chairman Mike Comroe" and his past 20 years on the Planning Commission (the other seven)planners sitting with him for approving all the Toll Brothers,David Cutler,Judd Builders & Shannondell projects.

You as a Supervisor (Chairman no less)knows that the Planing Commission is a recommending board and the Board of Supervisors at least "Your Majority" votes the final approval.

You attacked me for my views toward you with the boo hoos and stated my bell has stopped ringing, now it's Mr. Comroes turn. You claimed then it was because you did not re-appoint me to the Zoning Board.

I will agree with the previous writer that in my 12 years as a Supervisor taxes were never raised (time for my EGO). Our Police Department was the best, no doubt about it. Our streets were safe as ever.

You see Mr. Chairman, your stuck in the (look what I did mode)the other four people who sit at the head table with you are usless. It's the ME not WE attitude you have.

The Manager and Department heads must not contribute to anything, you take care of everything.

Last but not least,please tell the taxpayers how the Ridge Pike Business Overlay District came about,and who orchestrated it,and who will benefit from it?

Wawa's and Turkey Hill with gas stations, three story buildings.

Now that's REAL BEAUTY.

Tom Borai
3 years Committeeman
12 Years Supervisor, Chair 5 years
5 Years Zoning Board,
1 year Village Commercial Ad Hoc Committee.
Pretty impressive Huh? What an EGO.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dininny: After reading your long rambling post, I have to completely agree with Mr. should be worried, very worried! He apparently has gotten into your head.
Pete Schrack
Trooper, Pa.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dininny,

You are on the mark about Mr. Comroe. Thank you for serving our community.

Moisey Kelly
Audubon, PA

Anonymous said...

Things must be getting real bad when your girlfiend needs to defend you! Is she also writing your anonymous blogs?
The Professor

The Professor said...



If that's the extent of your political discourse, I suggest you find another hobby.

Irish Eyes said...

Mr. Huskey, May I please use your blog to ask a question?

While viewing the Lower Providence Township meetings on the public access channel, a female in the audience comes to the podium and ask a question every meeting that has nothing to do with what been dicussed.

Can anyone tell me who this person is?

What is her agenda?

Thank you,Mr. Huskey for your blog,it's very interesing.

P.S. You would think that the Chairman would wear a suit and tie when he sits before the public. There is a big and tall shop in King of Prussia.

Joel said...

To Irish eyes,

That woman in the high heels that is on the township tv channel is none other than Janice Kearney. She usually gets up and asks question to get on tv. Apparently she will be running for public office next year and wants everyone to see her. I believe she is also the Zoning Board Chairlady who voted for the ARC commercial development of Valley Forge Park. How in the world she could run for election after that vote, I don't know. But hey, this is Lower Providence, we have enough egos on the board already.

CelticWrestler said...

The Professor is right.

Please find another hobby, Mr. Comroe. Asking questions and then answering them yourself is not only transparent, but juvenile.

Anonymous said...

Very clever retort. However you are completely wrong as usual, for I have posted nothing on this blog.
How interesting that you call yourself a township leader and continue to attack township citizens. Well your time is running out sporty!
Mike Comroe
Ex Chairman,
Lower Providence Planning Commission

Anonymous said...

I was just made aware of the most recent blogs and feel that I must put my two cents in also. It appears that Mr. Dininny and his girlfriend are both rattled and quite nervous regarding next years primary election considering all the finger pointing and name calling. If these two are the best that Lower Providence can produce, than one might consider "write In" candidates or look elsewhere for qualified people.
Pete Schrack
Trooper, Pa