Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Code Enforcement Collapse

Norristown's code enforcement department is about to have a bomb dropped on it, and of course, I mean figuratively.
Charlie Sweeney has his job back.
Sweeney, who, when I was a cop reporter, was the borough's fire marshal, was fired after a debacle unfolded at the 4 Bakers building on Airy Street.
He took the borough to court, who by the way hired the very pricey firm of Cozen-O'Connor out of Philadelphia, and won.
He's been re-instated with full back pay.
I'll have more as the story unfolds.


Anonymous said...

Stupid Decisions on Top of ...

Just how many more poor decisions can Norristown's amatuerish administration make before the public marches on borough hall?

Decisions to fire employees are always reviewed by legal counsel to see that the proper procedures were followed whether they were union members or not. The glaring error in procedure showed itself from the gitgo and would never have happened if any level of experienced advice had been followed. Experience trumps arrogance at every turn.

I guess Norristown is destined to suffer OJT level advice at unjustifiably high public expense until council comes to its head and realizes that only quality advice and sound decisions can lead to the town's revitalization.

So burning records makes more sense now.

So while we wait, when's the next bomb?

Another County Heard From said...

Wow, that's exciting. Tell us more.

Anonymous said...

Stan, Why should you be surprised?
Politics as usual. What Judge pulled this one off? Where will the Boro come up with the $100,000 grand? What respect will his pers give him. I'm with the first writer...Where in the heck was the attorney representing the Boro. As they say on the ball field, get some balls and we will play the game.

Chuck said...

I'm still trying to make sense of this. I read the whole PDF generated by the arbitrator, which left me with more questions than answers.

The whole code enforcement issue in Norristown seems to have an undercurrent of inconsistent practices/procedures and influence from the "good old boy" network.

Was Sweeney part of this, or a victim of it? Does he go back to being the Fire Marshall? With or without Code Enforcement duties?

Walter Greason said...

We had a great chance to discuss these events publicly last Saturday. There's another major opening coming September.

I hope your staff and readers will take advantage!

First Suburbs Convention (September 28, 2008)

Anonymous said...

Rumor or True ... Am I correct that County Full Time Employees took Election Day Off and used one of the following, which of course is a "Paid" Time Off -(Personal/Sick/Vacation)and then worked in another area to help with Election Procedures and got "Paid" again for this time served? What a "Job Description" if this is permitted ... Double Dip,Big Time - right? But, then who cares? I Do!

Anonymous said...

All County employees get election day as a holiday.

Anonymous said...

All County Employees get Election Day as a "Holiday" - why? We only get the Presidential Election Day off, and that really did mean no business was transacted and no double time given for a department that had an interest in the election - they were given time off at a later date of their own choosing. Soo, explain how you arrived at this statement?