Monday, January 14, 2008

Caught in a different Trappe

Two wrongs don't make a right. I thought it was wrong for former councilman Mark Carrig to stay on after he had moved out of town and he eventually did the right thing and resigned.
Now council has appointed solicitor Bob Brant to the zoning hearing board, if my source is correct, and not the planning commission. Either one doesn't really matter for the point I'm trying to make. First, I don't know Mr. Brant. I'm sure he's a fine person, but he also happens to represent a real estate investment company that proposed an 88-townhouse project to council.
I could be wrong, but it certainly sounds like a conflict of interest to me. And you know what they say about the appearance of a conflict.
If there's some kind of 90-day probationary period for commissioner members I would suggest council reconsider the appointment.


college mole said...

Mr. Huskey, What is a conflict of interest? None of your government agencies seems to know. Lower Providence had a real estate agent on their planning commission and no one seemed to mind. Mr. Brant is a well qualified attorney, I believe he will make a fine planner. Some of your bloggers keep mentioning for you to check out Trappe, Limerick, Upper Providence etc. Most of them are coming from Lower Providence, hey dudes, check out your own back yard before coming into ours. CONFLICT never happens in L.P.

Anonymous said...


I don't know much about this man, or this project. Maybe you could give use more information.

It does seem to me that we should have people with a working knowledge of real estate sitting on the Planning Commission. Many of these positions are extremely hard to fill and to find someone that is passionate and willing to do the work involved is invaluable. Maybe the residents and Trappe should give Mr. Brant a chance before immediately calling for his impeachment. If he can't be objective, we should toss him. If he isn't doing anything wrong, let's utilize his talents!

Anonymous said...

Why would this suprise anyone? Look what's going on at the County with the Commissioners. The happenings in Trappe just prove that even small local governments are filled with corruption. Trappe, the County, go higher and I am sure it just gets worse.
Pretty sad state of affairs we live in a great Country that is run by crooked politicians.

Anonymous said...

Did they appoint Brandt as solicitor or as a member? Must be as solicitor -- and find me a solicitor that doesn't have a conflict -- because last time I looked, Brandt was a Repub committeeman in Upper Providence. Did he move?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%. How can a developer's attorney get appointed as Trappe's Zoning Attorney after he gave $500 contribution to their campaign and is planning a major development in Trappe with 88 townhouses when this piece of property is zoned for 30 homes at the Old Trappe School? This matter is going to come sometime before Trappe's Zoning Board which he is attorney for. All it takes in Trappe is four Councils votes to effect the whole community and now with his financial support to the Trusted Team Trappe's new Council both Trappe residents and the school taxpayers are going to have to pay for it.It has only just begun Stan check out Trappe's other appointments.Brant must go.

Unicorn said...

Dear Editor Huskey, If this is not the right place for me to vent my frustration, please delete. A few days ago my family received a letter from a Mr. Craig Dininney and today a recorded message from the same party. It was in referance to a call up in case of an emergency. The bottom of the letter mentioned an emergency coordinater Mr. Charles, why did he not make the call, apparently he will be the one on top of things if we have a major disaster.
There's not an election coming up soon I hope. Was this program covered under a state grant? Just asking. Thank you for this opportunity to vent.

Anonymous said...

I'm not too concerned with how Trappe handles their appointments, but I would like to know what school are they talking about??? The Collegeville/Trappe High School or the Grade School on Main Street? 88 Townhouses on either site seems to be stretching it a bit. I attended High School at the great CTHS many years ago when it was new and we used Ursinus for many graduations (Good Old Days!).