Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vote switching in America

If you're a Republican what are you going to be doing April 22?
I know what I won't be doing. I won't be switching my party registration so I can vote for Hillary to hurt Barack.
What ever happened to may the best man (or woman) win?
I think McCain has it sewn up anyway, and here's why.
Hillary's supporters hate Barack so much that if he gets the nomination all of her followers will migrate over to McCain. And the same goes for Barack's supporters.
So I'll be sitting in the newsroom watching the returns.
What will you be doing?


County Guy said...

Working at the County and having seen first hand the corrupt Republicans I have switched my party to DEM after over 20 years of being a REP. That being said I will be voting for Hillary in hopes she makes it to the white house. Not to hurt someone else chances but to really put my vote where I believe it's needed.

I have seen other people switch for the reason you stated such as Mrs. Matthews. She stated she switched soley to hurt Hillary's chances of moving forward. I think she should look closer to home at some of the nonsense her husband has done at the County. He's arrogant, in bed with the other party, and as corrupt as the rest of them.

Lisa said...

Switching parties to hurt one of the candidates in the other party is lame and could backfire. What if I switched to vote for Hillary in order to hurt Barack, then Hillary actually gets elected president in November?

I could never live with myself.

Republicans should not waste their time; the Democrat cadidates are doing enough damage to each other--they don't need our help.

That being said, I will be where I always am, every election day: working the polls. Good people of Montgomery County, please consider volunteering for your local election board. I know we always run short-handed of help but we're long on people who want to tell us how the elections should be run differently.

Anonymous said...

Stan - I have not missed an election since my first Presidential Election - Dewey lost...I was heart broken. The Republican Party has always come through for the residents here in PA, not FDR. My family will never change their registration we are Republicans and proud of it. The Republicans have always tried to have the best candidates for all offices - local,county, state & federal. VOTE!...Then watch the "Tube" to see the Donkeys squirm election eve. Should be interesting!

Conshy Mole said...

Why would someone switch their party because of the hanky panky at the court house. Voting for Hillary puts Billy Bob back in bed with you. I understand and feel for you and your peers that have to work under some of the idiots they call supervisors. In a real world they would not hold a job at Mickey Dees. The only reason they hold their jobs they know where to position their nose. Hang in there and maybe reconsider you change of party.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with changing one's party, either for a specific purpose or on a more permanent basis.

Party loyalty goes both ways. Few Americans have seen the kind of deep loyalty to our citizens and to their children that we should expect from the holders of the highest offices in recent years.

Every citizen has an obligation to use whatever tools they can muster in the hope of getting the best possible candidates they can get for the offices that are supposed to represent our interests.

joe the nerd said...


Why switch parties, why not challenge the notion of a closed primary?

The politician who does that will be guarantted the 15% Independent / Non-Partisan vote for life.

Anonymous said...

Country Guy...Matthews & quite a few "Rep." & Young Voters have taken on the cause of trying to right the correct candidate for the Dem. in the fall Presidential Election. They are taking their lead from Matthew's brother - playing "Hard Ball"... Republican's Choice - McCain is a winner not a winer.

Anonymous said...

Stan - For years I have signed in at our local voting place and of course when you give your name & affiliation there always seems to be the same comment - "Oh she is a Republican -- she will never change."...My comment is you can count on that and smile. Tick for Tack I think the saying goes. This year I will respond in the same manner - but more than likely will say, now the Republicans will help you pick the correct candidate to run for the Presidency... Smile!